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Dreaming of making love to him

This was the best dream I've ever had...This story is dedicated to my love, John.
I had a dream the other night, I thought Id share it with all of you. My dream was so vivid, nothing has ever felt more real.

I never saw us walk in the room but I head the door shut and he was behind me. I stood facing the bed looking at the way the sunset peeked through the curtains and shined on the wall. I stood there not really knowing what to do or say, I start to play with my hands when I didn't hear you behind me. I wish I knew what you were thinking. I turn around slowly to face you.

Your back was up against the door. You looked just as handsome as ever, I couldn't help but to stare, only being together for a short time I felt nothing but love and adoration when I looked at you. “I love you.” The three words escaped from my lips, sounding more like a whisper than anything. I look deep into your brown eyes really wishing again I knew what you were thinking. But I see you smile and I know that you love me too.

I start walking slowly towards you, and I see you slowly making your way towards me. It seems like it takes years for our bodies to actually meet. I take a step closer making my breasts brush up against you. I look up at your face. This was the moment I’ve been waiting for since I met you. I finally reached my arms up and wrap them around your neck. I gently pull your face towards mine and your lips meet mine. The kiss was the most perfect kiss I’ve ever had. I pull you closer removing my arms from your neck and wrapping them around above your waist for a more passionate kiss.

You start trying to walk me towards the bed which is a little hard because I didn't want to let you go, but somehow we made it. I pull away from the kiss to slide on top of the bed, you move up on it and place yourself beside me. I slip my shoes off and take off my over shirt. I sit there in my tank top staring at you as you take off your shirt. I admire you as I take my hand and run my fingers across your chest and down to your tummy.

You take my chin in your hand and move your lips over mine again. This time our kisses were harder and more passionate. You slip you hot tongue into my wanting mouth. We sat there for what seemed like forever just massaging each others tongues. You and I start moving to lay down and as we do our kiss parts and my lips move down kissing your chin, then underneath it, then slowly down your sexy neck, which is something I've always fantasized about. I hear you moan softly “Mmmmm Melissa, I love you so much.”

As I lay down you get up and start to remove my jeans, you gently unbutton them and tug at them. Finally you pull them off my ankles. Then you get back up next to my laying body and pull off your own pants. I couldn't stop staring at you while you are doing this because you are so sexy. After you removed them you lay next to me on your side and lean down for another kiss. Your kisses are the most wonderful thing I’ve ever felt. My body starts to relax a little bit more with every kiss we share.

While our tongues meet again, my hand which was on your chest slides down your tummy and down to your already hard member. I’m not sure why but I’m a little surprised, it was somehow bigger than I thought, even though I’ve seen it more than once. I start to caress your hard cock. I feel the vibrations in my mouth as you moan a little bit.

Not wanting to feel left out you hungrily slip your hand up my tank top. I gasp when you find my erect nipple from inside my bra. You gently pinch and pull at it making me moan out of pleasure. I broke away from out kiss and sat up to yank my tank top off and get my bra unhooked. I wanted you more than anything. Once I broke free from the bra trapping my big breasts I give you another kiss.“These are for you my love.” I said as I grabbed your hand and placed it on one of my breasts. You smile and put your other hand to my other breast. You caress them softly, then you bring one breast up to your mouth and you suck my hard nipple deep into your mouth. “Oh my god baby…”I moan unable to keep still.

Even though you sucking on my breasts felt heavenly I pull away. You have a certain look on your face.“Will you suck my cock babe, please?” You ask, almost begging me.

I look down at your very hard penis smile and say, “Yes my love, there’s nothing more I’d love to be doing right now.” I get off the bed only to gently pull off your boxers. I look at your beautiful hard cock and my mouth waters. I climb on the bed and position myself to where I can suck your cock the best. I lower my head down sticking my tongue out to lick the tip a little. When I do you jump a little bit. Not wanting to tease you I take the bottom of your shaft in my hand and stuff your cock into my mouth. I didn't stop, It stuffed it in as far as it would go. I gagged a little bit as your cock slid down my throat but it didn't bother me. “Oh my god yes babe!” You moan loudly

I bobbed my head up and down on your hard cock not wanting to stop, I brought my hand down to your balls and cupped them both. I squeezed lightly, enjoying the sounds of pleasure you were making. I could taste your precum and I was loving it. I could tell if I kept sucking your cock you were definitely going to cum soon. I wanted you to cum inside of me on our first time together. Reluctantly I come up from sucking you off and look at you “ How was that baby?” I asked.

“Perfect” was all you could say. You get up from where you were laying and simply say “ Your turn.”

I smile and lay down next to where you were sitting. I watch as you gently take off my panties and drop them on the floor. You lay down on your stomach towards my wet pussy and spread my legs. You kiss the inside of my thighs gently. Your face gets nearer and nearer to my pussy. I see you take a deep breath inhaling the scent of me. With a satisfied look on your face your bury you face. Your tongue meets with my throbbing clit and you suck it and little. “Oh John…” I moan quietly.

You reach you hand to my pussy and you stick a finger inside of me, That made me moan even louder. You moved your tongue around my clit like it belonged there. I could feel my orgasm build up inside of me. “Yes baby, yes, right there.” I moaned. I’ve never moaned that way before. You remove your finger from my wet pussy and bring it up to my mouth. I lean up to taste my juices from your finger. “Mmmmmmm…” I moan.

Your warm tongue circled around my clit just the way I like it and more moans escape from my mouth. My whole body starts to quiver a little as my orgasm nears. Finally all the waves of pleasure that your tongue was bringing me come crashing down on me. The orgasm I just had was the best one I’ve ever had in my life. You gently kiss my clit, making me jump a little. I just laid there on the bed for a minute or so basking in the after glow of my orgasm, not really noticing you laying beside me.

I feel you sit up a little and I look up at your face. The look you give me tells me that you’ve never wanted anyone more than you want me. I reach up and pull your neck down to kiss your smooth lips. I lips and tongues meet once again and I taste myself on your tongue. Your hand finds one of my nipples and you pinch it a little harder than before. It felt so good, no one has ever done that to me before. Your hand slides down from my breast down my tummy then down to my shaved pussy which is still wet. Instead of one, you stick two fingers inside my slit, and you slide them in and out slowly.

“Mmmmmmm….”I moan into your mouth. My hand finds your still very hard cock. My heart began to race as our kisses got harder. You jam your two fingers inside my pussy harder, and I rub you cock a little bit rougher. “I want you inside of me babe, please. I need you inside of me.” I moan into your ear.

Not missing a beat you start to kiss my neck as you position yourself on top of me. “I want your pussy so bad.” You say eagerly as you rub your cock up and down my opening.

I look at your face and tell you “Please baby, please just put it in. I need you so bad!”

“Mmmmmm.” Was all you said as you pushed your cock inside of me gently. I bucked up against you meeting your thrust. You were inside of me, the most wonderful feeling in the world. You thrust a little harder a second time making me gasp. I wasn’t used to a cock your size but it felt like heaven and I never wanted it to end. Your thrusts got faster and harder. I moaned louder and louder with each one.

“I love you so much baby.Your pussy is so tight and it feels so good” You moan thrusting deep inside the pussy that was yours. I knew then that I’d let you do whatever you wanted to me and I’d enjoy every second of it.

“Oh John baby, I love you too. Oh my god yes babe it feels amazing!” I cry out as another small but powerful orgasm crashes down on me.

Our bodies meet over and over again and our moans get louder and louder. We don’t care. We just want to enjoy making love to each other. I feel your body tense up and your moans get louder still as your cock pounds into me. You go faster kissing my lips hastily. I knew you were going to cum any second. “God yes baby, cum inside of your pussy. I need to feel your cum.”

That was sent you over the edge. “Oh yes Melissa!” You cry out as your cum squirts inside of me. I feel every last drop empty into me. I loved that feeling.

You stay positioned on top still inside of me for a minute more looking deep into my eyes. I smile and say “Thank you so much my love. That was amazing.”

“Yes it was.” You say as you climb off of me and lay down beside me. You pull my body close to yours and I lay my head on your chest listening to your heat beat. We didn't’t have to say anything. We already knew what we were both thinking. But my mind traveled to the next morning. That’s when I’d have to let you go. I wanted to make love to you at least a couple more times. I wanted to try all the things we talked about so many times.

I calm down a little, knowing we had all night to be together. Without thinking I say “I love you with all my heart.”

"I love you too babe." You whisper as you drift off to sleep with me in your arms.

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