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Deflowering Ceremony

Warrior who is to deflower a virgin is jealous and doesn't want her subjected to a gangbang.
I sit atop Ben Loyal thinking about my mating with Maiden Isa on the morrow. The tradition of six selected warriors taking the virginity of six beautiful and highly trained young ladies between the ages of sixteen and eighteen is the focus of the Harvest Festival held on the day of the Autumn Equinox. It is a grand celebration with tons of food and barrels of alcoholic beverages being consumed in honor of God and the bountiful harvest. The highlight of the day is the public Deflowering Ceremony. The tradition goes back hundreds of years to the end of the age of the Vikings, and is carried on to continue the ethnic superiority of Clan MacKay. It is expected the maidens will be impregnated during the ritual or soon after, and give birth to children who become great warriors and beautiful women.

I remember, at sixteen, being seduced by a beautiful widow who lost her husband to disease the year before. I’m on guard duty when Lady Carol approaches my post and proceeds to undress. I have never seen a mature woman in the nude, and I’m instantly aroused by her rounded breasts and black thatch covering her haven. She kisses me, removes my clothes, and guides my young cock into her pussy teaching me the ways of love. I remember the incredible feelings resulting from coming inside a woman for the first time. We carry on an affair for nearly a year and in the mean time, because of my open friendly personality, good looks with a hawk nose, the build of an older warrior, and a large concave shaped phallus I’m pursued by other widows and married woman of the clan. At the age of twenty-four I’m highly experienced.

I’m the first warrior to choose a maiden because my acts of bravery were far beyond those of any of the other warriors. I successfully prepared a scheme to defend Berg Tongue against a much larger force, and for the amount of booty, I brought back after raids on neighboring settlements. I’m selecting maiden Isa because I’ve come to love her as I watch her grow from a pretty, skinny, awkward child into a beautiful, tall, full-figured lady.

I was included in the Deflowering Ceremony the previous Harvest Festival, and I remember with pride my depositing sperm in each of the six maidens. I enjoyed all of them but there was no lasting fondness. They were simply willing depositories for my seed.

My attitude is different this year because of the affection I feel for maiden Isa and the jealously I feel of her being taken by my fellow warriors. I relish the thought of being the one who takes her virginity, but dread that part of the tradition where some or all of my companions can lay with any of the other maidens. The thought of my friends lying between Isa’s legs with their shafts plundering her pussy, and possibility impregnating her tears me up. My dread about that part of the rite causes me many sleepless nights and is the reason I stand at the top of Ben Loyal surveying the beautiful wooded mountainous landscape.

What am I going to do? The answer to the question is clear as is my duty, but this year I selfishly disagree with the second portion of the ritual.


Maiden Isa lies in bed waiting for the sunrise thinking about sunset. She knows Tor will be the warrior who takes her virginity, and she looks forward to it. She’d been taught the skills of how to please a man by her mother and by others who had the privilege of participating in the Deflowering Ceremony. Those who have gone through the rite have varying opinions, but the majority liked the process after the initial pain. Not only would her virginity be taken, but because as is the custom some if not all the other warriors could also choose to take advantage of her assets. To have sex with six of the best warriors of the clan is an honor, and historically has led all of the maidens to good marriages and satisfactory sex lives.

I know my duty. I’ve trained since birth for the possibility of being selected as one of the six maiden virgins for the festival as soon as I turned sixteen. I’d been taught and used all of the required domestic skills such as cooking, sewing, and laundry. I’ve worked in the fields planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops, I’ve sewed sails, repaired nets, and caught fish in the Kyle of Tongue and Lock Lomand.

My stomach is in knots, the feelings in my core are passionate, and I day dream about the ruggedly handsome warrior Tor with his broad shoulders, narrow waist, strong legs, and the reported size of his manhood. I see myself naked in front of him and the crowd, because I’m proud of my body with its hour-glass shape, rounded buttocks, and large plump upright breasts.

I wonder what his lips will feel like. Will they be soft and smooth or dry and rough? Will his breath have the scent of alcohol? Is his body smooth and firm or will it be hairy and muscle bound. How tender or rough will his hands be as he caresses my body, my back, my buttocks, and my breasts. Is he going to rush to finger my pubic hair, my vulva lips, and to gently or roughly shove his finger or fingers into my pussy.

When he thinks I’m ready will he rise above me and gently or harshly thrust his cock into me breaking my cherry? Will I have lots of pain or will the pain pass quickly. How long will he stroke me before he releases his seed? What feelings will I have while he’s thrusting? Will he lie on top of me for a long time or will he quickly leave me to bed another of the maidens. Will the pleasure that comes with an orgasm overwhelm my senses?

How will I feel when the next warrior penetrates me with his cock and sprays my tunnel with his juices? What if all six of them want to have me? Will I be able to endure their weight and the constant plundering of my pussy? Is it possible I’ll be able to stand after such a night of passion, and will I feel the delight as much as they will?

All these questions fill my mind, but I’ve loved Tor since I was a child, and believe he feels the same way about me. I think he will treat me as the sexy young woman I am, and he’ll be pleased with my body, my pussy, and my performance.

I hear the sounds of my mother, aunts, and friends who are gathering to help me prepare for the ceremony which is at least twelve hours away. They will bath me, shampoo my hair, oil my body, give me a manicure and pedicure, and as the time nears they will style my hair, make-up my face, and dress me in a gown of the most expensive cloth. A garment easily removed. It is my mother’s responsibility to prepare me for the ceremony and shame would be heaped upon her if I don’t appear as a perfect example of a gift to be sacrificed to God.

I close my eyes to enjoy the honor of being selected and to contemplate the importance of the Deflowering Ceremony to the berg and to myself.


The week before the equinox the entire village is busy preparing. The huge Castle Varrich made of granite and wood, stands impressively on a high hill overlooking the Berg Tongue, is cleaned from top to bottom. All of the granite is dusted and rubbed until it sheen. Wooden articles are shined, polished, or whitewashed. Provisions for the ceremony are stored in cellars: tons of vegetables, fruits, cheeses, meats, and barrels of alcoholic beverages such as beer and malts are plentiful. A special herbal drink is especially brewed for the warriors and men of the berg and surrounding areas of Strathneven.

Although the preparations are arduous every male and female over the age of sixteen is excited, because after the Deflowering Ceremony everyone is invited to engage in an orgy in the main hall surrounding the uplifted stage where the public ceremony takes place. On this feast day marriage vows are cast aside and any couple, threesome, or more can engage in any sex act in which they consent. Last minute preparations are complete by high noon at which time eating and drinking begins. The Deflowering Ceremony begins at sundown and is immediately followed by the orgy which lasts until sunrise the next day. In past years the orgy began before the end of the deflowering.


Upon my return to the berg I go directly to the Castle Varrich and ask to speak with Chief Lye MacKay. I wait for a long time, and when the chief appears his face is red and he’s dressed in his night cloths.

“What do you need to speak to me about this early in the day that couldn’t wait until a more opportune time,” he snaps.

“I apologize for rousing you from your sleep my Chief, but I must ask your advice on a very serious matter.”

The chief leads me to a small room off the kitchen and orders ham, eggs, potatoes, and coffee. He sits sipping on hot steaming coffee. “Lad, why have you disturbed your old chief? I don’t get many chances to enjoy my wife’s charms. On the morning of the fall festival you should be eating your fill of eggs and downing cups of the herbal brew for the ceremony. Now, how may I help you?”

“Chief Lye, you know more about the Deflowering Ceremony than any man in the clan and I have a problem.”

“What might that be?” His food is delivered and he takes several bites of eggs.

“Has any warrior after taking his chosen maiden ever claimed her for his own?”

The chief eats some ham and potatoes. “Do you mean claim her and deny the other warriors the change to lie with her?”

“Yes, that’s what I mean.”

“You’re right that is a serious issue.” He drinks more coffee.

“As far as I know such an incident has not happened in my life time and I don’t remember of any tales of such a happening. It is the right of all those involved to have the change to penetrate as many maidens as they can. I assume you have a particular lady in mind?”

“Yes sir I have.” I sit rigidly at the table.

“I assume it is Maiden Isa.” The chief continues eating.

“Your assumption is correct.” Sweat sprouts on my forehead.

“That’s what I thought. There’s probably not a man in Tongue who’s seen Isa hasn’t thought about the possibility of bedding her. She’s a lovely lass. What is the cause of your desire to possess her solely?”

“I love her. I will marry her if she’ll have me, and the thought of her being used by someone else angers me.”

“Only angry?” The chief asks looking at Tor with a keen eye.

“Angry is an understatement. I would be outraged to the point of murder.”

“Murder is a harsh term.”

“I am a harsh man.”

“To that I can attest. I have seen your fury in battle. I can imagine your rage if Isa was you wife and being used by another man or men.” The chief pushes his empty plate away and drains his cup. “However, Isa is not your wife and the tradition of the Deflowering Ceremony is that all warriors have an opportunity to have all the maidens. If I remember correctly you did so last year.”

“I’m aware of the custom sir but…”

“Tor, to be the most accomplished warrior in the clan at an early age is admirable, but I don’t believe it gives you any special rights related to the ritual. Tradition must be maintained or an exception will be established that will tarnish the sacredness of the rite.”

“I see your point and I honor your opinion but…”

“The chief laughs. “There’s always a but in such matters. But,” he smiles, “go on.”

“I have earned the right to chose first, and thus I should have the privilege to clam her as my own.”

The chief sighs. “Tor due to your good looks and status in the Berg you have slept with almost every promiscuous woman in Tongue and a goodly number beyond. You have fucked many pussies that have been plowed over and over again without protest. Why do you do so now?”


Chief Lye holds up his hand. “Hear me out. Have you in your wildest dreams believed that you would have the change to marry a virgin of Isa’s quality?”

I hesitate. “I have never thought of such a question.” I’m silent and sigh, “No sir, I have never dreamed of marrying a virgin until now, because most of the desirable females lose their cherries during the fall festival.”

“Therefore, what is the logic of your argument?”

I hesitate again. “There is no logic except jealously.”

“I don’t believe as the chief of the MacKay clan that I can allow jealously to overrule a tradition that has been respected and honored for hundreds of years. My answer to your request must be…no.”

My head drops to my chest. I’m crestfallen. My only opportunity to have Isa for myself has just been denied.

“I’m sorry Tor. I understand your feelings, but I don’t have the right to overrule the customs of our most sacred principle.”

I stand. “Thank you for hearing me out. I understand your decision and I’ll do my duty and honor it.”

The chief and I shake hands. I leave the castle with my head held high, but my heart is broken.


My parents, family and I leave home at high noon and become part of the parade to the Castle Varrish. We’re stopped often along the way. Both women and men heap high praise on me to my embarrassment. They are courteous and respectful of the role I am to play later in the day. Little girls watch hoping one day they can be in my place, and young men look at me with stars in their eyes.

My face and hair are ready for the Deflowering Ceremony. The dress I wear on the way to the castle is made of the blue and green colors of the MacKay clan, and only reveals my shape and gives a hint of the size of my breasts. The family talks and jokes around as they normally do when gathered together.

Although I’m surrounded by family and friends my mind isn’t focused on the conversation, but rather I’m thinking about the ceremony and losing my virginity to Tor.

I know a priest will say a prayer and place a blessing on the ceremony. Chief Lye will speak and present the six warriors to the crowd, and then he’ll introduce us six maidens and I will be the last. The chief will start the ceremony by asking each of us to disrobe. No one except the female members of my family has ever seen me without clothing. It will be an exciting and embarrassing time. I can’t imagine what it will be like to be seen naked before hundreds of people. I don’t know what Tor will do next, but I hope he removes his loin cloth. I so much want to see him nude. I don’t how he’ll make love to me, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy having sex although there will be some pain. After he takes my virginity, I don’t know what the other warriors will do, but in the past they have had sex with as many maidens as they could. Whatever happens is going to be the most important and exciting time of my life.

The McGraw’s enjoy eating and drinking as they usually do. We sit at a reserved table and are constantly interrupted by individuals and small groups of people who wish to speak with me. I find it difficult to eat, but I’m not hungry. My stomach is tied in knots, and I become more anxious as the time to finish my preparations approaches. My family stays until about six at which time they return home to finish preparing me for the ceremony.

The closer it gets for us to leave for the castle the more I envision the pleasure I will receive from Tor. I believe his mouth and hands on my body will be wonderful, and I think after the initial pain of his cock shoving passed my hymen that I’ll enjoy the act itself. I’ll willingly accept his seed into my canal. I’m sure it will be incredible.


I walk the streets of Berg Tongue and it’s obvious that for many the celebration is underway long before the appointed time. Throngs of people walk up the hill to the castle and wait in line for the doors to open. Many are already eating and drinking from their own larders. A few sneak away to enjoy the freedom of the shackles of marriage to enjoy a one day illicit affair.

My parents are gone and the house is empty for which I’m glad. I go to my mat and lie down to think of how I’m going to make love with Isa. I want her to have numerous orgasms before I take her most precious gift. I also consider how I’m going to prevent my comrades from having her. Many possibilities pass through my mind. Slowly a plan evolves. I rise and call one of the young warriors to my dwelling. I quickly write a note, hand it to him, and send him on his way.

Relaxed I’m able to nap until it’s time to prepare myself. I bathe thoroughly, shave carefully, and dress in a loin cloth and workman’s shirt. About an hour before sundown I begin a slow journey to the Castle Varrish. The castle grounds and the castle itself are strewn with food along with food and beverage containers as well as a number of men who might not have the ability to watch the Deflowering Ceremony or partake in the orgy. I speak to both men and women who congratulate me on my honor, and tell me how excited they are to see such a warrior perform the sex act. I arrive at the gathering place before any of the other warriors and wait patiently. There’s no reason to be anxious, my plan is in place, the earth rotates at a regular pace, and sundown will arrive right on time.


The other five warriors enter the waiting area just before sundown. They are loud, rowdy, and drunk.

Hagar McWilliams slaps me on the back. “The five of us want you to hurry and fuck maiden Isa so we can have her too. I’m next in line and I can’t wait until I can gorge on her melons and fill her pussy with my cock.”

“That’s right Tor be quick about your duty and let the rest of us enjoy her,” another warrior says.

I smile at them. “The pace of doing my duty will be what it will be, no slower and no faster.”

“You son-of-a-bitch, you’d better tag her in ten minutes. We don’t want to wait on our sloppy seconds. We want you to be as fast at fucking as you are at fighting,” Roy MacAdams says.

I don’t reply; I remain calm, relaxed, and patient.

The six of us sit listening to the large rancorous crowd milling around the great hall. Most of them have had too much to eat and too much to drink. The noise is ear shattering.

Finally, at the precise moment Chief Lye MacKay accompanied by a priest enters the crowded room and steps on to the raised platform. The crowd falls silent when the chief raises his arm.

The priest steps from behind the chief, spreads his arms wide, and says, “Let us pray. Almighty God we have come together to honor you with this ritual on the Autumn Equinox. You have blessed us with the bounty of our harvest, kept us safe from our enemies, and enable us to move into the fall and winter seasons with confidence your provisions will see us through until spring. The Deflowering Rite you have ordained is to honor you for the love and care you have provided us. We pray to you in the name of he who died that we might live forever and ever, amen.

The crowd follows with their own amen’s.

Chief MacKay steps to center stage and announces the six warriors chosen to participate in the ceremony. Each man wearing a simple loin cloth and workman’s shirt walks to the platform as his name is called.

The crowd cheers after each introduction, but the loudest and longest cheers are for Tor.

The chief holds up his hand and says, “It is now my privilege to introduce the six maidens.” He slowly and clearly pronounces each name, and they come onto the platform and stand beside the warrior who has chosen them. Each is dressed in a beautiful white full length gown adorned with jewels. “My last official act of this Autumn Harvest Festival and Deflowering Ceremony is to request the maidens to remove their gowns.”

Each of the six young virgins move to the edge of the platform and in the manner in which they were taught remove the gown in one elegant movement.

The crown goes berserk.

The lustfully cheering of the men continues for a long time.

After a minute, I take Isa’s hand, raise it, and slowly twirl her in circles several times and the intensity of the shouting increases. Her long, braided black hair, hour-glass shape, large perky breasts, black pubic hair are appreciated and lusted after by the men in the crowd. The other five couples are already in a prone position.

I remove my shirt and loin cloth. I walk to the edge of the platform slowly stoke my shaft before releasing it and wiggling my hips and staff from side to side. The women gathered around the platform pretend to faint as they holler and whistle at me in appreciation.


I’m thrilled by the reaction to the response to the sight of my body. I blush deeply as Tor slowly turns me in circles so all my profiles are seen and appreciated. My mouth falls open when Tor takes off his cloths revealing the size of his staff and walks to the edge of the stage to flaunt his cock before the roaring crowd.

Is that beautiful, long, thick pole going to fit in me? The confidence I gained by having my naked body displayed is lessened by the size of his penis.

He turns and takes me in his arms.

I feel his warmth, his strength, and his dick sticking in my belly.

“I love you Isa.” He kisses me gently.

His lips are soft and smooth and his breath doesn’t smell of beer or malt. I tremble in his arms loving the feeling of his lips against mine and of his hard body against my supple one.

“I’m going to make love to you. It will take a long time. If there’s anything I do that hurts tell me. I would like to do this in private, but we are duty bound to perform for our audience the population of Berg Tongue.”

He loves me. I love him. His lips on mine are heavenly as are his hands on my back, and his cock leaking on my belly. I wonder how long it’ll be before he takes me. He said it would be a long time. His tongue is pressing against my lips and his hands are kneading my buttocks. Should I open my mouth? Oh, his tongue is in my mouth and its wresting with mine and it’s exciting. His hands kneading my ass and pulling me hard into his erection is thrilling. My feelings are so intense I no longer hear the noise of the crowd. We are alone making love.

“I’m going to lay you on the mat,” he says.

He picks me up, lays me down, and lies beside me. His fingernails plow up and down the crack in my ass. “That tickles,” I say rubbing my hands over his back.

“It’s supposed too, and it’s a fine ass you have my Isa.” His hand doesn’t stop, and his tongue persistently delights mine. I’m on fire. I have intense feelings in my core and my pussy weeps.

“I’m going to roll you onto your back and massage your breasts, stomach, and snatch.” He gently nudges me to my back.

He kisses my face, my neck, and his hand flows smoothly over my breasts. His actions rubbing over my boobs and squeezing them feels so good. My body goes rigid as his fingers roll over my nipples. It’s a shock surging through me it’s wonderful. He continues to strum my teats, and I’m becoming more and more excited. I feel him move down the mat.

“I’m going to suck on you nipples.”

No one has ever done that to me before. I place my hands in his hair and pull his face to my breasts. His mouth is warm and his tongue massages my nub. Oh, oh it feels so good it’s wonderful. He moves from one breast to the other. His mouth and tongue make me feel strange but a wonderful strange. “Aaugh,” I jerk, but he holds me in place as he applies pressure to my tit and sucks hard. I close my eyes. My entire body is burning like a bond fire. The feeling is stimulating. He moves back to the other boob and sucks hard on its nipple. I react to his sucking by arching my back. The sensation of his mouth on my nipples has my pussy leaking.

“I’m moving my hand over your stomach to your cunt. Are you ready?” He whispers to me.

“Yes, oh yes, I’m ready.”

I sigh as his hand and fingers lightly rub over my moistened pubic hair. “That tickles.”

He laughs. “It’s supposed to.”

A loud voice interrupts them. “Tor, fuck her so the rest of us can.”

I’m surprised by the interruption and the anger in the voice. I open my eyes and see Hagar McWilliams standing beside us stroking his cock.

Tor’s hand never stops moving around and around my vulva lips.

“I told you Hagar, I would take my time doing my duty. Go to another maiden and fuck her.”

“I’ve already had three of them and I’m saving the last of my seed for Isa. Hurry up!”

“You might as well piss against the wall, because you’re not going to have her.”

Hagar grabs Tor by the shoulder and pulls him away from me.

Tor rolls in the direction in which he’s pulled, rises to his knees and delivers a fist into Hagar’s stomach. He staggers and Tor pushes him from the platform.

He falls into the crowd below.

“I claim Isa as my own and none of you will touch her. I have spoken. Do any of you or all of you want to challenge my claim?” He stands in a crouch his hands at the ready.

Roy McAdams staggers toward Tor swinging his fists. Tor ducks and throws him into the crowd. The other three warriors raise their hands as if in surrender.

“Isa put on your gown.” He dons his loin cloth. He picks me up and carries me from the platform. “The ceremony is over let the orgy begin.” He hollers and disappears with me in his arms through the entry way leading from the platform.

We’re greeted by six armed young warriors who led him to a horse.

“Thank you, for your assistance. Go and enjoy the orgy,” he yells to the young men. Tor mounts the horse and rides off with me in his arms. He carefully guides the horse through groups of men and women who are engaged in various forms of intercourse.

“Tor what have you done?”

“I’ve broken the law, but no one except me will ever touch you. Your mine and I will marry you as soon as possible, but you and I still have something to do. Something I’d prefer to do in private.”

I’m shocked by what has happened, but I hold tightly onto him knowing I’m safe in his arms. As he picks his way through piles of bodies, I’m able to see in the dim light a man with his cock shoving back and forth into a woman while at the same time she’s sucking on another man’s shaft.


I’ve planned this carefully, but I didn’t know how it would play out. It worked perfectly thanks to the drunken stupor of my fellow warriors, and while the orgy is ongoing I’m nearing my destination of Coldbackie and the home of my friend Eric McAndrews. I dismount carrying Isa, entering the house by the back door, and into a room prepared for our arrival.

The small bedroom has a fireplace, a bed, and a wooden table loaded with bread, cheese and wine.

“Isa, prepare some food and drink while I light the fireplace.”

Minutes later the room is warming, and I’m sitting with Isa on my lap eating and drinking.

“Tor what is this place?”

“It belongs to a friend of mine, and I sent him a note earlier asking him to have a room ready for our arrival. I didn’t expect to be here this early. I know you’re tired, but I’d like to finish what we began.”

She kisses me. “I was so enjoying myself, and I want you to possess me. I love you.”

I carry her to the bed; remove her gown, and my loin cloth. At the sight of her I become instantly erect. In the dim light of the fire, I make love to her with my tongue invading her mouth kindling her desire. I massage her body, suck on her breasts, and rub my hands and fingers over her pubic hair and the outer lips of her vulva.

“Tor, I love you and you’re arousing me, but I want to know you as a woman knows a man.” She strokes my cock.

“It won’t be much longer.” I slowly guide my fingers between her outer and inner lips and deep into her canal searching for a sensitive spot.

“Oh that’s wonderful. It feels so good.”

She kisses the back of my neck as I suck on a nipple and apply more pressure to her pleasure spot.

I move my thumb to her clit. Her body goes rigid and she moans, “Yes, yes, yes.”

Without removing my finger from her pussy, I lower my head and replace my thumb with my tongue. Her scent and taste are what I expect, tangy and salty, and her moaning increases as my tongue circles her clit over and over again.

She arches her back and climaxes with a flood of fluid. “Oooooooaugh!’

I continue and her moans become groans, and she writhes under the sensations of my tongue. “I think you’re ready.”

“Yes, oh yes make me a woman.”

Between her wide spread legs, I inch closer and closer to her pussy lips. With my hand on the back of my shaft, I slowly invade her lips and bob the head of my cock in and out of her opening.

“Tor, oh Tor do it”

With one quick thrust I plunge to my depth.

She whimpers as I crash through her maiden head.

I stop, breathing hard. “Are you all right?”

“It hurt only a little. Is that all there is to it?”

I laugh quietly. “No darling there’s a little more.” I withdrawal and slid into her gently.

“Oh, that’s nice.”

“It gets better. Move with me.” I stroke her at a regular pace. With my hands on her hips I urge her to pull back when I do and push forward with me. Soon we’re in sync and the sensations of my hardness in her softness bring her to a peak of passion, and she moves her pussy in all directions while flooding both of us with her juices.

I hold myself steady in her until she stops moving and groaning.

“That’s the feeling my mother and others have been telling me about. It’s wonderful. I can’t imagine anything better.”

I smile and lift her legs onto my shoulders and move in and out of her again. “Move with me Isa, move with me.”

Together, we inflict pleasure upon one another.

She climaxes again with a howl. “Tor oh Tor you’re wonderful. I love your cock.”

I move her feet to my hairy chest. “Push and pull with me Isa.”

Again and again I plunge in and out of her.

She pushes against my chest and I thrust deep into her. Over and over we stimulate each other. My breathing becomes faster, sweat sprouts on my body, and I feel the rumblings in my groin. “I’m going to come.” I ram myself into her as hard and fast as I can and with a groan spill my seed within her cave with spurt after spurt.

She groans with me as she has another orgasm.

I pull back to allow her legs to return to a more normal position, but my spasms continue until I become flaccid and slip from her.

I roll off of her not believing the incredible feeling of my orgasm. “I love you Isa. I love you as I’ve loved no other woman.”

“Thank you Tor, I didn’t believe I could feel this good. How soon can we do it again?”

I laugh thinking of my pleasure, and the trouble I’d gotten myself into. I’ve defiled the Deflowering Ceremony because of my desire and my jealously. As I look at her beautiful face and incredible body, I know she’s worth whatever happens to me in the future.

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