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Dream Sequence With My Pancake Man: Part III

An erotic morning in the shower brings us both to climax.
I tell myself that loving a man will only ever hurt me, and those three words form one of the deadliest sentences: “I love you.” Those are the tolls of love’s death. Not many understand the reality of my Pancake Man--The yearning I have inside of me for him that never died even as my hope withered. But hope, like a Phoenix, rises from the ashes and takes wing. And so my dreaming continues and I lose myself to the peaceful abyss of his arms, my heart crying “SANCTUARY!” like Quasimodo at the top of the Notre Dame.


I lie contemplating plans for the day. It’s a Saturday afternoon and he doesn’t have to go to work. I’m snuggled up to his chest listening to the slow thumping of his heart as I let myself drift off into my own thoughts. The sun is shining in rays through the blinds and I can tell from the songs the birds are singing outside, that it is going to be a gorgeous day.

His hand lightly brushes my hair back and I look up to smile at him. His bedroom look is ridiculously appetizing, despite how tired I should be from the night before.

“Good morning, handsome.” He kisses me on the forehead in response and continues to run his fingers through my hair.

“What’s on the agenda today?” He asks, relaxed with me in his arms.

“Well I was thinking maybe a picnic or the beach or a walk? What are you interested in doing?” His smile makes my thoughts come a little slower and once again I find myself wondering how I ever landed this man.

“How about all three?” He taps the tip of my nose and even that sends warmth down my body. My panties are beginning to dampen.

“Uh, Mm. How?” My words are a little distracted and I know that he knows I’m turned on. He must think I’m insatiable.

“Oh, you’ll see. Let’s just let the day take us where it wants.” I’ll do anything to make him talk more. I love the sound of his voice vibrating through his chest. It tingles throughout my body.

We rise from the bed and he goes to turn on the shower, already stepping out of his boxers, while I strip off my babydoll nighty and panties. I run my fingers through my wavy blonde hair and stretch some of the muscles that were made sore by last night’s romping.

He walks up to me and tilts my chin up to meet his lips, trailing kisses from there, down my chin and up to my ear, nibbling lightly on my earlobe. Thank God for his other arm holding me tightly against him, otherwise I’d melt to the floor.

He walks us toward the shower and he helps me in, following behind me. I can feel the hard length of his morning erection against my ass, as the water cascades off the top of my head and down my body in slippery streaks. The combination feeling of the water and his pressure on my ass causes a whimper to escape my mouth.

I feel his hands begin massaging the soap into my skin and my breathing begins to quicken. He starts at my neck, diligently cleaning on his way downward, his fingers working my soft curves. His fingers pinch each of my nipples and he palms each breast before moving on. His hands roam the soft expanse of my stomach, caressing it softly, then moving on the my ass. He grips a bit harder and slides his erection between my cheeks, sliding it up and down. I moan a bit louder as he pushes it firmly against my asshole.

I’m too tight for him to get in so he slides one soapy finger around the entrance, massaging his way in until the tip of his finger wiggles in. He kisses and nibbles my neck and shoulders as I gasp his name. He continues working me with his finger until I can feel my pussy dripping onto the shower floor and my body starts tightening into an orgasmic spiral. Before I’m ready to burst, he pulls his finger out of me and continues his movement with more soap, skipping my drenched pussy, washing each of my legs as I groan impatiently. I try to turn around but he stops me with a slap to my behind. Once he finishes with each of my toes, he finally moves back up my legs, massaging my thighs all the way until his fingers graze my pussy lips. I nearly shatter just with that contact but he begins softly washing the delicate folds, knowing that I desperately want him rougher and harder.

I moan his name, begging him to give it to me. One of his fingers slides into my pussy, pumping in and out. He adds another and groans at how tight and wet I am for him. He raises and he finally lets me turn towards him. He takes control of my mouth, pulling one of my legs over his hip and pushing me against the wall, he finally slides home. I feel his raging cock pumping slowly inside of me, reaching as far as it can go. The way that he stretches me is delicious as he uses one hand to massage a breast.

I whimper again, and he loses all control. Pulling out of me, he spins me around and pushes his cock into my ass with a groan.

“God, you’re so fucking tight.” Then he begins fucking my ass, slowly at first but then with increasing speed, until that tightening inside me finally explodes and my orgasm shakes my body as his hot seed spills into me. I can feel it dripping out around his cock and down to my pussy, both dribbling from my body to mix as the go down the drain.

He leans his head against my shoulder as his still half-hard cock slides out of me. I turn and kiss his lips before retrieving the soap and beginning to clean him off. I follow the same motions as he did, carefully avoiding his cock until I have scrubbed soap into every other part of his body. Finally my hands grasp his cock and begin working the soap into it.

He lets his head fall back onto the shower wall as I continue administering the motion until he is fully cleaned. Then I slip my mouth around him, the slightly tangy taste of soap somehow adding something erotic to the idea of giving him pleasure.

His hands grip my hair as he begins to slowly hump my face. I feel him harden all the way and nearly gag as his cock now hits the back of my throat. One of my hands moves down to start strumming my clit furiously as he goes faster and faster. I can feel his balls tighten in my other hand so I use my tongue to lick the top of his head and that sends him over, his cum pumping out of him and into my mouth. I move back to swallow what I have and let him cover my face and breasts with his cum. Feeling erotic as I get my first facial. I love this feeling automatically and want to do it again. I close my mouth back around him to drink the rest that he has to offer. As his last drop slides down my throat, my fingers hit just the right spot and I cum gloriously, panting his name as my body shakes in orgasm.

Once it ebbs, he helps me to stand and we once again wash each other off, this time just for the pure joy and intimacy of touch. He turns off the water and wraps one of the two large towels around my shoulders. He pulls me close and kisses me, whispering into my ear, “I love you,” before we dress for our day together. Those three words send my heart soaring, and I can do nothing but smile and repeat them back to him. 
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