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Close Your Eyes

What closing your eyes can do to bring feelings alive. Dedicated to...and she knows!
A chance comment made across the computer screens begs the question of just how really real we can make a cyber connection feel.

I was drinking my coffee, and she was signed on to Lush when we started chatting via Black Boxes. I must say this about using the Black Boxes: you must use carefully chosen words that are carefully organized, so that you can get your thought(s) down without running out of time and space. It is a good mental exercise, although it can be a bit (lot) frustrating when you are in a “cyber frame of mind”.

At any rate, we were “talking dirty”, and not really into any sort of serious cyber mode, per se. I would be hard-pressed to say we were even just “playing around”. It was more of a back-and-forth bantering and jousting with our “dirty words”. I am her D.O.M. in her circle of friends om Lush. That means Dirty Old Man, because of the nature of our comments and quips.

I had said, “I can close my eyes and just feel your spasming pussy gripping my pulsating, spewing cock as I am totally emptying my balls deep inside you. It just FEELS so real to me”.

She said, “Hmmm, you need to write that down".

And t,en I started remembering some lines I had previously written, where I had said, “Close your I'm FINALLY…

… unfastening your pants

… sliding my splayed fingers and hand down over your mound

… grasping, squeezing, feeling the shape of your pussy

… going inside your panties

… seeking out your wet center “

When my eyes are closed, “I can almost feel that first moment of physical contact... that precious moment when my cock head first kisses your pussy’s lips.” And it is, “... so real as I ease into your depths, parting the walls, balls deep, into your well of WOMANLY delights and mysteries”.

Close your eyes and you can concentrate on lavishing your oral attentions on my member, and, “lightly tongue the head in that sweet v-spot”. Or you can “feel my tongue’s tip lightly tracing the length of your slit”, and “chasing that rivulet of nectar that comes from your core and glides effortlessly towards your quivering clit”.

When my eyes are closed, I can let go of my hand as it becomes yours, “as you slowly, but firmly, stroke my cock to life”. With my eyes closed, I know it is you who “quickens the pace of stroking with your hands and smothers my cock with tender kisses”.

Hopefully, when your eyes are closed, when I “caress your cheeks with my thumbs as I gently hold your face…”, it is as meaningful to you as if I were there with you in reality. Perhaps its even more meaningful as the kiss is, “so soft, so light, so delicate and so intimate” within your mind. It certainly is all that and more in my mind as I recall how you were “nipping and tugging on your (my) lower lip”, and because our eyes were closed, our tongues were "dueling across the threshold of our lover’s kiss”. It just adds to the passion of it all.

And when your eyes are closed, it's much easier, and more real when you recall,
“….the ragged, gasping breaths of last night’s ecstasy
… When I was buried balls deep in you
… Totally emptying myself
… As my desire for you erupted and overflowed..."

Like the time when I had put,”My arm over you holding you close
… My hand tenderly cradling your full breast
… My thumb idly stroking your aroused nipple.

For I (was and) am your ANGEL WATCHING OVER YOU as you lay here asleep.”

With my eyes closed, I can be smitten again, as I have been on two occasions, with the recall of those green eyes
“... that are








My green-eyed temptress has eyes that are

Pools of love laced with golden glitter”.

For me, having my eyes closed at times just heightens the senses as we move, and I am,

“… thrusting into you hard again and again

… bumping my belly against your ass

… feeling my cum rise from deep within me

… shooting and filling you deep inside your pussy

… feeling your contractions gripping my cock


… and you CUM with me !! “

In reality, I would love to see you open your eyes so I can see you when you cum, but to commune with you in a cyber lover’s embrace, I ask that you CLOSE YOUR EYES for a while, as “we are connected across the ether in an emotional bond of love”.

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