Dear Diary Con't April 9th

By sweet_p

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Warm rain proves to be an aphrodisiac for two lovers after a picnic.
Dear Diary continued ……. April 9th

Oscar and I had just finished eating and packing up our picnic lunch when it started to rain.  Little drops started to spot our clothes.  Taking my hand he began to run for cover.  I pulled back and he stopped.  Turning around he looked at me as I grinned naughtily at him. I had always thought it would be so romantic to kiss is the rain.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips on yours, signaling I was not ready to leave.  Instead of running for cover, we stood in the rain until our clothes were soaked, each others’ bodies showing through the wet clothing.  

We kissed for a long time….I started to feel dizzy or light headed and leaned against his warm wet body.  I quickly and easily unsnapped his shirt to run my nails across his chest.  He closed his eyes as my soft fingers lightly touched his body.  When he opened, he saw my nipples poking through my bra and top and he wanted to see more.  He grinned and pulled my top up over my head tossing it to the side.  He removed my bra while I peeled his wet shirt off his body.  We stood close, skin-to-skin, as small warm raindrops fell on our bodies.  I licked a drop off his nose.  He grinned and licked one off my lips.  I felt a warm gush between my legs when his wet warm tongue touched my lips.  I moaned and pulled myself closer to him.  He responded by kissing me long and slow.

My hands rubbed down his back and under the waistband of his shorts.  I loved the way he looked in his soccer shorts.  I slipped my fingers down to sneak in the crack and tickle his back door.  I knew that would really turn him on.  The rain is lightly falling in small drops but we were getting soaked.  I took hold of his waistband with both hands and I pulled his shorts and boxers down to his ankles in one sweep, which really left him stunned!  He laughed and kicked them off.  I knelt in front of him to give his cock a bath with my tongue.  He tasted so good!  I was too preoccupied with his long thick beautiful cock to notice that the rain had stopped.  I loved the way the skin moves up and down over the head.  The head is so perfect.  I touch it with two soft fingers and I see some pre-cum ooze out.  I slide my fingers into it and then put my fingers in my mouth, one at a time to lick them clean.  He tasted as delicious as I remembered.  I loved watching how hard he became!   

I saw his leg muscles and felt those in his cheeks tense up as I enjoyed kissing and licking you.  My left hand gently held his cock but my right hand went inside myself to get lubed and wandered around his hips and played with his crack, looking for his hole.  My middle finger found it and was slowly swallowed inside.  I enjoyed the tight feeling on my finger for a few moments before I slowly pulled my finger out.  I traced around the opening a few times before went back in.   

It was exciting to hear him moan and feel his fingers around my head, neck, and on my face.  His touch was so gentle and so hypnotizing.  I would have followed his fingers anywhere.  I knew he was enjoying my finger in his bottom because he carefully knelt down to join me without disturbing it.  His hands took hold of each side of my face and he pulled me in and kissed me.  Man can he kiss!  Any thoughts of what I was doing vanished when his lips met mine.  They were soft yet they took control of mine, melting me into a pile of mush.  I wondered if we could stay like this forever?  His wet hair dripped and I pushed it back, and ran my fingers through his hair.   

His right arm held me close, and his left arm massaged my lower back, distracted by my bum.   My shorts were in the way of his exploration so they had to come off.   He undid the button and zipper while still kissing me.  I didn’t even notice until I felt his hands sliding down my hips.  We stop kissing and he pulled me up to my feet.  I hung on to him as I stepped out of my shorts.  I thought he forgot my panties but then I saw him kneel in front of me and he slowly pulled them down to my ankles, kissing my body as the panties pass by.  I couldn’t help moaning!  I stepped out of my panties and knelt beside him as he flattened my shorts on the damp ground and asked me to put my hands on them.   

On my hands and knees he knelt behind me.  I felt his hands softly as they massaged my cheeks and held them open to peek at my rosebud.  It was exciting to have him so close and I squirmed when I felt his fingers touch my pussy.  We both moaned as he coated his fingers with my juices and gave me heavenly touches that sent tingles through my body.  I felt a tad guilty just enjoying this pleasure and doing nothing to pleasure him in return!  His magical touch soon relieved me of my guilt and any other thoughts I had!   

He took his coated fingers and smeared my juices all around the circle ever so slowly, teasing me, and making me so wet.  Then I felt his warm wet tongue…Oh My!  He licked my juices off my pussy lips!  His tongue was so soft against my velvet smooth lips.  His hands held on to my cheeks and hips to keep me steady as I squirmed with bliss.  I loved the feeling of his tongue on me.  He licked and kissed up the path from my pussy to my hole.  Then I felt his tongue working its way in the hole!  There are no words to describe!  I didn’t know how much more of this I could take!   He dipped his fingers back in my pussy for more juice and then I felt them tracing the circle around the opening again.  “I want to feel your finger in my bum” I told him.  He grinned and said, “I was just getting to that darling”.  I felt his finger as it started to enter.  He moved so slow and gentle.  Oh baby, it felt so good!  I could feel my muscles contract around his finger and I felt warm tingles in my pussy.   I was SO turned on.   
His free hand took your long hard cock and helped it find the entrance to my pussy.  “Are you ready darling?” I heard him whisper and I got chills as I anticipated what I was ready for!  I felt the head of his cock push into my wet, tight, slippery pussy.  I rocked my bottom back toward him; I needed to feel him fill me.  He moved so slowly, savored every moment, and drove me wild.  He slid his finger out of my bum to hang on with both hands to my squirming bottom.   

Finally, I felt his balls next to me.   He was inside, all the way inside.  He stopped for a moment to lean his hips on my cheeks, and for us to enjoy this moment.  My pussy tingled and spasmed against his cock, which gave us both chills of ecstasy.  He rocked his hips into me and I rocked back into him, following his rhythm.  It was like a dance, he was leading and I followed where he went.  We moved as one.   

Our dance intensified as I was close to the edge.  Somehow he knew and right at the edge he breathlessly whispered, “Are you ready to cum with me?”  “Where do you want to come this time?”  I asked him between breaths.  I felt him pull out of me and he began to enter my butt.  I was so tight I could feel every vein and ridge on his cock!  I heard him moan as he tried to slowly enter and hold his orgasm just a few more minutes.  I leaned on my left elbow, raised my butt up in the air, and with my right hand I reached under to massage my clit.   “Oh Baby, almost there” he told me.  I could feel how close it was, any second now……….

I came hard and long as he filled my butt with his warm seed.  We were speechless and motionless for a few moments and enjoyed the orgasm we shared.  When our breathing had returned to normal and our heart rates had slowed, we both collapsed on the damp ground.  Our bodies were all tangled up.  I looked in his eyes and we knew how good it was and how lucky we were to have each other.  We kissed and rubbed each other’s bodies where we could reach.   

We are so into kissing each other that we missed the beautiful rainbow overhead.  The sun was out, our clothes dried, and we lied in the sunshine and kissed until we were ready to get dressed and go home to try something else together!   I am so lucky that he is never out of ideas!