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Eve, Chapter One

The story of the Love of my Life

                     EVE, CHAPTER 1



I met Eve, about 10 years ago, in 1998, as we were studying in the same University in the UK . We hanged around a bit, being two people from the exact same place in a foreign country, but nothing more than that. After we graduated, we actually lost contact and we didn’t see each other until about the summer of 2003 when we accidentally met. That girl, had developed a lot over the time I hadn’t seen her. She now stood 180cm tall, with curly light brown hair, had lost weight and you could easily confuse her with a model. Trying to hide my awe, we exchanged phone numbers and we decided that we should meet to catch up. Unfortunately, that did not happen until September, my job was thriving and I did not have time for myself, let alone friends and women!


At the time, I did not own a car, so she offered herself to pick me up. When I heard the horn of her car outside my house, I put on my sunglasses, sprayed myself with Baldessarini, and went out to meet her. As I saw her, my jaw dropped to the floor. She was more beautiful than ever! I tried to hide my excitement, kissed her softly on the cheek, and entered her car. I hoped I’d make an impression too, standing about 200cm tall, well built, with short spiky hair and a trimmed beard of 4mm. Not by coincidence, I have been given the nickname of the terminator!


As we reached the lounge café I took her, we started talking about everything and anything. I was 24 at the time and was dating a woman of 30(didn’t tell her that though!) and the more we were talking, the more I was getting lost into her eyes, her smile, her voice and practically in her everything. But since this was only our first date, I decided to hold back.


We drove off, and reached my house. We chatted for a while, and kissed each other cheeks goodnight. I was confused, so full of desire for her and did not have a clue yet if all her body language was calling me in or if she was always like that. I sent her an SMS with some sweeter words for goodnight, she thanked me and that was it.


It took us months to meet again, and pretty much it was the same as the first time. By the end of that second meeting, I knew I had to do something next time we met. Thank God, it didn’t take long, around April 2004, we met again. This time, my eyes were all the time looking deep inside her, I swear I thought I could read her soul like an open book. Long before this meeting, I had broken up with my other girlfriend, I wanted to make this right. We drove off after a couple of drinks, and we started chatting again outside my house. However, I did not find the courage to do what I had planned, so we parted. On my doorstep, I sent her an SMS, expressing my feelings and that next time we would meet, I would kiss her with so much passion that she would have to look elsewhere for breath! That was the official start of my 4 year adventure! She would deny her feelings, she would drive me to the edge, she would make me blurry and unable to think of anything but her, but I knew that in the end, she was going to be mine!


In May 2004, I left for my obligatory 12 month military service. We didn’t contact each other all that time, actually we next spoke in September 2005. Out of the blue, she came to find me where I was camping, we talked, never mentioning anything more than friendly stuff and finally we decided to go to sleep. We used the First Aid room of the place and I told her to sleep on the bed whereas I would sleep on a stretcher. After 5 or so minutes, she asked me to come to bed next to her. I thought to myself “this is it!” and I happily moved next to her. After some small talk, and with her not willing to give in to my desires, I made a sudden move and kissed her. God, what a feeling! We were kissing and feeling each other all night long, but nothing else happened. I was in heaven however because the woman I so longed for, was mine! Or so I thought.


The next day, she left early and I had to get up to go to work. I could not stop thinking about her and when she texted me wanting to meet the following evening, I almost screamed out of joy. And so we met. We had a couple of drinks and we went back to the camping. All evening, she was nagging that we could not be together and similar stuff. I could see through her soul, I was sure she did not mean anything. So I told her to shut up and forcefully kissed her. She surrendered into my arms and she would not let go of me. When we went to sleep again, she took off   her bra and told me “ would you mind putting this somewhere safe?”. I was quite shocked actually but calmly I took the piece of underwear and placed it on the bedside table. I hugged her and we started kissing. When I moved down her neck, I could hear her breathing heavily, and I didn’t doubt that whatever I was doing, I was doing it well. She could not hold her self and lowered her t shirt so I could have access to her breasts. I leaned her to the side, cupped her breasts from behind and continued kissing her neck. She was moving quickly and panting with desire. She turned around and guided her nipple towards my lips. I didn’t need any instructions and I started biting, sucking and softly kissing her nipples. By now she was stroking my dick over my jeans and I was taking my time, knowing that in a while she would be mine. Alas, little did I know! She stopped abruptly, saying “we can’t be doing this”, turned around and stayed quiet. Quickly overcoming my shock, I didn’t say a word. I moved closely, took her in my arms and we fell asleep. The following day, was one of the worst days of my life. When we met, all she did was saying that she did not want to be my girl, and she took me home. I was really devastated. I had patience though, and some times it can be a virtue. I comforted my self with some girls, but I could not move on. And so I waited…


We met again in March 2006 for a drink. I was quite friendly and did not show any other emotions. Damn that was tough. But I started feeling that my patience would pay off. After we drove off, she took me to that secluded place, the excact place she had told me to break off. Then we both got out of the car and went for a walk. Suddenly she said “I know it is weird, but can you give me a big hug?”. “Certainly”, I replied and took her into my arms. I started having those feelings again and I remembered how much she had hurt me. There and then I decided that I had to destroy her. I had to show her pain, anger, devastation and all that she did to me. But first I would enjoy myself. And then I would strike hard! Very hard!


                                          - End of Chapter One -




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