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Crazy, but so right

They could not be together, every odd was stacked against them. They had met online by chance, and what started as a casual conversation became infatuation, and then love. They had never met in person, but they both knew what they had was the real thing, it was crazy but so right.

She was at the time in her life where she was ready to be a Mother, yet she had no one to give her a baby. She found her carnal urges increasingly hard to deal with. Her sensibilities told her that she should be married and know the man very well before she had a baby with him. But her desire told her that she wanted his baby now and did not care about the consequences, and what beautiful babies they would make. She knew deep down that he loved her, wanted nothing more than to be with her, and that he would always love and protect her and their baby. She was tired of doing things the proper way. She was tired of doing what she should do, or what was normal. There was an animal inside her and she could no longer keep it at bay.

He was finally able to get the money together to come for a short visit and get a hotel room. They agreed that they would try to make a baby during his visit, and deal with the consequences later. She had become unable to focus on anything else in life; her sexual frustration was becoming a liability and something needed to be done. She could have gone and just had sex with any random guy, but she didn't want that- she wanted him and only him.

The day had finally come for them to meet. She styled her beautiful dark hair and put on her makeup which accented her feminine features, then covered her freshly shaven body in sweet smelling lotion that made her skin as soft as silk. She wore a hot pair of wedge heels which accented her long, toned legs and a dress which hugged her C cup breasts and apple shaped ass in just the right way, the colors played off of her porcelain skin just right.

He finally heard the knock he had been eagerly anticipating on the door of his hotel room . His cock rose at the thought of what was sure to happen soon. They had talked so much for so long, and this girl was unlike any other girl he had ever known. He knew everything she wanted done to her, everything she liked. There was no need for words.

He opened the door and their eyes instantly locked together. She looked even better in person, his cock instantly stood at attention. Without saying anything he shoved his tongue down her throat and pulled up her dress in the middle of the hallway while grasping for her pussy. To his delight she was not wearing panties. He pulled her into the room like she was his prey, their mouths still locked together in a fiery kiss.

Clothes went flying off instantly through passionate kisses. His hands mercilessly groped her soft body whether she liked it or not, she was powerless. He man handled her plump breasts and sucked on the perfect pink nipples. They managed to noisily stumble over to the bed in between him slamming her up against walls as she struggled to get a grip on his perfect cock. She was his woman, his baby, and his little slut all in one. She was elegant with just the slightest hint outwardly showing of what a little whore she was behind closed doors. He could treat her as which ever one he felt like at the moment and she couldn't do a damn thing.

He slammed his cock into her pink hole without mercy. Without consideration of how long it had been for her, or if she could handle such a big one.

"Have you been saving up your cum for me like we talked about baby?" she asked through tantilizing moans.

"Yeah you little slut, I have a huge week old load saved up for you, you'll get it when I decide you can have it".

"Baby, I want you to flip me upside down and fuck me that way so that I get it all inside of me without spilling a drop!"

He had to stop himself from cumming. She was turning him on so much he wanted to explode. He obliged her and assisted in propping her up against the arm chair in the hotel room and holding her steady as he drilled her pussy upside down. This pussy was the best he had ever had by far; it hugged tightly onto his cock. Closing up as it was every time he took his cock out of her, it was truly a work of art.

"Babe, I'm gonna shoot my load in you. Are you ready?"

"Yes! You better give me all of it! I need it to make our baby!" she screamed in ecstasy.

He shot her full of his load and she moaned with pleasure, rubbing her beautiful pussy. She sat on the armchair, using the arm to prop her hips up to make sure not a drop was wasted. He carressed her soft body as she pulsed with pleasure and licked her swollen clit. She was back to being his baby now, and they whispered soft nothings to each other.

They spent the remainder of the time they had together, making sure she was full of as much cum as possible to increase the chances of making their beautiful baby. When he had to go, he promised to come back in four more weeks to try again, but she instinctively knew that his seed was already growing inside of her.
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