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Drive to the beach

Kay gets horny on the drive to the beach.
I drive to your workplace in my BMW and as I pull up I see you are waiting for me at the curb side. I get out of the car and open the door for you helping you into the car. I go back around and get in. Turning towards you, I place my hand behind your neck, pulling you towards me as I give you a nice big passionate kiss. I continue to kiss you, feeling our tongues moving about in each other's mouth.

I tell you to go in the back seat and change your clothes as I pull out of the parking lot and hit the highway. I look in the rear view mirror and watch you un-dress completely, as you ask, “Where are we going?”

I say, "We are going to the beach and camping overnight," as I watch you sitting naked in the back seat.

I see you look in the bag, but don't take anything out, “What's wrong baby girl, why are you not putting on the things I bought you?" I ask.

"Daddy, I want to play with myself. I have been horny all day thinking of you." I smile looking in the rear view mirror, knowing you wouldn’t touch your pussy without my permission.

“Okay, baby girl you can play, however you’re going to have to play for the duration of the drive," I say with a smile. 

You lie in the back seat with a leg on the window behind me. I look over my shoulder and watch you finger your pussy. I take one of the hands off the steering wheel and start rubbing my cock as I watch, looking from the front, then back at you as I drive down the road. I hear a horn on a big rig blast, as he had been watching you finger you pussy. You blow a kiss to him before he turns off onto an exit on the highway.

About half way to our destination, I notice a woman in a Honda Civic pull up alongside us. She keeps looking at you as she takes a hand off wheel. I can tell she was fingering herself as she watches you. I slow down, getting in line with her so I can take a closer look at her. To my surprise, I see her fucking her pussy with a big dildo. I look back at you and tell you to “take a look at her playing with her pussy.” You get up on your knees and look at her fucking her pussy with the dildo and you start to stroke your fingers deep in your pussy.

I see you wind down the window and move up where she can see your pussy completely. You rub around the edge and start fingering deep in your pussy. Watching as you remove your fingers out of the pussy covered in your juice, you reach your fingers around to the front for me to lick them, as you know I love your pussy juice. I lick the fingers clean as we get to the beach.

The woman pulls into the parking spot next to us and without a word she gets in the back seat and starts to kiss you deeply while fingering your pussy. People walk by looking on with surprise on their faces as you two kiss and finger each other. I tap on her shoulder and tell her to come join us on the beach. When she gets out of the car, I take her into my arms, giving her a nice big kiss while you put on your swimsuit. On the beach we find a nice spot away from the parking lot and other people. I set up the blanket and start a fire as the two of you watch the sunset.

Lying on the blanket, I call you to come and join me. You and the other woman, Monica, come into the blanket. You give me a nice big kiss as we sit there on the blanket; Monica sits next to you and kisses the back of your neck as I kiss your beautiful lips. Monica lies down between your legs. She takes two fingers into your pussy and licks it deep as we keep kissing. 

I tell you to get over her mouth and grind your pussy on her face. I watch for a bit before I get behind your ass. I push your head onto her pussy and tell you to lick. I grab your waist and start fucking your pussy deep as she licks your pussy and my cock as it goes deep and shallow. I pound that fine pussy harder and faster; I slap that ass hard leavings prints on the ass. The two of you are licking deep in each other's pussy, moaning out loud in pleasure.

I move faster, slamming my cock into your pussy hard and deep, my balls slapping Monica in the face. I feel you tightening up on the cock as you’re about to cum and Monica is moaning on your pussy as she cums. I tell you to cum as I unload into your pussy. Monica licks up our cum as I pull out. I take my cock to your mouth to lick it clean.

We lie there naked under the stars and the moon, the waves slamming onto the rocks nearby. You are in your place, your head on my chest, arm across my body and your leg over mine. Monica cuddles on your back with her leg over yours.

As we are about fall asleep you ask, "Can she be my little pet?"

I smile and tell you, "Baby girl, if you asked me for the moon or the stars, I would get them for you.”

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