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Co-starring: Kate and Josh

Co-starring: Kate and Josh

Life imitates art.
Nostalgia is the sense of familiarity that pries the cusps of your tear ducts apart while cajoling you to smile at the same time. It compels you do queer things at even queerer times and with Kate, it got her to the set earlier than most of the crew; an anomaly since she was the lead actress of the film.

At this hour, all she heard was the shuffling of her sandal-clad feet across the tarmac. The silence would have been eerie if she wasn’t in such a contemplative mood. It was funny how the darkness at dawn could transform the mock neo-Gothic buildings on a Hollywood set into such life-like, statuesque characters; she was almost convinced that they actually had an interior to match their ornately sculpted entrances.

Perhaps Kate had worn her rose-tinted glasses as she waltzed past them with two cups of coffee in hand. It has, after all, been two years since she took a hiatus in acting. That time-out ended today and Kate definitely felt the nervous excitement of a young actress coursing through her seasoned veins.

“Good morning, babe,” she called cheerfully as she walked into a trailer that doubled as a makeshift meeting room. Nicholas King, the director, turned briefly to receive the peck on his mouth from his wife before returning promptly to the intense discussion with his assistant and several others.

Hmmph, occupied as always, she thought. She sensed that his less-than-warm welcome was her cue to leave and dutifully complied. It took her a few unhurried steps to realise that she had forgotten to drop off Nick’s coffee. The cup was still steaming in her grip but she was not about to walk in on that conference again; if he’s too busy for her, he probably wouldn’t have time for a cuppa.

Kate’s silent ruminations did not cease as she weaved her way through the maze of trailers. She wondered if the Kate five years ago would have been excited to be here. The joy of slipping into character and transporting herself to a different time and place had, at one point, been eclipsed by an overwhelming stress. The two years away from acting had forced her to concede that she could not possibly juggle three titular roles, five supporting parts and attend fifty galas a year without losing her sanity in that whirlwind of work commitments. Now, if only she could get her husband to see that for himself.

Near pitch black surroundings suddenly gave way to a faint glow of lights that bathed her fair skin and made her willowy five foot seven frame cast an even slimmer shadow. The artificial warmth was coming from the trailer beside her. It was Joshua Levy’s.

“Hey,” she said tentatively, poking her head through the silver door embossed with the initials JL.

Kate was greeted by the sight of her co-star hard in concentration over a stack of papers; it could only be the script. She had never really spoken with Josh – all they had exchanged was terribly stiff pleasantries at one red carpet event – but right now, he seemed like intriguing company. She thought he looked a lot more attractive without that pretentious tux and the dozens of women clawing for his attention. And from what she could see…he had yet to visit hair and make-up.

But it wasn’t like Josh needed the cosmetic touching up. That handsome face and chiselled body could make a piece of rag look good. And she wasn’t kidding; that’s exactly what he was wearing – a pair of torn-up jeans, nothing else. He didn’t seem to notice the ogling intruder but the aroma of freshly roasted coffee was hard to ignore.

“Thanks for the brew, just leave it there,” he said absently. His gaze was fixed to the script, making him unaware that it was his director’s wife who was on the receiving end of his curt dismissal.

Kate winced. Josh had just taken her tally of brush-offs to two and it wasn't even six in the morning. She determined not to let this one slide. A passing temp caught her attention and she grabbed his arm lightly, stopping the youth in his tracks.

“Can I please have that marker?”

A devious grin broke out as she uncapped the pen with her teeth. Her hazel eyes danced with the thrill of unnerving that arrogant prick as the pen nip scrawled furiously against the exterior of the biodegradable paper cup. In the back of her mind, she knew it was terribly presumptuous of her to judge him, but it was too late now.


The lonesome cup that sat idly on the counter top was just begging to be picked up. Wispy trails of steam that rose from the thick, black liquid even threatened to pull off a disappearing act. He relented, but only to take a good look at writing on the wall:

So lovely to meet you. – Kate


“Alright, people! Places!” Further instructions boomed from Nick’s megaphone but all Kate noticed was her co-star’s expression. It was a strange hybrid between discomfort and apologetic, which made her smirk.

Kate felt slightly bad for unsettling Josh with that note but strangely, it also comforted her to know that there was one more nervous person on set today. The beginnings of an apology started to form in her mind but the words never took off. They were ten seconds away from one of the most poignant scenes of the film and the crew bustling around them had come to a standstill.

‘Click’ went the director’s clapper-board.


The rich timbre of his voice warmed her in a way that her expensive fur-lined coat did not. His eyes held no pretence; they shone with an intensity that conveyed his transparent need for her. Through them, he saw what most people would have missed from their cursory glance of this intelligent beauty. Something was missing and by God, he wished he knew what it was so that he could restore it to her.

The sensual caress of his voice was replaced by the languid trail of his index finger down her porcelain cheek. His touch was electric and she felt an involuntary shudder course through her being. He was so near he felt it too. The slight parting of those luscious lips held an almost imperceptible plea for him to come closer. An inch was all it took.

She knew he could be content with just losing himself in the intoxicating scent of jasmines that had become her signature. But she wanted more. God, she needed more. She needed him to complete her.

The gap between them finally closed with a meeting of lips that melded together in an explosion that caught the both of them by surprise. Tongues manoeuvred recklessly, first in his mouth then in hers, while an urgent tangle of her fingers in his hair set every nerve cell in their bodies alight.

And shit if that wasn’t the heat of arousal he felt in his crotch.

The fine line between tenderness and wild passion reduced to a dirty smudge as his hands found the nape of her neck and she yielded to his demanding touch. Clothed flesh pressed up against each other in a seemingly unbreakable embrace. In that very place and time, they weren’t just Eve and Michael. They were Michael and Eve, two souls becoming one.

Neither wanted this to end.

His desperation to preserve every fleeting moment showed in the way he crushed her against his hard chest. She squeezed her eyes shut, as though giving up her sense of sight was enough to bargain for one more second in his arms.

One second was slashed -- to a millisecond – to a nanosecond –


-- to borrowed time. The loan was spent on one final embrace.

Kate’s palm lingered on Josh’s pecs as she struggled to regain her composure. Blowing warm breaths through pursed lips and running her own fingers through her tousled hair seemed to help. Marginally.

“And that’s a wrap for today,” Nick announced jubilantly, snapping Kate back into reality. “Babe, that was one sizzling kiss!” he told her once everyone else was out of earshot. “Have you two been practising lately?”

“What?” Kate asked incredulously. “No! I’ve never spoken a word to Joshua until you thrust us together in that scene.”

That wasn’t exactly true but Kate didn’t think that Josh mistaking her for a coffee-serving temp counted for any sort of interaction. She felt the urge to joke about that incident but thought better of it when she remembered how her husband-director liked to keep his leads apart during the filming stage. Strangers have better synergy than friends, he famously quoted in an interview.

Nick and his directing formulas, they drove her a bit crazy sometimes. Kate thought her man seriously needed some downtime, especially now that the hectic filming period was threatening to swing into high gear.

Hang on, she mused, was there a trace of jealousy in his casual question? Her inner minx rubbed her hands in glee. Maybe tonight she would strike lucky with him.

“Baby, how about we head home for a bottle of Shiraz and some sexy fun to celebrate the really great shoot?” Kate asked, deliberately lowering her voice to a whispered purr. Her kittenish brand of seduction had always worked its charm in the first year of their marriage but today, Nick’s reply was a brusque “Can’t.”

Kate felt more than a little slighted and she made it show by staying silent on their walk to the trailer-cum-meeting room. Nick sighed. His wife’s disappointment didn’t escape his notice. But he had no time for bedroom games now, especially with the producers breathing down his neck. Kate should understand. That was one of the reasons he married someone in the business.

“I’ll see you later.” His parting words felt cold, as did the chaste kiss he planted on her temple. Before she could squeeze in an equally detached “Bye”, he had already dashed to the meeting with his crew to plan for tomorrow’s shoot.

A sulking Kate Miller-King crossed her arms angrily in the wake of his hasty departure. This was not the first time she’s had to go home to an empty mansion. But she was going to make damn sure that this was the last. But wasn’t that what she’d sworn yesterday? And the day before, and three days ago and…

“You know,” a masculine voice made her jump. “I never got to thank you properly for that coffee.”

Kate spun around nervously. “It was just one kiss. On set!” she mentally reproached herself. But trust Joshua Levy to uncage butterflies in the pit of her stomach.

Also trust Joshua Levy to revive this morning’s feisty streak: “What makes you think I intended the coffee for you?” She wrinkled her nose slightly, as if to emphasise his unimportance to her.

“Well, better me than Mr. I’m-too-busy-for my-lady, no?” he retorted, flashing Kate a charming smile. His leading lady gave him a glare that could scorch ice; he definitely felt the burn.

“Kate, I’m sorry. That was out of line.” He wisely decided to drop the smooth-operator façade and use a more straightforward approach with his co-star. She seemed different from the other girls out there who thrived on the thrill of the chase. Not that he was chasing Kate.

“Listen, I feel terrible for mistaking you for a temp earlier,” he admitted. “And I really want to make it up to you.”

Kate shook her head gently and the way her long, wavy locks shook like wind chimes tempted him to reach out to touch them. She wasn’t saying “No” if the curve that crept up her lips was any indication.

“Let me guess, you can’t believe how I just went from being a total asshole to contrite in ten seconds?” It was a semi-serious attempt to figure out the meaning behind her head-shake. The laugh she let out was her acceptance of his olive branch and it more than thawed the frost between them.

“Well, no…” Kate sighed. She knew that the reason behind her hesitation was going to sound ridiculous. “We aren’t even supposed to be having this conversation.”

Josh gave her a look that said “Seriously?” There, she knew it was a stupid reason.

“Do you really think shunning your co-stars is the best way to create chemistry? My, aren’t you a stickler for his rules!” he exclaimed playfully.

His rules. Josh had no idea that he had just touched a raw nerve in Kate.

Nick and his fucking workaholic rules. The nerve snapped.

“Okay, what did you have in mind?” Kate asked boldly. Josh grinned, pleased that they were on speaking terms now, Nick’s directing rules be damned.

“How does caffe mocha in your trailer tomorrow sound?”

“Well, how about right now -- how does that sound?”

Kate’s reply threw him off. Coffee with a co-star in the broad daylight was one thing. A midnight dalliance with a married woman was quite another. But he could not deny his fatal attraction towards Kate. Damn that kiss, he thought, before offering his arm in a pseudo-gentlemanly manner. The light that danced in her eyes when she took it was priceless.

“Actually, can I take a rain check on that coffee?” Kate said after they had walked a few paces in companionable silence. “I could use something a little stronger.”


Under normal circumstances, Kate would never be caught dead drinking red wine in a white top. But today was an exception. She needed to make sense of everything. Of today. Of why a kiss with a near-stranger stirred so much emotion within her while her husband’s typical obsession with work cut her like it never did before.

Of why she was on Joshua Levy’s couch clutching an emptied wine glass.

“Talk to me, Kate.” Josh was worried to see her down her drink so quickly. But more than that, he needed her to know that someone was there for her. Even if it wasn’t the someone she was supposed to be with tonight. God, Nick was such a fool to choose work over his beautiful wife, he thought.

In the twelve hours that he’s known her, she’d already captivated him. He had never connected to anyone quite so. Never mind that she was beyond broken at this point, she was still the sexy, sassy and devastatingly beautiful Kate whom he’d pissed off this morning and then shared one hell of a moment with on set. And she was Nick’s woman.

“I’m confused,” Kate laughed bitterly. “I’m just fucking confused, alright.”

“Me too,” he said quietly, almost as though he was afraid to enter the calamity of thoughts in her head when his own mind was far from clear. Two people who led seemingly perfect lives were now silent in contemplation of how they were not supposed to have what they truly wanted.

“I envy Michael and Eve.” It was Kate who broke the silence. The undisguised wistfulness in her voice put a sad smile on his face.

“They can just be, can’t they?” His pensive rhetoric echoed her thoughts.

“For that short-lived, scripted scene in front of the cameras, yes,” she said. Without thinking, Josh reached for her fingers and laced his own in between hers.

…His touch was electric and she felt an involuntary shudder course through her being. He was so near he felt it too…

His bright blue eyes locked with her hazel ones in a gaze that felt almost eternal. What was meant as a simple gesture of comfort quickly escalated into something more. Deaf to their conscience, all they each heard was the rapid thumping of their own hearts, urging them on.

Before guilt could catch up with them, Kate’s lips found Josh’s. Both parted in synchrony to let their tongues mesh in a familiar dance. Everything came to a halt the moment she straddled his lap without breaking the kiss. She felt weightless on top of him as her ample breasts ground against his sturdy chest. Everything else ceased to matter; Kate and Josh ceased to exist.

...In that very place and time, they weren’t just Eve and Michael. They were Michael and Eve, two souls becoming one…

The whir of his zipper coming undone told him what he wanted to hear: that she wanted this as badly as he did.

“Kate…Wait,” he whispered in between nibbles of her earlobe. Her fingers were hovering dangerously close to his hardening manhood but he needed her to be patient. The couch was no place their first time together.

“Come to bed with me?” he asked in earnest. She nearly died hearing those words. Nick had never initiated that question and for once in a very long while, she could be the one answering, “Fuck, yes!”

Passion, desire – joy, even – was what he heard in her acquiescence. It inflamed his arousal even more and he leaned in for a deep, urgent kiss that would tide him over during their sojourn to his room.

“You’re beautiful.” He repeated those two words into her ear like a mantra as he walked her over to the king-size bed. He drew in a sudden breath and cursed as Kate’s palm rubbed over his boxers, making him twitch. She loved listening to his every foul utterance because through them, she felt his want. But more importantly, she felt wanted. Desired.

Clothes, wrinkled from their earlier exertions on the couch, lay haphazardly strewn on the floor as the both of them clambered excitedly into his bed. Pushing her down with one hand, Josh gave her lips one final kiss before trailing his way down her neck. He licked the hollows of her right collar bone, feeling each one deepen as she shrugged her shoulders at the ticklish feeling.

A million and one thoughts should be crossing a married woman’s mind when she was in bed with a man besides her husband but in this instance, all Kate registered was a mind-blowing rush of erogenous sensations. Josh had exorcised all thoughts of Nick by biting down on each of her nipples then tonguing them to quell the pain.

Her back remained arched as he worked his way down her torso, dipping his tongue into her navel and running his fingers lightly against the ultra-sensitive region on her belly that sloped in a ‘V’ to meet her hairless mound.

“Tease!” she accused when he purposely overlooked her smooth folds. “I fully intend to!” he whispered harshly against her inner thigh before dotting each side with a flurry of light kisses. A hard suck followed by a sudden clenching of teeth on the tender flesh of her left thigh made her squirm and illicit a squeal.

He was so close to her sex that every breath he drew in was saturated with her natural musk; it held the hint of a salty sea breeze in the Maldives. Like an addict, he could not get enough of the divine substance that affected his entire being through his olfactory nerves. Wanting to get drunk on her scent, he slipped one hand behind her back, gently cradling her as his nose brushed against the soft, puffy lips concealing the source of her nectar. The moan she let out when he finally made that contact with her aching flesh was so raw with need it drove him mad with lust.

Finally he gave in to her pleas and his own hunger to taste her. Taking one long lick from the crack of her ass up her slit made him privy to not just the distinct flavour of her juices, but also how well-primed she was to be filled and stretched.

…The slight parting of those luscious lips held an almost imperceptible plea for him to come closer. An inch was all it took…

He could have had her there and then, but what fun would it be to rush into the main act? He knew that this was likely to be one of those for-one-night-only showcases and he fully intended for it to be unforgettable.

Kate was certain that this night would be forever committed to her memory simply because Josh was an amazing man. But never did it cross her mind that he was an even better lover. The way his tongue scribed his desire onto the walls of her snatch rendered her helpless to uncontrollable quivering and an inebriated cry of “Don’t stop, Josh! Please…” The passionate cry of his name and the accompanying surge of her cum onto his tongue made his heart quicken as he felt even more of his arousal seep from his own slit.

Josh’s ministrations and Kate’s uninhibited reactions had brought them both to the brink and each really needed to feel the other now. Crawling up the length of her body, he positioned his throbbing length at the entrance to her wet and eager crevice. He kept his eyes fixed on hers as he eased himself into her.

“Look at me,” he snapped when she averted his gaze. Complying with that demand was a near impossible task for Kate – she was looking directly into the eye of the sun as it seared every fibre in her body. Nevertheless, she looked. And she felt. Even when Nick picked up his pace, she kept her eyes fixed on his and saw in them a reflection of her own agony and need.


The rich timbre of his voice warmed her…


His curse bit and tore at her with a ferocity that drew her even closer to him. She responded with muscles clenching deliciously around his length. It was more than a squeeze of reassurance; it was a plea to never take from her and leave her empty.

Josh still withdrew his length from her groove – but only so he could fill her anew with everything that he had to give. Furious strokes punctuated by visceral groans emphasised both his carnal and emotional intent. Kate was going to get all he had to offer, at least for tonight.

Her breaths were coming out shallow and quick, each one a clear sign that she was on the verge of her release. Gritting his teeth, he continued to pump in and out of her tight cavity, unleashing a torrent of profanities to keep himself together. She was really testing his limits. He desperately needed to feel her walls spasm around him before he completely let go of himself.

“Baby! Fuck! Josh! Oh my god, yes yes yes...”

Her meaningless moans meant the world to him and he felt her body tense as she hit the toe-curling high that wrecked her body with uncontrollable shudders. Her walls shivered around his length and he generously thrust his entirety into her before holding out became an impossible option. He held her close and buried his face into her hair as his hilt collided with her entrance in one final crash.

… he could be content with just losing himself in the intoxicating scent of jasmines that had become her signature …

Deep breaths preceded each loud and heavy exhalation that signalled the release of consecutive spurts of his cum into her. She felt each warm splash against her walls so acutely it brought tears to her eyes. The salty droplets ran down her reddened cheeks and moistened her lips. He kept himself buried inside of her as his thumbs gently wiped them away.

“Shhh, Kate, I’m here. Baby, I’m here.”

Two words, six letters: I’m here. That was what she’d desperately needed to hear for so long. What she’d needed proof of all this while. Evidence came from the most unlikely of sources and she smiled as he held her close to him.

His desperation to preserve every fleeting moment showed in the way he crushed her against his hard chest. She squeezed her eyes shut, as though giving up her sense of sight was enough to bargain for one more second in his arms.

One second was slashed -- to a millisecond – to a nanosecond –

And then it hit her.

“We are Michael and Eve, aren’t we?” she whispered against his chest. “We can just be.

The bed was warm from their passion and it was easy for hopeful musings to slip out in the afterglow of mind-bending sex. Josh knew that all too well. But against his better judgement, he decided to let lust and love entangle like the limbs under his duvet now.

“Mmm, we would be…in another life,” he said softly against her mussed-up hair. He was not going to lie, no other woman had made him feel as much as Kate did tonight. But she was already spoken for and what was that cliché song about loving and letting go?

He felt Kate shift against him and right before slumber possessed her exerted form, he swore he heard her mumble, “No, I want you in this life.”
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