Dating Kelly Part III-Parents out of Town Part 1

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2 months after homecoming, Kelly and JJ move their relationship to the next level
About 2 months after the dance my parents went out of town for the week, taking my younger twin brothers and little sister with them. Since I didn’t have off school like my siblings did, my parents decided to let me stay home alone. After warning me that the neighbors were watching to make sure I didn't have any parties, they left. I was kind of laid up, because during the state semifinals football game, some defensive end on the other team got in a dirty hit. He got a "roughing the passer", but I didn't really care on account of my broken throwing arm. We wound up losing the game after I was lifted and I wasn't able to wrestle with 3 metal pins in my arm, so I didn't have much to do.

Kelly was at school for cheerleading practice and I was bored, so I did what bored 16- year-olds have done for decades: I got my laptop and watched some porn. I was completely wrapped up in a video of a tight little blond getting fucked by a muscular guy with a massive dick when I heard someone come in the front door. I quick slammed my laptop closed and pulled my hand out of my pants, but I couldn't do anything about the massive bulge my hard 8-inch cock was making in my sweatpants.

"Hey baby," she said.

"Hey, Kel, how was practice?"

"Unghh. Same as always. Katie and Jenna were just as annoying as ever."

"That sucks babe."

"It's ok though, cuz a freshman was walking past my locker after practice and saw that picture of you I have up...she got so wet you could see the spot in her shorts."

Kelly had recently convinced me to pose for a picture shirtless for her. I reluctantly did and now Kelly likes showing it to the other cheerleaders.

"Um, thanks, I guess?"

"C'mon, JJ, why can’t you just be proud of how sexy you are?"

"Because I'm modest."

She sat on the couch and laid into my chest.

"I know, and I think it's so cute."

She started to rub my chest and stomach, feeling my muscles and lightly tickling me. My rock hard cock started to rub against her leg.

She felt my cock, looked at me, then my laptop. "I bet I can guess what you were doing before I came in!" she teased. She opened my laptop and saw the tight pussy being speared by the massive cock.

"Sorry baby I was just bored and I-"

Kelly put a finger to my lips. "Shhh. I think it's sexy," she whispered.


"Yeah, I think in gonna watch it with you," she said with a wink.

She played the video and leaned back on my chest. She laid her hand on top of my cock and asked me if I liked seeing the girl’s pussy getting stretched. I told her I did and she started to run her hand along my clothed thigh. We watched some more if the porno, then she started unbuckling my pants.

"What are you doing?" I asked. "I thought you weren't ready to have sex yet."

She kissed me. "Don't get too excited, I'm just gonna give you a handy."

Then she stuck her hand in my pants and gripped my pole lightly. She started to rub while I started to moan. She grinned and just rubbed faster, complimenting me on its size. I responded by squeezing a tit and rubbing her nipples around. Now it was her turn to moan. She continued to jerk me until I groaned I was going to cum. She pulled my pants down further and rubbed as fast as she could. In a few moments, I was squirting my hot thick load all over my chest and her hand. She wiped the cum on my chest tip her hands and started to sensuously lick herself. Then she bent down and licked my chest and cleaned up all my hot spunk from my muscular body. Eventually we fell asleep on the couch, her body nestled into my mine.

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