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Deshawn and Desiree - Delicious
AltaBrwnSgr & Kal-El85

Deshawn and Desiree - Delicious

Contributing Authors: Kal-El85 
Two attorneys-turned-lovers turn meeting up into nothing, but a heated romp.

"The date, baby girl, tell me about the damn date. What did you wear? Where did he take you? Did you make acquaintance with that third leg? Serve the tea!"

That morning, Keisha draped her body in a black and white plaid coat that hugged her breast-mounds and booty-bumps at just the right places of hallelujah and good god. The curve of her cocoa calves peaked underneath the hem of the coat and ended with the most spectacular pair of midnight black suede booties.

"Patience." Desiree's store-bought jet tresses cascaded down the back of her heather gray, body hugging overcoat. The color was a gorgeous contrast to her mocha skin, and it attracted attention to her natural gray eyes. Passing on the conservative chignon, the usual bun she wears to work, Desiree decided to let her weave flow today. She wore a happy-glow. Elation covered every inch of her beautiful face. She was on the cusp of being in love with Deshawn.

"It's Monday. I've been waiting two days for the damn details. Now, let's go!"

Desiree and Keisha, best friends from law school and professional attorneys at the Law Offices of Maya J. Wilkes, stood in line amongst droves of patrons at the Starbuck's waiting for their drink orders. The crowd was a thick organized mess.

"We had dinner and we talked." Desiree picked up a mug for sale that read 'Lover'. Her heart rate quickened, and she smiled as she rotated the cup to read the full message, 'Coffee Lover'. She exhaled and sat the cup down. Anaconda lover...

"Mmhmm. Where'd he take you? Or did you meet him?"

"Miss Dip-In-It," Desiree gave an extended eye and neck roll. "He picked me up, and we went to Morton's."

"Mmm, nice." Keisha waited for the next juicy tidbit that Desiree failed to freely offer. "Okay, are you going to elaborate, or do I have to drag every detail out of you?"

"That's it. I wore a little black dress... that's it."


"No, that's it."

"Lies," Keisha laughed, shook her head, pointed her nose in the air, and sniffed twice. "Desiree, now you know I know you better than the deodorized dung-dung you're giving, doll! Now give it up!"

Desiree was reluctant. Although Keisha was a good friend, fellow colleagues regarded her as the town crier of the firm. They knew that if you wanted to get some shit started, all you had to do was just tell Keisha. Desiree knew that if she told her what really happened, her first-date-booty call with Deshawn would not be a secret around the office.




"I see it in your face anyway. You know you can always tell when a man has hit the cutty right."

Desiree's mind drifted back to Friday in her bedroom...

The vintage melody of Sade's Sweetest Taboo whispered in the background as clothes melted off their bodies, and deep wet tongue-kisses covered every inch of their goose-pimpled flesh.

Driblets and drops of sticky v sauce turned into raging rivers of wetness as Deshawn slurped, licked, and lapped her cocoa brown good-good. He had her bent over with his face buried in her luscious round ass cheeks. His tongue moved from her v to her bottom hole; Deshawn completed the movements over and again. He flipped her onto her back and tongue-flick-spelled his name claiming her clit. He consumed her honey until Desiree exploded in a massive violent climax. Then it was time; time to see the anaconda.

Ten and a half inches of throbbing, thick-veined meat pointed toward her face. Deshawn was six-foot four-inches of butter brown, with a member of the reptilian family lodged between his bowlegs. And she soon felt it drilling up and down and back and forth deep in her cavern. Deshawn rammed and slapped his meat hard into her v-nest. Desiree's labia wings hugged every thrust of his shaft as she clenched the inner walls of her pussy.

Fucking, pressing, pushing, pulling, sliding, riding... Whew.

Desiree took an extended cleansing exhale, clearing every thought of naughtiness and returning her mind to Keisha and Starbucks.

"Oh really? How can you tell that a man hit the cutty, right? Please, break it down for me."

The barista called out, "Keisha, one tall skinny vanilla latte! Dez, one triple grande soy caramel macchiato no foam!"

Keisha grabbed some napkins and two cardboard sleeves for their cups and passed one of each to Desiree. She popped the sleeve with such expertise that anyone watching would know she was a regular patron.

"You're limping."


"Look at cha! You're limping like something is broke. Did he break you off some?"

Desiree caught a sheepish grin on her face. "Yea."

"Oooo, I knew it! Hoe! Dirty Dez!"




"Well... you know? Was Tory right about the snake?"

"It was an anaconda," Desiree nodded her head emphatically. "It was delicious, juicy, and thick. And I want some more."

"Naughty-girl." Keisha smiled and gasped.

"That's right. Now, keep your mouth shut. Okay?" Desiree gave her the side-eye and a strong scowl.

"I got you, girl."

Monday Case Meeting

Large piles of dirty snow lined the salt-ashy sidewalks outside of the Law Offices of Maya J. Wilkes. The attorneys filed into the conference room for their weekly meeting to run down current cases and to distribute new ones. While everyone else sat up front and at attention, Deshawn took his normal spot in the back, in the cut, working on some poetry. Hit with a small bout of writer's block, he looked up and his brown eyes scanned the room, finding the gorgeous sight that was Desiree. His poem was about her, because since last Friday night, other than the murder case he was working on, she was the only thing on his mind. Eyeing her, he loved what he saw. He noticed her hair wasn't in the normal tight knot. Her curvaceous stacked body was covered in black dress pants, a cream-colored blouse, and black jacket to match her pants. She looked so smart, so professional.

Deshawn loved her look, because it was a complete contrast to how he left her Friday night. After a wonderful date and a smoking hot romp, Desiree's chocolate skin glistened with sweat, and her messy long hair flowed down her back spilling to the side. Solely, her gray eyes revealed the sated feeling of her sexual hunger. It was too sexy, and thinking of all this made Deshawn's ten and a half inches awaken in his pants causing him to smile because they planned to meet again for some fun after work.

Damn, she's gonna get it when the day's over, he thought before returning to his poetry.

"Damn, what type of fucking did y'all do, girl?" Keisha whispered, making Desiree almost choke on her caramel macchiato.

"Ugh," Desiree groaned getting some of her composure back. "Where in the hell did that come from?"

Keisha patted her back to help her best friend out. "Sorry, Dez, but Deshawn's staring at you like he's lion and you're a gazelle. Y'all went on one date and he's pussy whipped already?"

Desiree laughed. "What you didn't know was that my good-good is like kryptonite."

"Whatever girl," Keisha flagged her off.

Desiree turned her head and found Deshawn instantly. His head was down, no doubt pouring his soul out in the notebook in front him. His 6'4", 215lb milk chocolate frame looked so fine in his tailored suit. Her eyes watched his bowlegs shake a bit, and she licked her lips, because she knew—she knew exactly why his legs bent that way. Desiree's womanhood moistened some.

Damn, Friday really was amazing though. Deshawn worked me over good.

If she were being honest with herself, even though their love making Friday night was wild and naughty, in Deshawn's eyes, she did see love—his love for her. Friday night he'd wined and dined her, charmed her with poetry, and let her see the vulnerable side of him that not many saw. It made her feel special. Unbeknownst to Deshawn, Friday night's playlist of activities were on repeat. She never wanted him to leave her on Friday. She wanted the night to go on. Plus, recounting every dirty detail of their night, and handing the fine points over to 'Miss Dip-In-It-Keisha' really didn't help her situation at all.

C'mon, don't cream your panties at the office, girl. You're seeing him later.

"Seriously, like I told you earlier, the night was amazing and not just the sex."

"Oh my God," Keisha cut her off with a gasp.

"What?" Desiree snorted at the weird look her best friend was giving her.

"So you go from just thinking about a date, to going on a date, to fucking, and now you're in love?" Keisha continued.

Ugh, where the hell is Maya? Desiree said inwardly, rolling her eyes.

As always, the owner of the Law Offices of Maya J. Wilkes was the last one to get to the office, but luckily, she walked in just before Keisha could ask another question.

Thank God! Desiree screamed inside.

"Good morning, all. Sorry I'm late," Maya cooed, shutting the door behind her.

"Good morning," Everyone replied.

"Don't worry Maya; we're all use to you being late by now." Deshawn's friend, Jason spoke up, making the room laugh.

Even Maya laughed and replied, "Hey, I am late, so everyone with cases, get to court, and if you don't have any cases pending, hit the boards."

At her words, half the room stood and headed out the door. Deshawn and Desiree met at the door and stepped off to the side, holding each other's glances a minute.

"Hey," Deshawn said with a smile. "We still on after work?"

"You know it, boy. You'll definitely be seeing me later,"

"Good, 'cause I know somebody's who's been dying to see you too."

Desiree gave a sexy smirk, slyly running her hand down the pant leg that concealed his dick. Deshawn looked around for prying eyes, but found nothing.

"Oooh, well just tell him to be ready for me."

"No worries, 'lil mama. He's going to be ready for you," Deshawn said, holding back the urge to passionately take her lips into his.

Thankfully, Jason popped in just before he lost it.

"I hate to break this up, but we've got to meet with your client about the murder trial, Deshawn."

"I know. I'm just shooting the breeze with Desiree."

You're gonna be shooting a lot more than breeze later, sweetie. Desiree mused.

"Cool, but she's got the Samuel's case to work on, right girl." Keisha's voice chimed in suddenly.

In a matter of seconds, Deshawn and Desiree went from being face-to-face to Deshawn standing in the conference room with Jason while Desiree was ushered out of the room and down the hall by Keisha. They stole a last glance at each other before they were separated with the same thought.

I can't wait 'till later.

Drive to Muncy

Deshawn and Jason were on the road for the State Correctional Institution in Muncy, Pennsylvania. It was an hour-long drive, but for Deshawn it was all a part of the job. Plus for once, he wasn't going alone. Jason was with him and he was driving, which allowed Deshawn time to work on his poetry. During the drive though Jason couldn't help, but notice the grin that kept appearing on his friend's face.

"All right. Spill it, Dee. Why're you so damn happy today?" Jason quizzed, as they hit the halfway point of their journey.

Deshawn didn't even look up from his notebook and replied, "I just had a really great weekend, bro that's all."

"Well, I've only seen that smile on your face one other time and that was back in school when you were dating Tory," Jason reminded him, and then his eyes got big, because he had a revelation.

"Wait - somebody got some pum-pum over the weekend, huh?"

When it came to their friendship, Jason and Deshawn, in some ways, still acted how they did when they were in school together. They were complete opposites as Jason was outgoing and Deshawn was shy, but each had certain tells that they used on each other to extract information. Whenever Jason asked Deshawn about his sex life or the recent sexual escapades he'd had, Deshawn would lie. And whenever he'd lie about his sex life, his eyes would veer away and he'd bite his bottom.

"No," Deshawn said, still not looking up.

Jason just shook his head and thought to himself. Here it comes. He couldn't see his friend's eyes, but he definitely saw him biting his lip. "C'mon, man. I know you're lying so just tell me. It was Keisha wasn't it? Damn, I saw she was walking a little crooked this morning." Jason laughed.

"It's always the quiet ones, huh, Dee? You worked her coochie out?"

"It's nobody at the office, man." Deshawn said deadpan.

If it was any other girl, if it had been just a one night stand, then Deshawn would have told his friend everything. Except Desiree wasn't any other girl, and he didn't have a one night stand. Friday night was special. He'd wanted it for the longest time, and he finally got it. Sex with Desiree was like Heaven on Earth, and Jason didn't need to know anything until the time was right.

"Really?" Jason pressed.

"Yeah," Deshawn told him still deadpan. "Now, we've got to focus. The prosecution is trying to throw the book at my client and I need your help to try to get them to ease up. When you observe her, you'll see she's not a killer. Hell, she's still got the black eye from the fight when she stabbed her husband."

"Yeah, I know. Candace's husband was abusive and she was just defending herself. You told me,"

"Hey, I don't call it the 'Sweet and Soft' case for nothing. Now, do you have any ideas?"

"Yup, I've got a few."

"Great. We've got a half an hour ride left so let's get to work."

Deshawn's grin came back once more and Jason nudged him.

"And you were just talking about getting to work. What's got your head in the clouds, bro?"

Desiree. Deshawn told himself, again feeling his dick throb at the thought her.

After Hours

It was five 'o clock when Desiree walked out of the courthouse in Center City. She was beaming with joy, because after three months in court, she was finally done with the case. She'd won the Samuels' case. Desiree anticipated potential fatigue and soreness in the morning, so she planned to work from home the following day. She needed to return to the office to get some briefs for an upcoming case.


Desiree removed her gray coat and tossed it in one of the two black leather chairs facing her cherry wood desk. She just needed to quickly grab a few things and then head home to meet Deshawn. She kept her office immaculate as she did her home. Desiree moved behind her desk, and settled in to her chair. She reclined back, inhaled deeply, and allowed her neck and back muscles to rest against the high chair back. The balls of her feet were on fire from standing, so she eased her pumps off to relax them for a minute. She bent to straighten her shoes, and when she rose, she was no longer alone in her office.

"Hey, Miss Desiree. How was court?

It was Jason, the office clown.

"It went extremely well, thank you! How was your day? Didn't you ride to Muncy with Deshawn?"

"Yea, we did. That trip was productive. We made some headway with Ms. Candace's case."

"That's good. So, how was your weekend, Jason?"

"My weekend was pretty good. Friday, I went out for drinks with a few people. We wound up grabbing some dinner and hanging for a bit. How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?"

Yes, I got fucked by an anaconda, your best friend, Deshawn.

"Um, no. No, I didn't do anything spectacular this weekend," Desiree tried to hide her blush.

"Well, Deshawn told me that he had a great weekend with Keisha. Did you know that they hooked up this past weekend?"

What the hell? Why would Deshawn lie like that?

Desiree held back her cross face, "Mmm, no. That's news to me."

"Yea. I wasn't surprised though. He's been talking about her for a long time. Actually, I'm really happy for them,"

Jason obviously didn't know how close she and Keisha were, he didn't realize that they'd been best friends for years, and that there was no way Keisha would not tell her news like this.

Jason quickly maneuvered the conversation in his favor, "So, Desiree are you seeing anyone?"

Okay, this shit is getting mega-awkward.

Desiree nodded. "Yes, I'm seeing someone. I am. Uh-huh."

"Oh, anyone I know?"

"Well, I don't..."

"Is it serious, because if it's not, I wanted to ask you out to..."

"Yea." Desiree quickly answered his question and shut Jason's hopes completely down, "Yes, it's serious. We're committed."

Just then, there was a quick knock on her door.

"Hey Desiree! Wow, you're committed, huh?"

"Deshawn, hey!"

"Deshawn, I wanted to congratulate you and Keisha." Desiree widened her gray eyes and nodded her head up and down.

Deshawn wrinkled his nose and looked at Desiree crazy-like, "Huh, I'm not sure what you're talking about."

"Ahem... Well, Jason, here tells me that you and Keisha had a wild lover's weekend. Care to elaborate?"

Deshawn turned and looked at Jason, "Did I tell you that?"

"I just made a proper deduction from the information you provided on the way to Muncy, bruh," Jason moved his hands in some nonsensical way as if he were attempting to put an air-puzzle together.

"Bruh, you're wrong. Did you divulge your proper deduction to anyone else in the firm, Jase?"

"Naw, man. I'm sorry. No, I didn't. I just thought... Well, it's time for me to get on outta here. I'll catch up with y'all later."

Deshawn looked at Desiree and threw words over his shoulder, "All right, man. I'll catch you in the a-m."

Jason scurried out the room, closing the door behind him. Deshawn watched through the door's small window until his best friend turned the corner toward the front door. He smirked as his friend disappeared from sight, because that meant he and Desiree where the only ones left in the building. Hell, most of the staff was leaving as he and Jason got back from Muncy. His dick throbbed in his pants as he locked the door.

"I'm sorry about Jason, babe. You know he can be idiot sometimes," he said, turning to face her.

Desiree nodded, "I know, but why'd you lock the door."

Deshawn took Desiree in his arms and his hands rested on her ass, "'Cause we're alone and I've got one thing on my mind."

"Mmm, I think I know what it is 'cause I'm drenched, Deshawn." Desiree purred.

"Mmmm, you're drenched? Can I lick you like Osiris licks Isis?"

"Ugh, this whole day's been killing me with you on mind, so yes lick away, baby."

They kissed, fondled, caressed, and in a matter of seconds, the lovers were buck-naked. Each wanted the other all-damn day and fucking couldn't wait a second longer. They hit the office floor, pawing at each other until Deshawn spread Desiree's legs and licked up her labia lips teasingly slow.

"Mmmm, you taste good. You want more?"

"Oh...please do it. You're so bad, Deshawn."

At Desiree's moans, Deshawn lashed his tongue like a taskmaster's whip over her core, teasing his lover's clit with his thumb.

He smiled as she threw her head back and screamed, "Fuck!"

"Yes, let me hear it, Desiree. Don't hold back," Deshawn urged before darting his tongue inside, fucking and licking her inner walls.

"Ahhh! Do it! Tongue fuck me, baby!"

Deshawn's tongue fucked Desiree's carnal canal until his fingers replaced his tongue, so he could nibble on the clit. Desiree's hands grasped the back of his head and held him firm in the pussy. She squirmed and writhed under his soft mouth. Her eyes curled back as Deshawn took his sweet time nibbling, biting, and teasing her clit.

"Mmm, you like how I do this, Dez?"

Dez squeezed his head harder and she felt an eruption bubbling in her loins. "Yes, you do it so good, Deshawn."

"Shit, let your dam break, 'lil mama. Let me taste your juices," Deshawn coaxed, nibbling then sucking on her clit.

"Ahhh, it's coming down. Here it comes. I'm coming!"

Desiree's orgasmic dam broke and instead of coming up, Deshawn held his mouth on her to take every drop.

"Ooh, that's it! Damn, you taste like honey. Mmm!"

Desiree wiggled her womanhood on Deshawn's face in ecstasy as she released a fountain of honey-flavored goodness all over his face.

"Ahh! Damn, you taste so good." Deshawn moaned licking and lapping at the folds of her sex from the lips to the clit.

He gave her vajayjay a kiss and then kissed up to her belly button. Even though Desiree had just cum, she needed no time to recover. Like a lioness in heat, she regained her composure quickly; with animalistic strength, she turned Deshawn over. And if that wasn't a surprise for him, her tongue licking his round muscular rump certainly was. She ran her tongue from the top of his ass to his untouched hole. She licked around the outside then darted her tongue in and out of his hotness. Crazily enough, to Deshawn it felt damn good.

Desiree spread his cheeks further and smothered her pretty face in his ass.

"Mmm, you taste delicious," she told him, coming up for some air.

"Fuck... shit! What're you doing, girl?" Deshawn moaned loudly at the feel of her tongue on him again.

"I'm tossing it good, Deshawn."

Desiree shook my head back and forth, wetting his asshole thoroughly. She eased a finger in then two, pushing them in and out. Suddenly, the feel of Desiree's tongue left Deshawn. Looking over his shoulder, he watched his love strap-up. She'd secured nine rubber inches of dick for him to her waist. He smirked at premise that she had sex toys in her office.

Desiree rolled the tip against his hole and pressed in slowly. She pushed in past his resistance until all nine inches were inside of him. Deshawn bit his lips as the toy hit his prostate.

He gripped his manhood and started stroking. "Mmm, shit damn, Desiree!"

Desiree began fucking his ass furiously. Watching his chocolate cheeks meet her hips, and the sight of her black toy going in and out of him made her sopping wet. Desiree stroked his ass slow until Deshawn caught the rhythm and backed up on the strap-on while she fucked him.

"Ooh, shit! Fuck!" he screamed. "Yeah, smack my ass.

Desiree smacked his ass hard. Smack. Smack. Smack. The smack of Desiree's hips hitting Deshawn's butt as she drove the pole in and out echoed. She held his waist and drove in harder, sex liquid dripping from her pussy.

"Mmmm, fuck!" Deshawn groaned, pushing off the strap-on.

He gripped Desiree madly, kissing her, "My turn."

Deshawn tore the strap-on off her then sank his ten and half inches into her womanhood, stroking gently.

"Oh shit," Desiree opened her legs wide, feeling his meat pressing closer and closer to her pussy's bottom. "Fuck me hard"

"Mmmm, want it deeper?" Deshawn asked giving a coy smirk, stroking harder and rougher, kissing her passionately.

"Yes, I want you to hit my bottom. Fuck me harder!"

Desiree kissed him back, meeting his tongue and tasting her pussy. Deshawn was stroking as hard as possible, giving her his all.

"Mmmm, fuck!" he moaned as he hit bottom. "Damn, you got that good-good, Desiree."

Desiree spread her legs a little further, giving him certain full access to her. "Fuck me. Shit, fuck me, boy!"

Oh, I'm about to do that. Don't you worry, girl. Deshawn thought as he pulled out, flipped her doggy-style, and then gave her hard pumps while rolling his hips.

"Ow, damn. Shit. Fuck me, get that sopping wet pussy."

Desiree's tits bounced back and forth as he gave her the anaconda she craved so much.

She squeezed her nipples and pushed back to meet Deshawn's strokes, "Damn, Fuck me hard."

"Shit, this pussy is the bomb." Deshawn moaned, stroking faster, feeling his nut slowly start to creep to the surface.

He slapped her ass, watching it ripple and loved the visual. "Ooh!"

Desiree bucked back against him, reaching down and rubbing her clit. "I'm gonna cum."

"Aww yeah, cum for me, 'lil mama. Let those juices go again," Deshawn urged, giving her his death stroke, feeling himself about to explode.

Desiree rubbed her clit in circles barely holding on as he pounded the pussy toward his explosion.

"It's coming, Desiree." he warned, stroking as hard as possible. "Where do you want it?"

Like Deshawn did earlier, Desiree pushed off the dick, turning over on her knees to take Deshawn's cream in her mouth.

"It's open Deshawn...give it to me."

Deshawn aimed straight for Desiree's mouth, not wanting anything to hit her beautiful face, and let his nut go, "Ahh, fuck!"

With her mouth wide open, Desiree felt his hot streams roll down the back of her throat. Deshawn's cream tasted so sweet.

"Mmmm," she moaned, swallowed, and smiled.

"Mmmm," Deshawn leaned over, kissed her passionately, and tasted himself. "Damn, that was so good, girl.


About fifteen minutes later, both were dressed and ready go.

Deshawn gave Desiree's forehead a kiss, "Damn, I didn't know you were that freaky girl."

Desiree smirked, "If you play your cards right, you'll get to just how freaky I can be."

"Cool, so are we still hanging?" Deshawn needed to know.

"Most definitely," Desiree cooed.

"Okay, how would you feel if I left my car here and came home with you? I just hated leaving you Friday night."

Desiree smiled brightly, "I'd like that."

From the office, they travelled to Deshawn's, so that he could shower and grab a change of clothes. The two made love in his shower then it was on to a night of passion at Desiree's that lasted until the early morning.

Author's Note:

~Jerrell, I had a blast working with you again. Love you, brother!

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