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Claire's Awakening 11: Three Little Words

Bad boy Scott reveals his romantic side, as the couple quickly fall for each other.
Claire lazily opened her eyes. A few moments later she remembered where she was – curled up in Scott’s bed. Last night she had given her virginity to him, and it had been perfect. Afterwards they had simply curled up together and watched a silly rom-com, laughing at all the same parts. She had slept soundly in his arms, amazed at how soft Scott was deep down inside, beneath his ‘bad boy’ facade.

After a while she sat up and stretched, then opened the window just a little. The breeze caressed her skin as she smiled at the sound of far away bird song. The sun was peeking out from behind a cloud – a lovely surprise for an autumn day! The scene outside was as pretty as a picture, the streets paved with a rainbow of crunchy leaves. It was only 10am, but Claire somehow felt that today would be special.

“Hey you!” Scott’s deep voice brought her back to reality. “I know I said it last night, but that nighty is gorgeous...” He tilted his head to one side, cheekily catching a glimpse of her pert little ass. “Fancy some breakfast?”

Claire perched onto the bed, still blushing from his compliment. “Well, I am a bit peckish...”

She expected Scott to say something like; ‘fancy a shag instead of toast?’, but she was pleasantly corrected. He got up, morning glory ablaze inside his sleep-shorts, and made his way to the door.

“Feel free to use the bathroom, I’ll use the one downstairs while I fix the grub.” He called, “Oh, & Claire? Don’t you dare get changed yet!”

A moment passed, Claire still sat on the bed confused. ‘Wow! Breakfast in bed?!’ Such a nice gesture. She went into the bathroom and freshened up, impressed that her hair still looked good. She was back snuggled under the duvet when Scott returned about five minutes later carrying a tray.

“Gosh... You didn’t have to go to that much trouble!” She gushed. The tray was placed before her, lain with toast, cereal and some fresh fruit.

“Tea or coffee?” Scott motioned, whilst passing her a fresh orange juice too.

“Erm... Tea please. Milk, no sugar.” She picked up some toast and began to munch, still in shock.

“I should have guessed. You’re sweet enough already!”

He handed her the mug, sitting down next to her and picked up a handful of strawberries. “Is everything alright? I wasn’t sure what you’d want, so I brought a mixture.” His eyes grazed her body lazily. “Anyway, you’ll need all your strength for today!”

For the second time that morning, Claire thought he was referring to sex. Again, she was wrong. An hour later she found herself wondering through the local park hand in hand with 5”10 of pure hunk. She’d never seen this side of him before – never even imagined it existed. Surprised just didn’t seem to cover it. Claire’s mind thought back to the first time she visited his house. She remembered not being sure if he was being honest when he said that she would be different – not like all the other girls. Now she was starting to believe that he had really meant it. She took a quick glance up at him, his hair shining in the sunlight. Scott looked so content and at home surrounded by the trees. A happy sigh escaped her lips.

“You know, I can’t remember the last time I felt this peaceful!” Scott had stopped walking, wrapping her up in his arms. “I know it’s not been long, but you really make me happy.” He was blushing – actually blushing! Claire’s heart was pounding in her chest.

“I totally agree... I think we have something special.” Now it was her turn to blush. She felt a soft hand on the back of her neck, as Scott pulled her into the sweetest kiss that she had ever experienced. The butterflies were fluttering in her stomach again.

Together, they enjoyed the crisp autumn weather. The couple wondered through the twee shops in the middle of the town. They stopped at a cafe and drank steaming mugs of coffee and hot chocolate with lashings of whipped cream. They bought some chips from the local chippy and shared them sat on a bench overlooking the lake. When Claire got a little chilly, she felt Scott wrap his football team hoody around her shoulders before she could even complain. At 5pm they returned to the still empty house.

“Let’s go sit in the snug.” Said Scott. Claire had no idea what one even was! She was amazed by the room, the converted loft. There was a huge window on the ceiling, letting the glowing sunset fill the room with an orange glow. There was no light, just twinkle lights looped around. A gigantic squishy sofa dominated one side of the room, covered in textured cushions. There was no television, just a stereo. The only other furniture in the room was an armchair full of old soft toys and a bookshelf. A pile of soft blankets sat in the corner.

“Oh my God...” Gasped Claire, “This is so perfect!”

The couple curled up on the sofa together and started to kiss passionately. Scott tenderly removed Claire’s top, lightly stroking her nipples through the soft fabric of her bra before easing that off too. A few minutes later she removed his, and started touching his tight abs. Soon enough two pairs of jeans were strewn on the floor. Scott lay back and closed his eyes as his girlfriend kissed him all over the torso, eventually sliding off his boxers and placing his penis in her mouth. He groaned happily. She really was a fast learner!

Not wanting to come too soon, he gently pushed her backwards into the cushions, sliding down her panties to reveal her swollen clit. Tenderly, his tongue caressed the folds of her lips, enjoying the sweet juices. His tongue touched her hot spot and she shivered a little. They both couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect this moment was, how happy they both were.

Longing for the feeling of Scott inside her for the second time, Claire pulled his face up to meet hers. Their lips locked as their bodies entwined. From somewhere, Scott produced a condom and silently slid it onto his erection. Again they embraced, as he placed his engorged head at the opening of Claire’s moist pussy and paused. Anticipation was engulfing them both, until in one smooth movement he slid himself inside her. Claire let out a little gasp of pleasure, Scott a joyous sigh. This time she wrapped her long legs around his back, bringing them even closer together, letting his pubic bone massage her clit with every thrust.

The whole time, they never stopped kissing. They never stopped gazing into each other’s eyes. Scott’s thrusts were slow and deep, caressing the entirety of her pussy with every stroke. Two sets of hands were gently roaming over the tangled bodies, savouring every touch, every goose bump, every moment. Claire’s soft moans were getting louder, more frequent. Scott’s breathing deepened. There was no need to speed up, no need to go harder. They were gently making love, gradually bringing each other to climax.

“Oh Scott... Mmmm...” Claire moaned.

“Claire! Oooh, baby...” Scott groaned.

His cock began to twitch and pulse, his whole body tightening up before the final release.

Her pussy began to quake, her whole body shuddering with pleasure.

‘This is perfect...’ They both thought silently in unison.

Claire felt herself getting higher and higher, tingling from head to toe. Scott was coming closer and closer, throbbing all over.

Finally they both reached their peaks. Claire let out the most beautiful cry of delight, Scott let out a long deep growl. The room was silent for a few minutes as they lay together, simply savouring the moment.

Claire tilted her head up to get lost again in those deep eyes, as Scott gazed down admiring the sparkle in hers. He smiled softly;

“Claire? ... I love you.”

They could feel each other’s hearts pounding in their chests;

“I love you too Scott.”

The perfect kiss ended the perfect day.

A few hours later, back at home having told her parents about the great time she’d had with ‘Lucy’, Claire had time to reflect on the weekend. She’d lost her virginity. She’d fallen in love. They’d made love and came in unison. Everything was just so... Perfect!

Such a sweet girl, in such a sweet moment. It’s almost hard to believe how things would change over the next few weeks. Oh, the things that this sweet girl would soon be doing...

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