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Falling for Luis

Alex knew she had feelings for Luis, but she didn't know how far they would take her.
Alex stood wearing only her favorite black lace bra and same colored boy shorts looking through her closet for something to wear. There was someone she was trying to impress at the Christmas party so she wanted to be sure to look extra special. She took out a small, short black, strapless dress with ruffles. She had only gotten the chance to wear it once. “This is the one,” Alex thought as she picked up a pair of silver heels with straps on them to go with the dress.

“Hey, honey do I look OK?” Her husband Ramiro asked, not even giving his wife a second look. He was wearing a dark blue long sleeved button up dress shirt with a pair of jeans and Italian shoes.

“Yes baby, you know you look great in anything,” Alex said looking him over. She was not lying. Ramiro actually did look great and yeah, he always looked great. That drove Alex up the wall. Whenever she would go to her husbands work place she always noticed all the pretty young girls going out of their way to flirt with him. Hell, even the older ladies liked to flirt with Ramiro.

Alex thought most of the time he encouraged it. He always dressed nice every time he went out of the house, and sprayed on his sexy smelling cologne. He was proud of his Hispanic culture and everyone loved that about him. Why shouldn't’t all the girls love her husband, he was gorgeous, with short black hair, which he always spiked up. The girls always raved about his pretty hazel eyes, and who could resist his sexy smile and rich tan skin. Ramiro wasn’t a very tall man and he only weighed 190 pounds, but didn't’t have and ounce of fat on him. It was all muscle.

Alex on the other hand was white. She had Irish blood running through her veins but that’s just about all she knew about her origin. She had flaming red hair that was cut up to her neck, entrancing green eyes and a dazzling smile. Alex had a very petite body. She was 5 feet tall and she weighed only 120 pounds. Her best feature were her 36 C sized breasts. She took a lot of pride in those beautiful things. But her heart was the most beautiful thing about her.

Alex pretty much ran down the stairs of her home putting on her silver star earrings as she did so. She really didn't’t want to be late for this party. She bumped into her husband on the way and asked him, “Now do I look OK?”

Ramiro looked her up and down and grabbed her hand trying to pull her back up the stairs. “Come on baby, just a quickie, please,” he said half joking.

“Hell no!” Alex chuckled as she yanked her hand. “We gotta be at this thing in like 15 minutes and I do not want to screw up my hair or make up." She gave her husband a quick kiss before heading back down the stairs. When she got down she noticed Ramiro was not behind her. “Come on Ramiro! How come you're dragging ass?” she yelled up the stairs.

“I’ll be right down, I just gotta grab something,” she heard her husband yell.

Alex grabbed her bag and the keys which were on the kitchen counter and headed out the door leading to the garage. She hopped in her small red car and started the engine. She pulled down the visor so she could check herself once again in the mirror. She looked and she put a small piece of hair back into place and then she put the visor up. She heard her husband opening the car door. “

"What did you have to grab babe?” Alex asked curiously.

“Nothing important, now lets get going before we are late,” Ramiro told his wife as he buckled himself up.

Alex looked in her mirror as she backed out of the garage and said, “If we are late it will be because of you!”

Within 5 minutes Alex and her husband found the hall parked and went inside. They were one of the first to arrive to the party. The hall was decorated in Christmas fashion. Together they walked to a nearby table and seated themselves. Ramiro got up and looked at Alex. “I’m going to go talk to the boss for a second OK?” he asked.

“Yeah I’ll be fine,” she assured her husband. She watched him walked over to his boss and start a conversation with him. Then both of the men walked towards the kitchen. Alex guessed they were probably grabbing a beer.

“Hey Alex!” an accented voice behind her exclaimed.

Alex turned around to see the man she had gotten all dressed up for, her husband’s best friend, Luis. “Hey Luis. How are you?” she asked as she stood up to give him a hug. They broke apart and looked at each other for a second.

Luis gave her a smile and said, “I’m fine, just trying to get through this holiday season.” He laughed a little and gave Alex a long once over. “You look great though! Very beautiful,” he said more seriously.

Their little chat was over when Ramiro came strolling over. “Luis!” he yelled out and hugged his friend like they hadn’t seen each other in ages. “Good to see you bro!”

“Good to see you too Ramiro.” He looked at the beer Ramiro was holding and said, “I’m gonna go get a beer, would you like one Alex?” Luis asked politely.

“That would be great Luis. Thank you,” Alex replied back.

Within seconds Luis was back with two beers in his hands. He handed one to Alex and raised his bottle. Ramiro and his wife raised their bottles as well. Luis said, “Here’s to one hell of a party!”

“Hell yeah!” Alex cried out in excitement as she raised her beer for a sip.

Two hours and 4 or 5 beers later the party had already began and so did the music. The three friends were highly buzzed off the alcohol and talking about their lives. “Hold on, hold on,” Luis said already slurring his words. “ I’m gonna go get a bottle of tequila and some shot glasses.”

He came back a minute later with a small bottle of good tequila and three shot glasses. Ramiro shook his head and said, “Nope. No tequila for me. I’ll stick to beer.”

Luis smiled and started pouring a shot. “How about you Alex? Want a shot?” he asked with a pleading look in his eyes.

Alex started to shake her head no but she couldn't’t resist that pleading accent of his. “Sure I’ll do a couple with you,” she said.

A couple of shots turned into four each. By that time both Luis and Alex were more than a little buzzed. Ramiro was a little drunk too with all the beer he’d been drinking. He got up quickly and reported, “I have to go take a piss, I’ll be back in second.”

“Hey wait up!” Luis said as he followed after Ramiro.

“God they are just like a couple of girls, going to the bathroom together,” Alex laughed to herself. She poured herself another shot of tequila and downed it. She sat there soaking up the music closing her eyes she thought of Luis. She had liked him ever since she and her husband met. Ramiro had just got to her first. Don’t get her wrong, she loved her husband, but she had a feeling she would have probably loved Luis more.

Luis was a handsome man. With the same jet black hair as Ramiro’s, except for his was a bit longer. He wore it in a spiky style just like Ramiro too. He had sexy green eyes and full lips. Although not a very tall guy he was only 175 pounds. He was very well built also. Alex knew this because he worked out with her husband everyday.

Her thoughts were interrupted as the two men came back and seated themselves. All three of them watched as different couples gathered to the dance floor and started dancing to the Mexican style music. Luis looked at Ramiro and asked, “You’re not gonna take your girl out to dance dude?”

“No, she knows I don’t dance!” Ramiro said glancing at Alex.

Luis got up and asked again “Well do you mind if I ask her to dance?” He smiled and winked at Alex and said, “That is of course if she will have me.”

Ramiro looked at his wife and shrugged. “Sure it’s fine with me if it’s cool with her,” he said taking a swig of his beer.

“I’d love to!” Alex squealed. She loved dancing to this type of music but her husband never wanted to dance with her.

Luis took her hand and led her to the dance floor and the two started moving to the rythym to the music. Luis took Alex in his arms tightly and danced how everyone else was dancing which was very close together. Alex looked over to where her husband was sitting but all she saw were the empty beer bottles and shot glasses. She looked around for him as Luis held her tightly.

A couple songs later her and Luis were still dancing and Alex was having a great time, but she still couldn't’t spot Ramiro in the big crowd of people. Finally she saw the his dark blue shirt next to the far wall, she saw his back was turned to her. She could also see Ramiro was talking to a young and pretty Latina girl who was leaning against the wall and her husband’s arm was outstretched leaning against the wall. It looked like him and the girl were having a very private conversation.

Luis spun them around and held on to Alex more tightly placing his hands just above her firm ass. He turned her around again just in time for her to see her husband following the young woman he was just talking to. He followed her hand in hand up behind the small stage that was there, but the curtain was down so Alex could see no more as the two disappeared. Her heart felt crunched up at the sight of this, she wanted to see what was going on but didn't’t want to be nosy.

Alex and her dancing partner danced to one more song. Until she told Luis that she needed some air. She kissed Luis on the cheek and thank him for dancing with her. She walked quickly out of the crowded building keeping an eye out for her husband. She saw no sign of him when she walked out the door.

Alex stepped outside and took a deep breath of fresh cold air. She shivered as she felt the wind blow on her sweaty body. She started walking to get some air and to stop her head from spinning. She hadn’t walked far when she heard footsteps coming up behind her. She felt strong arms wrap around her tiny waist. She turned around expecting to see Ramiro.

“Hey, I came out here to see if you were OK. Are you?” she heard Luis asked.

Alex stepped back a little from Luis’s grasp. “I’m fine Luis, just a little hot.”

Luis stepped towards her put his hands back on her waist pulled her close and met her lips for a kiss. As soon as Alex’s lips met Luis’s she jumped back again. “I can’t be doing this Luis. You know we can’t do this,” she said, her head starting to spin again.

“Look,” Luis said pulling her back to him, “you think your husband is not doing the same with that girl behind the stage? Shit he’s probably back there doing more. When we were in the bathroom he showed me the condom he was going to use on her.” He looked at Alex’s confused face. “He’s been planning this with Mayela for weeks,” he said quietly.

“What the fuck are you talking about Luis? It’s not right to lie,” Alex said turning to go back in.

Luis jumped in front of her blocking her way with his arm. “Alex, have I ever lied to you?” he demanded to know. “I’m going to tell you something I should have told you before you and Ramiro married,” Luis said as he took Alex’s hands in his. “I love you Alexia Bernard. I always have.”

Alex’s face lighted up in surprise. She knew she felt the same way and she wanted to tell him but she knew was a little drunk and didn't know if he was for real. She didn't care. She stood there for a second not saying anything. Then she took both of her hands to Luis’s face and cupped it. “I love you too,” she whispered.

Luis then grabbed Alex and pulled her closer to him and kissed her deeply. Alex gave out a moan of reluctance and tried to pull away but after a few seconds she gave in and returned his kiss. Luis opened his mouth partially and pushed his tongue in her mouth caressing her tongue with his. They kissed like that for what seemed like hours to them.

Alex broke the kiss and said “We should probably be getting back to the party don’t you think?” She grabbed Luis’s hand and smiled. They walked hand in hand to the entrance of the hall. Alex let go of Luis’s hand and asked him, “Don’t tell my husband OK?”

“I guess not, but know he doesn’t deserve you,” he told her as they walked through the doors. People were still dancing and drinking. It was extremely loud.

“There you are!” Ramiro said as Luis and Alex walked up to the table they were sitting at before.

Alex looked at Ramiro for evidence that he was fucking that young girl behind the stage. She noticed he had forgotten to tuck in his shirt.

She looked at his face and said, “Sorry, we just went out to get some air.”

Ramiro gave her a little frown. Then he looked at Luis and said, “I think Alex and I are gonna head out.”

“Yeah me too. It’s too loud. I’ll see you around dude,” Luis said shaking Ramiro’s hand. He turned to Alex and said “Thanks for dancing with me. Be careful driving.”

“I always am, you be careful as well,” Alex said as she got up to hug Luis goodbye.

The two embraced and as Luis got close to Alex’s ear he whispered, “I meant what I said outside. I really am in love with you.”

Alex pulled away and gave him a small smile gathered her things from the table and followed her husband out of the crowded hall.

The short drive home was silent as Ramiro sat in the drivers seat. Alex knew he was angry. She also knew she had better brace herself because when Ramiro was drunk he had the tendency to be mean.

“Just what the fuck did you think you were doing dancing like that?” Ramiro asked Alex as soon as closed the house door behind them.

Alex looked at him confused and asked, “What do you mean? Everyone was dancing that way?”

“Luis had his hands all over your ass! You are such a slut for letting him touch you that way,” Ramiro told her angrily.

“Your one to talk asshole!” Alex said getting into her husbands face. “You think I don’t know what you and that little whore were doing behind the stage?” she asked looking Ramiro’s eyes.

Ramiro stepped back and said, “I don’t know what the hell your talking about.”

“Oh fuck you Ramiro!” Alex yelled at him. “Luis told me about the condom.” Ramiro started to shake his head and walk away. “What? That’s not what you went up to our room to grab before we left for the party?” she asked as she followed him up the stairs.

Ramiro turned to his wife grabbed both of her arms and pushed her up against the wall. He looked her with a wild look in his eyes. For once Alex actually believed Ramiro was going to hurt her.

“You need to shut the fuck up!” Ramiro said putting his face close to Alex’s. “What I do is really none of your concern. What I really want is for you to stay out of my personal life!” He gave her a little kiss on the forehead with a strange look and released her. He turned to continue going up the steps. When he got up he looked down at Alex who was still against the wall, turned back and walked to their bedroom.

As soon as Alex heard the bedroom door close she sighed a big sigh of relief. What the hell just happened? She thought as she started back down the stairs quietly. She walked to the couch and took the cushions off and pulled the bed out. She stripped down to her black lace strapless bra and black lace boy shorts turned out the lights and jumped into the bed.

She thought about what just happened. Her husband pretty much just told her that he could do whatever he wanted with whoever he wanted. “How the fuck is that supposed to make me feel? Does he even care about me anymore or is he pretending? Do I still love him?” All these questions filled her mind. She knew that their marriage was never perfect but she thought they had just enough love to make it through. Alex rolled over a few times trying to fall asleep, that’s when the tears started. She knew she was not going to be able to sleep.

Alex got up from the bed and grabbed her cell phone from her purse. She knew whose number she was going to dial before she even got out of the bed. She pressed the buttons on the phone and held it to her ear. It rang a few times and she started to get antsy.

“Hello?” Luis said on the other line. There was a long pause. “Hello?” he said again.

“Luis? Is that you?” Alex asked in a weak voice. Her heart was pounding.

She heard Luis sigh. “Alex, is everything OK, it’s a little late.”

“I know, but I just had to know if what you told me earlier was true?” Alex asked quickly

“Yes I really meant that. Did something happen?” Luis asked in a worried voice. “Stay there I’m coming to pick you up,” he commanded when he didn't’t hear an answer from Alex.

Luis only lived a block away so he arrived to Alex’s home in two minutes. By that time Alex had got dressed in blue sweats and pink tank top and was already out the door. Luis got out of his car and opened up the passenger door for Alex and they headed to Luis’s home.

None of them started talking until they both were inside Luis’s home. They sat down in the living room on a big sized couch. “Now tell me what happened,” Luis told Alex.

Alex told him everything that happened and included her feelings for him. Luis listened carefully. After she was done Luis said, “Wow, sounds like you have had a tough night, would you like a cup of coffee?”

“No I’m OK,” Alex said flashing Luis a nervous smile.

Luis pulled her close to him and said “I should go over there right now and kick his ass for being such a prick to you.” He looked down at Alex and asked, “Do you think he meant what he said?”

“I don’t know,” Alex said shaking her head. “I just don’t want to talk about it, I’ve got more important things on my mind,” she said with a look of excitement in her eyes. “Would you like to make love to me tonight Luis?”

Luis gave her a surprised look and asked, “Are you serious?” Alex nodded her head with a huge smile on her face.

“There’s nothing I would love more than to satisfy you. But I don’t want this to be a one night stand, I want to be with you,” Luis told her. “That would mean getting a divorce from Ramiro and coming to live with me. Let me take care of you please Alex.”

Alex didn't’t say anything for a couple of minutes. She thought about what Luis just said. She knew she was confused about her husband, but Ramiro did say he wanted Alex to stay out of his personal life. Wasn’t she apart of his personal life? Or did Ramiro consider Alex to be just a trophy wife?

Luis could see all the questions in her eyes. He lifted her chin and told her, “He doesn’t love you Alex. He doesn’t even deserve you. Please, let me show you that I can love you way better than he ever could.”

Alex looked into his eyes and saw something that she hardly ever saw in Ramiro’s eyes. Pure love, true love. She cupped her hands around Luis’s face and kissed him. It was the most passionate kiss Alex had ever experienced. His mouth was so sweet.

She broke the kiss to pull off her tank top and toss it on the carpet. She straddled Luis and started to kiss him again. All that could be heard were the smacking of their lips and the small moans Alex was making. Luis then picked Alex up with her still straddling him, she wrapped her legs around his waist. He held her tight as he carried her to his bedroom.

Alex dropped her legs down so she could stand once they were inside. She slid off her sweat pants, unhooked her black strapless bra and let it fall to the floor. She then turned her back to Luis and slid her small black panties down her waist onto her thighs, she spread her legs to let him have a great view of her small round ass and moist pussy. She slid her panties all the way down stood up and looked at Luis.

“What do you think?” she asked his cupping her small but supple breasts.

Luis felt his cock rise even more than it was before. “God you are so beautiful, and I’m finally going to make you mine tonight!” He said starting to peel his white t shirt off.

Alex watched as he stripped for her. She stood their admiring his toned body. She walked up to his now naked body and ran her fingers across his rippling abs. She stood on her toes to kiss him again. Luis picked her up and she wrapping her legs around his waist again and Luis pressed his lips against Alex’s as he walked over to the bed. Still lip locked he dropped the both of them on the bed gently.

Alex then started to head towards Luis’s eight inch cock but he pulled her up and said, “No, I want to taste you and bring you pleasure, so lay down OK?”

She did what he asked and he spread her legs. The first touch of Luis’s tongue on her swollen clit made her moan in pleasure. He stuck his tongue deep inside of her, licking up all her sweet honey like juices. Luis then removed his tongue and continued licking up to her swollen clit. He sucked it deep in his mouth. He heard Alex whisper, “Oh Luis yes!” He continued sucking her soaking wet pussy until her body started to shake and wiggle.

“Yes, Luis, yes just like that baby!” Alex moaned quietly as she came on Luis’s lips.

Luis got up from eating Alex’s pussy and asked, “Was it good?” He had a looked of uncertainty on his face.

Alex smiled and pulled him close and said, “Luis baby you were the best I’ve ever had! No one has ever licked my pussy like that before.”

Luis licked at her right nipple. Looked up and asked, “Are you ready for me to fuck you?”

Alex looked at Luis and said, “Very ready!”

Luis positioned himself on top of Alex and pressed his hard cock against her pussy lips until it was in a little bit. He then rammed it deeper making Alex scream out of pure pleasure.

“You like that baby? Am I going to hard or rough for you?” Luis stopped and asked.

Alex moaned, “No keep going Luis, fuck me harder!” she cried out as she brought her hands to her nipples. She caressed them as Luis fucked her roughly.

He started thrusting faster and faster into Alex’s cunt. He felt her pussy muscles tight up around his thrusting cock for another mind blowing orgasm.

“Oh god yes!” Alex screamed out. She was quivering from the orgasm she just had as Luis kept going. He bent down and gave her a passionate kiss pushing his tongue into her mouth.

He started to fuck her faster as he neared his orgasm. They were both sweaty but they didn't’t care.

Alex stopped him and breathed, “Baby I want to suck you, please cum in my mouth.”

Luis reluctantly climbed off of Alex and laid his sweaty shaky body on the bed. Alex got in between his nice tone legs and bent over his wet cock. She licked the tip.

“Alex baby, don’t tease me please!” Luis moaned as he pushed her head more towards his dick.

Alex then took all of Luis in her mouth. Making sloppy sucking noises with her mouth as she sucked all the way down to the base. She held his cock there for a few seconds then she brought her head up. Cupping Luis’s balls as she sucked, she heard Luis moan and felt warm liquid shoot into her mouth. She pulled his semi hard cock out of her mouth and swallowed his big load of cum.

Luis sat up and looked at Alex in amazement. “My god you're amazing!” He smiled as he watched her take her finger to a spot of juice that had dribble on her chin and suck it off.

“I love you Luis. That was exactly what I needed,” she said as she laid down. She was getting drowsy from the night she had just had. She closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep.

Luis smiled and admired his new love. “I love you too Alexia Bernard,” he said quietly as he put a blanket over his naked girlfriend.

Luis woke up the next morning to a blow job from Alex. “I could get used to this baby,” he said as he shot another load down her throat.

Alex swallowed and curled up next to Luis. “I can’t wait to start our new life together,” she said

“Neither can I,” Luis whispered as he kissed her. ”We gotta work on you getting divorced so I can marry you,” he said smiling. “Alex, will you marry me? I’d make a good husband and I will love you forever.”

Alex laid there shocked for a moment. She then came into reality of what Luis just asked her and said, “Yes I will.”

Luis smiled bigger and wrapped his arms tightly around Alex. "Thank you baby, you have just made me so happy!" Luis said smiling the biggest smile.

A couple months after that Alex finalized her divorce from Ramiro. He wasn’t too happy about it and discontinued his friendship with Luis. Alex and Luis married later on and continued to love each other passionately.

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