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This story should be so very easy to write. After all, I am a professional. I am a free lance contributor to a number of well respected magazines and there are only two main characters to the story. So this should be a piece of cake, right?

I will start with myself. As I said, I write for a living, a precarious living at that. At my age of twenty eight I am still in excellent shape due to my four years with the US Army Special Forces. I am somewhat shy around women, especially if the ladies are beautiful. I am blond, and they tell me I have a rugged looking face, like an adventurer. But that I am definitely not. Fact is, I am overly sentimental.

The phone rang at nine in the morning. Its jingle rudely interrupted my thoughts in the middle of the story I was writing.

I am sure that my voice showed my irritation as I barked a short, "Hello?" into the receiver, putting a question mark behind the word. How could I know that this call would change my life.

It was Betty, my librarian friend from the downtown library. "This is your lucky day," she announced. "Do I have a great story for you. I talked to a young girl just now during coffee break. Her bane is Lori. She told me she lives at the end of Elm Street, so you have probably seen her. Good looking and vivacious, always dressed the same, short light blue skirt and a peasant blouse."

I stopped her. "Hold it, hold it a moment, Betty, I haven't seen any girls here because there are no houses past mine. And anyway, my study doesn't face the street."

 "Well, that's what she said and she even described your place. But that's not the point. She turned sixteen today and has no family. Ought to be a story in it for you." I had to stop Betty again.

"Betty dear, I am a twenty eight year-old bachelor. I cannot just invite a sixteen year-old girl into my home. Not proper, and anyway, she wouldn't be so naïve as to enter the lair of a not so old lecherous bachelor," I countered.

Betty, being a devious woman, had a plan. "Get a nice cake, sixteen candles, and put on your movie star smile. She won't be able to resist if you wish her a Happy Birthday. As you know, our ilk is a bit on the nosy side and she will want to find out how you knew about her having a birthday. Trust me, she is a woman. She'll come in."

What could I lose? I moved my wireless keyboard and the monitor to the front window and continued to work. In the afternoon I drove to the bakery and bought a nice Black Forest cake and sixteen candles.

At five I was ready to greet her when she returned from the city; the candles nicely spaced on the cake, matches close by. Fresh coffee in the carafe, sugar bowl filled, and cream in the fridge if she liked some.

At about six thirty she appeared, out of nowhere it seemed. I admired the peasant blouse with its intricate, colorful stitchery. Whoa, I thought to myself, Sam, you are getting old. Move your work station to this window permanently and watch the scenery.

Lori was a beautiful, attractive young lady walking on the other side of the street. I liked what I saw. I guess I just love feminine beauty. And beautiful she was. Her black hair framed a delicate face with large eyes. I could not make out much more of her features; she was still too far away.

The wind was blowing at her so that her blouse was tight against her chest and I thought I could detect two nipples making two dimples in the fabric.

As she came closer I could admire her shapely legs and the way she walked with the easy grace of a dancer. She held her head high and her posture signaled determination and confidence. I would have decided to get to know this young lady even without Betty's urging.

I was simply mesmerized by her long legs and her easy graceful stride. So mesmerized that I did not notice the two hoodlums in the doorway she was about to pass.

It was obvious that she had not seen the two hoodlums either as she walked past the doorway. The taller one was blond with a pony tail, his sidekick a pockmarked punk with a shaved head. They pounced on her and pinned her between themselves. By the time I stepped into the street she had been pulled into the alley.

I was across the street and into the alley in a flash, picking up the old brick at the corner as I ran by. I arrived as the blond punk was trying to rip the girl's blouse off. The brick and the right of his face collided and he went down without a whimper.

As the bald one turned to me I forcefully stepped into him and hooked my left foot behind his leg. He went down backwards. He hardly had hit the ground when my bent knee with all my weight behind it found his solar plexus.

The blond guy stayed down, one side of his face partially gone. The other started vomiting. He would retch and vomit for a long time, wishing he was dead. I had had a good instructor in the US Special Forces and tonight I thanked him.

It was over in no more than three or four seconds. The girl still stood where the blond punk had pinned her to the side of the building.  She looked at the carnage before her, then looked at me, and simply said, "Thank you." I picked up her grocery bag and her purse, then took her hand and left.

In my living room she found her voice again. "My name is Lori," was all she could get out. She flung herself against me, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. Then came the reaction, the tears arrived and she started to shake. But she had her self in control again in just a few minutes, all the while hanging on my neck. When the reaction had stopped, she gave me a quick happy smile, followed by another kiss. I actually felt empty when she let go of me.

We stood rooted to the spot, looking at each other and appraising each other. I waited for my breathing and my heartbeat to slow down to normal. It couldn't have been the kiss that caused my rapid heart beat; it probably was the walk back home across the street. Then I remembered to tell her who I was.

"My name is Sam," I told her. "I live here." That was a stupid statement I remarked to myself. Why do I always do that when I meet a beautiful, attractive lady? "Wait a minute," interrupted my mind, 'did you just now say, a lady'? "I meant to say, girl," I lied to my mind, "anyway, a beautiful and attractive female."

She gladly accepted my invitation to take a hot shower, but somewhere in the back of my mind I heard a small voice whisper something about candles. Then I remembered.

I really startled her when I next said, "hold it, first I want to wish you Happy Birthday." She stood absolutely still, just staring at me with unnaturally wide open eyes while I lighted the candles. Then the tears started flowing and she rushed at me to embrace me and hug me, and almost squeeze herself into me.

Her voice was hoarse with emotion as she whispered her thanks into my ear, "Sam, I will never forget this day, how can I possibly ever thank you enough. No one ever has wished me Happy Birthday before."

"Then you had never had a birthday cake?" I stuttered.

Lori shook her head and started shedding happy tears again. Between her sobs I could barely hear her as she hoarsely whispered, "and the   …  candles …  they are so  …   beautiful."

I had to stop it right now or I too would join Lori with a few sympathy tears. It was necessary to bring up an important subject.

"Lori," I said, "you realize that you cannot go back to where you lived. I have an extra room that we can fix up for you and you can stay as long as you wish as my guest."

I could see her wheels spinning, but finally she agreed. "You are right. I accept with gratitude." Then she laughed. "Right now I will take you up on the hot shower; I already took a bath in salty tears."

We never did see the movie we had wanted to watch after dinner. We sat on the couch and talked a bit about our lives. Lori had no family, she told me.

 "A woman on drugs and a monster of a man on booze is not a family," she spit out the words with a voice that had lost its sweetness; the sweetness had been replaced by burning anger.

We sat quietly for a few minutes until her anger had faded and Lori was Lori again. She snuggled herself against me, letting her warm body talk to me in many ways. There was bare skin making electric contact with mine, there was soft hair brushing against my neck. Her leg pressing against mine sent messages of pending ecstasies to my brain.

The fragrance of her body was a cloud of sensuousness. It enveloped me and carried me away to where there was no today, just immeasurable bliss. I was in a different universe, just a girl named Lori and I.

My musing came to a sudden halt, when two soft arms snaked around my neck. Two soft, hot lips planted themselves on mine and a small tongue demanded access. It was granted and my tongue and Lori's started to dance a tango. Reality of this world receded far, far away to another planet. My world was close by and her name was Lori, a soft, warm, intoxicating presence.

She started to cry and I felt a warm tear hit on my hand. It was a tear of happiness. A few seconds passed and I heard her hoarse whisper.

"Sam, I am so happy, I had to cry."
"What are you so happy about that you have to cry??"

Lori was quiet for a long time. When she started to speak again I could feel her breath on my ear as she whispered while snuggling even closer to me. "I don't know how to say this, I don't know you, we just met, but I feel I have known you forever."

It suddenly dawned on me, this was exactly how I felt about Lori. It was the wonderful, happy feeling of having her close to me.

I was jolted out of my reverie when Lori whispered again into my ear. "Don't wait till after midnight." She closed her sentence with a small impish giggle and a quick nibble on my ear.

She took my hand and put it on her left breast where her erect nipple pressed into my palm. "Do I have to do everything for you," she laughed. "I don't think a man with your looks could be a virgin," and she let out another of her delightful giggles.

She was right and I hurried to pull her blouse up to her chin. Her tits were exactly as I had pictured them, pert, cone shaped, neither small nor large. Her Maker must have had me in mind when they were molded to perfection.

I bent my head and let the tip of my tongue run a small circle around the base of her nipple, then wiggled it. Her nipple obviously enjoyed the treatment; it stiffened a little more, hardening against my tongue.

I could feel her chest heaving as she took a few deeper breaths. Her excitement started to build. I did not want to hurry her and broke the contact. Her hand came up immediately to push my head and mouth back to her tit. My mouth opened and I sucked a good portion of her tit in my mouth and kept it there, washing her nipple with a flat tongue. Then I changed and attacked it with little flicks of the tip of my tongue.

Her lips were close to my ear and I could hear her quiet whimpers of pleasure and once in a while a puff of air hit my ear when in her excitement she exhaled with force.

My hands caressed her bare back, slowly moving up and sown. When I lightly scratched her warm skin with my fingernails she stiffened and sat up to a more upright position to give me better access to her back.

After I had feasted on both tits I moved upwards to kiss her throat, the side of her neck and finally her ear lobes. I traced the outside with the tip of my tongue, once in a while venturing further inside. The little squeals she emitted when I did this added to my fun of pleasuring her.

My interest went from her ear to her temple where my tongue left a wet trail that my lips attempted to dry again. When my tongue traced her eyebrows she started to shiver a bit and her whimpers turned louder. I did not stay long. It was time to place sweet love kisses on her forehead and give her a chance to relax for a while.

As she slumped back into the cushions of the couch I brought both hands up to her face and turned her head so I could look at her. She was lovely. Her breathing started to return to normal I noticed. Holding her face in both hands I kissed the tip of her cute nose, then her eyelids, then her chin.

She was now relaxed, luxuriating in the loving attention I gave her. Again I was amazed at the lushness of the lips of this sixteen year-old beauty. I finally had a chance to study her eyes that even in the dim light of the night had a radiance that compelled me to keep looking.

She is more than just beautiful nudged that little voice in the back of my brain. She is soft, and sweet, and tender, and tough, and so loveable. Go and love her NOW, commanded the voice.

I took her in my arms and brought my lips down to hers. Her eyes were wide open, take me they said, I am yours, don't let the moment pass. Her arms lifted at once as I started to move her peasant blouse over her head. I stood up and moved in front of her.

She reached for my hands to get up from the couch and snuggle close to me before she unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. My pants fell to the floor when she ran the zipper down. She looked at me strangely, then turned me and pushed me back onto the couch.

"Sorry," she whispered, "I am new at this. I did not realize that the shoes come first." She giggled her infectious laugh, and added "but I am a fast learner." I did not wear shoes but sandals and she had them off in a flash. Now my pants skipped off easily. To get rid of my skivvies I had to get up.

I wondered how she would handle that. Not exactly like a pro, but efficiently. Once they were down she knelt in front of me inspecting what she hoped would soon bring her much pleasure and happiness. She seemed fascinated by my dick's twitching while it was getting hard. She reached out to feel it with her hands, encircled it with her fingers and finally kissed the head.

The feel of her fingers had the expected effect. My prick really sprang to live and for a short moment Lori looked confused. When the ground did not open to swallow her she became bolder, stuck out her tongue and swiped once from the base to the tip. My dick was now fully erect, but Lori's tongue swipe caused it to twitch again.

Lori giggled and asked, "does your penis always do that if I kiss it?"

"Why certainly, It will always acknowledge loving treatment as you will find out in time, Also, the word penis is reserved for the doctor's office," I corrected her.

"I know, I know," she laughed. "I know the right words but I didn't know if I should use them in polite company." That imp had a good sense of humor, something I really appreciate, especially in a woman.

"If you promise to stand still and not laugh, I will subject you to my first attempt at a blowjob." A second later my dick had disappeared in her mouth. This girl just played the beginner for fun. In fact, she had quite a repertoire. She constantly changed her pressure, her speed, how far she took me in, how she used her tongue.

"Lori dear," I had to tell her, "if you keep this up there will be nothing left. I can cum only two or three times, but not all night. Let's make it last."

She grudgingly released me, but not without a parting shot. "If you allow me to sty for a while, I will train you, it'll be fun."

She grabbed me like a pull toy and led me to the bed room. It was time for me to take over again.

I turned to face Lori and took her into my arms. My left hand reached down and there was the rasping sound of her skirt zipper. After a few wiggles her skirt was on the floor. I reached down with my other hand also to cup her ass cheeks and found open territory. That vixen had taken her panties off sometime during the evening.

"Lori," I inquired more than stated, "that was very thoughtful of you."

She knew what I was talking about and just treated me to her trademark giggle again. "We women are devious, aren't we?"  I cut off any further remark by kissing that loveable female imp.

She looked up at me with wide open eyes full of expectations as I pushed her down on the bed. I joined her, crawling to her left side. She was completely relaxed, waiting for me. I lifted her hand to my face and sucked each finger into my mouth. This caused little shrieks of surprise and delight. They were followed by a breathed "HHMMM…" when I swiped my tongue across the palm of her upturned hand.

Next I visited her flat belly. My tongue tickling her belly button made her jerk and wiggle, so I did not stay there but kissed and nibbled my way across and down to about an inch above her pussy. There I stopped. I felt her whole body moving around on the bed trying to make my mouth go on further. I didn't. She became more and more agitated until I finally moved my lips along, but not to where she wanted them.

As I moved my mouth past her pussy down to her thigh I also shifted my body. She had not expected my next move and exhaled a loud"UGHHH…" when I lifted her right knee high and slipped in between her legs.

 Her pussy opened to me as I spread her legs apart. When I next lifted her knees up to the side of her chest she knew that relief finally was on its way. But I still had other ideas for her. Her feet were right next to my face and the little toe was first to arrive in my mouth.

Now she started to get vocal. "OH NO….. OH,,,,, MY OD….OH". I had to hold on tight, she jerked around so much. It got worse as I worked my way to the big toe. When I slurped it past my lips she moaned and mumbled unintelligent words, making me wonder if she might be near a climax.

It was only a short jump from her foot to the inside of her thigh, and only a few nibbles later I had arrived. Her relief was palpable. But it was shot lived. I did not go where she thought, instead I put my lips to her clit and sucked on it. Her reaction was almost violent.

Her body shook and quivered in every direction, her breath came in short bursts. There were no shrieks or moans, just a constant "GGRRHHH…………"

I moved my mouth again. This time I clamped my lips tightly to her pussy and let my stiff tongue caress the inside walls. Her orgasm started at once. It came so sudden that it startled and almost frightened me. Her body stiffened and arched, her arms flailed about trying to reach something to hold onto, her unseeing eyes had opened wide, her mouth was open, searching for air.

When she finally had gulped enough air she cried out to shake the room. She quieted down some and then another orgasm hit her almost as strong as the first. And still another two smaller ones followed before she came back to earth. She looked at me as if she saw me for the first time in her life.

And then she collapsed into a rag doll. She was frightened. I moved up onto the bed next to her and took her into my arms.

"It's alright," I repeated several times. "This is what love will do to you." Later I recalled that I continued holding her and whispering words of love into her ear. Oh God, I was so much in love with this woman that it was almost painful.

After both of us had recovered we lay still for while, hugging close, soaking in this moment of bliss, floating together high above the earth on a sensuous cloud.

Lori stirred first. We kissed for a long time, kisses not of passion but of love and happiness. When we broke she lifted herself on her elbow and looked at me. Something was in the air. I knew it because she wore her typical impish grin.

"Don't go away," she warned me. "I am going to practice on you.  I can stop any time; just tell me you don't like it." She chuckled before she opened her mouth to finish what she had started earlier and I had halted. She was only sixteen, where did she learn all her routines, I wondered. Maybe this is just inborn talent. like some kid playing piano at four.

She did not sleep in her room that night. When I woke up the next morning I looked at her. Her hair was a mess, she still had some tear streaks in her face and a few spots of my cum on her chin. Lori was an absolute mess. But to me she was the most gorgeous creature on earth. Was I in love?

After we were done with breakfast I got up as usual to clear the table. She beat me to the task and addressed me in a stern tone, "As long as you allow me to stay with you, this will be my duty. This and a few other things."

Whoa, I was just told by a pretty young lady that there were certain 'things' I would not be allowed to do any more. This was preposterous and I decided I would have to talk to her about this.

But she was not finished, there was more. "You do your work or watch TV; I am taking over the household chores like cleaning, laundry, sweeping the floor, and so on. Those are my terms for staying." She looked at me and smiled that sunny smile of hers. But there was no doubt that she was serious.

I could not let a teenager commandeer me; I had to make a stand. "What gives you the right to make such statements, especially in my own house?" I demanded to know.

Lori fad a quick answer. "I am a guest in your house and guests have rights and obligations. There is the right to speak up, and there is the obligation not to be a burden to the household. And if it is an extended stay, the guest is expected to contribute some help. Any objections?" And again that beautiful disarming smile.

What was there left to say. I turned so she would not see my admiration for her on my face. And I wondered, why did I feel so odd, both happy and sad at the same time. Was I really in love with a young girl of sixteen?

No way, one of my voices said, that's absolutely ridiculous.

'Why is that ridiculous?' The other voice of my mind inquired.
Because we two just met. The first voice answered.

 So, you never heard of love on first sight?
That's different. Anyway, she is only sixteen.

Amalia married at thirteen and built an archeological museum.
I am almost twice as old as Lori. I can't be in love.

So, what do you know about being in love, you never were.
But I read about it.

The tiny voice from a far corner of my mind kept whispering 'sure you are, you stubborn fool.' I decided to ignore that silly voice and go on with my work of the day. Strangely though, today I had difficulty concentrating on my work. Maybe I was worried that Lori knew what she was doing around the house, because I found myself looking for her every few minutes.
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