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Dear ex-hubby

I am aware that you don’t really want us to get back together.
"As you may or may not know I am about to be divorced. This is a way I thought of getting back at hubby.........hell no we are not getting back together. LOL!"

Dear ex-hubby,

I hate it here, living with my sister. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad she offered me a place to stay, but she is just too nosy and bossy. All she does is lecture me oh how you were so wrong for me, pointing out every thing in detail like a fucking drama queen. Why just this morning sis told me that I should swear off all men for at least six months as all they do is hurt me. Now you know me well enough to know that I would die without sex for a week. Thank god, I bought some of my toys with me. Now when she talks all I can do, is play deaf and dumb, nodding my head like one of those bobbing head ornaments, because I cannot get a word in edgewise.

When I am in my room alone, all I do is sit and cry. I cannot figure out why we are no longer together. I know you family has you convinced that I did something wrong and that I am a slut, but I love you and have been a faithful wife.

I cannot even sit down and watch my favorite sitcom, it makes me think of how we watched it together snuggling and kissing on the sofa. I then get upset again, turn the TV off, go into my room, and cry. If sis hears me, she will knock on the door and ask what is wrong. I usually grumble and cuss under my breath then tell her, I just want some peace and quiet right now. Hell, I would not even go out to the back yard when sis had a BBQ, because it made me think of you barbequing, god I miss you, can I come home now.

By the way, love, do you remember Jack, my editor? Well he sent me an email, telling me he was driving through here on the way to Nashville next week. He then told me that if it was ok with me, he wanted to take me out to dinner and help me just forget about things for a while. I know he has the hots for me so I promptly reminded him that I am still married and faithful to you. He then told me not to worry as we were just going out and having some fun. Somehow, he forgot to mention he talked with my sister and was actually kidnapping me for the whole weekend. I guess he told her he wanted to make me feel like a woman again. His loving smile, funny sense of humor, and handsome physique was irresistible.

Wow, does he know how to fuck! All I have to say, is if you and I are not getting back together, he can kidnap me again.

Then my sister‘s best friend told her that they were having a small pool party to celebrate the beginning of summer. She also told sis to bring me along I was welcome too. Reluctantly I decided to go, hoping it would not last long.

When we got there, sis introduced me to Jennifer and her husband Tom. I smiled and lied, saying I was glad to be there, because I did not want to hurt anyone’s feeling.

Jennifer showed me where to change and then I sat in one of the lounge chairs. Tom had just handed me a gin and tonic when his phone rang. It was his office calling on an emergency. So he excused himself saying he will come back as soon as he can. Well that is when sis told me she needed to get home too, because she did not tolerate the sun, did not want sunburn. Adding, that I should stay and enjoy myself, Tom could bring me home later. I just know she had an alternative motive for leaving me there alone.

That left Jennifer and me sitting by the pool. We decided to get nude and work on our tans. I told her with my light complexion, I burn easily, so if she did not mind would she rub some suntan oil on me. “Oh my god,” her hands felt great, it had been a long time since anyone has touched me like that. To my surprise, my climax overtook me like a freight train out of control. I never realized that I had a bisexual nature. Nevertheless, it made me think of you and the time we spent making out in your family’s pool. Oh honey, I want to come home, I miss you.

Honey, I also started emailing our friends, telling them what had happen. That is when I received a strange email from your old boss Ted. You remember him don’t you? He’s the one that threw that big annual steak fry for the company you used to work for a couple of years ago. You know, I always liked him and you told me he was one of the best boss’s you ever had. Well, he told me he was going to Nashville on business and would like to take me out to dinner. Adding maybe, he could help me figure out what happened.

He told me to wear something fancy because he was taking me to dinner at one of those five star restaurants. Holy cow, I have never been to such a fancy place. We talked a lot during dinner. Afterwards he said that he thought we could talk better in the privacy of his hotel suite. Oh my god, did you know he was hung like a horse?

Maybe he should stop by more often when he goes to Nashville. However, it did remind me of the time we spend in Nashville seeing the sights and fucking the night away. Oh god, I miss you, wish you would let me come back home.

Wednesday, sis had to work and that left me alone at home. I was planning on going out back and climbing into her Jacuzzi to relax. I had just put my swimsuit on when the doorbell rang. When I answered it, to my surprise it was your brother, he was stopping by to give me some moral support. You know he is the only one, who will talk to me, I am glad he came by.

I invited him in, then led him out to the back patio, offered him some club soda and we sat and talked for a while. He did ask me if there was any chance that we’d get back together soon. I told him I was not sure, but hoped we would. That’s when I told him, that I knew he drove a long way to see me and it was such a hot day, why doesn’t he join me in the Jacuzzi to relax.

He accepted, adding that he never gets into one, with anything on and that I should go commando too. I agreed, after all he is family. You know he resembles you a lot, but let me tell you he is very different from you sexually. Hot-damn, I never realized I could squirt cum like that. Even though he is terrific, he is not you. Can I please come home?

Well I had better close for now. I hope you had a good day. I also know you are living with your mother and hope that she does not intercepted this letter.

By the way, I am writing this letter, just incase you hear a rumor that I am thinking about divorcing you and moving on with my life. All I ask is that you do not believe everything you hear.

However, there is this guy I know, who wants to date me, and he has been talking about marriage too. I will keep that in mind if we do not get back together. I am hoping that we can at least meet and talk things over. Yes I am aware that you don’t really want us to get back together, but at least, it will clear the air.

All my love and kisses. Kandy.

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