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Erica and Liam Chapter Three

Liam and Erica continue their visit and go shopping
Erica opened the car door and carefully stepped out, stretching as she gently closed the car door. She shook her now shoulder length blonde hair, seeing Liam smile in response. He then opened his own door, and looked around for the machine so he could pay is parking fee. Spinning, he finally found it, about 5 cars down the road. Flashing his smile in Erica’s direction, he said, “be right back”. Erica gazed at him as he was walking, enjoying the view. He was wearing a light pink collared shirt with elbow length sleeves, with a red check pattern. The top button was undone, and it was tucked into his nice khakis, Erica had pulled out of the drawer for him to wear that morning. Liam had managed to pair his nice leather shoes with them, which impressed her. However, he had failed when choosing white socks. At this point, Erica would take what she would get, and work on him slowly.

For her part, she had picked her outfit for exquisite care. It was a glorious day, and they had come downtown to do some shopping, go to a restaurant and maybe go see a movie. She had chosen what she knew was Eric’s favourite pair of her shoes. While he loved, loved her stiletto pumps, his ultimate favourite was a pair of black stiletto Prada slides. They were open toe, with what was essentially a single very broad strap across the toes. And since it was warm enough to wear them, why not? She grinned as she looked down, and considered how they looked, perfect. She had chosen a pair of dark blue jeans that completely flattered her curves, and covered half of her foot, showing the heel at the back and the toes in front. From her tops, came a little flirty number that Eric had admired when he had first seen it. It was a blue cotton halter, the top of which was designed like a string bikini. It was also low cut in the back, the top of the back being only a few inches above her waist.

Liam smiled at Erica in her rather cute outfit (though since Liam likes to be honest with himself, he would usually be speechless, as his jaw would be somewhere on the floor). He slipped the ticket on the dashboard, and closed the driver’s side door, locking the car as he did so. It beeped, and he smiled at her again. “Ready to go, luv?”

She smiled, and responded “indeed! First stop, dear heart, is the market. After that we’ll head into a few other places.” She gave Liam a sweet smile, and took his proffered arm as they walked down the sidewalk to the market. Walking up the hill to Front Street, they turned and entered the market. Walking among the stalls, they chose fresh French bread, Havarti cheese, Italian pastrami, and a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Walking out into the sunshine of Front Street an hour later, Erica span about, her arms outstretched as Liam followed laden down with bags. “Alright, slave, let’s drop these groceries in the car, and have some fun” Liam just raised an eyebrow, and suddenly dipped into an endearing bow as he murmured his fealty. Kissing Erica’s outstretched hand, he then turned in the direction of car. Erica just stood still for a minute, gazing at her friend. She felt the stirrings of something she hadn’t felt in a long time. Brushing such thoughts aside for the moment, she followed him, a huge broad smile on her face.


Erica opened the door to Sandpiper, not knowing quite what to expect. Sandpiper Swimwear was a special shop, one had to make an appointment, and the waiting list was weeks long. Luckily, Erica had made her appointment back in the winter when she and Liam had first discussed their plans. The entrance was like a waiting room, and Erica and Liam approached the front desk. The receptionist was on the phone, but she flashed Erica a smile and holds up a hand as she deals with the phone.

Finally, Emma thought as the idiotic man on the other end of the phone finally hung up. Some customers just don’t understand when to stop talking! She grinned at the couple standing across the desk from her, and reached forward to open the scheduling book. Running down the right column, she noted the next scheduled appointment. “Erica, I presume?” the woman, who was standing on the right, nodded. Emma smiled again, and indicated the seating with her hand. “If you’d please take a seat, your sales associate will be with you in a few minutes.”

Liam nodded his thanks as Erica smiled and turned, walking to her left and sitting on one of the couches that were provided. Liam picked up a time magazine, while Erica found a catalogue of the various different swimsuits. As they read, Alexandra (Lexy to her friends) checked the presentation room once over again. It was a simple affair, essentially a room with mirrors on most of the walls. There were three doors. One led to a changing room. One led to the stock room, and one led to the corridor that was between the two presentation rooms. Seeing that all was right, she pulled out the racks of swimsuits from the stock room, and then emerged into the corridor, and then from there into the waiting room. She walked over to where Erica and Liam were sitting, and introduced herself.

“Erica? I’m Lexy, and I’ll be your sales associate for swimwear today. If you’d follow me, please.” Erica and Liam looked up at the voice, and both looked Lexy over as they stood up. Tall and fairly thin, Lexy was simply stunning, in Erica’s opinion. She wore a pair of red D’Orsay stiletto heels, with a think ankle strap that fastened on the outside. A cotton knee length skirt flattered the girl’s legs, and for a top she was wearing a somewhat plunging tank top. Her lacy bra was somewhat visible, and its red shade highlighted her blonde cheek length bob. Turning on one stiletto’d heel; she led Erica and Liam into the presentation room, a cheerful bounce in her step.

Closing the door, Liam leaned against it as Lexy and Erica stood in the centre of the room. He admired them together, and admitted that they looked rather hot as a combination. Shaking his head, he pushed such thoughts aside as the two ladies picked out bathing suits for Erica to try on. They were generally two-piece suits, though they had selected a couple of one-piece suits that in particular caught Liam’s eye.

“What about this?” Lexy held up a two-piece suit for Erica to consider. Black, it was very obviously on the sexy as opposed to the functional side of the gradient. The bra part was designed to create cleavage, and the halter top design definitely put it in realm of what both Erica and Liam liked. Erica smiled, and simply nodded. She had already picked out 6 suits, and she had allotted funds to buy 7. After all, the rest of the day was going to be rather expensive.

“Alright, I think I’m going to try these on” Erica nodded determinedly, and headed towards the changing room. Before she closed the door, she saw Lexy moving over to Liam, and them talking quietly. Pushing that out of her mind, she hung the suits on the back of the door, and started to undress. Untying the halter, she placed it on the shelf available, while she slipped off her shoes, placing them underneath the wooden seat. There was a mirror on the wall beside the door, and she admired herself in it, standing topless in her jeans. While looking, she undid her jeans, then looked away and proceeded to get undressed. She folded her jean and placed them upon the same shelf, then reached down and pulled off her dark blue lacy thong, removing her right leg before her left leg. Grabbing the first suit, she undid the clasps on the hanger, and then pulled it on.

Liam looked up from his palm pilot as the door to the change room opened. He nodded to Lexy, and then put the PDA away in his pocket. Leaning against the wall, he admired Erica as she semi – shyly sauntered out of the change room. “Well look at the gorgeous woman” Liam spoke as he checked Erica out. She had put on the third suit that they had selected, a black one piece with a plunging neckline with gold detailing around the neck. “I have to say, I like it” Erica twirled, slowly as Lexy also ran an evaluating eye over the suit, and what was under it. ‘I have to agree with Liam, say that’s a keeper”. She nodded decisively, and then sat down on the stool next to the racks of suits.

Erica flashed a grin at Liam, and then bent over slightly, giving him a view down the front of her suit as she almost skipped into the change room. Peeling off the suit carefully, she reached onto the rack for a green and yellow halter top with a thong bottom, then paused, reconsidered, and grabbed the black suit, the last one that she had chosen. Grinning, she put it on, carefully placing the top so that maximum cleavage was achieved. Throwing the door open, she pranced out, immediately greeted by whistles and applause. She thought, “Oh, this one is definitely a winner."


Bags in hand, or at least in Liam’s hands, Erica and Liam strode out of the shop back onto front street, and turned east, and wandered down the street to their next target. The thought of going in had Erica a little turned on, and as they reached the front doors of Salacious, a broad grin split across her face. Liam just blushed slightly, and followed in the lady’s wake.

Stepping into Salacious was a bit of a culture shock when Erica had first gone in, but since then it had become one of her favourite shops. Lining one wall was the stores massive display of sex toys, with all of them having an example to look at. Along the back, a few large dressing rooms stretched, and along the other wall were racks and racks of some of the hottest lingerie Erica (and Liam) had ever seen. While she loved to just browse, today they had a time limit and a couple of specific things to buy. While Liam just looked agog at the wall of toys (he had never seen such a collection before) Erica walked over to that wall, right on the end by the changing rooms, and pulled two toys from the shelf. Beckoning to Liam, she pointed on the floor, and just grinned, her teeth shining beautifully. Liam reached down and picked up the box from the floor, staggering a wee bit when he was surprised by the weight of the box, but doing just fine after gathering himself. After a quick look over the lingerie (just for comparison, after all they did have one more shop to visit) they moved to the cash, where Liam paid for the toys on his credit card. Erica took those bags, including the big box, and after they deposited the various goods in the back of Liam’s car, she looked over at him.

“Ready to hit the last place before dinner?” It was getting to almost 4 in the afternoon, and their dinner reservation was for 6, to allow them to catch a movie afterwards. Liam nodded “Yes, lets”, and opened the drivers side door, sitting as Erica slid into the seat beside him. She gazed out her window, smiling, as they drove across town to the last store. She ran a hand up and down Liam’s right thigh as he drove, not looking, just stroking his thigh.

At last, about 4:30 they pulled into the parking lot besides the lingerie store. Emma was waiting by the front door for them, and smiled as they approached. Sandpiper had just the past year joined a lingerie company, and while Emma was a receptionist at the swimwear store, she was a salesperson at the lingerie outlet. She was simply drop dead sexy, and Liam was taken a bit aback at how she was dressed, not noticing her before hand behind the desk. She wore wedge mules at least 4 inches high, which had only the strap across the toes, with not even an ankle strap. Her red capris, with the drawstring tied just below the knee, were low enough that they revealed bright yellow cotton thong. She wore a matching red tank top and bra, creating cleavage where there would normally be little. Emma had little more than a cups, but her chosen top (one of her favourites) added the impression of more.

Erica smiled, and followed Emma into the building as Liam followed with a thoughtful expression. They followed her through the waiting room into the fitting room in the back, the only that the store possessed. Unlike Sandpiper, it had no change room, just an area off to the side with mirrors covering 360 degrees. After Liam walked into the room, Emma closed and locked the door behind them. She turned to Erica “So what were you looking for?”

Erica grinned, and started disrobing. “Well…. I was thinking about a few teddies, and maybe a corset and merry widow or two…”


Liam and Erica sat at their table, in the back of the Moroccan restaurant. She sat with her legs crossed under the table, right foot, still shod, dangling close to Liam’s thigh. It was a small table, yet covered by a large tablecloth. The main dish had been cleared, and Erica was waiting for her Egyptian coffee. She looked across the table, looking to Liam’s eyes as her right foot brushed his thigh. He reached out and squeezed her hand, and she grinned, and then moved her foot back into contact with his thigh.

Liam smiled, and shifted his chair closer to the table, turning as to present more of his left to her foot. At first, she slowly rubbed her foot gently up and down his upper thigh, but the she slipped off her shoe, and started again. She could now feel his cock, growing under her touch. He smiled, more widely now and squeeze her and again. Looking around, he spied the bathroom door. Behind it, there was access to both bathrooms, if they were careful. No one would see them.

Liam stood up, and keeping hold of Erica’s hand, led her towards the bathrooms. She slid her shoe back on, and worked her way around the table, making sure to avoid the candles. Going through the first door, Liam checked the men’s room while Erica checked the ladies. His was busy while hers was not, so she went in and pulled him in after her. Locking the door, she walked over to the counter and sink, and placed her purse on the make up shelf. She leaned back against the counter, and Liam came forward and into her arms.

She leaned her head back, and he began kissing her gently, all over her neck and shoulders running his hands over her ass, back and legs. She lifted her left leg around his waist as he ran his hand down the back of it, attempting to use her shoe to hook into pants. Unfortunately, the shoe fell off but her legs were around his ass, allowing him to gently lift her onto the counter. Easing off the counter a fraction, she wrapped the other leg around his waist, digging her heels into the back of his legs.

She leaned forward, bit his ear gently and whispered “oh Liam… let’s just do it”. He stepped back, and grinned as she, while seated on the counter, removed her jeans and thong. Undoing his pants, he removed them and his boxers in one fell sweep. Taking his cock into his hand, Liam started to stroke it gently. It was already fairly, but had been restrained in his pant leg so that it didn’t much show.

Erica pulled Liam towards her, wrapping her legs around his waist as she pulled his cock towards her. Liam sighed as she rubbed the head of his cock against her lips, and then slowly placed it at the entrance, pulling him towards her with her legs as he entered her. She leaned forward, and moaned quietly into his ear.

Suddenly, they froze as somebody knocked on the washroom door. Erica looked at Liam, sighed, and said “Why don’t we continue this at home?” They got dressed quickly, playfully kissing and teasing each other. Sheepishly then, they left the bathroom, avoiding the disapproving eye of the owner. Spotting their waiter, Erica asked, “Can we please have the bill.”


As Liam and Erica pulled out of the restaurant’s parking lot, they laughed, “Well, I have to say that was rather exhilarating” Erica said, as she leaned her chair back. She move her right hand to her breast, feeling it through her top as her left hand undid the top of her jeans and slipped inside. Liam looked over, and did a double take, swerving and nearly driving off the road. Erica took her right hand and hit him lightly. “pay attention to the road. When we get home, you can make up for that by paying extra attention to me then.”

He just nodded, and then kept his eyes on the road. Erica took advantage of that, and continued to enjoy herself. Reaching down, she started to remove her jeans, lifting her butt from the leather seat. Slipping her shoes off, she brought her knees up and pulled her jeans completely off, tossing them into the back seat. Reaching for her purse, which she had placed by her feet, she opened it, and removed something that just fit in her hand. Smiling, she lay back again. And turned on the bullet vibrator. Taking it in her right hand, she pushed the thong aside, exposing her clit and pussy lips. Slowly, she applied the vibe to her clit, moaning, and arching her back slightly as ripples of pleasure radiated upwards through her body. Her left hand, firmly clenching her breast and teasing the left nipple, squeezed hard, sending more pleasure through her body.

Liam saw this out of the corner of his eye, and he barely resisted looking. Seeing a sign on the side of the road, they were only about 10 minutes from home. Grinning, he put his foot down, determined to break all land speed records.

A few minutes later (a lot fewer than ten), Liam pulled to a screeching halt in front of his mansion. Erica smiled, and turned off her vibrator. She opened her eyes, and looked at Liam, her eyes asking the question for her. What now?

Liam stepped out of his side, closed the door, and walked around to Erica’s side which he opened. He leaned down, careful not to bang his head, and lifted her in his arms, kissing her hard as he did so, He stepped back, and turned towards the house, kicking the door shut. He carried Erica up the stairs, and managed to open the door while still having her in his arms. He again kicked that door closed when they were it. Setting Erica down inside, she looked at him, then grabbed his shirt and pulled him in close, her right hand gripping his shirt while her left hand undid his belt and fly, and went into his boxers to grab his cock again, stroking it and leaving precum on her hand and wrist. Slowly, they walked backwards where they ran into the couch on the main floor living room.

Erica released Liam, and ditched her top, throwing it across the room as she sat back on the couch, her lets spread apart and her knees bent. Liam shed his boxers and pants, and then his shirt, and taking his still hard cock in his hand, he stroked it, standing at the edge of the sofa. She looked at his cock, licked her lips, then up at his face, and crooked a finger, calling him towards her. “Come here hot stuff. I need you to fuck me.”

Grinning Liam responded, “your wish is my shift command”, and approached from he bottom. He paused near her feet, and took her right foot into his hands.

He started kissing, working his way up her leg from her ankle, landing butterfly light kisses all over. Once he got to Erica’s knees, he bent them, and then moved to the left leg, his hands fluttering on the outside of her legs while he kissed her gently. Rising a bit, and settling her legs around his waist, Liam kissed Erica softly on the lips, then passionately as she crossed her legs behind his back and pulled him in close.

She arched her back, her eyes closed and a smile on her face as Liam kissed the left side of her neck and shoulders. He ran his hands up and down her back, slowly drawing on the strings of her halter, and untying it. Then, he kissed his way back down her chest, stopping at each nipple, drawing down the halter to reveal her breasts. He trailed his hands down her chest, taking a nipple into each hand as he started to kiss around her pussy lips again, pulling back from her.

Liam just smiled, and led Erica over to a chair where he sat down, and pulled her on top of him, so that she straddle his cock. She dropped quickly, taking him into her roughly. Once he was all the way in, Erica Squirmed and rocked her pussy back and forth, grinding herself into Liam.

“Oh, I’m so close… you almost got me to cum in the restaurant” she cooed into his ear. Wrapping their arms around each other, Liam and Erica pulled each other close and sensually trusted against each other, opting for a romantic orgasm instead of a frantic fuck.

Erica threw her head back, thrusting her chest towads Liam as he stopped kissing and biting her neck and move to her right nipple, using his teeth and tongue on it. Then, He moved to the left nipple. HE took his tongue around the nipple in wrings, making them smaller until he just ringed the nipple itself, then gently rolled it between his teeth. Erica could only reply with moans as she kept on squeezing and tightening her pussy in response to Liam’s thrusts.

She suddenly moved her head forward, kissing Liam on the shoulder, and biting him hard on the shoulder as her orgasm started to wave over her. He kept on thrusting, but with pauses as he started cumming inside of her, the spurts coming randomly and not at all in time with her orgasm.

Suddenly Liam froze, and Erica moved forward, and they lost balance, falling off the chair, with Liam still inside of Erica. They rolled on the floor, and Liam ended up on top of Erica. She relaxed, and flung out her limbs relaxing while Liam just kissed her all over, withdrawing from her after he stopped cumming.

“Oh god.. It’s been such a good day.” Erica moaned a while later, as they sat together in the hot tub. “How are we gonna top this off tomorrow?”

Liam didn’t reply for a while. Then “well… we do have that basket of fantasies and fetishes to go through.”

They sat for a while, just silence. Then Erica stirred. “yes we do!” With that, she got out of the tub and went to bed to sleep, Liam following.

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