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Dinner Was Served

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To her, it felt good to get wet again.
In the twenty-five years that Ashlee and Greg had been married, never did Ashlee think their love could grow more. Ashlee was eighteen when she married Greg, and now that she was forty-two, going on forty-three, the love she felt for her husband had never changed. She loved him just as much as the day they got married.

Greg was forty-five, still in the same physical shape as when Ashlee married him. His tall physique, his muscular arms and flawless long body still appealed to her, if not more. His full head of dark hair only had sprigs of gray running through it and Ashlee loved how it made him look distinguished. She knew it was always said that men who were graying always looked distinguished, and it was definitely true in Greg’s case. He was as dapper as he had been when she first met him.

Ashlee, however, did not feel the same about herself. She felt she had let herself go over the years. Although she always went to the salon to have her hair pampered and the gray taken out, she could feel the years on her. After having three children, the first when she was nineteen, the second when she was twenty-two and the third when she was twenty five, Ashlee felt the torture on her body. She knew in today’s time, she was not classified as old, but to her, her body felt it. The stretch marks were still on her stomach from her first child and after having two more, they were more pronounced. Ashlee would often look at her naked body in the full length mirror in her and Greg’s bedroom and she could see the sags in places where they should not have been. It was safe to say that she was beginning to hate her body.

Greg, on the other hand, did not seem affected by Ashlee’s appearance at all. He still looked at her the same as when they were married twenty-five years ago. It was true, the years had been rough on both of them, but he did not care. Greg still saw his wife as his mutual life partner. Then again, he did see how the years seemed to affect his wife. To him, the love between them never failed and it was as strong as the day they actually met. He wanted to show Ashlee that she was still his one true love and that he would never stray from her. The beginning of that had already started and Ashlee noticed the changes that morning.

Ashlee was in the shower facing the back wall, running the bath sponge over her naked wet body, squeezing suds over it when she heard the slide of the shower door open. She did not have to turn around to see who it was; she knew it was Greg. She shivered as he touched the beginning curve of her hip and slowly pulled her body to his. His touch felt good to her and sent ripples of pleasure through her body she had thought long left her. Ashlee had always loved how Greg touched her and for some reason, it felt much more sensual and erotic this time. She knew why. It had been a long time since she and Greg had showered together.

Greg had no intentions of fucking Ashlee in the shower. He just wanted to show her how he still felt and that she was still all woman to him. He did not even get hard. The moment did not call for that, even though he thought he would be. No, it was more sensual than sexual. Greg was pleasing his wife more than he was pleasing himself.

Ashlee shivered as she felt her husband’s hands slowly drift over her hot wet skin. She felt the loving feeling travel through her body. It was highly sensual and erotic, but not sexual in any way. The feeling inside her knew the difference. Her body reacted in a loving way that reciprocated how she felt. She slowly leaned her head into Greg’s shoulder and looked up to his face. She could read the love flowing from him into her. It was pure true love.

Ashlee loved how Greg touched her without being sexual. He did not even run his hands across her breasts. Not even down to what was between her legs. She was just enjoying the love run out of his hands and onto her body so she could absorb what her husband was giving her. Ashlee had not felt so much like a woman until now. She felt the love of her husband fill her body and culminate in a joyous celebration within her own self. It felt good to her to be loved again by her husband.

It did not end there. Later in the day, after that glorious morning in the shower, Greg was at work and Ashlee tended to the house in her usual manner. Ashlee was cleaning the kitchen when the doorbell rang. Ashlee went to answer it and as soon as she looked through the peep hole, she saw a dozen roses in a vase. She was shocked. She could not remember the last time she had received roses. She opened the door and the delivery guy smiled and handed her the vase. Ashlee felt her lips form a smile. She sat the vase down on the coffee table in the living room and pulled out the card. She opened it and started to read the words written in her husband’s hand. As she read, “To the love of my life: The years with you have been the best of mine. It is true that love gets better with age. It will only continue to grow. All of my love, your soul mate, Greg,” tears came to her eyes and she had to sit. Ashlee was overwhelmed.

Ashlee sat there letting the tears roll down her face as she held the small note that her husband had written. She felt the love fill her heart as she sat there, knowing that her husband was still in love with her and loved her for who she was and what she had become. Just when she thought her body was letting her down, her husband began showing her it did not matter. And Ashlee could feel that it did not matter to Greg. However, as she sat there, the tears now subsiding, Ashlee knew what she wanted to do. She could feel her body reacting. She could feel her body needing her husband’s. Ashlee needed her husband inside her. She would make that happen tonight.

So, Ashlee began to get ready for tonight. She got up and walked to the kitchen and looked in the refrigerator to see what she could cook to get ready for the special occasion. She saw that all the ingredients were in there to make his favorite dish of chicken carbonara. So she pulled all of it out and began the process that would lead up to a wonderful night.

Ashlee knew that there would be no questions from Greg or that he would be wondering why his favorite dish had been cooked. She knew that he would see it as a thank you for what he had done to make her feel special earlier this morning and now with the delivery of the roses. If there was one thing she knew how to do, it was to do something special for him withouteen set at the dinner table. She did not have to worry about any of her children being home. The two oldest ones were off at college and the youngest always had something to do in her spare time with other friends. The house would be all to her and Greg.

Ashlee dressed in normal attire, not really wanting to give anything away. For the first time in a long time, she finally felt like the woman she had always been. Thanks to her husband. She had always been in love with him, but she could feel how much more she was due to the actions he took to make her feel wanted. Ashlee had no idea how Greg could tell how she was feeling about her body, but somehow, he seemed to read her like a book. She was grateful for that. She was grateful for him bringing her sensual side back out.

When Greg arrived, he could smell his favorite dish as he walked in the door. He walked to the kitchen and saw his wife opening the oven door to take it out and place it on the carrier to transfer it to the dinner table. Ashlee did not hear him walk in and was startled by his arms wrapping around her after she had set it down in the carrier. Ashlee fell into his body like she did when she was eighteen and first in love. His body felt the same to her. His arms enveloped her now as they did back then. She always felt safe in his arms. Greg was the one man that knew her true feelings and she was glad that she was sharing her life with him.

He turned her around and kissed her gently on the lips. It was a sensual kiss filled with passion. One of those that meant more by one long peck than one of those that meant nothing but yearning. His lips were warm and hot on hers and she melted into them the same way she did when they first met and started dating. Ashlee could feel the heat racing through her body, filling her with longing to have her husband’s hard long cock inside her pussy. For the first time in a long time, Ashlee finally felt like a woman because she could feel the moisture build in her pussy. To her, it felt good to get wet again.

It was all Ashlee could do to keep from wanting her husband to take her on the kitchen floor before dinner. The pulses that now ran through her body told her to just give in and jump him, but she did not want to be so bold. But it was very hard trying to hold off the sexual urges that had returned to her. She really wanted her husband badly. Ashlee had turned him away so many times in the past few months because she did not like what she thought she had become. Due to the recent events from her husband, she knew that she had been wrong to do that. Ashlee was ready to make it up to him. She could not stand it anymore. It was not what she had planned, but the feelings inside her would not stop pounding. Her pussy was now soaking wet, having already soaked through the bikini panty she was wearing. She felt her clit pounding on the lining of it ready for some attention. Ashlee could not help it when the words escaped her mouth. They just rolled off her tongue in perfect syllables.

“Greg, take me now. Make love to me here. I need to feel your body on mine,” Ashlee said through a heavy hot breath.

Greg began kissing her neck as he slowly started to unbutton her blouse. One by one, Ashlee felt his fingers pop the buttons, opening it and revealing her lace bra underneath. When he had unloosened the last one, he rolled the blouse over the curve of one of her shoulders and kissed passionately over her hot skin there. Ashlee moaned as the blouse fell even further down her arms. Greg stopped kissing long enough to pull the blouse off of her, then he continued kissing her neck, but she felt the trace of his fingers down her stomach, over her belly button and down to the button on her pants. Ashlee could not wait until he had them undone and the zipper down.

Ashlee felt his fingers fumble with the button of her pants until she felt it finally pop loose. As he continued to kiss, now a little further down her neck, almost between her cleavage, she felt him slide the zipper down and the fold of the front of her pants open. Slowly, Ashlee felt the tug of her pants and the waistline of them slide over her hips. Her bikini panty was exposed and she could feel the air of the kitchen cool the wet spot that had formed between them. Then she felt the curl of them down at her ankles and it did not take her long to step out of them and toss them aside with her big toe.

As she did, she watched Greg reach for his shirt and pull the tail out of his pants and pull it over his head. Ashlee looked at his broad still muscled chest, the same one he had when they were first in love. She never tired of seeing it. Her husband had an amazing body; at least to her. Greg slowly took her in his arms again and pulled her close, connecting his mouth to hers again. She tasted the passion on his lips. She could tell that he yearned for her, longed for this moment to happen again. As Greg kissed harder, Ashlee felt his hand caress the curve of her hip as it slid down. Then she felt the tickle of his fingers trace along the inside of her thigh. That sent the tingles rushing through her body even faster. What happened next was something she least expected. Greg took his hand and she felt his fingers trace over the damp spot that had formed between her legs.

“Oh God,” Ashlee moaned as Greg slowly teased there. The “oh God” trailed off with an audible deep moan as Greg had found the outline of her clit through the fabric. It felt good to Ashlee to have it massaged again, even if it was only through soaked fabric. The touch of his hand there felt wonderful and sent the rhythmic sensations pulsing through her blood.

“You are so wet, Ashlee. I am glad I can still make you that wet,” Greg said as he fondled her hard clit through her bikini panty lining.

“All because of you, honey. All because of you!” Ashlee exclaimed in a hot breath that escaped her lips in a sort of long moan.

Greg could not help it and slipped his hand inside her panty and let his finger glide over his wife’s wet slit. He felt her engorged lips and her hard clit slowly running his fingers over them, feeling the contour that would soon wrap around his long hard cock. It was going to feel good to once again be inside his wife’s wet pussy. He had missed it for several months, but he knew why. He was so glad that he could make Ashlee feel like a woman again.

Greg pulled his hand out and wrapped his fingers around the waistband of her undergarment and pulled down slowly. Ashlee felt the roll of it along her hips and could not wait to be out of it. When it reached her ankles, like her pants, she tossed them aside with her toe. Ashlee then reached with her hands and started to undo her husband’s pants. Before she knew it, he was out of them and even out of his boxers.

Slowly, Ashlee felt her body being pushed up against the kitchen counter. She had to brace herself with her hands as Greg pushed his body against hers. As he did, Ashlee felt his hard cock press into her inner thigh and she literally gasped, knowing he was ready.

Greg began kissing softly the side of Ashlee’s neck, the one erogenous zone he knew got her highly stimulated. He could feel her skin getting hot and he could taste the pure desire begin empty her pores. As Ashlee always did, she tasted sweet against his tongue. As Greg moved lower down her neck, he felt the vibrations from her throat as she moaned deeply. The moan got louder as he moved his hand and slipped it inside the cup of her bra to feel one of her plump round breasts. It did not bother him that it was now slightly older and did not have the firmness it once hand. Greg could still feel Ashlee’s medium-sized breast react in the same way as if it were younger.

Ashlee leaned her head back so that Greg could get a better angle at kissing her neck. It also pushed her chest out and let him get a better feel of the one breast he was currently massaging. Just like when she was younger, she felt the tingles of desire form and she felt her nipple begin to expand and lengthen. It felt good to her that her nipple could still get hard under Gregg’s stimulation. Even if Greg had not been making her feel like a woman again, she was sure it would still react in the same way. It did help though he was treating her still as his wife.

Somehow, Ashlee managed to reach to her back and pop the clasp loose on her lace bra. She felt Greg let go of her breast long enough to let her bra hit the floor. But he continued the assault on it with his fingers after the bra was let loose.

Ashlee leaned into her husband and wrapped her arms around him. She felt her breasts press against his hard chest as he pulled her in to his body. Both nipples were now hard and sensitive and she could feel the heat of his skin on them. She also felt the pulse of his hardness against the inside of her leg. Both the heat and the firmness of it sent spasms through her body in anticipation for his entry into her wet inlet. The tip of his hard cock was so close to her sexual opening, the eagerness of having him inside her was exciting her even more. Ashlee felt her vagina secrete even more of her naturalness from longing for her husband.

Greg felt his hard cock press into the side of her leg. He could even feel the hot moistness of Ashlee’s pussy on it. He was ready to enter her. After so many years of being with Ashlee, he never had to reach down and position his erection into her hot opening. Greg always found it easily. He felt the tip of his firm cock touch her tender sexual fold. It was hot, wet, and ready. Slowly, he pushed the tip inside her. He felt her hot pink wetness conform to him as he slowly dipped inside.

Ashlee let out a gasp as she felt the tip of his hard erection enter her. She had felt it many times, but there was more to this entry. It was soft and passionate, long and sweet, and to feel the tip of him sink into her wet pliable flesh at this moment was more loving than she ever remembered. Ashlee literally could feel the love of Greg move into her as he slowly pushed his whole hardness all the way inside her. Ashlee was not just feeling the warmth of his long erection, she was also feeling the warmth of his love as she consumed him with her sexual pink lips.

Ashlee felt the passion exit her husband as he slowly moved inside her hot pink pussy. Tenderly, he was giving her his manhood in an adoring way. She loved how she could feel every hard ridge of his cock inside her wet elastic walls of love. Each slow thrust Greg made into her let her know that he was making love to her and not just fucking her. It let her know just how much she missed her husband lately.

Greg was in awe of his wife’s loving grip on his hardness inside her. Her pussy felt like a passion filled cove as he slowly entered and exited her hot sensuality. The heat that he felt inside it, enveloping him with such sweet conviction of love, let him know that Ashlee was still in love with him. Greg could feel the slick slide of her pussy lips over every hard ridge of his long cock as he slowly pushed all the way inside her, burying his erection balls deep.

As Greg was buried inside Ashlee, he gently picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck as he slowly lowered her to the kitchen floor. The tile of the floor was cold on her back and as she felt him begin to slowly move inside her, Ashlee moaned tenderly. She felt her back slide against the cool tile underneath her. She relaxed her legs and let Greg take control of their gentle lovemaking.

In slow soothing strokes, Ashlee felt her husband’s body rock on hers. As he kept the slow movements into her, he leaned down and slowly took her lips onto his. They were just as hot as the ones he was leisurely piercing between her legs. Their tongues intertwined with each other in unison of his erection inside her hot love chamber. Ashlee loved how his tongue thrust into her mouth at the same time she felt his cock thrust deep inside her wet depth. It felt good to her to once again share herself with someone that loved her deeply.

The beads of perspiration slowly formed on both their bodies as they came together naturally, loving each other in the way they only knew how. The slow methodical strokes their bodies made together, matching each other’s movements slowly, filled both of them with feelings of yearning and pure desire. There was no doubt they were still passionately in love with each other.

Ashlee began to feel her orgasm form. The feeling of it enveloped her whole body and the pressure inside her pussy as her husband filled it began to pulse. She could feel her hard clit rub against his hot damp skin as he connected with her over and over. Slowly, she began to let out little sounds of pleasure that deepened with each plunge he easily made into her. She felt her nipples get even harder as the orgasm took over her body, wanting release. Ashlee could feel her inner muscle begin to constrict and wrap around Greg’s cock even more now. She was getting close. She could also feel he was also.

Greg felt the waves of his wife’s eminent orgasm on his cock. It made him harder now, making his orgasm come closer. The slow movements he was making into her wet chasm had now brought forth the spasms that they both felt from each other. As his cock hardened even more inside Ashlee’s constricting division, Greg felt his balls tighten and lift. He was getting close to the inevitable.

Ashlee felt how hard Greg’s cock got inside her. She had learned when he was going to cum. She knew that he could tell she was going to cum as well. They had both brought each other to the point of no return. And for the first time in a long time, it happened, together, simultaneously.

Ashlee felt the first spurt of Greg’s hot orgasm fill her as hers released at the same time. In perfect grunting unison, their orgasms mixed with each other’s, culminating in a natural passionate moment that filled both of them with loving warmth.

In a heap of sexual satisfaction, Ashlee and Greg collapsed beside each other there on the kitchen floor. They both looked at each other and tenderly stroked each other’s cheeks and smiled. Through twenty-five years of marriage, and having lost a lot of what she thought she had, Ashlee looked at her husband and felt more love for him in that moment than she had in a long time. All the passion, all the feelings, everything she ever shared with Greg, came back to her as they lied together on the kitchen floor. It was all because of Greg.

Ashlee turned her body to let her naked back face him. Greg wrapped his arms around her and brought her body close to him. Their bodies were now in a warm glowing aftermath that was more than just spooning. It was a loving cuddle.

In their own way, Ashlee and Greg cooked in the kitchen in the most natural of ways. It sounded so cliché actually. It was a good thing the food had been cooked and taken up beforehand because right now, dinner would have to wait to be served. Ashlee and Greg’s personal dinner had been served naturally and they were basking in its delight.

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