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Dream Sequence With My Pancake Man: Part 1

I knew I wouldn't be able to get him out of my head.
I know he has pulled away from me completely but dreams, whether sleeping or waking, continue to haunt me. They are a forever present ghost on my back, whispering in my ear. Giving me hope that his love for me will prevail, but at the same time crushing all resistance in my mind, assuring me that he will never want me the way I want him.

The best part of dreams though, is that you can essentially mold them to any ending. Daydreams are especially good for this and so we will start with one of my most recent ones:

I hear the loud roar of his motorcycle first. As it pulls up and around my Culdesac, I feel my heart rate increase and my head starts spinning. He makes me feel so alive when he is around and I can’t wait for tonight!

I hear his knock on the screen door and I fly from my room, flicking off lights as I go. My grandmother will be gone for a few days, so I can be out for as long as I like as long as I remember to take care of turning off appliances.

I’m not sure what he has in store, but he told me to pack a change of clothes and basic toiletries. Wherever we are heading, it’ll be a few days before we get back.

The door is open and I see his smile light his eyes. He complains that he isn’t the type to enjoy much, but I know he appreciates the way I look for him.

My blonde hair is in a fluffy ponytail that trails between my shoulder blades and my jeans hug my feminine curves. When he embraces me, I feel his hands explore ever so slightly and I lean forward to show him just a peek of the blue and gray lacy bra that I have on. The matching lacy panties are under my jeans, but he’ll just have to wait to find that one out. He doesn’t realize it yet, but every time I see him, I’m wearing something lacy under my clothing. It helps me feel confident and, I must admit, a little bit naughty. A part of me wants him to catch me. I love how his voice gets deeper and his eyes smolder when he wants me. I want to see that in his eyes and most of all, I want him to fuck me with the pent-up need of a man who is driven crazy by a woman.

He leads me to his motorcycle and I bend over to place my small overnight bag in the side compartment. I let my ass brush against his thigh and his hands automatically grip my hips, pushing his erection against me. The jeans we are wearing aren’t enough to keep the tension from building in my lower abdomen. A light dampness has already started in my panties and I can’t help but straighten and turn around for a kiss from him. The second his lips touch mine, my brain disintegrates into a mixture of molasses and liquid gold. No coherent thought can get through it as my body catches on fire. The molten blaze inside me threatens to burn me to a shell but he pulls away slowly and helps me to fasten my helmet before I beg him to just come into the house and ravage me on my own bed instead of wherever he is taking us.
He gets onto his motorcycle and I straddle the seat behind him, pressing my legs firmly against his sides. I’m already imagining how good it will feel to have him facing the other way between my thighs.

He starts the engine and the seat beneath me vibrates to life, effectively making me wetter. His motorcycle does this to me because of my thoughts for him and he doesn’t even realize it.

We take off and switch from highway to highway and I watch as the scenery flies by. We’ve been riding for almost 8 hours but I have barely noticed anything besides the stars, the racing asphalt beneath us and his right hand that generally stays massaging the back of my right thigh. I’m not sure how I’ve survived this but finally we pull up to a hotel around midnight and he gets our room key from the receptionist.

Leading me down the hall by the hand, my heart skips a beat before he opens the door.

There is one bed and a table with two chairs in front of the window. An open doorway leads into a small kitchenette complete with a few dishes and pans. I look at the white-tiled restroom with a spacious shower and a separate bathtub with jets in the sides. My mind jumps a mile a minute with all the things to explore with him.

I tell him I’m going to take a shower and he says he’s running to the liquor store to pick up some food for the morning. I can’t help but smile at him and hope he comes back quickly and safely.

I hear the door shut before I turn on the shower and I automatically begin to go through the process of cleansing the feeling of travel from my body. I wash my hair and reshave my legs and nether-regions. My body is scrubbed and thoroughly refreshed by the time I step out of the shower and begin to dry my hair with the towel.

I put on my lacy bra and underwear and then pull the small satin sleep-gown out of my bag. I bought it specifically for him because I wanted him to feel it against his skin when he climbs into bed. The gown itself only reaches a few inches past my pussy and the satin delicately rubs across my already sensitized skin.

I turn off the lights and crawl into the bed and a few minutes later, I hear him at the door. Once he gets the door open, I whisper from the bed, “don’t turn the lights on.”

He assumes I’m tired so he goes to the kitchenette and I see the glow of the fridge as it opens and he puts the cold items inside. Then everything goes dark again. I hear him taking off his clothing and I feel the indentation of him crawling under the covers to snuggle up to me.

I scoot forward slightly and turn towards him, letting his hand brush along the satiny cloth on my thigh. The way his breath hitches tells me everything I need to know and I slide my leg over his torso, straddling him as his hands explore my thighs.
I slide my hands down to meet his and I pull them above his head, towards the banister. I quickly slip both his wrists into the handcuffs I prepared earlier and can’t help but giggle as he tries to move his arms back down. He is temporarily at a loss for words and it finally dawns on him what has just happened. I lean over and flick on the lights to show him exactly what I am wearing. I can’t help the grin that has replaced my originally coy smile. The second I see his face, laughter bubbles up in my throat and I can’t help but kiss his adorably pouting mouth.

“You realize when I get out of this...” he begins but I cut him short.

“What are you going to do? I relish the idea of what you have in store for me when you get out of those.” I watch as his fingers work at the quick release mechanism, trying to get it out of the position it’s stuck in. The cuffs themselves are the cheap toy cuffs you can purchase for a dollar at any 99 Cent Store. I continue to laugh and trail my fingers down his chest. His muscles are bunching under my fingertips out of a mixture of frustration and desire. I scoot lower and run my fingers just above his cock. It’s almost completely hard and I decide to push it a little bit further and give him a little bit more encouragement. I lightly lick the head and blow onto it. As if on cue, it stands up in salute to me. I then kiss the tip and move back up so that my ass is resting just in front of his now erect cock. I can feel it pressed between my cheeks and I know that he can, too.

All of a sudden I hear a snap and his arms are around me, flipping me onto my back with a guttural growl from him. Shock runs through me as my laugh turns into a squeal of surprise.

“That was NOT a smart thing for you to do, missy.” He’s practically growling it to me and his eyes are charged with electricity.

He shows me one wrist and then the other as he grabs my hands and places them above my head in one of his lock-tight grips. The handcuffs are dangling from his wrists, the links between them shattered like a child’s toy and I slowly remember that they are actually toy handcuffs.

Beginning his assault on my neck, and trailing it all the way down, he gets slower and slower until a moan escapes my lips.

“Be quiet. Every time you speak or make a noise, I’ll restart.” Again, he starts on my neck, right below my ear and travels downward. My body is shaking with need and I have to hold my breath to keep from making any noise. He drives lower and lower with his tongue and lips, kissing and circling his tongue around my most sensitive areas. Paying special attention to each nipple and then final getting down to my sweet spot. I feel his breath there and involuntarily arch my hips up to meet his mouth. He stops again.

“I have to restart now. You can’t move. You can’t make noise.” Frustration wracks my body as he restarts again.

After another agonizingly long and delicious 15 minutes, I feel his tongue between my thighs. It slowly traces patterns between my folds and he whispers into my skin, “I want to hear you say my name.”

Automatically, my voice bursts forth with his name and the sounds of ecstasy that only he can provide. I feel the build-up of my release coming and my thighs tighten around his head, but he pries them open with one hand and removes himself.

“Oh no, love, I want you to feel the frustration that I felt. I want you to scream my name.”

With that he flips me onto my hands and knees and pushes the satin up over my inviting ass. His finger finds my wet pussy easily and I feel the head of his cock getting ready to replace it. He slowly eases the head in and then, without warning, he’s plunging into me and my climax is washing over me. One of his hands is gripping my hair and pulling back while the other is digging into my thigh.

His hand disappears for a moment, then comes down with a resounding SMACK on my ass cheek. The sensation of his hand on my cheek and his cock pumping me hard takes me spiraling into consecutive climaxes as his hand continues to rain spankings down onto each cheek individually. Suddenly it stops and his weight is gone from the bed.

“Don’t move a muscle.” The threat in his voice keeps me in place but feeling very empty.

I hear a zipper and a few seconds later, I feel him get back on the bed.

“I was going to wait until later, but you deserve a punishment now for what you did.”
Me heart gathers speed as I feel him insert something into my pussy. Slowly he pushes it in and out a few times before removing it completely and replacing it again with his penis. He drives forward again but this time his hand has moved. He has placed his thumb over my asshole and is massaging on and around it. Suddenly I feel a warm glob land on it and I feel my muscles clench.

“You know exactly what’s going to happen, don’t you?” He teases as he rubs in the self-warming lubricant. Slowly he slides the thin vibrator into my asshole and turns up the vibration. He begins a pattern of fucking. Every time he pulls out, he pushes the vibe in and when he pushes in, he pulls the vibe out, successfully keeping me always full and just on the edge. Suddenly he switches so that they are both going in at the same time and the double fullness sends me shattering into a million pieces. I feel my muscles milk him as he orgasms into me, waiting until every last drop is spent before he removes the vibe and rolls me onto my side to snuggle up against me.

“Did you learn a lesson tonight?” He asks me and my smile curls up sleepily.
“I learned that I’m going to need to break the rules a little more often.” I know my sassy mouth will get me in trouble but for now, I am content with dozing off in the arms of the man I have fallen in love with.

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