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Dear Diary: The Rhapsody To My Boyfriend

A woman falling in love, like it's the first time.
I am sitting here, babe. I keep thinking and thinking, wondering where it all started, and where it will end. My heart screams of the love it has for you. To dazzle and understand you is what I crave to add to your life. To love and to hold you, when the whole world is frowning at you, is what I aim to achieve by you.

Hey, I'm not saying I’m perfect for you, but do tell, how many get to have what I am offering you with the purest of hearts and intentions? It’s not being egotistical or proud when I say I am a catch. Just like a flower that blossoms in the storm when others fade or are carried away by the gale, I stand despite the gust. I am like a tree that survives amid drought, disaster and still grow to maturity bringing beauty into your life for always.

In my thoughts, I see you as my anchor amid the tempests of life. Babe, you are my heart’s conqueror in spite of numerous attempts to be besieged by various suitors. You are my one and only soul mate. You light my soul, my whole being, with the glow of your essence. It beckons to me with an intensity that pervades my senses, leaving me reeling for sure ground.

I hear the sounds, the voices. In the center of all that, I hear my conscience speaking to me to hold on, to fight, to love you, and care for you, my love. I have always doubted my conscience. Now, I want to believe in it. Everything you represent, feels right, genuine and my adoration for you, is calling out to me.

Right now, I am heading to bed and sleep will elude my mind until I grant myself the thoughts of you. I picture you laughing and I can’t help smiling. Your laughter always feels like melody in my ear. I see your face and how it lights up when you try to hold back your laughter. I see in my mind’s picture, your countenance brightening, making you all the more attractive. I imagine you standing next to me; your height and body size always manages to take my breath away. How is it possible for a man to be made to such perfection?

Tonight I know my dreams are going to be dripping with erotic images of you and me. Our limbs will be entangled together after a long bout of love making and driving each other nuts! Dreams always leave me wanting, restless and longing for that day you will make me yours. I wonder how it would feel - body to body, your tongue making explorations all over my delectable body. Will I sigh with pleasure? Scream when you finally take me? Moan out with ecstasy when you take me to heaven and bring me back to earth?

What about the aftermath? Will my body feel like it has been drugged with ambrosia, with lethargy its second in command? Will you cuddle me as I am envisioning now? Spooning me closely to your body while you whisper sweet nothings in my ears while caressing my body as tenderly as you make me feel loved and cherished? Will you let me hold you? Let you lie on my bosom, as you huskily tell me about your dreams and ambitions while talking about a future that it’s not you but we? A prospective future that holds friendship, understanding, support, mutual respect and love, as the foundation.

A sigh escapes me as I cuddle the pillow to my bosom. I dreamily drift to sleep with you accompanying me in my dreams. Today, I see you as my knight in shining amour, upon a horse so white as snow, with a red rose beckoning to me to reach out and take it.

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