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Everyone Has Bad Days...

Easing your lover's mood the right way.

You were so angry today. Not the kind of anger that used to scare me into a corner. Aggravation. Irritability. Sexy as hell. I tried so hard to cheer you up. Goofing around and giggling and forcing my positivity your way. It didn’t work. Not even a little. And that’s ok. Because sometimes anger, irritability, aggression; they all make for a very hot quickie.

We both left work without saying a word. I didn’t know if you were going to call me screaming your head off about the inequalities of the world or you would be sad and defeated. You pulled out of the parking lot like a bat out of hell. I followed, slower, more cautiously. Not knowing if I should just let you go and give you your space or not.

You called me, and I almost didn’t answer. I hit the button and hear your smooth voice over my car speakers. You need something. You are about to snap. I can hear it in your brittle voice. I wanted to hug you all day. Maybe I convince you of something more. I tell you that I am following you and I want you to pull over. You tell me there’s no time for that. I plead. Baby, please let me make you feel better.

Of course, you can’t deny me. you pick a small country road to turn off onto. I follow, and we pull into a deserted old building with an empty parking lot surrounded by trees. You pull your car to a stop and I pull beside you, watching as your head bangs down defeated onto the steering wheel. I park and get out of my car. I walk over to your side of the car and you look up at me with confusion on your face. I always sit in your passenger seat, so what am I up to now?

I open the door and bend down into your space. My hand finds your seatbelt and releases it as I find your mouth. begrudging and stiff at first, your mouth soon lets loose, and I taste your tongue. You pull back as if to put and end to it and go on your merry way. I am having none of that. Not today. My hands slip into your pants just enough to feel the mass of hair located there. My lips haven’t stopped sucking your tongue and nibbling your lips. You gasp as you feel my hands undo your zipper.

You plead with me, there isn’t enough time for this, you have places to go and people to see. I shut you up with another kiss. I pull your legs out of the car and fall to my knees between them. My hands run up and down the length of your inner thighs, scraping hard so you can feel my nails through your pants. You moan and lean your head back. I free your man sword and take you into my mouth.

my tongue swirls quickly around your tip as I feel your hands run through my hair. I suck deeply, tongue continually circling as you slowly thrust yourself down my throat. Your hand shoves my head down onto you and then grips my hairs to bring it back up, repeatedly. A stead skull fucking rhythm. You are panting, and I can taste small drops of semen in my mouth. you are so close, but I am far from done relieving your stress.

I pull myself up and lift my shirt as you stand out of your car. Your wet dick shining light a beacon in front of me. I press my naked chest against you as your hands tear my shorts down. All that aggression showing itself now. You slide your hand down into my folds and your long fingers circle my clit making me moan. Your teeth have found my hard nipples and bite down making me change from a moan to a scream.

You bite and pinch my nipples as you finger fuck me, me breathing heavily in your ear. I convulse on your hand, coming forcefully onto you. Without giving me a moment to spare, you flip me around and bend me over against your car. Your feet kick the inside of my legs open wider as your hand rubs hard from the front of my vagina backwards. My tits are rubbing against the hot hood of your car and I bite my lip with pleasure.

You pause for just a moment before taking your penis in one hand and shoving it inside of me. I scream your name. fuck me. hard. Your left-hand grasps onto my hip and pulls me further down onto you. You growl with pleasure. You smack my ass hard, letting out some of the steam from the day. I shriek. You thrust into me, each time harder and deeper. Your right hand reaches the front of me and your fingers find my clit again.

With each thrust you groan more and more. I hope you can feel how wet I am for you with all your aggressive desires. My tits just barely scrape the hood with every deep penetration and I feel myself ready to explode again. Your fingers find the right rhythm and I shatter onto you as you fill me with yourself. one final thrust as I say your name and I feel your hot semen inside of me. You bend over top of me and kick my back and we both relax a moment, stunned at this new aggressive quickie we achieved.

You pull out of me and I quickly turn around and fall between your legs, cleaning you thoroughly with my tongue. You suck your bottom lip in awe. Once you are clean, I zip you back into your jeans and fix my own clothes. You run your hands through your hair and tell me how much better you feel. Such a relief. I smile and blow you a kiss and head back to my own car. Both completely satisfied and relaxed from such an angry day. We drive away form each other, completely changed to happy lovers waving goodbyes.


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