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Dinner At Midnight?

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Adaptability Has It's Benefits
Having a job that frequently requires me to work until around eleven or later due to my company having a large client base overseas, I'm lucky to have a lady that is very understanding about it all. She knows that when I take my turn working a month of late shifts that I adjust my entire day so I can stay in the routine of getting up and going to work, then having the evening; even if the evening doesn't start until around midnight. Since she has her own website development company and works primarily from our home, she also adjusts her days so we can be together.

On the last night of my midnight month, I was certainly looking forward to turning that shift over to one of my competent employees. Having finally completed negotiations and securing a substantial contract, I sat back and took a few deep breaths, closed my eyes for a few moments, and was planning on how to close another negotiation we had been trying to secure for several months.

Before long I stood and headed to the restroom. I heard the phone ringing as I approached the door, but decided to leave the service handle it. Returning to my office, I called the service to check on the call.

"Thank you for choosing 'It's Our Call'. This is Julie. How can I help you, Sir?" was the greeting from the girl answering my call.

"I was just checking on that call a few moments ago. Any message?"

"Yes Sir. A lady called and requested you meet her at 'Le Entree' as soon as you're off work."

I grinned widely. I knew exactly who it was. We had found this place one night several years ago. It was our kind of place - the owner had a very good sense of humor, which I thought was evident by the name he chose for his eatery.

One would think it was an upper class restaurant because from the street it had all the quiet sophistication required. However, when you opened the second set of doors you encountered when entering, you'd discover it was actually just a good old fashioned diner that was open 24 hours. I recalled when I asked him why he named it Le Entree, he chuckled and said it was to see the faces of the uppity snobs before they turned tail and ran when they realized it wasn't a fancy place to show off their success.

"Is there anything else, Sir?" I heard Julie asking on the phone.

"Uh, no, thanks Julie," I stammered as I returned from my trip down memory lane.

"Have a good night Sir," she said as the connection was terminated.

Still holding the receiver in my hand, I mentally ran back down that magical lane so I could enjoy all the countless hours Brittney and I had spent there. Eventually, as is always the case, reality was forced upon me as my assistant came in and asked me a question about the project he was working on. I supplied him the answer and asked if he'd lock up. I was calling it a day.

"No problem," he said. Gary had the drive and ability to make me know he'd be there long after he need be. He was a hell of trouper and damn good at his job.

"We'll see ya later," I said as I walked past him. I patted him on the upper arm as I passed and paused. "Gary, for heavens' sake, go home. Now! You've put more than your share of hours in here this month."
"Yeah. I will," he replied with a chuckle. I knew as well as he did he'd not go until he felt comfortable with the amount of work he finished. Shit. He worked more than any two of my other employees did combined.

It took little time before I arrived at Le Entree since there was almost no other traffic. Walking in the door, I was greeted by Hank. He was a heavy set man, around my age, and was also the chief cook, bottle washer, janitor, cashier, and server. He was the owner, naturally, for those who don't understand the amount of work and dedication involved in owning a restaurant.

"Evening, Art!" Hank pleasantly greeted me with. Approaching quickly, he was soon shaking my hand as he expressed his delight in seeing Brit and me dining together tonight. "I have seated your delightful lady in your suite."
"You're a trip, Hank!" I said through my laughter. He was great! Our 'suite' was a small table in one corner of his dining room that he'd put a privacy panel around when we'd stop in unless we requested him specifically not to.

We had requested Hank and his wife, Judy, to sit down and take a break with us one of the first times we had stopped there. They politely refused, but when Brit and I team up on someone, they soon surrender. Our friendship grew instantly and the four of us had done a lot of things together over the years. It soon became where we were almost like family.

As I stepped around the corner of the privacy panel, I saw Brittney looking over the menu. I stood there silently for a few moments, staring at her simple but exotic beauty. Long, soft, dark hair, the most enticing eyes I had seen, a pretty and undecorated face. (She seldom wore makeup now, after many years of me trying to convince her she didn't need it)

I couldn't help but stare for several seconds at her rather small but firm and seductive cleavage.

"Excuse me," I said in a voice just above a whisper. "I must have the wrong table."

She jumped from the surprise of hearing my voice and looking up, her smile illuminated my life like the sun illuminates the world. She quickly stood up and gave me a heavenly hug and kiss.

"You leave and you're a dead man!" she exclaimed playfully as she forced a false frown to appear on her face. We hugged a bit longer, kissed several more times, and was preparing to sit down when Judy appeared.

"Hey! Where's mine?" she asked as her arms wrapped around my waist. We hugged briefly and then I sat down across from Brittney. "Your regular?" she asked as she waived the menu in front of me. My grin gave her the answer. "This lovely lady has already placed her order," Judy said as she gently placed her arm on Brits' shoulder. "I'll leave you two alone and get your food ready."

It was so nice to be able to see Brittney, especially tonight. She was wearing a very simple but flattering white sleeveless top. Her dark hair framed her face perfectly and my heart melted as I looked at her, listening intensely to her tell me about the new contract she got. I knew she was justifiably excited about it. She had been trying for almost a year to land the deal. Reaching my hand out to her, she grasped it as she continued to share her excitement.

'God. She is a real doll!' I thought to myself, sidetracking me for only an instant.

All too soon, in my opinion, our food arrived and we quietly shared more things with each other as well enjoyed our food. Her with her salad and me with my 'country fried steak', fries, and rolls. Once we finished our meals, almost as if it had been choreographed in advance, we slid toward each other, meeting halfway around the circular seat.

Judy brought us our favorite dessert. A regular, black, straight and strong coffee for me, and some kind of 'girlie' cappuccino for Brit. We sat there and talked endlessly. I was continually stroking my hand up and down the length of her firm, shapely thigh. She had worn a pair of terrycloth shorts, and I knew it was just for my benefit.

Eventually, we decided we should head out. I slid out and reached out to assist Brit as she stood up.

"Well, thank you!" she said with a smile. Running her finger up and down my chest, she whispered, "I was hoping you'd be able to take me home. I think my car just died tonight."

I knew it hadn't, but that's just one of our many little games we play with each other. It's our own warped sense of foreplay.

"Well, that depends, my dear," I replied, smiling from ear to ear. "Who's home? Yours or mine?"

Reaching up her arms to trap my head in her grasp, she put her mouth to my ear, whispering, "You don't really think I care, do you??"

When I asked Judy for the check, she politely explained that it had all been taken care of and winked at Brit. Turning to look at her, I saw Brittney had suddenly become very interested in the decorations in the place. "Well, thank you Ma'am," I said as I kissed her on the cheek. She giggled and took my hand, gently starting me toward the door.

"Goodnight Judy, and thanks for another wonderful evening!" Brittney said as we started to the door.

"Yes, thanks Judy," I said. "Thanks Hank!! Catch ya later!!" I yelled to him in the kitchen.

Sticking his head out the door, he called out, "Hey, thanks you two! Good to see you again!"

Leading Brit to my truck, I opened the door for her and eyed her long, shapely legs as she tried to crawl into the cab. "You and your damn truck! It's so friggin' high!" she playfully complained as she slid back to the ground. Turning to face the inside of the truck, she crawled in face first. I knew she only did it to give me a glimpse at her ass, and trust me my friends, I looked at it as much as I could!!

Our conversation on the way home was they always were; a mix of lighthearted chit-chat and serious discussion. Pulling the truck into the garage, we were soon headed inside the house.

"Oh, Honey, I'm beat!" Brit said as she dropped her jacket over the chair back. I walked up behind her her, rubbing her shoulders as I kissed her neck several times.

"I'm no ball of fire myself," I confessed softly in her ear, gently kissing her earlobe. A few moments later I began setting up the coffee maker for our morning and Brit said she was going to go get ready for bed.

Turning to watch her as she walked down the hall, she had removed her sweater top just before she turned to walk into the bedroom. I was finished with my self-appointed chore when I heard a "Pssst!!" coming from the hallway.

Turning to see what Brit wanted, I instantly had as smile on my face and a lump in my throat.

Yes. I said throat. I'd think by now you'd have figured out I already have had more bulges in my pants tonight than a golf ball has dimples.

I saw Brittney standing in the hall, naked except for the towel she had almost wrapped around her. With the light from the bedroom cascading over and accentuating her seductive body, I watched with a mesmerized stare as she flashed parts of her body at me. "If you can manage to stay awake a bit longer, I was thinking it would be really nice to have a mutual, congratulatory celebration."

I could say nothing. I was drawn to her like a moth to a light, but I knew the result for me would be worlds more pleasing than any moth ever experienced!

She was already on the bed, patting the mattress beside her as I entered the room. Candles were glowing softly in the bedroom and she had our favorite homemade CD playing. Removing my clothes, I laid down beside her. Our passion and desires grew stringer and quickly as we kissed, cuddled, and enjoyed each other.

I was soon being forced on my back, my male flesh protruding straight toward the ceiling. Her firm, warm and soft body was quickly covering me like a blanket. Wrapping my hands around her waist, she positioned herself and lowered her body onto mine.

The softness of her hair stroking my face and shoulders as she took her pleasure from me was a delight. She took a lot of pleasures from my body and with her climaxing several times had bathed me in the heavenly sweetness from her body.

The pleasures she gave me were so intense I soon was uncontrollably filling her with my hot satisfaction as she persuaded every drop from me.

Both of us were now drained and totally exhausted. She slid onto the bed and laid on her side so she had her back to me. She knows how much I enjoy cuddling tight against her with my grateful flesh nestled between her ass cheeks. Placing my arm over her waist I kissed her neck softly and continuously as my hand slid up and down her torso, slowly going up and caressing her breasts and then repeating the cycle.

Hearing her gently and melodic purrs of enjoyment, I continued until she had drifted off to sleep.

"Good night, Honey," I whispered as I snuggled up as tight as possible to her and soon had also dozed off.

When I woke, I discovered she was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast.

"Oh, Sweetie, I thought it was my turn to cook so you could relax today," I stated as I walked to her and kissed her luscious lips. My hands were also slowly rubbing her firm, shapely ass that was hidden under her robe, and I was amazed by how excited she made me.

Eventually we finished breakfast and headed out through the seemingly endless thick wooded area behind the house.

It took us a lot longer than we planned, but after all, what could be better than enjoying each other in nature - except for what started it all .... our dinner at midnight.
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