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A story that makes me smile..

Do you want me to be slutty for you? I think you do, and when I think about it I lose breaths that normally I take for granted.

We’ve never touched before and as I look at your hands I wonder how they will feel on me, I wonder about the little things, the electricity between the tips of your fingers and the skin on my neck, how warm your hands will be on my breasts. I wonder about the other slightly larger
things too, such as when your hands are on my breasts and I put my hands over yours and squeeze them, will you know how badly I need you to read my desires, to play me ‘in tune’.

The answer is in the first touch, and as I discover for myself how good a lover you are just by the simple touch of our fingertips, nothing after that matters.

I don’t know how we ended up here, it doesn’t matter how I suppose, all that matters is that we aren’t leaving here until we have given each other something that can’t be described.
It’s been a hot day and it’s starting to cool a little. We sit on the grass together, it’s soft and it tickles the skin on the back of my thighs as I shift up my skirt and let you see what you’re going to have.
I’m wearing a knee length skirt it’s quite feminine and underneath I have knee high socks that show how solid my legs are, how strong they are. I move closer to you my legs around you, my backside sitting comfortably between your thighs.
Your hands are on me they are deliberate. It doesn’t matter really what else we’re wearing because the only props we need are our minds, which read from the same song sheet.
I’ve been anticipating this for too long and I gasp instantly, my head falls back and I offer my neck to you. Your mouth and your fingertips they need me as much as I need them.
My fingers are on your face, they want to explore every part of you they want to remember every inch of you long after you have gone.

Your eyes look into mine and we see something that scares us and makes us want to break eye contact but we cannot because the intensity is one of the things that will make this special.
A kiss one that starts with the simplicity of our lips just pressed together grows quickly by the second. It becomes frantic and urgent it arouses me so much that I am gasping hot breaths into you. Your hands are on the back of my head, your fingers searching for something, anything to hold onto.

I remember that I’m supposed to be slutty for you, and I pull away and look at you with big brown pathetic eyes, your eyes follow my gaze as I look down at myself and spread my legs wider. I don’t have any knickers on and I rub my fingers gently over my pussy lips, which are still closed around my already soaking pussy.
With my eyes I invite you to touch me, and you don’t need telling twice.


your fingers are on me, I watch them as you open me up gently and peer inside. Your fingers they dip into me slightly and you discover the arousal that you suspected. The look on your face it’s the one thing I will remember forever, it shows the lust that you can’t disguise, the lust that you were
never going to tell me about.
I moan as your fingers slide curiously around inside of my wetness, and then a new desire slips into my mind and I cannot ignore it.

“Lay down”

I say to you with shakiness in my voice that will tell you the truth.
I straddle your face, part my own pussy lips and lower myself onto your face, your tongue is as soft as me, and you’re hungry to taste my juices, you can smell how sweet they are.
I’m watching you as your tongue laps at me you eyes close and your hands reach behind me, and your pull me onto you harder by my arse 
I lose control now, I writhe around on top of you, I don’t recognise myself as I cry out your name wildly, wishing there was someone to hear me as I tell the world how much you please me.
I’m soaking your face, I can’t sit still, I’m sliding around on top on you and my orgasm well it’s starting, I can feel it from deep inside me as your tongue touches a special place there, it brings with it a low moan from my throat, I can’t control it and when my orgasm peaks and juices rush
from me, I try to raise myself off you because the intensity is almost too much but you hold me firm. I am soaking you and the low moan rises in tone and adds a new sound to my sexual vocabulary.
My pleasure subsides and I slide down your body, my juices leaving a wet trail on your clothes.

I begin unbuttoning your clothes, I need more than anything to show you my appreciation, I want to taste you so badly and as you watch me I glance at you you’re still soaked, I realise that you’re very deserving. I smile at you and you know I am thanking you.

Your naked chest is warm and starting at the top I rub my face through your hair, I’m journeying towards a place that waits patiently for me.

Your cock is solid, and smooth, I want it, I want it too much! I hurry myself towards it, I can’t tease you, it’s not my style.
I take you into my mouth and you taste like I imagined you would, fantastic.
I want all of you in my mouth, I look at you as I lower my face onto your cock and it touches the back of my throat.
Still there is more to take and I relax myself, and plunge deeper, gagging around you. Vibrations that you feel around your balls, they come from the deep yearning I have to be everything you imagined I would be.
I rise and fall quickly, I slurp noisily, and I suck you harder and harder until I don’t know who wants it more, you or me? Your hands grip the sides of my head and you help me with the rhythm until you explode, and I almost come myself because I needed it so badly. Your moans are taking my breath away and I suck and lick you until I have every last drop of you.
All we can do is grin at each other, as we lay motionless and sated for now.

I smoke a cigarette and we talk about the things around us.
The wild rabbits we can see playing on the far side of the field. The noises that we can hear besides our beating hearts, it’s all rather sweet and actually doesn’t fit too well with the whole “Slutty” thing I had previously planned for us. :o)

My knees have the imprints of flattened grass on them and my hair is a mess, I feel so sexy though and just thinking about the things we’ve been doing well it’s driving me crazy again. I need your cock inside me, I need to see your face as you drive into me for the first time, I want to cry out to you and make you feel like you never felt before. “Help me” I want to say to you, because I don’t know how to make this everything you want it to be.
I can only be me, and it might not be enough! I want you to remember our fuck. I want it to stay with you. You know the “one” you never forget.

I lay beside you and begin undressing myself entirely. I want to be naked with you. I want to lose myself when your cock thrusts deep into my needy pussy. I want the field the darkening sky, the rabbits, everything to disappear when our bodies meet and play together.
Being naked with you makes me feel liberated.
Before I even decide how to start this, my body is acting of it’s own accord and is rubbing itself all over you, Every inch of me wants to play a part, even my bare feet are wrapping themselves around yours and my mouth wants to know everything there is to know.
My fingers dig desperately hoping to find the answers before my body makes a mistake and they search and search finding nothing but you.
I climb on top of you and my pussy finds your proud cock. I slide onto it and gasp because I need it more than I can tell you. You sit up and we’re holding each other as I ride you gently while looking into you.
You roll me over, your weight is on me and it feels great being pinned naked to the grass. You thrust into me, and I cry out the most wanton cry I can achieve and I beg you in a way only I know how to, to

“fuck me, just fuck me and never stop.”

My hands drop to my sides and I clutch the grass as you pound me with everything you have. My eyes want to watch you but they cannot and as I close my eyes my hands reach for my breasts I squeeze them hard, knead them and over and over again my mouth speaks the word “please”.
My legs wrap themselves around your neck and now your cock is too deep for me, I want it though and I continue to plead as it pounds me.
My hips raise themselves from the floor and I welcome you by meeting halfway.

I no longer know where I am and the ground beneath me has disappeared I am falling we are falling to a place that has no name….

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