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Dear diary, I met a girl

Dear diary, I met a girl

The day I met Samantha Fox
Dear Diary,

Last year, I met a girl. Actually, that's inaccurate, because she wasn't a girl. She was a woman. A lady. A goddess. The most stunning creature I had ever laid eyes upon. It was in a coffee shop, which was something that made me laugh when I thought about it, because I don't really go to coffee shops, but for some reason, that day I did. I was sitting at a table, reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, and sipping a steaming hot cup of caramel coffee. Minutes later, in she walked. Samantha Fox. I knew her name as soon as I saw her, because I remembered her from college. I fell in love with her in college, and there she was, just a few steps away from me. She was adorable back then, but now, she was perfect. I watched and watched, unable to concentrate, and moments later, she got her coffee and caught my eye. There was no instant flicker of recognition in her eyes, which gave me a pang in my heart, but then, she smiled. It made me weak. I almost slipped off my seat and fell to the ground.

"Joss Grayson," she said in her silky, perfect voice.

"Well, well, well," I replied. "Samantha Fox. It's been a long time."

She smiled again and sat down opposite me. I closed my book and put it facing down on the table, scared that she might see the cover and think of me less like a man and more of a boy.

"Wow," she whispered.

"Wow," I whispered back. We shared a smile, which lit up our eyes and sent sparks across the table.

"You look good," Samantha said. I was a skinny little thing in college. Now I'm a hunk.

"So do you," I said. "Not that you didn't before... I just... you look really good."

Samantha giggled and sipped her coffee. I did the same. We sat in silence for a short while, just basking in each others company. I hadn't seen her for almost ten years, so it was hard to bring myself to ask about her life. I was afraid that she had a boyfriend, and I would be crushed once again my this amazing woman.

"I like Sylvia Plath's novels. All of them. She's a wonderful writer," Samantha said. For some reason, the silence had made me grow impatient, and I tensed my jaw. "What's the matter, Joss?"

I decided to tell the truth. Lord knows I waited ten years to be able to.

"I like you, Sam," I said firmly. "I liked you in college, I've liked you since college, and I like you right now."

She didn't respond, but she stared.

"I'm going to kiss you now, if that's okay with you?" I said. Samantha nodded and I leaned across the table, slipping a hand around the back of her neck, and planted my rough lips on the softness of hers. Samantha's breath caught in my mouth as I slipped my tongue inside her and kissed her slowly, passionately, longingly. After what felt like a long time, I pulled away and sat back down, my eyes transfixed on her flushed face. Her lips were still parted, and wet from the kiss. People around us were looking. Some were disgusted, others looked happy for us.

"Wow, Joss," Samantha said finally. "That was... something."

I continued to stare, my penetrating gaze causing her cheeks to flush a deeper red.

"Samantha Fox," I said. "You are so goddamn gorgeous."

She smiled and slipped a strand of hair behind her ear before smiling again. It was as if she physically couldn't stop.

"I'm a little taken aback. I mean, you've changed, Joss. You're definitely not the guy I knew in college."

"That's because you never knew me, but I always knew you."

"Wow," Samantha said again, and she let out a long exhale before saying, "wow" again. "What now?"

"I take you home."

"Then?" She said, her voice breaking. She cleared her throat.

"I fuck you."

Samantha exhaled again, looking down at the table, her coffee now cold. So was mine. She hesitantly brought her eyes up to mine before smiling again.

"Take me home," she said, and I wasted no time to do so.

When we arrived at my home, I let us in, and there was no small talk. I told her why I wanted her there, and I did what I said I would do. I fucked Samantha Fox like I had never fucked before. Every girl I slept with over the past ten years, I fucked with my eyes closed, because only then could I imagine her face. Now she was here. She was in front of me, and she was desperate for me.

I slipped my strong arms around her petite waist, and pulled her toward me, my bulge pressing into her. Samantha let out a small gasp and ran her long nails through my hair as I lowered my face into her neck, burying it so that my lips were one with her warm skin. I kissed her. She continued to run her fingers through my hair.

It was picture perfect.

Samantha let out a soft moan, which was the only encouragement I needed. I slipped my hands down her back, under her ass, and lifted her up until her legs were wrapped around my waist. Luckily, she was wearing a cute little summer dress, so this was going to be easy.

I walked up the the wall until her back softly thudded against it, and buried my face in between her big, firm breasts as I pulled at my belt and unzipped my pants. Samantha continued to moan as I fiddled around with my jeans. Once I finally got myself ready, I pulled my cock out with one hand wrapped around it, pumping it, whilst the other hand pushed her flimsy underwear aside. Samantha looked me right in the eyes as she shifted herself so that my cock was at her entrance, and I thrust upward to enter her. Her mouth and eyes both opened wide as she gasped at me entering. I grunted and grabbed both of her breasts as her slender arms wrapped around my broad shoulders. I began to pound her mercilessly against the wall, my ass cheeks clutching in and out with every thrust, and a deep groan escaping my throat with every push. Samantha whispered something unrecognisable in my ear as she moaned and groaned, her arms tightening around my neck as the minutes passed. I noticed her body beginning to tremble violently, and her eyes opened wide again, as did her mouth, as she let out a loud scream and her whole body stiffened. I held her tight as she gasped and moaned in orgasm, her long fingernails digging into the back of my shoulders.

"Joss," she whispered in my ear, as if she was pleading. Thanking me, almost.

"I'm going to fuck you until you lose all five senses," I whispered back into her ear, to which she responded with another moan and hungry kiss on my lips.

"Don't," she said weakly, and I stepped back to let her stand.

"Don't?" I thought I'd heard wrong.

"I'm not going to be your girlfriend, and ten years couldn't stop you from wanting me. Evidently. I don't want to be a problem for you," she said, to which I chuckled.

"A beautiful woman like you? How could you ever be a problem?"

To which she responded, "so what do we do?"

"We fuck. That's all we do," I said. I never did understand why everything had to be complicated, even the simplest things. "I enjoyed fucking you. You enjoyed it too." She smiled at that last sentence. "So why don't we just keep doing that, huh? No feelings. Don't worry about me, I'm a strong man."

"Are you sure?" she asked. I wanted to kiss her for being so damn thoughtful.

"I'm sure," I said. "Now I suggest you get out of those clothes if you don't want them ripped."

And that, dear diary, was the day I met my current "friend with benefits," Samantha Fox. 

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