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Dating Kelly Part V-Spring Break Part 1

Kelly joins JJ's family on Spring Break in Cancun
Several months after my last story took place my family went on Spring Break to Cancun, and they decided to let Kelly come along. Obviously, we were really excited, even though we knew we were going to have to find more creative ways to have sex, as my little sister was staying in Kelly's room and my 11-year-old twin brothers were in mine. Still, we were excited. On the plane ride down, Kelly sat next to me and rubbed my cock through my athletic shorts. I obviously did not object to this treatment, and enjoyed the three-hour flight.

After we landed and drove to the hotel, which was an all-inclusive right on the beach, we were told by my parents to wear sunscreen and to be back at the rooms for dinner by six. It was just about noon, so we had lots of time.

I changed into swim trunks. When I went out to meet Kelly, she was wearing a tiny bikini that only covered about half of her beautiful tits and a thong bottom that did not cover much more of her pussy.

While she put her coverup on, I slapped her ass appreciatively.

 She had just finished covering her near-nakedness when my parents came out and asked us what we planned to do. We told them we were going to look around the area and just see what was up. They said they were taking the kids to the pool if we needed them.

With that, we walked down to the beach hand in hand, but it was pretty crowded, so we decided to walk a way to see what else we could find.

After about a half mile, we came upon a sign that said, "Nude beach ahead. Must be of 16 years to enter area. No photography."

We stopped. I looked at Kelly, who smiled, squeezed my hand, and said, "Let's go."

We walked on the beach, much more empty than it was by the hotel. There were several people there though, some in swimsuits, some topless, and some completely naked. Most everyone was in good shape, and some of the guys were just ripped. Many of the women had large chests, which were very evenly tanned, indicating that they were not strangers to nudity in the tropics.

Eventually we reached a slightly more secluded spot. Kelly said, "Let's stop here!"

"Are you sure?"

"What's the problem? You've seen naked people lots of times before. I've seen your browser history on your laptop." She winked as she lightly slapped my chest.

I laughed. "OK we can stay here." I pulled off my T-shirt and saw several women in the area look over my muscular chest and arms. After the pins had been taken out of my arm three months earlier, the doctor gave me the go ahead to start lifting again.

Meanwhile, Kelly had taken off her coverup and every guy on the beach was staring at her, including me. And she was loving it.

Quick as a flash, she took of her top and pulled down her bottoms. With her 34Cs now out in the warm Caribbean sun, I glared over at the other guys on the beach, marking my territory. Most of them quickly looked away. I then looked down to find Kelly pulling down my shorts. 

"Whoa there baby. What are you doing?"

"If I'm going to be naked, so are you," she said as she playfully slapped my butt. I resisted a little longer then let her pull them down. I can never say no to her. My cock, I had found recently, was not yet done growing. Now I was an even nine inches hard and six inches soft. This put my flaccid cock as longer than a good portion of the hard cocks of many guys on the beach. Their female friends seemed to notice this, causing Kelly to slide my hands under her naked ass and pick her up. She then gave me the biggest, wettest, and longest tongue kiss I had ever had, thereby marking her territory.

We put on sunscreen, doing each other’s backs, then just laid out on the beach for about an hour, soaking up the sun before Kelly got up and said she was going in the ocean. Putting my arm around her waist, I went with her. When we got in the water, we splashed and swam for a while, then just stood there looking at the beauty of the scenery and holding each other.

Then Kelly grabbed my penis and started to rub it, and it grew in her hand until it was at its rock-solid nine inches. Then she positioned herself in front of me, stood on her tiptoes and slid my massive tool inside her. She moaned, saying, "Oh, fuck, I've needed that so much and the ocean water just makes it better."

I just kissed her neck and nuzzled her blonde head as I started to thrust. I moved my hands down to the spot where our bodies were joined and I started rubbing her clit and rubbing her already stretched out pussy lips.

She moaned loudly and started to buck hard as I brought her orgasm closer.

"Oh fuck baby fuck fuck fuck ohhh yes fuck me play with my slutty pussy use me like your little bitch just don't stop filling me with this massive piece of man-meat!"

This just kept me going as I rubbed and squeezed every inch of her private region.

She groaned, "Oh, JJ, baby, don't stop. I'm so fucking close."

I pinched her clit one last time. Her already tight pussy contacted hard on my dick and she had a massive orgasm, squirting her juice around my cock into the water. This just make me cum, and I shot my load deep inside her tight little cunt, which I was allowed to do now that she was on the pill.

I pulled out of her and we went back to our towels.

"We should probably head back to the pool," I said. "It's almost five."

We dressed quickly and walked back to the hotel, me holding her tightly to me. When we reached the rest of my family, my dad asked us how our first day had been.

I winked at Kelly before replying. "Oh, we kept ourselves busy."

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