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Down and Out (Part One)

just the beginning to what I feel will be an epic love story.
I always imagined what my first time would be like. Would it hurt? Would it be romantic? Would it be with someone that I love? Was it going to be anything at all like I imagined it to be? Well ... I never thought it would be like this...

I am really not sure how to start this story. Do I tell you who I am? I guess there is no harm in telling you about myself right? Well, my name is Andrea, but everyone calls me Andie. In fact, when people call me Andrea, it gets me a little bit angry. I know its my name, but I hate it. However, I am sure you are not reading my story to hear about how much I hate my name, so I will get back on with it I suppose.

I am seventeen years old, though my story takes place a few months ago, when I was sixteen. I would have shared it earlier, but I never knew when the right time would have been.

As for looks well, I am kind of average I suppose. I am 5’6’’, about 130ish pounds and decently pretty. People would not go out of their way to tell me I was pretty, but I was not hard to look at either. The rest of me is kind of on the blah side, I have a normal size ass, it doesn’t seem to big or two small and my boobs are there but they don’t turn eyes. My pussy, as much as I would like to say it is neatly trimmed or completely shaved, it's not. I have always been, I guess you could say, afraid of that area. It was an area I was not ready to conquer or figure out.

I guess that is all I can really tell you about myself ... except for the part of the story that really matters. One year ago, my parents died in a car accident and I was thrown into the system. For a while, I tried to just get by and do as they asked me to do, but soon, moving around so much was getting to me, and so I ran away.

Now I would love to be able to tell you the entire story of what happened, but that could take forever and I am sure you have better things to do, so I am going to nutshell what I can, and get to the point I am going for.

I ran away from my last foster home and ended up living in the streets. Living in the streets was not easy and I had to turn to a life of begging, just to get a bite to eat here and there. Everything about me was fading away. My pretty face was dirt covered and caught no ones attention, unless they were going to glare at me for being a disgrace. Life was slowly slipping away from me and I was sure I was going to die. That is until Hank. Hank found me one day, sleeping against the wall behind the building he lived in. And that is where my story begins.

“Hello,” A voice called, pulling me from whatever kind of sleep I was actually in. Sleeping outside on the cold ground was hard to get used to, but you do get used to it. “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” I said quickly and frightened, you never knew who you were going to come into contact with in these parts. “I am fine.”

“Why are you out here?” he asked, bringing himself to his feet and looking down at me. He seemed as if he had never seen a homeless person sleeping in the streets.

“Well,” I said in an almost angered tone, “I was trying to sleep but you decided to wake me up.”

“I am sorry,” he said backing away slightly, “I was just worried about you is all. It’s cold out here and I thought you needed help.”

“Well, I don’t,” I responded, sitting up and gathering what stuff I had placed around me. “Now please, just leave me alone.”

“Are you hungry,” he asked curiously.

Once again I wanted to tell him to leave me alone. I wanted to gather up my stuff, move down a little further through the alley and try to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t. His words echoed through my head and my stomach growled, trying to answer his question for me. I had actually stopped thinking about how hungry I was until that very moment. It was then that I realized, I was starving. So without saying a word, I simply nodded my head at him.

“Come on then,” he motioned toward me, as he opened the back door to the building with a key card and stepped in. “Let’s get you a bit to eat then.”

I stood up from my spot and gathered all of my belongings. My feet were hesitant beneath me, but I was so hungry, I did not care if the man was going to end up murdering me or something crazy like that. So I followed him into the building and up two flights of stairs and into his apartment.

It was small inside but it was homey. You could tell that he had been living here for a long while. Things were packed from floor to ceiling, nicely in bookcases and other storage devices. The only thing that he did not seem to have were photographs, which was odd, who didn’t have photographs?

“Nice place,” I said, trying to be friendly.

“Thank you,” he responded, “you can set your things on that side table if you like.”

Looking around, I spotted a table covered in what looked like newspapers. I was not sure where I was supposed to set my things, since there was no actual table space left, so I just neatly set my things on top of the newspaper, hoping I was not ruining anything of importance.

“Right through this side door is the shower,” he motioned to a door on the other side of the room. “I have some clothes that I believe will fit you, let me put them in there real quick.”

He hurried into another door on the same side of the room and disappeared behind it. I felt incredibly nervous and felt like now would be the time to bail, but my stomach would not let me. I needed to be able to eat, and a shower sounded amazing.

“Here you go,” he said with a smile as he made his way out of the other room. “I will just place them right inside here for you, so you can put them on when you are done.”

“Thank you,” I said as I stepped into the small bathroom.

“Do you like spaghetti?” he asked me with a smile.

“Oh yes,” I said with a big smile, not able to control it, “That sounds absolutely amazing.”

“Well, I will get on it then,” he smiled, “take your time and food will be ready when you get out.”

“Thank you,” I said to him again, as I shut the bathroom door behind me.

Slowly I worked myself out of my clothes and realized I could not remember the last time that I was actually naked. It felt like I had been stripped from the chains that had been holding me down to the ground in the streets, and I took a deep breath that was almost relaxing.

Turning on the water, I pulled down my hair and let it fall to my shoulders. I had not noticed how long that it had gotten, but it was nice. If it was not dirty ... if I was not dirty, I think that I could look decent again.

I finally gave up looking at who I had become and stepped into the hot water that was slowly steaming up the mirror that held my reflection. The water burned as it ran down my shoulders and worked its way down to my feet. Through the pain was an amazing feeling, of what I cannot be sure, but I knew that I had never felt this amazing in my entire life.

I stood there for what felt like forever, before I reached forward and grabbed the soap. I lathered it up between my fingers, getting them as soapy as I could, before running my hands over my shoulders. I felt as shiver run down my spine as the dirt was washed away from my skin and drained away. My skin gasped for air and it felt like I was being taken over by the water, and I wanted it to take me over completely.

My hands gently made their way down my arms and across the back of my neck. My body shivered with ever inch that my slender delicate fingers made their way over. Small moans escaped my lips and turned quickly into a gasp as my hand caressed over my breasts. The feeling that arose from my touch made my knees shake beneath me.

I began to move on down my stomach, but a feeling came over me and pushed me to run my fingers over my breasts again. This time I took them firmly in my hand and rolled my nipples between my fingers, with the water slowly running down my chest. My nipples grew harder with every brush of the finger over them. Soon my moans were increased and it was all that I could hear.

Pressing myself against the wall, I shivered slightly, the coldness of the shower wall consuming my back, but this only made my nipples harder. Closing my eyes I let my hands begin to wonder. First they moved slowly from my breasts down my stomach, softly caressing around my belly button and along my side. My entire body shuddered at the thought of what was to come, already this was more then I had ever experienced.

For a slight moment, I forgot how to breathe, as my hand lightly moved over the top of my pussy. My knees were so close to bucking under me that I had to use my other hand to catch myself against a small section of the shower where the soap was resting. This alerted me enough to remember that I was a stranger in someone’s shower, someone I had never met before, and this was not right.

Though I contemplated stopping, finishing my shower and getting out quickly, I thought about the fact that I would probably never get another chance to do what I was finally getting to do. This was possibly my only chance, and I had to take it.

I moved my mind back to my wet body and the hand that was patiently waiting to play with my pussy. I let it sit there for a minute, teasing myself of what was to come and what I was about to experience. I knew that I had no idea what I was doing, but I was hoping that it was going to just come naturally to me.

I moved myself to the far end of the shower, and brought myself to the floor of the bath tub. Moving my legs to either side of the tub, I slid my finger between the lips of my pussy and pushed my finger against my clit. Shaking, I let out a moan louder than any moan I had made before. This caused my hand to move and work itself in a circle around my clit.

My hips pushed up against my hand, grinding my pussy against my fingers. The feeling that was coming from my body was pure ecstasy, but it was not getting me where I knew I wanted to be, and that was in a place of pure bliss.

Without even thinking, I moved my body further down onto the bath tub floor and spread my legs further apart. Soon my ass was pressed up against the side of the tub. Using on of my feet, I pushed the latch on the top of the bath tub nozzle and the shower stopped, causing a burst of water to flow down straight onto my pussy.

“Fuck,” I cried out as the semi hot water firmly pressed itself against my clit. The feeling as almost to mush for me to handle but I refused to pull away.

I grabbed my breasts in my hands again as I pushed my hips up and down against the constant flow of hot water, so much pressure building up inside of me. It was then that I knew I was about to experience what I had been longing for since stepping into the shower, that moment as pure bliss.

“Yes,” I screamed as my orgasm took over my body, “Holy shit.”

I bucked and moaned as my orgasm coursed its way through my entire body. I had never imagined the feeling to be as powerful and as mind blowing.

It took a while for my orgasm to subside as I turned the water off and laid there against the cold bathtub. It was not until there was a knock on the door that I was pulled from my world of bliss and remembered exactly where I was.

I stood up quickly and dried off the best that I could. My wet hair handing down over my shoulder. I than pulled on the clothes that he had given me. I pair of slacks and a black t-shirt. They were a little big for me, but they worked. I then opened the door and stepped out into the living room.

“Like a whole knew person,” a voice said from beside me. I turned my eyes toward a table that was off to the side, sitting beneath a window that was halfway open, letting a cool breeze push in and brush over my skin.

“Feels like it,” I smiled.

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