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Dinner and a Quickie with Belmont and Clark

A forbidden love affair quickie.
BELMONT AND CLARK: Dinner and a Quickie
    Today Clark, my ex brother-in-law came over with his son for dinner. While our kids were playing Wii, he kept me company in the kitchen while I prepared dinner. No one knows that we've been secretly sleeping with each other for the past 2 years and in the process have fallen deeply in love, so whenever we get together we must be as careful as possible and on our best behavior so we don't get caught. Only problem is that we cannot seem to keep our hands, mouths, lustful words, or private parts to ourselves. The air is extremely sexually charged whenever the two of us are in the same room. Our conversation goes from "How was your day?" to sneaky whispers of "I want you so bad!" within just moments of being nearby. Today was no different.
    Any chance either of us got, we slowly brush up on one another, ran our fingers across an arm, stole a quick kiss, whispered something sexy in an ear, spoke dirty and teased the hell outta each other till I was completely dripping wet and he was hard as a rock. Normally that is where it ends, that is, if anyone else is around...especially our kids. At that point we usually back off and try to act "normal" with threats of "Just wait till I get you alone later." But today we kept pushing the envelope a little further till we were in over our heads horny as hell. I began rubbing his bulging cock through his jeans aggressively and then I'd walk away. He'd walk over and put his mouth against my ear and whisper "I want to taste you" as his hand would find its way between my thighs where he could feel the heat radiating thru my clothing. I whispered to him "Why don't you just put your hand down my panties and test just how hot I am?" His eyebrow raised, in debate. We peeked over at the kids still playing in the other room, then he slyly slid his hands down my stomach, into my panties, over my shaven skin and between my lips. Of course I was already quite moist. He quickly pulled his fingers from my hot wet hole and slid one into his mouth and the other into mine. Afterwards breathlessly saying, "Baby you taste so good..." then loudly added... "Don't you need help downstairs with that thing you were telling me about?" My heart quickened to a rapid beat. Was he really going to push this further? Thinking I'd go to the stairwell and he'd give me that "OMG I was kidding look", I  decided to test the water. We've never pushed the limits this far but I wanted him bad enough to take him up on his offer of sneaking down to the basement, if he was serious that is. Apparently he was because somehow seconds later we were standing face to face in the cold dampness of the cellar. Our lips met in a hungry kiss, tongues exploring...tasting... We listened for any sign that kids were wandering from upstairs while he quickly yanked down my pants and pulled my panties past my knees. He pushed my legs back eagerly to get another taste of what he sampled just minutes before, now glistening so juicy. 
His face came down upon me like a ravenous beast... tonguing, nibbling, sucking, and tasting all of my dripping juices. Teasing my clit with his teeth and his tongue with a steady rythym. I grabbed the back of his head and ran my nails through the stubble of his hair while I pumped my hips in a rocking motion. He was so aggressively stimulating me that my pussy poured out its creamy cum in waves. His dick was solid and he couldn't wait to undo his belt in order to release his cock into the hot cum dripping hole that awaited it. But as he was fumbling with his pants I crawled over and took over....forcefully pulling down all clothing that was in the way to expose his massive boner. I quickly wrapped my mouth around it, grabbed his ass with both hand and guided him deeper and deeper into my mouth with an eager thrust, then slowly and gently allowing my lips to caress every inch all the way to the tip of his cock. Leaving both saliva and pre-cum on the head...I lead him over to the washing machine. As I bend over the washer he lifted one of my legs up and slid his cock inside of me from wet pussy began to drip down my thigh. Pushing in me as deep as he possibly could go, then pumping in just a bit deeper to see how much I could take before squirming and letting out a little whimper...then he slid outta me...very...very...slowly... letting my pussy lips glide over every inch of his hard cock just as my mouth did moments before. We heard the kids upstairs and knew that our time was short. We couldn't stop now... but would they open the door and begin to descend into the basement? Should we stop and quickly dress?? We froze and intently listened for any sound that would give us a push into the direction we needed to go in...phew...they were walking away from the door. I quickly turned facing him and our lips met in a feverish messy kiss as he lifted me onto the washer and slid his manhood into me. He began pounding his cock deeper and deeper into me, alternating between fast and rough and slow and deep. " are SO wet right feels so good on my's driving me wild!" He pulled out and immediately brought his face just inches above my sloppy wet cunt, I could feel his breath he was so close. Looking up at me he said, "Can I taste you?" and before I could even answer he was face down eating me out. Then he pulled me up close to him, allowed me to taste my juices from his lips, and wrapped his arms around my waist as he pulled me onto him. This time fucking me so good my breath became labored. I wanted to feel his dick throb inside of me shooting his hot liquid cum all over the walls of my pussy. I was getting close to climaxing again and told him, "Baby cum with me... cum in me... I want to feel you cumming while I cum all over your dick!" He pumped faster in a very arousing rythem and as my pussy began pulsating...his dick spasms and hot cum caused me to orgasm even more hardcore... both of our juice dripping down his sack and between my thighs. He pulled out and we quickly got our clothes on. Just as we began walking up the stairs the door opened and our kids stood there glaring at us "Where were you guys? We've been looking all over for you."
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