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Dan's Lil Sis [Pt. 2]

Kevin pays a visit while no ones home.
--= 6 =--

Danny took off a week straight so that he can show me around. He had every single day planned out. I guess he did that to avoid the awkward silence if we didn't have anything to do. I didn't mind so much, but I wasn't able to see Kevin. Needless to say, I was pining for him, a lot.

We started with Bar Harbor and enjoyed the scenery, threw in some hiking and site seeing up around Acadia, stopped by a few parties here and there, then finished with a rather unsettling episode at a bar... Danny got trashed. I'm not talking slurred words and shouting. I mean shirt off - stripper style, on a table, waggin' all that junk in his trunk - drunk. Jen was so embarrassed, I felt so bad for the girl. Too bad Dan has to work the next day. His head will be pounding all throughout the day. Serves him right.

The next morning Dan comes out with his hand on his head, groaning as he made his way to the bathroom. I just snickered as I quietly ate my cereal on the counter top bar in the kitchen. Jen had already left for work, so I was really going to lay into Dan about his drunken night.

Finally he came out of the bathroom and slothed his way into the kitchen.

"Long night, dear brother?" I asked.

"You have no idea."

"You're right. I can't say that I've been drunk enough to strip at a bar and shake my fanny."
"Good! Keep it that way!"

"On the bright side, you made $7."

"Yeah, then spent it on more drinks." He paused. "Drink and a half."

"Not your greatest moment," I said laughing. He looked over and glared. I just gave my sweetest smile, and that glare quickly melted into a smile.

"Aw Soph. I'm sorry I gotta work today. You're gunna be stuck at home all day."

"Dan, don't worry about it. I've been stuck at home all day for the past 6 months. I don't think 3 days will kill me..."

"You sure? We'll go out for dinner tonight. Any place you want," he bargained.

"Alright already. Just go get ready. As much as you possibly can with your headache an' all, haha."

He ran into the bathroom for his shower, and before you knew it, he was out the door for the day. I slumped into the couch, flipping through all the channels. There's only so much Good Morning America you can take before you're sick of the perky-ness and sad attempt at jokes.

'I suppose I'll take a shower and get ready. Maybe I'll go and walk around the place,' I thought to myself.

As I'm washing my hair, letting the soap run down my body, I start getting my dirty thoughts of Kevin again. God, his dick was so thick and meaty, I wanted him inside me so badly. So I started to play with my nipples, and run my fingers over my pussy, tracing them over the clit and lips. I got a rhythm going when I heard something outside the door.

'Oh, it's only the answering machine. Keep going! Don't stop,' I told myself.

I slipped a finger in my pussy and started pumping it in and out as I rocked my hips. My other hand was busy pinching and plucking my nipples, intensifying the feeling going on in my cunt. As I was getting closer to my orgasm, I pressed my palm onto my clit, rubbing side to side, continuing to pump my finger in and out. My body started trembling, and I began moaning out loud, when the most intense feeling shot out from my pussy, running up and down my body, spreading fast like wildfire. I slowly came down from my climax when I heard the doorbell ring.

I shut off the water, grabbed a towel and quickly dried off as much as I could. My hair was sopping wet, so it was pretty pointless.

"Just I second!" I shouted, hoping they wouldn't leave because they were impatient.

Making my way to the front door, I shook my hair up and down, tossing it around a bit, then finally opened the door. My heart skipped. It was Kevin, totally gorgeous, standing in front of me. His polite smile quickly turned devious as he skimmed his eyes over my dripping body.

--= 7 =--

"Why hello there, pretty lady," he said, giving me a light peck on the cheek.

I couldn't make out words, so he did for me, "Can I... come in?"

"Yeah, sorry. What brings you here?"

"Dan left me a package, told me to come by and pick it up."

"Oh, that must have been him on the answering machine," I said as I walked over to it. As I fiddled around trying to figure it out, I felt a pair of hands from behind me run over my waist, smoothing its way over my belly. Then I felt him breathe over my neck, smelling in my scent.

"Mmm, you smell really good," he whispered. He pressed his lips into my neck, sucking ever so gently, making me moan. I arched my back and pressed my ass onto his crotch, which was bulging through his jeans. He trailed a tongue up to my ear, sucking in the lobe, lapping all over. "But you taste even better."

I turned my head, then twisted my body so I could face him. I ran my hands up his chest, then wrapped them around his neck. He had both hands on the curve of my back and pulled me in closer, then held his lips over mine. I stretched that extra inch to reach his lips and get that kiss I so badly wanted. His lips were tender, yet at the same time, very demanding.

He pulled away, and looked down at me. "Do you have any idea how long I've waited for this?"

"A week?" I said cheekily.

"Okay smart ass, can you tell me how long I've wanted to do this?" he asked as he hoisted my body onto the bar in one swift movement. For once, I was towering over him. It felt nice. He grabbed my face, and meshed his lips into mine. His hands slowly moved its way down my neck, to my chest, then hovered just over the towel which was still wrapped around me. He grabbed the towel, then ripped it from me, tossing it onto the floor.
There I was, totally nude and vulnerable to his dirty wishes, and I loved it. He took a moment to soak in my naked body. I studied his face, trying to figure out his thoughts. It wasn't hard to decipher what he wanted.

"You have a beautiful body Sophie. I just can't get over it." He ran both hands up my thighs, bringing his body closer to mine. He leaned in to kiss me, and started to massage the sides of my ass. I had both legs wrapped around him, to pull him in closer. I tried grinding my pussy onto him, but nothing was there.

He chuckled his low throaty laugh. "I see someone's in need of some attention." He pressed his hand just above my pussy, and ran his thumb over the tip of my lips. He pushed his thumb gently, meeting my clit. My body jolted to his touch.

"You have no idea how badly I've wanted this," I cooed.

He chuckled again, "I beg to differ, missy." He spread my pussy with his thumb and index finger, exposing my sopping wet pussy. I can guarantee it's not wet from the shower. He used his other hand to taunt my pussy. He slid his finger up and down my slit, probing my hole, but not entering. Every time I rocked my hips onto his finger he would pull away. It was very frustrating, to say the least.

"Please... just..." I trailed off.

"Please just what?" he asked, as he kissed his way up my neck, and nipped at my jaw.

"Just ..."

He caressed my lips with his, "Just what, sweetheart."

I paused - a little embarrassed to tell him what I wanted.

"Say it."

I looked into his eyes and saw the same desire that was burning inside of me. "Fuck me."

"With pleasure," was all he could make out before he ripped my body from the bar, and carried me into my bedroom. He threw me onto my bed, and stripped himself from his shirt, throwing it to the side. He dropped down over me, and kissed me deeply. The fire from his lips were burning through mine. There was so much heat and tension in his lips. He pulled away and planted a trail of kisses down my neck, and over my chest. His kisses leaned to the left when his lips met my nipple.

I absolutely love my nipples to be played with, and I think he sensed that pretty quickly. He licked over each nipple and blew onto them, sending chills down my spine. He traced circle after circle over one nipple, mimicking the same movement with his finger over the other. Then he clamped his lips on one, and pinched the other. Even though it was exactly what I wanted him to do, it still surprised me. He flicked his tongue over one rosy bud, and twisted the other between his fingers. Then he calmed both with his palms, rubbing and squeezing each breast gently. All I could do was moan aloud in satisfaction.

By now my pussy was overflowing with juices. In fact, I could feel it trickle down the insides of my ass cheeks and over my asshole. All I wanted was for him to thrust his meaty girth deep inside me. Or maybe have his slick tongue flip flop down there. Something! So I kept bucking my hips at him in hopes to get the point across. Finally I felt him continue his kiss-trail down my body.

He slid off the bed and came face to face with my pussy. "Mmm, have I told you I love this little square patch you've trimmed. It's very cute," he said as he traced my square pubes with his tongue. Then with no notice, he plunged his tongue right into my pussy.

"Ooohmm'god," was all I could manage.

He lapped up and down with his wide tongue, licking up all the juices that dripped everywhere. He tongue fucked my pussy for what felt like an eternity, making my body wiggle side to side, so he grabbed my hips to keep me from moving so much. His nose kept brushing over my clit, giving me slight chills, but I wanted more. I grabbed the back of his head, and pulled him a little higher until I felt his tongue right on my clit. Right then I pressed my hips into his face, shoving his tongue onto my clit.

He kissed it, then sucked it in, causing his lips to circle around it. Between his lips I felt his tongue graze over my clit, sliding side to side, up and down, and running his teeth over it. I kept pinching my nipples and humping his face. I wanted more. So much more than this assault I was getting. He slipped in a finger, and began pumping my pussy. I ran my hand through his hair, and moaned in satisfaction, so he slipped in another finger. I was so in tune with the rhythm, bucking back and forth, that I almost lost myself, letting myself go into an orgasm. Yes, I did want to climax. God yes! But not like this.

I lifted my body, and Kevin pulled from me. When I looked down, I saw that he was already out of his jeans and boxers, stroking himself. He looked up at me with his crooked smile, biting down on his lip. I slipped off the side of the bed, and attempted to meet his cock with my mouth when Kevin stopped me.

"Nuh-uh. This can't wait." He threw me onto the bed, and stood above me. From down here he looked like a giant. I felt small and defenseless below him, as he glazed over my body. He stood there looking at me, maneuvering his next move. He took me by the hips and flipped me around. He pulled my hips up high, and pushed my face forward, down onto the bed. He ran his hands down my back, and around my ass, then down my legs. Before I could look back to see what he was going to do next, he shoved his thick cock in me.

He had both hands wrapped tightly around my hips as he pumped in and out of me. I was so wet that already I could hear the sloshing sounds my pussy makes when its in heat. He was grunting with each thrust, enjoying the feeling of my pussy gripping around his cock. I love the sound a guy makes when he's lost in the moment. But Kevin was different. He was in a trance, sent with a mission. He wasn't the clever little devil he is when he faces me. He was a raving beast, totally lost his self control, and fucking on instinct.

I was about to burst, and I could tell he was close too. His pounding became faster, and harder, slapping into my ass which I could feel was burning red from the beating. My juices were once again over flowing, but I couldn't feel them drip down my leg. Instead they were running down Kevin's cock and onto his balls, making them shine against the window's light.

I reached under me and began to twist my nipples, hard. I was so close, and Kevin's deep throaty grunts weren't helping. I could feel his cock swell inside me as his pounding became viscous. He held onto my hips for dear life, which I'm glad because if he wasn't there supporting me, I would surely fly off the other side of the bed.

I felt my orgasm swell inside me. It was burning, waiting for that last thrust, that last push, that last fuck to send me over the edge. It was then that I felt him wrap one hand around me, and pinch my clit between his fingers. My upper body jumped up, and my hands caught my fall as I arched my back into the most amazing orgasm I've had in a very long time. He swirled his finger around my clit as I bucked my pussy over and over onto his red hot dick.

He pulled his hand away, slapping it back onto my hip as he rammed into me harder than before. His breathing was harsh and jagged, with uneven grunts. It quickened into a howl as he plowed his cock into my already overflowing pussy. I could feel his hot cum streaming out of his cock, as he let out an ear shattering growl. His hands clamped into a death grip as he milked the last few pumps, slowing down with his orgasm. When he pulled out, our mixed juices gushed out. He rubbed his dick up and down my lips, spreading the creamy mix around.

I couldn't hold myself up any longer, so I collapsed onto my side, and looked over at him. He slid his body up along mine, and nuzzled his nose into my neck. He nestled behind me, wrapping his arms around me. He pressed his lips lightly on the back of my neck as I closed my eyes and focused on feeling him around me. I cozied up closer to him for warmth, and just to feel him. His arms tightened, bringing our bodies closer. The last I could remember was him kissing up along my neck and down my shoulder before I dozed off in his arms.


I woke up from my cat nap, and to my relief Kevin was still with me. I looked up at him to find he's been watching me the whole time.
"You have this cute little snore. Did you know that?" he said.

"Oh God. You heard me?" I was so embarrassed.

"Yup. And I have to say, I was afraid you would be like everyone else. Where they pretend to sleep, but really lay there with their eyes closed, making sure nothing embarrassing comes up."

"Well I assure you I was asleep. You definitely wore me out," I replied.

He chuckled, then leaned down and kissed me softly. I could see in his eyes that he knew what was coming next, and it killed me.

"I'm going to have to leave now, aren't I?" he asked.

"Yeah... There's just no way I can explain this to Danny. His sister and his best friend? Like, where do I begin?"

"Haha I know. Maybe another time."

"Oh, another time, hmm?" I got excited.

"Oh there's definitely is a next time. There is no way in hell I can stop seeing you now. You're mine, remember?"

"How can I forget?" I said as I kissed him back.

We both got dressed, sneaked in a few more kisses, and then he was on his way. I was so glad he felt the same way I did. I couldn't stop seeing him. It will be difficult to get to him, sure, with Danny and all. But I just can't stop. I can't. And I won't. Not now, not ever. Just like I am his, he is mine.

And to think, this is just the beginning.

... To be Continued.

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