Checkout Girl Part 2

By rafael

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Jenny's mum was beautiful ...
The next morning when I tried to call Jenny there was no answer. I must have missed her, I thought, she's gone off to work early.

I bought her a super bunch of flowers and went into the supermarket to see her. God I loved her so much if I'd had the money I would have bought her diamonds. I couldn't stop thinking about how we'd fucked and I could still feel her nails digging into my ass when she felt me spunking inside her. The pleasures which were yet to come! But ...

There was no sign of her in the supermarket. I asked the other checkout girls. She hadn't clocked in. That was strange. I hung around. Still nothing. Then one of the girls came to me and said she'd called in early with a note saying she was quitting. I went in to see the manageress and she showed me the note. I begged her for some information, anything to help me locate her. She was reluctant - I took her hand, squeezing it and begging for the info. She went red.

"Well, we have her address in Russia", she flashed me a smile, I could have had her in any other circumstance. She had two nice tits though her bumĀ  was a bit on the large side. She copied the address down for me.

"Is that all you've got?" I asked.
"That's it", she replied, smiling again and eyeballing me and licking her lips in that way. "Jenny's a lucky girl". I gave her the flowers and left.

I went back and checked at the flat. Her landlady was there and angry. Jenny had given her a moments notice and vanished, saying she was going back to Russia. She'd taken all her stuff and piled it into a taxi and gone.

I made some equiries and got the first bus to Heathrow. But the daily BA flight out to St Petersburg had gone and anyway I couldn't see Jenny anywhere.

To make matters worse I discovered that I needed a visa to get out there. I had to soend a day in London messing around to get a fake invitation and then pay some company 300 pounds to get me an express visa. Then I had to lay out another 400 to buy my ticket.

But the money meant nothing to me. I had to have my Jenny!

The flight got into St Petersburg at about 2 in the afternoon. I changed some money and left the airport, showing a taxi driver Jenny's address he took me there for 100 dollars (the bastard he wanted double that and I neary got into a fight with him).

Jenny's flat was located in a area packed with 12 storey apartment blocks all in bad need of a repaint job. I went up the dark stairwell and found the flat and pressed the buzzer - my heart pounding.

A woman came to the door. She was about fortyish - wavy blonde hair down to her shoulders and really quite sexy. Quite heavy with the make up though, her lips were cherry red. She had to be Jenny's mum, the resemblence was strong. Of course I didn't speak a word of Russian but she seemed to know me and she spoke some English.

"You! You!" She seethed, "My Zhenya tell me everything, you dirty, you!" She pulled me into the flat. She was strong for a small woman.

"Where is she?" I demanded. "Please tell me, I love her, I want to marry her!"

An old woman came into the room and she had a chat with the lady I presumed was Jenny's mother. She turned to me.

"You can no see her right now but you can stay here. You marry her, good."

Then they started being nice to me. Making me food and asking if I was comfortable. Jenny's mum kept touching me like I was her private property. She sat down next to me while we ate and she had her hand on my leg. Squeezing it now and again, I was getting a stiff dick. She smelled nice too.

I learned that Jenny was staying in the countryside with her friend. She had told everyone about me. The experience she'd had with me had frightened her. She'd wanted to be a nun, but I had made her realise celibacy was not for her. Her mum phoned her and said I was at the flat. She would come but not for several weeks, she had to sort herself out before comimg to me. I was not allowed to talk to her.

I stayed the night in the flat on the sofa and the next day Natasha (Jenny's mum) said she would show me the city. I did not object. She looked like she would be decent company.

She dressed in a very sexy way - tightish slacks and a nice red top which showed off the shape of her tits nicely. She touched me a lot when we were out and around - on the arm, hands and she was starting to give me the odd friendly pinch on my ass. I kept my hands off her of course but it was hard. She had the same sexy ass as her daughter - but different - it had this way of moving from side to side when she walked. She knew how to move. My cock was growing hard for her. And I thought I loved Jenny! But I did! I resolved to keep my hands off Jennys mum.

We went back to the flat. Jenny's gran was there making dinner. When we sat down Natasha had her hand on my leg again and she was moving her hand in such a sexy way my hard on was sticking out of my soft shorts. My balls were starting to ache with all the sperm built up in them.

We all said goodnight and I laid down on the sofa and got off to sleep. In the morning she came out of her room wearing nothing but panties and bra - god she looked so fuckable! Her skin was so peachy - unbelievable on a woman of that age.

She kept teasing me like this for several days and I kept my hands off her. I had to wank secretly to take the pressure off my balls.

One night I went off to sleep, happy in the knowledge that one day I would have my girl back. I woke in the middle of the night. It was pitch black in the room as there was no window. Someone was in the room moving around and I suddenly felt my blanket move and then - a gorgeous warmth lit up my body and I felt delicate female hands touching me. "Jenny!" I whispered. "You've come! I love you". I put my arms around her and felt for her soft lips with mine - kissing her deeply and feeling my cock nuzzling her muff. I put my hands around her back and touched her ass - it was red hot and it was even hotter in between where her pussy was. I felt the slipperiness of her and wanted to penetrate that young sweet vagina that only I had ever had the joy to fuck. I think she sensed it and she whispered to me "not yet" and she went down my body kissisng me all the way until she found my white hot cock. She pulled strongly at the base and used her tongue on the tip - going round in circles - then I felt the wet heat of her mouth swallow my cunt hungry cock and she went up and down on it in long slow movements - always pulling strongly at the base. I said "my god!" feeling the powerful build up of an orgasm on the way and my back began to arch - she took me out of her mouth and straddled me - easing her sexy pussy onto my every so ready to ejaculate cock. It went in like a dream into that little private female space and I immediately felt the spasms begin as her pussy hugged my throbbing cock - she wildly pumped up and down - gasping and shrieking with excitement as she felt my cock begin to explode in her slippery hot flesh - as the spurts began my whole body went into ecstasy and I grabbed her breasts - wanting to take everything I could into my orgasm and shoot every last drop of cum from my balls through my excited cock at her womb. She kept bouncing up and down on me and put one hand around to play with my balls - her back arched, her head was back and she made piercing cries before relaxing onto me as my orgasm faded away and left me feeling a blissful peace. "Oh Jenny, I love you I love you" I whispered to her. We rolled over and I stayed inside her for a while and must have dozed off.

It was nine when I woke up again and I was alone. Jenny's mum came into the room - she was dressed in a sexy pink chemise - she had a big smile on her face and came straight to me and kissed me full on the lips. Then she pressed her tits full into my face! It was a lovely way to say good morning but I was confused. What was going on? Where was my Jenny?

"Mmmm, you're so nice!" she said and she put her hand under the cover and took hold of my erect penis and her head followed. I did not stop her. She held my cock and sucked and kissed it passionately until the cum emptiedĀ  into her mouth - she milked it out strongly with her hand and I gasped for air. She was squeezing my balls as if that would help drain them. After I came she kept my cock in her mouth - licking and sucking it like she couldn't get enough.

My god, I thought, that wasn't Jenny last night that I fucked. It was her mum! Now what?


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