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Ex's House, New Lover

Sharing a new experience with a new person in an old place.

We always have a hard time finding new spots for sex. We have tried everything at this point. Hotels, cars, parking lots, movie theaters, showers, you name it. The one place I always wanted to do it was my old home. How amazing and ironic it would be to leave my old bed covered in the sweat of our love?

We leave work early one afternoon and head to my old house. Technically, my ex-husband's house now. I still have my keys and hope that I can get them to work. We pull in and I race you to the door. You have heard a lot about this house and I am excited to show you and touch you in every room. My key unlocks the door with ease, as if the very house itself is in on this adventure.

We enter the back room, and you see I wasn’t lying about being an artist. My nude figure drawings cover the walls, tables stacked high with all sorts of art supplies and my baskets of yarn. You come up behind me and kiss the back of my neck. I only left him three months ago and you and I were both unsure if I would actually be able to follow through with this crazy plan. I reach my hand up to your face and tilt my neck so that your teeth can leave their delicate marks on my skin.

I grind my ass onto you and grab your hand. I guide you into the kitchen and shove you against the counter. I get down on my knees and undo your pants. You lean your head forward so you can watch me take you into my mouth. my hands grip your hips and pull you into my mouth. with every flick of my tongue, your hips thrust forward. I keep sucking until I feel you release your hot semen deep in my throat. I swallow and clean you with my tongue.

I stand and take your hand again, guiding you this time into the living room. Your hands are on my stomach and my waist while your teeth find my tongue. This time it is you who pushes me down on to the living room couch. Your body on top of mine, your lips kissing my lips and then my neck. you reach around and undo my bra and remove my shirt. You throw it to the floor before taking my nipples into your mouth. my legs circle around you and you move from my breasts and plant kisses on my stomach.

You lean back and admire the view of me, legs spread around you, skirt uplifted and no panties. My womanly folds are slick and wet for you. You lean down and lick the entire length of my inner thigh. And then you dive your tongue into me. I scream your name and pull your hair. Your tongue flicks my clitoris and nibbles like you are eating divine fruit. My pelvis thrusts onto your face. While your tongue tastes every inch of me, you slide your long fingers deep inside me. I bite my tongue but can’t stop myself from growling.

Each thrust of your tongue makes my body shiver until I pull your hair and come on your face in ecstasy. I try and catch my breath as I get up off the couch and notice the wet spot we have left there. I pull your shirt off you as I back you into the last interesting room of this boring house, the bedroom. I throw you back onto the bed and peel your jeans and briefs off you. I climb on top of you and kiss every inch of your chest. Your teeth find my nipples again as I straddle you.

First, I slide the length of your penis up and down the length of my wet vagina. I moan loudly. You growl and thrust yourself into me. I arch my back and grip your thighs. I rock on top of you. your hands gripping my sides and your teeth grazing my nipples. Its' not long until we are both sweating and panting.

I raise my body as far up off you as I can, leaving just the tip inside of me, before plunging back down as deep as you can go. A few more times doing this and we both reach our limits. We climax together, erasing every bad memory I have of this house. filling it with all new ones of you and me and our secret rendezvous.

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