Dating Kelly Part VI-Spring Break Part 2

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Conclusion to JJ and Kelly's Spring Break trip in Cancun!
My eyes slowly opened and I blinked in the harsh caribbean sun. I glanced around and remembered things the way you do after waking up from a deep sleep. I was in a hammock slung between two palm trees near the beach of the resort my family was staying at. I gradually noticed that my arm was asleep and I looked down to see that my girlfriend Kelly was sleeping next to me, her petite body nestled into my bulkier one and wedged on top of my arm. Still somewhat asleep, I enjoyed the peaceful scene: the soft breeze, the sound of waves crashing, the beautiful girl next to me, it all was so perfect. I allowed a smile to creep onto my face as I kissed her blonde head.

That changed a second later when a bucket of cold water was dumped on us. Kelly woke up and I was up in a flash, chasing after the culprits: Will and Adam, my younger twin brothers.

After chasing them into the deep end of the pool, I returned to the hammock and found my sister Kylie sitting next to Kelly, the two of them just giggling away.

"What's so funny guys?" I asked.

"We were just laughing at how ridiculous you looked chasing your brothers," Kelly said.

"What’s funny about that?"

"It's just you're this big strong teenager and you're sprinting after these two identical towheads. It was just a funny picture. Anyway, Kylie said the reason those two woke us up is your parents say its time for dinner so we need to quickly get changed."

It was our last night in Cancun. We were leaving the next day, so my parents wanted us to have a nice family dinner before we left. As we started the walk, Adam and Will joined us and apologized to Kelly for dumping water on her.

"We were aiming for JJ. We didn't notice you."

"Oh, so you apologize to her but not me?" I asked in a fake offended voice.

By now we had reached our rooms.

"Yeah. That's ’cause we like her more."

With that parting shot, the boys disappeared into our room, and Kylie went into hers and Kelly's.

I stayed outside with Kelly in the hall and hugged her. While she was pressed against my chest I said, "Since it's our last night here I'm looking for an opportunity to make it really special."

We had not had an opportunity to have sex since our first day at the nude beach, and after a week without sex, porn, or jacking off, I was horny as hell. I slid my hand down her back and squeezed her tight cute ass.

"Real special," I whispered again, before we went into our rooms.

We changed and went to dinner, which, other than the occasional thigh squeeze from Kelly, was uneventful until my mom said, "Your father and I are going to the lounge to listen to some music, and the kids are going to the kids club. Do you guys want to go to the teen club or what?"

I glanced at Kelly. The playful and somewhat naughty sparkle in her eye showed me she was thinking the same thing I was.

"Maybe," I said. "We’ll figure something out. Maybe we’ll stay in and watch a movie."

"Well have fun with whatever you do," my dad said. "It is our last day."

After dinner my parents and siblings went off, leaving Kelly and I alone wandering the grounds of the hotel.

"I had a really great time with you this trip. I'm so glad I could make it," Kelly told me as she leaned against me.

"I had a great time too baby."

"I'm so happy you finally took all my hints and grew into those big balls of yours." She playfully slapped my butt. "This trip wouldn't have been even close to as fun if I wasn't dating you."

"I'm glad too, babe."

By now we were back at our rooms. I opened the door to my room and walked straight through, out onto the balcony. Kelly followed and sat on the futon-style couch that was out there. I laid her down and got on all fours on top of her. We kissed, our tongues sliding over each other and dancing in the middle. I pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders and exposed her braless tits.

I lowered my head to that bountiful feast, and feast I did-biting, licking, sucking, massaging-I did about everything I could to her boobs. But it wasn't enough.

I started to hike up the bottom of her dress when she stopped me and started pulling off my clothes. Soon I was butt naked, out on a hotel balcony for all the world to see. My rock hard 9-incher throbbed and I pulled her dress up to reveal her naughty secret-she wasn't wearing panties.

I immediately rolled her over and got under her in the 69 position. As I went to town eating out her bare pussy, I was struck by a thought.

"Wait a minute-did you go through an entire dinner with my family going commando?"

"Why, does that bother you?" she teased.

"No. In fact it turns me on so much that I'm going to reward your exhibitionist pussy with a massive orgasm."

I dove back into her tight, warm and pink hole and started spearing her with my willing tongue. Before long so was screaming out my name as her back arched and she had an absolutely huge orgasm . She squirted her sweet cum clear accrues the balcony, including a lot of cum right into my mouth.

"Mmm you taste good baby."

"Hey baby? Stop focusing on what fluids come out of my vagina and focus on putting yours inside my vagina."

With that clear-cut invite I took my nine inches in my hand and fed it into her hole. I started to thrust slowly inside her, getting faster and deeper each time. Kelly moaned like a whore as my meat slid in and out and stretched her cunt open.

"Oh yeah baby fuck my pussy; fill me with your cum.

I was only to happy to comply as my sex deprived cock unleashed a thick heavy warm load inside her. I lay down on top of her sweaty body and we just listened to the waves and to each others hot and sweaty bodies pant. My softening cock slipped out of Kelly's pussy, letting a wave of our cum spill out.

We lay like that for over an hour, just feeling each others presence until we heard my parents talking five floors below and scrambled to clean up and get dressed. We just managed to put in a DVD and get positioned into a romantic but still parent-acceptable cuddle position on one of the beds before they looked in. My dad looked like he sensed we were doing something other than watch a movie, but he didn't say anything. A few minutes later, Will, Adam and Kylie got back, and since we had an early flight the next morning, Kelly left to get packed. As she was leaving I kissed her softly on the lips while my brothers pretended to be grossed out by the display. At that moment I whispered what I had never said to her before:

"I love you."

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