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Fallen Angel Part Two (Lovers)

Fallen Angel Part Two (Lovers)

Tags: love, dom, pet
After the dream.
Fallen Angel Part Two ( A Lovers Conversation)
"Sir, you are cold, wet and shivering," my pet gasps. Her soft cheek pressed lovingly into my chest, she tightens her arms around me. "What horrible dream could inflict such cruelty?" Her voice filled with loving concern.
"The most terrible of dreams, my pet. A dream so cruel, I want it erased from mind and soul." 

I do not hide from my pet how shaken the dream has left me.

"I dreamed I knew not where you were. The emptiness that filled my heart was unbearable," I reply. My throat dry and tight.

I place a gentle kiss upon her head.

"I am here Sir!" Her words exclaim. I feel a smile form upon her face, as she nestles it tight into my chest. 
In her mischievous voice she asks, "May I ask a question Sir?"

"Of course you may my pet." I reply.

I smile as she giggles to herself. Her little girl giggle always makes me smile.

"If I were taken away from you, locked away high in a tower in a castle far away, would you rescue me?" 

Her smile broadens. I feel it upon my chest. My pet is in a playful mood.

In a serious tone I reply, "I would not stop to catch my breath nor to rest my weary head, till I rescued you my pet."

I lift her delicate hand to my lips and place a long loving kiss upon it.

She slides her leg over my thigh across both my legs, pressing her now warm and moist pussy on my hip. She grinds her hips slowly into me, exciting herself. "And if an army of soldiers stood in your path, how would you get defeat these fierce warriors?" Her breath quickens, she pants her words. I feel my cock stir and grow.

"Stone, my pet. I would defeat the army with stone. Honed steel will never pierce stone.
My heart would turn to cold hard stone, if ever you were not near.
If sharp cold steel pierced my chest, no mark would be left upon my heart," I answer.

Her hand slides down my chest, over her leg and gently wraps around my cock.
With quickened breath she asks, "And if one hundred dragons were guarding the entrance to the castle, would you slay them all and hold me in your arms?"

She begins to stroke my cock. I moan at her touch and warmth. Her pussy grinding slowly against my hip. I feel her warm wetness upon my skin.

"Fire, I would slay them with fire, my pet." I inhale deep and quick to fill my lungs so to finish my reply. 

"The fire that burns in my heart for you is the sun. The fire of one hundred thousand dragons would be but a smoldering ember in dirt, in comparison."

"I would merely walk through the ashes of dragons, blowing in the wind and hold you in my arms," I answer.

She ever so gracefully straddles me. Carefully positions my cock between her wet pussy lips and begins sliding up and down its entire length. Covering it with her warm wetness. She places her lips on mine and whispers soft words past my lips, into my waiting mouth.

"And if an evil wizard, with dark spells so powerful, never before seen, guarded the door, how would you break the spell?" She reaches down between her legs, holds my throbbing cock and slowly guides it inside her. She lowers herself on my cock, burying it deep inside her. She places both hands on my chest to steady herself and begins to fuck me slowly.

My hands grip her hips. I pull her down onto my cock, pinning her to me. She continues to rocking her hips forward and back. I lift my hips to her meet her pussy, allowing her the friction and pressure on her clit she desires. A lustful moan leaves her lips.

"I would do nothing my pet. You would ensure the darkest of spells could not bind me." 
My words are half spoken half growled. The feel of filling my pet's pussy is intoxicating.

"How so my love?" Her words are heavy, from deep in her throat. Her orgasm is near.

I struggle to get my words out, I am close to filling my pet's pussy with hot cum.

"No dark spell conjured by the sorcerer supreme himself, could undo the protective spell woven by your love, my pet," I reply.

She throws her head back with a snap. Keeping her orgasm at bay. Her hips become still. She has one final question before she will allow herself to cum.

"Is there anything so frightful to you that could keep me from your arms?" 
Her words struggle to come out, she is ready to cum on my cock.

"There is but one thing only. I dare not dwell on it too long, for fear of going mad," 
I answer through clenched teeth. "I would cease to exist, if ever it came to be."

 Through unfocused eyes she struggles to look into mine and with heavy breath pleads, 
"Tell me, please Sir. I will surely go mad if you keep this from me."

I grab her wrists, pull her to my chest, and hold her wrists tight to the gentle slope of the small of her back. Holding her tight to me, I bury my cock deep inside her.

"I would cease to exist if ever you declared to me, you no longer wanted to be in my arms," I whisper in one long breath.

She replies with a lustful moan, "Never will you hear those words leave my lips, my sweet Sir."

Our bodies tense, our breath stops, we cum in unison. My cum fills her. Her pussy tightens around my spurting cock. Her body shivers and shakes. I can feel her quiver deep inside as she hungrily accepts my cum. Willingly allowing me to leave my mark deep inside her.

Moments pass, the waves subside. She is still and quiet. I am still inside her. Her body draped upon me. I am aware of only her touch and breathing. I release her wrists. Her hands now free, yet she chooses to keep them in place. I run my fingers through her scented hair.

“Never, my sweet Sir," She whispers softly.

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