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Dream Sequence With My Pancake Man: Part II

I have a different appetite right now...
I can’t seem to keep my head out of the clouds. My dreams of him never faded but I got better at ignoring them for my own sanity. Now they are harder to ignore as my hope is slowly being revived. Another dream beckons....

I look up and greet him as he walks through the door from work. He looks well-worn and hungry.

“Dinner is almost ready,” I smile as he wraps his arms around me and kisses me. Strength radiates from him and I automatically relax into his arms, feeling him do the same.

“Great, I’m starving! How was your day?” He asks, bringing my hand to his lips then sitting in a chair at the table.

“Mine was great. We got the Netflix movie in the mail! What do you want to drink?” I walk toward the cupboard and pull out a glass.

“Water, please. We’ll have to watch it tonight. Or at least pretend to.” He winks at me as I bring him the glass.

“And what exactly would we be doing instead?” I ask teasingly. He tugs me onto his lap without a word and kisses me. My fingers slide through his hair as one of his hands finds my ass and the other traces circles on my cheek. I attempt to wriggle from his grasp but he tightens his arm around my lower waist and ass, gripping tightly and causing a damp spot to appear on my panties.

He breaks the kiss and I lovingly trace the stubble on his chin. “How was your day? Hopefully not too terrible.”

“It’s better now.” He smiles at me and kisses me again, then releases me.

As I walk over to the stove, I begin unbuttoning the front of my dress and it slips from my body to show him the creme colored corset that I got especially for him. I hear his intake of breath as he takes in the laced edges and ribboned back and then his arms are around me, pinning me up against the counter next to the stove. His hands strip the now-drenched panties from my body and before my gasp even reaches my lips he is inside me, thrusting deep and hard.

He is growing harder and longer with each thrust, stretching me and making me take everything he has to offer. One of his hands begins rubbing my breast, pinching and flicking the nipple and the pleasure-pain sends heat radiating through me. His other hand grips my ass. A loud smack resounds and the vibration from his spanking goes straight through my body, sending me over the edge into heavenly bliss. I cry out in orgasm, gasping his name as he follows suit, shooting his hot cum up inside of me as my pussy tightens and milks every last drop.

He reaches over and turns off the stove and oven and then turns me around to face him, kissing me as he takes me in his arms and carries me to our room.

“What about dinner?” I ask quizzically.

“I have a different appetite right now, Beautiful. Maybe later.” He smiles down at me and walks me through the door.

“And the movie?” I ask, understanding what he meant by pretending to watch it but wanting to hear him say it all the same.

With another smile and an indulgent kiss he teases, “I can put it on and we can watch it instead if you would prefer that.”

“No, I suppose what you have in mind will be just as enjoyable!” I tease back and as he lays me down on our bed, all of the day’s hardships and woes are forgotten within our little bubble of love and happiness.
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