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Coming Home: Rekindling

A Special Forces soldier returns from Afghanistan to be with his wife again
I winced as I stood up from one of the cargo net seats of the C-17 Globemaster, my side under my Multicam uniform still causing a minor amount of tension. The gust of air from the North Carolina air refreshed my senses, the cool air sweeping through my clothes and bringing all my thoughts of home racing back to my mind.

It had been a long six months, stressful and painful. My name is John Stone, I am a Special Forces Medical Sergeant with the National Guard Special Forces. For the past five years, I have served on a 12-man Special Forces ODA team. These six months had us conducting unconventional warfare far away from any of the other American units, uniquely self-sufficient and lethal.

Walking back into our unit's compound, I felt at my side, the gunshot wound I had received a month into the deployment nothing but scar tissue now, just another memory. Stowing away all of my gear and showering down, I waited for the debriefing to begin on our deployment. The Colonel was going to make this a fast one; he knew we wanted to see our families.

Sitting in the conference room, being the first team member in, I let my thoughts finally drift of back home. Back to my wife, Tara. I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes, letting the memories take over.

It was the first time we had ever met. It was after my first deployment to Kosovo, as a peacekeeper. Spending a year in a third-world country that was still rebuilding, with such a range of experiences and sights, I had developed and matured as a twenty-two year old man. I did not realize what was in my future, however.

It was the night before Christmas and while I was returning from my military college, I had decided to do some last-minute shopping for my family. As fate would have it, I stepped into a drug store that had previously not played any important part in my life—until then. I walked in and froze in my steps—there she was. That woman was the most beautiful woman that I had ever witnessed. The smile on her face. The way her hair framed her features. The lips that I wanted against mine. The curves of her body. The way her clothes clung to her.

I knew at that moment that I could not have anyone else. The rest of my life stood in front of me and she did not even realize I existed. My heart raced at an incredible pace and the adrenaline pumped through my body, knowing I was about to ask this perfect woman to just allow me to be a part of her life, even if just for a few seconds. When I finally spoke to her, we both saw that we were going to be a part of each other’s lives for much longer than that.


The debriefing dragged on longer than I would have liked, but it was a natural part of the job. As soon as the meeting was wrapped up, we left as a group, talking about some of the events that had transpired over the past few months and what we needed to do at home. Waving to the other operators, I got into my black Suburban, cranked the engine over, and got on the route for home double-quick.

Listening to one of the love songs on the CD Tara had made me, I focused on the passing street lights. Serving in the Special Forces and carrying out the missions we did is not a natural act, not something that many can do. Even with all the painful sights and personal loss I had felt for the past few months, it slowly eased away as I drew closer to home. Seeing the mailbox in our driveway, my heart leapt into my throat, nothing mattering to me but seeing my wife again. These experiences and life-threatening moments only made me realize what was important to me in life, and it revolved around her.

Steering the SUV into the driveway, I had hoped the headlights had signaled to Tara that I was home. I grabbed my bag out of the passenger seat and stepped out into the night, the bright moon shining its rays down onto our yard. As I shut the door, the main door to our house opened wide. Tara stood there in a beautiful nightgown, the same look of love on her face. This woman was my rock, she is the entity in my life that is always there for me and gives me the strength I need. For years, we had grown in each other and in God, our love had only grown exponentially over the years. In the wide spectrum of ways I could describe this woman, there is not enough in the English language to fully expose someone to what

Tara is one of the most alluring women I'd ever met, radiant in everything that is joy and happiness, even in times of pain and suffering, in the times of distance. She's enticing, she's adorable and she's beyond cute. Driven by this magnitude of strength she has stored in herself, the sacrifices she made while getting into her career and fighting every step of the way, the powerful desire to do right by herself and her family, a fiery force of passion that I could never hope to control, she had captivated me every step of the way.

"I'm so happy to see you, babe," she said trying not to choke up, "I've really missed you."

I hugged her tight, feeling that same, magical bond that we have between each other, rubbing her back sympathetically and whispered in her ear, "I've missed you too, honey, I've missed you more than you imagine."

Pulling back just the slightest bit to look into her eyes, we locked our gazes and searched each other's eyes for the things we've been wanting to say for so long. I saw it, a smile crept up on her lips, mine quickly doing the same, before my hand moved up to the back of her head and through her long locks of cascading hair, pulling her lips to mine. Her full lips against mine, the familiar pull in my chest; it was the feeling that made all the pain in life more than worth the price. It was our love and our love alone.

Tara ground against me as she grabbed my polo from the bottom and quickly took it off. I pulled the nightgown up her body, her raising her hands to help me get it off. I immediately stopped when her precious lips and cute little nose were exposed, but her eyes still shielded by the pink gown. I leaned in and lightly brushed my lips against hers, making her lean forward trying to sink into my lips, but I drew back and teased her. She kept at it, trying to take back my lips, but I kept close enough to only let her take in my hot breath. She was hungry, she was starved, and she needed me just as much as I needed her.

I tortured her no more, I sank back into her mouth, removing the gown completely and shrugging it to the side. My manhood was pressed tightly against my jeans, Tara pressing hard against me and gyrated herself against me, slowly driving me insane. She made quick work of my belt and quickly got my jeans off, leaving me in just my briefs. I grabbed her hips and swiveled her around, pulling her close to me again, her back resting against my jutting manhood now poking out of my briefs. Unclasping her bra and letting it drop, my arms encircled her body and massaged her breasts, making her utter another low moan. Our skin rubbing together and creating this unmatched, euphoric feeling, I kissed down from the side of her face, down her neck, and finally bottoming out into the sensitive spot in her collarbone.

Her neck craned to the kiss, another, more urgent moan emitting from her mouth that was only slightly parted. My right hand moved southward, moving under her black lace thong, right into the folds of her love. A louder, more intense moan escaped, her mouth opening much wider, while I continued to massage her breasts, kissing her neck and shoulders, my right hand now delicately pleasuring her vagina. Her hips met the strokes of my hand, begging them to enter her, the wetness already beginning to soak her panties and my hand. She had to be the most downright, sexy woman I could ever hope to meet.

Both my hands reached down and slipped her out of her thong, Tara stepping out of them. She turned around and quickly removed my briefs, my rock hard cock springing out in front of my body. The hungry look in her eyes of wanting me is something I can never get over.

"Come with me," she said, grabbing my hand and quickly pulling me to our bedroom, "I'm not waiting anymore, I need you now," she growled. I missed this.

I knew she wanted me, but I was getting what I had waiting on for months upon months. Slightly squatting over, I wrapped my arms around her waist, lifted her into the air causing her to let out a small yelp, and landed her on the bed, her back resting against the comforter. Her cheeks were flush with blind sexual arousal, her breathing was quickened, and did she ever turn me on. She bit her lower lip, she knew what effect that had on me. I locked my teeth ever so slightly against her bottom lip, pulling it back just enough, then letting go. Kissing her deeply again, holding her face as I did, I opened my eyes and locked gazes with her again. Her eyes were glazed over with desire--she needed it now, but I was taking my time.

I kissed down her neck, down to her chest. Kissing every exposed inch of skin, I made my way down and started to suck on her nipple, massaging and kneading the other one. Switching every little bit, not showing one more attention than the other, I watched her eyes flutter as I continued to suck. Our skin rubbing against each other, my manhood pressed against her body, her juices running freely over the bed, I never found myself wanting this woman more. I kissed further down, kissing her stomach and navel, my hands roaming back up and feeling her entire body, moving down to her back and massaging, perspiration already building from the heat of her desire.

Getting down to her hips, I lightly bit the sides, a sensitive area on her body that seemed to always push her over the edge. She moaned harder, letting out small words of approval at my expert work. Her breathing continued to pick up as I got closer to her womanhood. I looked at it with a small smile, trimmed up, lubricated by her body's need for me. I kissed her thighs, working back up to my goal. I looked up and stared into her eyes, deep and full of need, waiting for me to finally give her the pleasure. I blew on her vagina, making her moan more and arch her back, desperately trying to get me to sink my tongue in. I teased her more, blowing long, hot tuffs of air over her, further intensifying the sensitive area.

My lips embraced around her clitoris, my tongue breaking waves of pleasure over her body, while I sunk a finger deep into the depths of her vagina. The arched under the untold pleasure, moaning out in pleasure, her eyes clamped shut. I kept working, my finger doing the 'come here' motion to hit her g-spot. The pleasure and the previous build-up raked across her body, the involuntary convulsion of her body as her orgasm took over, releasing her juices over my mouth and finger. My other hand massaged her stomach as she recovered from the full-body experience; I simply made long, slow licks across her womanhood. I wanted it again.

Inserting my finger again and my tongue going back to her clitoris, I made quick motions and furiously worked her womanhood, her low screams exciting me all the more. It only took seconds, the desire for each other providing such powerful feelings, our emotions running, her back arched again as she came against my fingers, her vaginal walls clamping around my finger. Smiling to myself as I slowly licked her vagina, massaging her sides as she recovered again, I looked up and saw her staring back down at me, the layer of perspiration over her amazing body from the intense pleasure.

With quick haste, she moved down and flipped me onto my back, her face hovering over my hard-on. Knowing I was in a teasing mood, she wanted the opposite; she wanted this quick and now. Her mouth enveloping my cock, my eyes closed as I leaned my head back, the feeling of her mouth surrounding me too much. Even the quiet guy that I am, I let out a small moan, shocked by the waves of pleasure she was sending through my body with her mouth. Looking back down at her, this woman that I loved so dearly, I was enraptured by such a strong lust. Slowly I started to thrust my hips, trying to dictate the pace, my seven inches of manhood being taken by her lips and tongue. She grabbed my hips and pushed them down, determined to not let me control her pace.

"Honey," I gasped, "if you keep doing it like that, I'm not going to last like that."

She looked up at me with such an innocent but such a sexy smile, the look in her eyes knowing what effect she had on me. She knew she could easily make me cum like this, but after so long, she wanted to feel me let off inside her, make me hers.

I reached under her arms and pulled her up to me, our gazes unbroken with each other, as she hurriedly grabbed my cock and sank me into her. We both briefly closed our eyes, the sensation washing over our bodies, as she took me fully into herself. Resting my hands on her hips, we started to move together. It was slow and meaningful, I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her back down to me, her breasts pressed against me, our skin connected, our thrusts timed together, our lips enveloping each other's, we truly become one.

"I love you, Tara, I love you so much," I got out through staggered breathing.

"I love you too, hun, I really, really love you," she replied.

Her hands moved to my chest and pushed off a little, letting her truly thrust against my body, moving the pace faster and faster, to our pace that we had for each other. We stared into each other's eyes, our skin clapping together as our powerful thrusts met each other, her juices leaking around my cock, turning me on even more. I massaged her chest, moved around to her back and butt, touching her in the sensitive spots to set her body on fire as she moved around me. Her moans filled the room, another orgasm on its heels to meet her.

"Tara, slow down, I'm going to cum," I weakly said, barely able to find my voice.

"No," she simply said with a downright sexy smile, knowing she was going to as well. She thrusted faster and harder against me until my arms shot around her body and pulled her deeper into me, both of us climaxing together. My cock twitched in her vagina as I kept spraying her insides, the walls of her womanhood convulsing around me. We lay together recovering; our breathing staggered and hard, sweat on both our bodies.

After a few minutes lying together, I kissed the sides of her neck and moved up to her face. Moving one hand to cup her face, I kissed her deeper and with true vigor for her to know how much I missed her. She reciprocated all the same, kissing me back with a need finally satisfied after so much time. I pulled back and looked back into her eyes.

"I think we need to take a shower" I smiled.

"I'm up for that," she said with her cute laugh.


Turning the water up to a hot setting, we waited until the steam rose from the shower and stepped in with each other. Grabbing the soap from the rack, I pulled her back against me and started to lather across her entire body. Kissing the side of her face and back down into her neck, I moved my hands to every part of her body, the hot water cascading over our bodies and rinsing off the soap. Turning around, she embraced me in another deep kiss, truly losing myself in her and her beauty. Such a small thing, a kiss, but the meaning behind it and feeling her emotions behind it truly moved me.

Continually kissing as we rubbed all over each other's bodies under the powerful jet of water, my cock quickly hardening again. Tara looked down with another naughty smile.

"Is that for me?" she said as she took it in her hand and started to play with it, bringing it back to its full strength.

I turned her around, allowing her to place her hands against the wall of the shower for support, and then pulled her up until she was able to put both of her feet on top of mine. I had always been taller; she needed to stand on my feet for us to stand up while doing this. Entering her from behind, with some help from her, I began slamming myself into her, the claps of our skin echoing across the bathroom. Her moans got louder and louder as I continued pounding into her tight hole, my cock stretching her walls, one hand massaging her breasts while my other hand played with her clitoris. Shouting words of encouragement to me, I kept on with my pace, eager to pleasure her as much as possible.

She slipped a little off my feet, having trouble maintaining the position. I turned her around, kissed her deep as I knelt down to pick her up. Pulling Tara up, her feet took a vice-like grip around my waist. I angled myself back into her womanhood and pushed back into the familiar depths of her. She let out low screams as I kept driving my cock in and out of her, our hot bodies pressed together against the shower wall, the water still washing over our bodies.

"John, John, John, Jo-," she bit her lower lip, "Oh my God.."

The orgasm swept over her body again, her entire body tensing up around me and pulling me closer to her. The convulsions of her vagina around my cock were simply too much, I poured myself into her as she drew out my orgasm, forcing me to lean in into her shoulder as I spent myself inside her.

"Tara," I said with a ragged breath, "Tara I love you."

Pulling out of her and setting her down back on the shower floor, we hugged each other tight as we kissed, finally feeling reunited at last. My hands roamed over her entire body, finding every crevice, desperate to never let her go. I wanted her more than anything. She made me happy. She brought out the real man in me. Tara is the reason for everything we have together.


Having cleaned each other off, we slowly moved our way back to the bedroom, thoroughly exhausted from the late night reunion we had experienced. Pulling the comforter and sheets back, I pulled them over our naked bodies as I pulled her back up next to me. Laying there, staring into each other's eyes, not saying a word, we knew without a doubt that we had found our soul mate. I kissed her forehead and exchanged more kisses with her as we began to drift off to sleep.

Her back was to me, Tara had fallen asleep, yet I still deposited sweet kisses on her shoulder. I had missed her so badly, she was what I fought for, she was my reason to come home, and she was my motivation in life. I wanted to do everything to make her happy, to please her, and to give her everything she wants.

The National Guard Special Forces was a large part of my life. I was a warrior, a teacher, a healer, and a mentor. I had been to many third world countries; I had trained countless men, fought in many desperate battles, and witnessed more death than anyone should see at this age. I’ve buried friends. I’ve killed my enemies. I’ve saved countless lives. Yet, I still carry the ghosts with me every day. In my civilian career as a police officer, I had tried to give back to this good earth and help as many lives as possible. I wanted to make a difference; to make a mark on this world and know I changed someone’s life. To save more lives. To keep them safe.

What gets me through all of this, though, is knowing that this beautiful, passionate woman is by my side. This blessing I have been given, a treasure to look after. Someone to love, respect, care for, to grow in. I knew that the rest of my life would be spent knowing she's with me and the happiness we'd create together would rival any force that could enter my life.

I thought about the coming morning. I would wake up to make her breakfast in bed, we'd relax in bed for the morning together, just talking and reconnecting after so long apart, find each other again in ourselves. We would go out to the park later and spend the day enjoying each other's company. Eating ice cream and having a date like kids, everything would be like it once was, if only for a night.

Laying back, I said a silent prayer to the Lord for sending me such an amazing woman and letting me be with her. Looking down at her peaceful face as she slept stole my breath away, having the same effect on me as if it was the first day I met her. I smiled to myself, curled up into her body, and slowly faded away into sleep myself.

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