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Erica and Liam Chapter Two

Liam and Erica continue to have sexy fun
Erica woke up and looked to her right. She smiled as she saw Liam, still sleeping on the bed where he had flopped after their love making in the morning. “Poor guy” she murmured, reaching over to stroke his leg. He was completely naked, and she reached over and grabbed his cock, lightly touching the head with the tip of her finger. Pausing, she tapped his cock again with her finger, then clutched it with just the tips off all her fingers, and started moving her hand up and down his cock, softly stroking it. A soft groan came from the direction of his face, so she took her hand from his penis and got up from the bed.

“It’s only 11 o’clock, so get up lazy bones” She grinned at him then walked over to her drawers, where she had unpacked her clothes the night before. Her many pairs of shoes were on top of the dresser, with the undergarments and lingerie in the drawer and the tops and skirts hanging in the closet. She twirled to face Liam her perky breasts sticking out perfectly, attracting Liam’s gaze. Noticing where his gaze lay, she leaned down slightly and stuck out her chest, wiggling in a flirtatious manner before striding off to the closet with the sexiest walk she could muster.

Liam watched her walk off, shook his head and got up himself. He stretched, bending over as far as he could, yet still failing to touch the ground with even the tips of his fingers. He stood up, and grabbed the boxers and underwear from the bed heading and started heading towards the laundry basket in the corner of the room when Erica spoke from inside the closet.

“What are the plans for today?” it was a beautiful day outside, and Erica wanted to take advantage of it, she walked down the closet, her left hand brushing through the rack of tops and skirts, waiting for Liam’s answer.

Liam came and stood at the door of the closet naked, his penis hanging limp but still impressive, like a Greek or renaissance statue. He leaned against the frame of the door right arm above his head as he thought. “We could take a couple of the horses down into the back 40 by the lake and have a picnic, or we could sailing, or we could go shopping in town, or we could go down to the farmers market. “ He seemed to be listing things off the top of his head, no that any of the ideas were bad.

Erica stopped near the back of the closet, and pulled a red top off the rack. Pulling a pair of pants near with as well, she shooed Liam away and started to dress.

He headed towards his own closet, looking back just once to see her bending over to pull a red lacy thong from the drawer, her breasts with their perfect nipples hanging beautifully done. “Liam, for crying out loud, it's time to get dressed. I actually want to have this picnic at lunch if you don’t mind” she said, flipping her hair over her left shoulder. Her blonde tresses moved daintily and Liam smiled once more and moved to pull out jeans and a shirt to wear.

Erica heard Liam leave the room, calling behind him that he’d meet her in the stables when she was ready. She yelled back an acknowledgement, then turned back to the shoe rack. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans that showed flared very slightly along the whole length of the leg. Her top was a red tube top that she had chosen to match her thong, a silly notion, but silly was still fun, sometimes. Searching in the bag of shoes, she grabbed a pair Mary Jane heels. They had a pretty bow on the front, and only a 1.5-inch heel on the back so they weren’t too ridiculous to take riding. Looking once in the door length mirror, and being satisfied with her appearance, stepped out of the closet, walking towards the stables at the back of the house.


The stable was built into the back of the house, right next to the pool attached to the master bedroom. It had 6 stalls on the south side of the stable, with tack and brushes and tools on the northern wall that was adjoining the house. The door led to a path bordered by the garden outside the master pool, and following the path you got to a corral and then paths into the woods.

Liam was brushing down Fleet, his chestnut when Erica walked into the stables. “You look damn good. But are those shoes going to be a bit silly once we get out into the woods?” He was looking down at her stilettos. In comparison, he was wearing hiking boots. Erica just gave him a look, and he continued. “Alright then luv. I’ve got Flip ready for you, she’s three stables down. I thought we’d picnic by the lake, then come home and perhaps watch a movie in the theatre.” He nodded, and patted the saddlebags, which were bulging with food.

The bag on the far side of Fleet had a baguette sticking out of it, and Erica suddenly found herself quite hungry. She nodded, standing to the side as Liam took Fleet out of the barn and onto the path, then went to go get her horse.

Flip was a little chestnut mare, obviously spirited, with white forelocks and a star on her forehead. Erica walked alongside the horse, gently rubbing it before taking the lead and walking out of the stall. She noticed a bunch of apples in a crate, and grabbed a few, feeding one to Flip and settling the rest in the saddlebag closest to her.

The path curved to the left once you left the stables main doors, curving away from the pool to the large corral where Liam waited for her astride his charger. Coming up beside him, Erica mounted Flip, and they started away together down the path towards the lake.


Liam pointed out the various landmarks of the property as he gave Erica the tour. “We’ve got about 100 acres of land, but my favourite part was always the lake. I could escape out here on a summers day and get away from my siblings and chores and just swim all day.”

They walked their horses out of the brush that they had been riding through for most of the tour, and onto the lip of the hill. It was brilliant day, and they could see the lake beneath them, then across the fields to the house, nearly 20 acres distant. Slowly, they walked their horses down the hill to a stand of trees about 40 feet from the edge of the lake where they tied the horses.

Liam took a big blanket from a saddlebag, and spread it on the grass and rocks, then placed the other bags upon it, taking out bread, cheese, wine, meat and the rest of the usual trappings. He smiled, bowed and gestured to the blanket as he pulled out glasses for the wine.

“My lady, if you’d do me the honour” he extended his hand, and Erica graciously took it, stepping on the blanket then lying down upon it. Liam nodded and lay down on the blanket by her feet. Taking the wine from the bag, and uncorking with a wine opener stashed in his pocket, he looked over, and when Erica raised her glass, filled it half way. He then took his own, and filled it as well. Placing the bottle down raised his glass. “A toast, ma’am, to us.” They tapped glasses, and then linking arms drank from their glass. She giggled, and he laughed out loud, and then Liam pulled out the bread knife and the picnic itself began.


An hour or so later, they were sitting in the sun on the blanket, enjoy the noon sun. Liam was looking over the land, with a sort of far off look on his face, so Erica took advantage. She shuffled down a bit, and started to rub her shoe along Liam’s leg, from the knee to his crotch almost immediately she noticed a bulge beginning to form, and so she gently rubbed the toe of her shoe across it, watching it get bigger and bigger and she gently teased it. It became very prominent before a too-powerful stroke brought Liam back to reality.

He gave her a look, then, “what are you doing luv?”

Erica just batted her lashes, and then looked over to the lake “I’m going to go swimming”. She stood up, stood over Liam and kicked off her shoes. She then reached down and pulled her top over her head, dropping it on Liam’s head as she pulled down her thong and jeans in the same movement. She started to run towards the lake, yelling over her shoulder “are you coming, or not?”

Liam shook off her top, and then started to run after her casting off clothes as he went. His shirt was first to go, cast off onto a tree, followed by hopping on first the left, then the right leg as he removed his shoes and pants. Finally nude, he ran into the relatively warm water after her.

Splashing him, Erica moved towards Liam and tackled him in the shallow zone. She reached down and grabbed his still mostly erect penis, fluttering her fingers all over it before jumping backwards and swimming away.

Liam chased her into the centre, to the sandbar where Erica tripped on the progressively shallower bottom and sat down with a startled laugh. He raced up to her, and picking her up, threw her over his shoulder. Standing on the sand bar, he shouted. “You cannot win, I have the high ground,” and then ran into the lake, tossing her in head over heels as soon as they had reached a deep enough part. Swimming away from her, he made it to the shore where he walked towards the picnic blanket, picking up his clothes as he went.

Erica surfaced from where she had been swimming along the bottom, and saw him walking away. She raced after him, catching up to him as he picked up his pants and shoes.

Liam felt her hit his back and he tumbled forward with a yelp, landing on the ground. Erica jumped on him again and rolled him over, straddling him as they both breathed heavily, almost panting. The water glistened off her breasts, chest and neck, and drop came off her nipples and landed on his stomach as they were still, just breathing.

As he lay on his back, Liam just looked up at her beautiful face and admired her, then saw her sit up in a jolt as he began to stir beneath her.

“Shall we head back to the house?” he asked, crossing his arms as lay back waiting for her to get off. Erica just nodded in response, and then fluttered her fingers over his chest as she stood, up.

Walking in front of him, she exaggerated the sway of her waist and ass, showing off for Liam. Laughing, he threw his shoe at her, hitting her butt and causing her to yelp. They then slowly put their clothes back on, looking but not looking at each other, and packed up the picnic to go back to the house.


Erica put the brush back on the hook on the far side of the wall from Flip’s stall, and headed towards the door into the main house. Looking, she saw that Liam was still working out the thistles that had gotten into Fleet’s coat while they were wrestling in and out of the water.

Heading upstairs into the main bedroom, she stripped, tossing everything into the laundry bin, and headed into the ensuite bathroom. Turning on the taps in the massive bath, she selected lavender bubble bath, and pouring some, watching the huge tub fill. Sitting on the edge, she dipped in her left foot, still a bit cold, but warm enough to slide into. She reached over, and using the controller Jacuzzi jets going as she slid to the far side of the bath and got the matches. There were candles to match ever bubble bath and bath bomb set, and she lit the candles on their little shelves, having to stand up to light them. There were 3 shelves on the wall on her left, and two shelves on the wall directly in front of her. On her right was the door, and the shower.

She laid back spread her arms, lifting her bottom of the seat a bit. She was relaxing when she slipped, and her left foot went deeper and her right foot. She grabbed the controller and hit a button, starting jets on the bottom and corners of the seat. While she had regained her balance, the jets were pushing the warm, bubbling water over her pussy lips and clit. She clenched the sides of the tub, moaning as she pushed her waist closer to the jet. The water was hot, and the bubbling action of jets pushed her lips and clit every which way.

Erica found she could hold herself in position by having one leg over the edge of the tub, and she reached overhead to the counter where she had put the box that she had taken from the bottom of her bag. Opening it, she found what she was looking for and removed the black large rubber dildo and some lubricant. She put lube on herself and on the dildo then replaced the box on the counter.

Placing the dildo on the side and taking her breasts into her hands, Erica pinched her nipples and massaging her breasts as the jets of water teased her clit and lips still. She threw her head back, and moaned in pleasure as she thrust against the jets using her motion and the jets motion to increase her pleasure. Reaching over to the side, she took the dildo and rubbed it against her nipples and neck before trailing it down her torso. Trailing the head of the dildo through the jet of water, she gently traced her clit and lips. Moving her left hand down from her breast, she spread herself wide and gently inserted the head of the dildo into her pussy, driving it inside her slowly but with great determination. Her breath became heavy, and Erica moaned loudly as she felt the thick plastic phallus penetrated her.

She continued to spread her lips, teasing her clit with the thumb of her left hand as she teased her ass with the last two fingers. Her right arm was hard against her side to her elbow, while she slowly moved the dildo back and forth. She was filling herself, long slow strokes. Erica moaned, and her breath became long and choppy as she felt the subtle pleasure running through her body, sending shockwaves to her fingertips.

Liam stopped in the doorway of the bedroom as he heard the moan from the bathroom. He moved over to the laundry basket, and stripped, taking off the clothes that he had worn riding and moved over to his closet where he pulled out some jeans and boxers, and a rugby shirt that he wore when playing in high school. Putting it on slowly, heard more low moans and quiet subtle splashing from the bath. The scent of lavender had penetrated the house all the way out in set the to the kitchen, and damn if it didn’t smell good. He stood up from the bed, and headed over towards the bathroom door.

Erica moved her left hand from her clit to her right breast as she pushed the dildo deep inside her and stood up in the bath. The sheer pleasure of having it inside her as she stood caused her to moan loudly. She moved to straddle the edge of the ledge in the Jacuzzi, her left leg on the ledge and the right leg hanging over the edge. She lowered herself so that the flared base of the dildo rested on the edge of the ledge, between jets so that the heated water rushed her clit and anus. Using her lowered leg to support herself, she moved both her hands to her breasts, and taking her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, started to roll them, pull and pinch them, generally abusing them. She moaned, trying to keep quiet but failing as she massaged her breasts with her palms and remaining fingers.

Liam looked agog at this as he leaned against the doorjamb of the bathroom. He watched for a few seconds as Erica played with her breasts, arching her back and throwing her head back in pleasure. He unconsciously grabbed his cock through the pocket of his jeans and started to squeeze what he could reach, but as soon as he realized what he was doing he stopped. With a start, he stepped on the marble of the floor, the wood of the door creaking with the transfer of his weight.

Erica froze, opened her eyes, and looked to see Liam, standing at the door. He immediately turned around, seemingly shamed and shocked as he made a beeline for the bedroom door. She sighed as he fled, and stood up out of the water, the bubbles and water running off her breast and nipples, and running down her body. Sighing again, she tweaked her very hard and very extended nipples as she got out of the bath, grabbing a towel.


Straightening her bathrobe, she walked into the lounge where she could hear Liam playing the piano on his baby grand. It was the moonlight sonata, very Liam, but also one of Erica’s favourite pieces. He was playing with his eyes closed swaying to the music the top of the piano open. Sweeping in, she kissed him on the ear and then stood next to the keyboard like a lounge singer, one leg poking out through the front of the robe, elegantly shod in a brilliant shiny black D’Orsay pumps, the stiletto at least 4 inches high.

Liam opened his eyes, and stopped playing the piano as he took her in. The covered everything up the very exposed leg. Since he had not managed to put the previous incident out of his mind, his cock began to grow harder and harder.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Erica tilted her head to the side and lifted her leg, running it along the inside of his, over his cock and then back to the end of the bulge, pausing there. Liam just grinned and looked down, but she caught him by the bottom of his chin. “So you know, I was thinking of you while doing that. And you interrupted me, so I haven’t finished yet. Perhaps you can help me with that?” She undid the robe, letting it drop to the floor. Far from being naked, she had put on some clothes.

Liam gazed at her from head to the toe that was slowly stroking his penis through his pants, and his mouth dropped. She was wearing a red d’esprit halter babydoll with black straps, her breasts precarious positioned in the top. She reached down and took Liam’s hand standing him up, and moving her hands to his waist, pulling him close.

Liam took his hands and moved his to left to her right breast, and the right down her back to her ass. He pulled her waist in close to his crotch so that she could feel his hard cock upon her naked pussy, even through his pants.

They kissed, Liam’s hands moving back to Erica’s breasts while her hands massaged his ass then moved in front. She threw her head back while Liam licked and kissed her neck, fluttering his hands gently but firmly over her back while she unbuckled his belt and undid his pants, letting them drop to the floor. He stepped out of his pants, picked up Erica, while she wrapped both legs around his waist. He gently settled her against the keyboard, while she ran the stilettos of her heels down the back of his legs, making his cock so hard it burst through the flap of his boxers.

While she reached down to stroke the head and shaft of his cock, her fingers using the same technique that his did on her back, fluttering gently and rapidly, Liam started to gently bite her neck, first on her shoulder and collarbone, then more slowly biting harder as he moved towards her neck. He eased up again as she threw her head back, and he kissed and gently bit her throat, ending up biting right under her jaw and chin, then switching to the other side.

Erica arched her back and twisted her head to left to give him better access to her neck, breathing sharply and shallowly as he bit her neck on the right side. Her fingers froze as a suddenly harder bite sent a shockwave of pleasure through her, electrifying the nipples as they rubbed against the coarse fabric of his shirt, right down to her toes, causing her to slightly kick and digging her heels into the top of Liam’s legs once more. She turned her head slightly and bit his shoulder hard, stifling the scream and moan that was threatening to erupt. This caused his cock to jump in her hand, a bit of precum streaking over her palm.

Reaching up, Liam untied her babydoll, and then reaching back down, lifted both Erica’s arms and her top over her head. He grinned at her newly bared breasts, and bit and kissed his way down to her right nipple, his right hand moving under her arched back as his left moved under her ass for more support. He was breathing harder, and the as he looked into Erica’s face, he suddenly rolled her nipple between his teeth and felt the moan erupt through his cheek as she took her hands and ran her fingers through his hair.

Liam moved his mouth to the other nipple, sucking on it gently before nipping it and releasing it from his mouth. He raised his head to look into Erica’s eyes, and then kissed her on the lips. Their tongues intertwined, and paused briefly, as she hooked her thumbs into the top of Liam’s boxers.

Liam stood back, and Erica looked at him expectantly, then he reached down and took off his boxers, and then took off his shirt, throwing them to the side. His cock sprung up expectantly, the head purple and several of the veins somewhat standing out.

Erica spread her legs as wide as she could, and tilted her hips to give Liam a better angle of attack. He just stood for a second, breathing deeply and appreciating the site before him. Her legs were wide open, and she was completely naked save for her shoes. Beckoning with a finger, Erica spoke up. “Come and get it,” but Liam shook his head.

“I dunno, I’m rather enjoying looking at you like this.” He moved his right hand down to his cock, gently stroking it while he ran his left hand through his hair.

“C’mon Liam..” She looked at him begging, keeping her legs open with her elbows as she spread her lips with the fingers of her right hand and teasing her clit with her left.

Liam raised an eyebrow, and Erica spoke again. “C’mon damnit. You interrupt me, and then don’t let me finish? How rude!” She looked at him, with a look of false anger, then looked down at his cock. Her pussy was wet, and it was glistening in the light. She could feel the wetness on her lips, but she looked at the precum that was glistening on the head of Liam’s cock.

“Please…” Liam assented, and slowly moved towards her, his cock leading the way.

He came closer to her, leaning close into her, but just positioning his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He reached two fingers down, and stroked her pussy lips. His fingers mixed the wetness and precum, and he flicked her clit, then moved his hands to her back, fluttering and stroking her back with his nails.

Erica moaned as he leaned in and kissed the side of her neck, biting gently as she turned her neck to the right, giving him access again to bite under her chin and jaw. She moaned, running her fingers through her hair then dragging her hands down his back, her nails leaving red marks as she dug into his skin.

“Just do it now.” She whispered as she moved her hands down to his ass, and pushed hard, forcing his cock deep into her pussy. He started to thrust, slow but deeply as she forced her thighs apart, giving him more room to get closer. She thrust her shoulders back, arching her back even further and forcing her nipples into contact with his skin. Her sensitive nipples caused her to hiss and moan with pleasure as they rubbed up and down, forcing the nipples back and pressing on her breasts with his chest.

Increasing his speed, Liam thrust his cock harder and harder into Erica’s pussy, his ever-increasing amount of precum mixing with her wetness, and she was getting wetter and wetter. He was rotating his hips as he thrust, making Erica rise and fall upon the piano keys as she thrust to meet him.

Drawing her legs, further up, Erica placed her heels under Liam’s ass and dug in the stilettos, causing him to jump while giving him less thrusting room. He continued with shorter thrusts combined with more hip movement, causing her to bounce up and down upon his cock and the piano keys, her breasts bouncing all over the place, the nipples constantly rubbing against his chest, the friction making them harder then they’d ever been before.

“Please… nggh… my nipple” Erica begged as she panted, soaring towards her orgasm. Liam bit her neck just under his ear, then trailed his tongue down to her left nipple which he took into his mouth, between his teeth. Rolling the nipple between his teeth, he flicked the end of it with his tongue as he started thrusting even faster, their love making banging out a song on the piano.

Shaking his head violently, he tugged at her nipple with his mouth, biting and flicking as he pulled on it. Erica threw her head back again and screamed in pleasure as she started to orgasm. Liam kept on thrusting as she squirted, her wetness rolling in and around his engorged shaft.

She could feel another orgasm building up, so she dug her fingers into his shoulder hard, then threw her head forward to bite him on the should to muffle the scream the pleasure of his cock inside her had inspired. Instead she moaned gently as he flicked her left nipple for the last time, then removed his mouth from her breast,

“How’s that?’ Liam said, his saliva glistening on his lips as he grinned at her.

“Fucking great… please…the other nipple” Erica responded as she kissed the top of his head.

Taking a deep breath, he continued to plough her, amazed at how tight and how wet she was, and moved his mouth over to the right breast. Licking in concentric circles, he ended by licking the underside of the nipple, then gently nipping it in a teeth-baring grin.

Erica cried, her breath getting shallow and fast as she neared her second orgasm of the night.

Liam took her nipple into his mouth and treated it as he had the other, flicking and rolling it quickly, making it harder than it had ever been before. Suddenly Liam seized up, in the middle of his upstroke, as he started to orgasm. Strings of cum shot into her pussy, running down and dripping out as he continued to thrust. The cum mixed with her own juices, making her pussy slick and sticky and Erica could feel the thrusting even more. She tilted her head forward, and froze herself as her orgasm started again. She dug in her heels, causing Liam to freeze once more, cum still shooting from his penis, deep inside her. She pulled him in tight, forcing his cock deeper into her pussy, and held on as she climaxed, again and again, the first falling away just as another orgasm exploded.

When she had finished orgasming and Liam had finished spraying her insides with cum, they relaxed and he sat on the chair, holding Erica to him, his cock still inside of her.

Laughing, he lifted her off and withdrew his cock from inside her. “My, what a mess we’ve made” he said, a look of mock horror on his face. “I’ll have to tidy that up”

Liam laid Erica on her back on the floor, and kneeled between her legs, placed her legs over his shoulder as he kissed his way up her thighs, then licked her pussy lips, tasting the mixed cum and pussy juice. He looked up at her and grinned, the wetness all over his lips, tongue and teeth.

Erica looked down, barely able to move her head and saw Liam’s grin “We taste so good” he said, and then dived back into her pussy. His tongue flickered over his lips, the started going inside her pussy, flicking and teasing the walls just inside the entrance. His nose fluttered all over her clit as he shook his head, first left and right, then up and down, then shaking it wildly all over the place.

Erica threw her head back, running her hands through Liam’s hair and digging the stilettos of her shoes into his shoulders and the toes into the bottom of his shoulder blades as she thrust to meet his face, still barely able to move. Her head was rolling around as she came close to yet another orgasm, but Liam pulled away, and kissed her just above her clit. As he started to pull away, she grabbed his face and pulled it right into her pussy, his tongue going deep into her pussy as she giggled, and slowly drew in breath. His hands had gone to her nipples, and were pulling and pinch and rolling them between fingers.

“I’m… so… damn…close” She nodded and rolled her head Liam moved faster and faster driving her to cum. Suddenly, he stopped, and then plunged his tongue deep into her pussy, causing her to cum again. The wetness rolled onto his tongue, and he lapped it up. As she finished, he withdrew his tongue, and then moved up to kiss her on the lips.

“That… was amazing” Liam grinned as Erica whispered. He just nodded, and held her. He looked out the windows onto the back yard and the fields beyond. He looked at the hill, and thought of their picnic that morning, and smiled and laid his head against her shoulder, just relaxing as warm sunlight drifted through the window and warmed their bodies as they lay together.


After they had gotten dressed again, albeit rather hesitantly and lazily, they sat at the island in the kitchen, looking through the movie schedule. Erica was wearing jeans, and a halter-top while Liam had just thrown on another rugby shirt and a pair of shorts. They each had a cup of tea in their hand, and Erica rested her chin on his shoulder, standing behind him while he sat.

“How about a movie?” She asked. “I’ve heard Serenity is quite good.” Liam nodded, turning his head to kiss her cheek. She smiled, and kissed his cheek back while running her other hand up his back.

“Sounds like a plan. Shall I make reservations for dinner after?” Erica nodded into his shoulder, then kissed him again and left.

“Excellent. I’m going to shower and pick out an outfit then.” She turned around, and blew him a kiss as she grinned and reached over to the bench for the phone.

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