Church Ladies PT 3

By Stoneypoint

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Sarah gets date with Alex, Catherine's cousin, get's it on plus has sex with him eventually
She woke up the following morning and knowing she was going to have a date with Catherine’s cousin Alex she began wondering if she was attractive enough for him or not. She put up her hair, kind of. She headed for the bathroom wearing her tee. Standing in the bathroom she looked at herself and as she did she looked at her big round tits which lay naked beneath that tee of hers.

She wondered. Will he like these she asked herself. She didn’t know. She wished she did. Doesn’t every girl wonder that? Sarah is a pretty woman even if she’s a little on the thick side. With the look she had on her face she “pictured” a little girl, around the age of 18 although she was 10 years older, and then for some reason Sarah pulled up her tee.

She looked at the size of her tits some more. She thought they were too big. Maybe he will like them even if they are larger then usual she thought. I don’t know but as she wondered she raised her hands and Sarah started to gather up her boobs into her hands. She liked how they felt. She began to smile as she held them. She looked at them via the image in the mirror.

“Will you hold them Alex?” she said gently. “I’d like that if you would.”

With that Sarah held her tits in her hands. Sarah began to “cuddle” them as she brought them together. Back and forth her hands moved over them. She smiled as she moved her hands about her tits. She didn’t say anything but she sure thought it. Mmmmm that feels soooo good she told herself as her hands rubbed her tits.

And then all of a sudden Sarah felt her nipples go hard. She definitely loved how that felt. Sarah rubbed them even more. “Oooooohh Alex, look at them. They’re hard. Do you like how my nipples look right now?” Sarah said to herself out loud. “I do. I know that.”

She rubbed her tits some more. She rubbed her nipples. She aroused herself as she did it. With her tee up over her boobs she left the bathroom and she was going to do what Catherine told her she did. She’d done it herself before and though it had been a long time since she’d done it personally, Sarah knew she had to get to work in a little while but it was early enough. Sarah could do this. She had time.

Sarah could masturbate and then get a shower before she went off to work.

It had been a long, long time since she had done it but today was a special day she thought. In bed with her tee pulled up over her tits, Sarah was already turned on. She laid back in her bed. She reached down and pulled off her panties. Then she took her time and started to rub herself slowly. She closed her eyes as she fingered her pussy’s slit.

Before she knew it she was already horny. She was already wet as well. She fingered herself a little more and a little harder. And she kept on doing it to herself as a result. She was surprised by what had happened. Sarah started to cum and all of a sudden she started to moan as well. She could feel it. She started to want his cock inside her. It didn’t matter.

Whether his cock was on top of her and sliding across her pussy or even possibly inside her and they were fucking at whatever pace they were she knew one thing. She knew she wanted to be with Alex for some reason and as soon as possible.

As she masturbated she came. That felt incredibly good too. She felt it as she came amply as far as she was concerned. It had been her first time in many years. She hadn’t masturbated in forever and it felt soooo darn good to do it again…not that doing it with Catherine wasn’t good but to do it by herself again well that was great. But she told herself that being able to do it with a guy, she thought, was what she most wanted in her life again.

Out off the shower, she got dressed, and left for work. Smiling she thought about her upcoming date with Alex. She could not wait. She was going out with him that night. She was all smiles that day and no matter what anyone would say to her it would not matter. She was having a date with a man. Her heart was up in the clouds. Her desire was out there too. She could not wait to see him even if she didn’t know him all that well.

She walked into the offices and went straight to Catherine’s office. She wasn’t busy and with a permanent smile on her face she closed the door and sat down. “Wow, you look like as if someone had you for breakfast,” Catherine said as she smiled back at Sarah.

“Nooooo,” Sarah said and she lowered her voice. “But guess what I did this morning?” Catherine asked what. “I masturbated. Oooooohh Catherine that felt soooo good to me too,” Sarah went on to say. Sarah closed her eyes. “Mmmmmm, to be able to feel it like some guy was doing it to me. Oh Catherine it felt…I don’t know. But it felt super.”

Catherine was so happy for her and asked “Are you and Alex going out on a date?”

“Yeah, tonight we are. He is soooo nice Catherine,” Sarah said.

“See, I told you he is. He’s a sweetheart isn’t he?”

Sarah said “Yeah, he seems like it.”

With that the day went by. Sarah was out of there as soon as possible and she met Alex and some restaurant. They had dinner and made plans for another date tomorrow night. He told her he had a great time, and she did too, and seeing as they did they agreed that another date had to be done, quickly. But they didn’t use those words.

The following night they met again. It was a great date. They got to know each other and the two of them made plans, again for another date, but it would have to wait for three days that time. She couldn’t wait. Sarah soooo wanted him and went home and did it again. Sarah got into the tub and she openly masturbated but a problem began to arise.

She’d see Alex. Then she’d see Catherine eating her out. Then she’d see Alex kissing her but then it was Catherine’s lips who were kissing her as she fingered her pussy. Unfortunately when she came it was Catherine’s body that was all over hers. It was Catherine’s body which was grinding down on her pussy as the two of them made love to one another. It wasn’t Alex who was “grinding” down on her and fucking her throughout the love portion of her fantasy as she masturbated.

Sarah didn’t like that whatsoever.

She went out with Alex and seeing as it was the weekend she openly invited him back to her apartment and towards the later hours of the evening she invited him to stay the night. “Are you…are you suggesting I stay over, Sarah?” he asked.

She felt a little unsure of herself. “Uhhhhhh Alex not if you don’t want to. I uhhh just thought, I don’t know, but I thought you’d want to spend a little more uhhh quality time with me,” Sarah said.

“Well isn’t this uhhh quality time? I mean us talking?” he came back.

“I’m I don’t know Alex,” Sarah began to say. She shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. “Alex,” she went on to say. “I’m a woman, right?” He said yes. “Do you like me?” He said he liked her a lot. “Uhhhhhh do you think I’m attractive at all?”

He looked at her for a moment. “Sarah, uhhhhhh I find you uhhh very attractive. Why do you ask me that?”

She looked at him for a long moment. And then she said “Because Alex I find you very, very good looking. I’m a woman. You’re a man. I don’t know if I want to have sex with you right now but Alex. I want a man in my life. I do know that. I know that I want a man’s body in my life as well. And your body, Alex, is the nicest, and most complete looking frame I’ve ever seen in my life.”

He looked back at her. “Wow Sarah,” he exclaimed. “That says a lot. So are you saying you want me to stay the night? Are you saying you want me to be with you tonight actually?”

She nodded her head and seeing as she had he stood up and reached out and took her hand in his. “Which way to your bedroom? We’ll take it all real slow, okay?” he said.

She couldn’t believe he’d said it but she took the lead, excitedly, and took him back to her bedroom where, without getting undressed, they took off their shoes, and laid down next to one another.

It all went slow. It went real, real slow, but he laid there and all they did was lay around and talk and nothing else. That next morning they woke up. He was still laying there. He was looking at her body even though her clothes were still on her but his eyes were too.

“I love your figure Sarah,” he said. “And good morning too.”

He leaned in, after she said good morning back to her, and he kissed her on her lips. They hadn’t moved an inch as they lay side by side and looked into the other’s eyes.

“I don’t know if I should tell you this,” she said. “But would it bother you if you found out that a girl you were dating has or had been involved with was kind of involved with another woman in a sexual way?”

The way she asked the question or how she asked it made him look at her in a manner she couldn’t tell if he cared or not. He was thinking about it and finally he answered her. “Well I’ll assume it was you, right?” She nodded her head and then she blushed. “Do you love this woman? I mean really love her or were you doing it just for the fun of it?”

“For fun I guess,” Sarah said.

“Was it a lot of fun?” he asked.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Sarah replied.

“Would you do it again with the woman?” he said.

“I don’t know…no, I don’t think I would,” Sarah said.

“Why not?” he asked. “Weren’t you having fun doing it with her?” Alex said.

“Yeah but,” but she stopped and looked at him.

“But what?” he said.

“But I look at it as if I’m dating you only now,” she said.

“Ohhhhhhh, so you like me only? Really you like me only now?” he asked.

“Yeah Alex, I think I do. No, I know I do,” she said.

Then he smiled. “As in a lot?” he said.

They looked at each other. He wanted an answer. He wanted to know exactly how much she liked him. “I guess I like you a lot, Alex.” She thought about it a little more and then she went on to say “No, I really know I care about you and I know I really like you a lot. Alex,” she went on to say. “To be honest with you I want you to make love with me. I want us to get naked. I want you and me to become naked and I want to touch you all over. I want to be able to feel you kissing my body everywhere. I mean if you want to do that with me. I hope I haven’t overstepped the boundaries.”

He looked into her eyes. No she hadn’t. “I love that. I really do. I think a lot of you Sarah.” He started nodding his head. “Yeah, I don’t know just how deeply I love you but I do know one thing. I do know that I like you more then just having good old sex with you. I want to make love to you too Sarah.”

“Awwww Alex…you’re soooo sweet,” she said. With that she reached around him and cuddled closer to his body. And in a quieter toned voice she said “Will you make love to me Alex?”

With that, the clothes came off quite slowly. They kissed. They took their time kissing. His hands touched and caressed her as they kissed. She felt herself falling for him, quickly. She adored it. She loved it. She was falling for him quickly. Her heart was exploding and as it did so were her loins. She knew one thing. She knew she needed love in the worst way from this man.

Do me. Make love to me Alex.

With that he took her hand and he placed it down into his crotch. That felt good to him of course. A woman touching and feeling his manhood, to him, felt absolutely wonderful. He let go of it. She pressed her hand, harder, against it, and as he hoped she rubbed it around his crotch making him feel even better.

“Mmmmmm Sarah,” he uttered. “That does feel nice you know,” he told her quietly.

“You like how I did that did you?” she came back.

Looking at him he smiled and nodded his head. “Yep, I sure did. You can do that as long as you want to.”

So she did. She rubbed his crotch some more. He closed his eyes as he felt her hand circling round and round and hard against his crotch. She smiled discovering that what she was doing to him was making him feel soooo much better overall.

She pulled her hand away. She placed it up against his chest. She looked into his eyes and rubbed his chest and she read his eyes to judge just how much he was enjoying it all. “I do like you Alex,” she told him and with that she leaned in so that she could kiss his lips.

“I like you too Sarah. I feel special knowing you’re here with me like this. I could be here with you like this all day and all week long,” he told her.

With that, although he hadn’t touched her barely at all, he touched her cheek, and he touched her lips as well. Then he kissed her on the lips. She liked that and smiled.

“Ohhhhhhh Alex I soooo want us to make love to one another,” she told him. “Can we?”

He began to take all his clothes off. All of them too. She watched as she didn’t do any of it as quickly as he had. God, did he look…incredible. She thought he did. Even his cock was incredible looking she thought. Her mouth dropped open once she looked at. It hung open as she continued to stare at it too.

“Would you care to hold it in your hands?” Alex said.

She looked into his eyes. Her eyes were big and she took a moment but finally nodded her head as if to say yes to him. Finally she took hold of his soft dangling cock. She did so delicately too. Every ounce of energy within her exploded inside of her. Energy she did not know she had went haywire as she felt and held his cock in her hand.

However, as she held and touched it he watched her breasts. He wondered how she’d feel if he made love to them. He touched them. She liked how that felt. He squeezed them lightly and started to kiss them all over. She liked how that felt too. He tried to “swallow” one into his mouth. She enjoyed that too. He started to nibble on Sarah’s nipples. She totally loved that. Tingling rang out all over her, especially around her nipples.

She wanted soooo much more at that point.

He kissed her. He played around with her boobs again. His hand meanwhile toyed with her tummy a little but then he moved down to her pussy. “Ohhhhhh oh God Alex,” she cried out. “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop doing that. Finger me. Feel me down there! Do that all over the place!”

And so that was what Alex did. He fingered her all over her pussy. He fingered her clit and he would not stop at all. Before she knew it she was coming. Already, she was coming. She could feel it. All he had done was finger her and she started coming. Her back, as a result, started to arch off the bed. But she totally loved and enjoyed that immensely. It was wild and crazy and she loved it too much and never wanted him to stop doing that. She could cum all day long.

She cried out again. Her hands were holding sheets as she cried out for more pleasure like he’d been providing her and there he was. Hard as ever but giving only her pleasure that she wanted while not getting any back from her.

She came again.

She told herself it was his turn wasn’t it. She took hold of him. She started doing it to him. From that point on her hand jacked his cock off. He was hard as could be. He was fat and thick as possible. Was he going to cum, she hoped. She sure hoped he was going to cum soon.

On him almost, he exploded all over. Cum flew out everywhere. It was like nothing she had ever seen in her life. It went all over him. His cum went all over her upper body too. It was wild. There was soooo much of it she thought. She hadn’t ever seen anything like that in her life. She was proud of herself. She was happy for him too. She jerked off a guy that she liked or maybe even loved she thought and wow had he come for her too. She hoped he liked that. She hoped he was proud of her. She hoped she’d do it again for sure. She hoped and as they lay silently she prayed in a manner of speaking that this was going to go a lot, lot further in fact.

They fell asleep. Naked, he felt good against her body. His arms were wrapped around hers and she felt his fingers as they touched her breast while she lay up against him and she knew she really liked that too.

That next morning he was still staring at her thick curvy figure. She didn’t feel humiliated now that they’d kind of made love to him. He was there laying and looking at her hips and her ass. She turned over and saw him. He was wide awake.

“Good morning,” he said. He wore a smile. “How are you?”

“I’m fine,” she said. “You’re still here?” She didn’t expect him to be.

“Sure I am. Why wouldn’t I be? I had a spectacular time last night. I hope you did too,” he replied.

“Oh uh yeah,” she said nodding her head. “That’s nice to know that you did. What are your plans?” she asked.

He shrugged his shoulders and said he didn’t have any. “Although I’d sure love to go and get a change of clothes. What about you?”

“Umm get a shower, hang out I guess,” she said. “I don’t have any right now.”

“Care for a shower partner?” he asked.

“Ohhh uh you uhhh and me in the shower uhhh together?” she said.

“Sure, with a figure as…as hot as yours Sarah I’d love to join you in it. Could we?”

She was surprised as ever. She couldn’t believe it. Uhhhhhh sure uhhh Alex. I uhhh never thought someone would want to be with me in a shower.”

“Ohhhhhhh Sarah I’d love to cuddle with you in the shower. God would I ever,” he said.

She was thrilled about his answer and sat right up, smiling and looking at him when she did. She took his hand. She hopped out of bed. They headed to the shower where she bent over, and he looked right at her sweet shapely round ass as she did. He even complimented it too. She stood up and smiled and the two of them kissed as they waited while it heated up.

In the shower it was playtime.

He was all over her ass as he felt it, pinched it, and squeezed it too. She loved it. She turned around and toyed around with his cock. He liked that as well. They kissed more as the warm water sprayed all over them and the two of them cuddled in the warmth of the shower’s spray.

She knew one thing for sure. I love this guy. I’d do anything…anything for him to know that too she let herself know. They played and toyed around some more. And from there they held one another’s naked body in the heat of the shower’s spray.

“May I say something, Alex. It may scare you a little but I want to say it anyway,” Sarah said to him. He asked what. “I think…no, I know I’m falling for you, and I’m falling hard for you too. Is that alright for me to say?”

She looked at him hoping that it was. “I like you a lot too Sarah,” he told her. “I love being here. I like being around you. I loved holding in bed and I love holding you like we are right now.”

She reached down at that point and Sarah started to toy with his dangling cock. “Care to really make love to me then as in put this inside of me? Now that I’d love,” she added.