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What a pleasant birthday surprise!
It was a chilly, October afternoon, close to Halloween. Jane was packing her things to go on a vacation with her best friend, Eriana.

Eriana had planned to take her to Hollywood for her birthday since she's always wanted to go. Jane was so excited and could barely contain herself!

It was boarding time and they were on their way to Hollywood! When they arrived, they immediately saw a celebrity, or an imposter...either way, they'd take it. They went straight to their hotel to freshen up and get dressed to go sight seeing.

Eriana slipped into a short, pink dress with flower designs on it, and silver sandals. She curled her hair, and put it in a half up-do with a pink flower bow. Eriana was a very tan, brunette with average size breasts and a round, plump ass. She wasn't very tall, but not short either. She had a few tattoos of flowers and birds, and a lip ring. Her style was very girly and flirty. She definitely had a way with the guys.

Jane on the other hand was very shy and a little bit more punk. She had a lot of tattoos of different things and cheek piercings. She put on a black lace, tight fitting body-con dress with a red slip underneath and a pair of black combat boots. She curled her hair and put it up in a loose pony tail to let her imperial logo tattoo on the back of her neck show.

They were finally ready and went on their way. The first place they went to was a local boutique and tried on a few vintage items. Jane found a ragged olive green crop top and a pair of high waisted, black shorts with studs on the left back pocket that she decided to buy. Eriana bought herself a white pencil skirt with a lavender ruffle top. They visited a few more thrift shops, along with other stores and decided they were hungry.

Eriana was in the mood for a nice latte with her lunch so they found the nearest cafe and went to eat. As they sat down and began on their food, Eriana noticed a guy that looked very familiar to her. he was familiar in the way that he was Jane's favorite actor. She quickly pointed him out to Jane and told her to go say hi and introduce herself to him.

Being the shy girl she is, Jane immediately said no while staring at him. He didn't notice her staring at him, but Eriana let him know by being loud. "Ahem!!" "Aheeemmm!!" Finally he looked their way and noticed Jane staring at him. She quickly looked away and tried talking about something else.

He smirked and looked back at his friend he was with. "Those girls aren't familiar, but I swear they're trying to get my attention..."

He looked back at the girls and noticed Jane with her head in her hands and Eriana staring at him. Eriana, being the goofball she is, she quickly pointed at Jane while raising her eyebrows up and down at Jane's celebrity crush. He then realized they WERE trying to get his attention, so he got up and walked over to them. Eriana dug her elbow deep into Jane's side, "Jane he's coming over here!" Jane looked up and her eyes grew wide as he walked towards her.

"Hi, I'm Shiloh," he said with a sly grin. Jane practically melted at the sight of him.

She was so shocked she just sat perfectly still, not saying a word. Shiloh looked at Eriana and stuck out his hand. Eriana accepted the gesture and shook his hand. "I'm Eriana. This is Jane. She's kind of nervous, if you can't tell....but don't worry, it's not that she doesn't want to talk to you, she's just shy. Trust me, she'll be fangirling over this all night." Jane put her head down and wrapped her arms around her head. Shiloh chuckled and turned to his friend and waved him over.

He then sat down in the booth right next to Jane and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned her head over enough to see him out of one eye. "Haha, are you going to sit up and introduce yourself, or are you going to leave me hanging?"

Jane sat up and looked down at her coffee and started to stir the draw around. "I'm's nice to meet you." She looked over at him, and what she dreaded....why she hadn't been looking him in the face...he was giving her 'the look'. In almost every movie she'd seen that he's been in, there's a scene when he makes a certain facial expression, and he did it to Jane.

Her knees started to shake and her stomach tightened. She felt like the butterflies in the stomach were going to lift her up and carry her away. She quickly looked away from him and wrapped her arms around her stomach.

"I like your tattoos, Jane. They are very....interesting." Shiloh grabbed Jane's arm and spun it around to continue looking at them.

Jane turned to Eriana while Shiloh was busy studying her arm and whispered to her friend, "He's touching my arm now....I think I need a new pair of panties!!"

Eriana burst out laughing and quickly turned to Shiloh's friend. Without saying the too personal information, she quietly said, "Jane has a crush on your friend! Maybe we should all go out tonight, together." Also implying that her and Brad should hang out later.

Brad agreed and made plans with Eriana to go out. While Shiloh still had a hold of Jane's arm, Jane let him know. "Umm, I think they just made plans for us to double date somewhere tonight.....are you okay with that?"

Shocked, Shiloh looked up and quickly assured them is was perfectly fine with him. He let go of Jane's arm and sat back against the booth. They sat in complete silence for the longest time. Just listening to Eriana and Brad yammering away about one another. "Jane, maybe you should tell Shiloh about yourself," Eriana said pushing Jane closer to Shiloh.

Jane looked at Shiloh and down at her hands in her lap and twiddled her thumbs. "Well....I umm.....well you already know I act very weird around my favorite actors. No secret there....I don't really know what to say about myself..."

"That's okay, Jane. You're just shy right now. You'll loosen up later....I hope. I guess I could let you know about me, huh? Well, I'm an actor, as you already know. I'm a pretty laid back person. I like it when girls get shy and nervous. I think it's cute."

Shiloh quickly looked at Jane and grinned. She looked at him with big eyes and looked away real fast. She took a deep breath and sat in silence some more. "I hope that didn't make you uncomfortable, Jane."

"No, no....I'm just....being weird right now, I guess...."

Shiloh chuckled and motioned to his friend that it's time to go. He wrote his number down on a napkin and handed it to Jane. "I've got to get back to the house and get ready for tonight. Call me around 7pm and we'll come pick you two up." Jane took the napkin and smiled at Shiloh. He leaned down and kissed Jane on the cheek. "I'll see you tonight, beautiful."

Eriana looked at Jane with the biggest grin she could make and nudged Jane. "Oooo Jane!! Someone likes youuu!" Eriana taunted.

Jane melted, yet again and watched him walk away. "Is there anyway to fast forward 4 hours? I don't think I can wait!" Jane jokingly whispered in the direction of Shiloh as he walked out the door, but quiet enough that only her and Eriana could hear, "Come back! Take me on the table right now!"

"Jane!! I can't believe you!!" Eriana giggled.

"Wha-at?? No one heard me! Come on. Let's get back to the hotel and kill some time!" They quickly paid their tab, and left the cafe.

They arrived to the hotel and Jane fell on the bed. "I wish Shiloh was in here with me..."

Eriana raised her eyebrows and smirked, "In where?"

"Eriana! You know what I meant....even though I'd like that too." Jane giggled and ran to the bathroom to touch up her makeup.

"Jane! Help me pick out an outfit!!" Eriana pleaded while throwing her clothes around. Jane helped her friend pick out a worthy outfit, and for herself as well. She decided to wear her new outfit from the local boutique, Jane as well. Jane paired her outfit with some black vans and a few green bracelets.

It was 6:49pm before they knew it! "It's 10 minutes before 7....should I call him now?"

Eriana nodded and finished her makeup. Jane called Shiloh and let him know where they were located. They picked up some before they left and finally got a text that the guys had arrived. They went out to the car where Shiloh got out of the drivers seat and opened the back door. "Eriana, you can sit up front with Brad. I want to sit with Jane." Jane blushed and practically floated to the car.

The ride there Jane could tell Shiloh was staring at her constantly. "Why do you keep staring at me??"

Shiloh snickered and put his arm around Jane. "I just think you're extremely pretty and I like looking at you....that's all."

Jane felt her whole body get hot and tingly and she scooted closer to Shiloh. He put his hand on her chin and lifted it up to his. Jane grabbed his hand tightly as she felt her whole body start to shake. He stared into her eyes for a good minute, then pressed his lips hard into hers.

Jane quickly snatched away as she heard her friend giggling. "Eriana, come on! You distracted me!"

"Oh I'm sorry Jane. You two are just so damn cute!"

Shiloh looked at Jane and kissed her once more on the cheek. "We are, aren't we?"

Jane smiled and they arrived at their destination. Brad and Eriana had made plans to go out of town to a Halloween bash. There were games, food, drinks, a haunted house, and hay rides through "abandoned woods" Jane was very excited as to where they planned to go. "I love stuff like this!! I just wish I had brought a's cold!"

And like every cliche, romantic thing a guy would do, Shiloh took off his jacket and wrapped Jane in it. "I hope this helps...even though your legs are still bare." Jane smiled and thanked him for the jacket. "What should we do first Jane?"

" about the haunted house?" Shiloh agreed as they made their way to the haunted house. Eriana ran up behind them before they got there and let them know her and Brad were going to a different part first.

"Looks like it's you and me!" Shiloh said relieved.

Jane smirked and under her breath, "Yes! No cockblockers!"


"Oh, nothing..." Shiloh smirked at Jane and put him arm around her waist as they entered the house.

A lot of ghosts and ghouls jumped out trying to scare them, some failing and some doing good. One jumped out and didn't scare Jane at all and she looked at the masked person and giggled. The masked guy quickly smacked her ass as she walked away. Shiloh turned to punch the guy, but he ran before he could. "Are you okay?"

" was just an ass smack. It happens a lot at these sort of things." They left the haunted house quickly so it wouldn't happen again.

"Well I consider this a date. The only one smacking your ass should be me!" Jane looked at Shiloh with a devilish grin and leaned into his shoulder. "Hey, how about we get out of here and go back to my place? This thing is kind of lame." Jane agreed and they proceeded to meet up with their friends.

They all loaded up in the car and headed to Shiloh's place. When they arrived Eriana signaled to Jane that she was going to get intimate with Brad in the guestroom. "Shiloh, I think you should show Jane your room." She winked as they walked down the hallway. Jane,embarrassed, put her head in her hand and walked to the living room and plopped down on the couch.

"Jane, that isn't my bedroom!" Shiloh said in a sarcastic manner.

"Well! I think you need to point me in the right direction!" They both laughed as Shiloh went to the kitchen.

"You want anything?"

Jane replied under her breath, "you...on top of me..."

"What, Jane? You really need to start speaking up!"

"Oh, I said nothing." Jane giggled under her breath as Shiloh came back in the room.

He sat down next to Jane and put his arm around her. Though she had been hanging out with him all night, and even implied sexual things, her and him alone together still made her so nervous. She leaned her head on his chest and closed her eyes. "Are you tired Jane?"

"Just a little..." She looked up at Shiloh, leaned in, and kissed him on the cheek. He smiled big and looked back at her. He noticed himself staring into her chest. He realized she wasn't wearing a bra, and her large breasts were very visible in the olive green crop top that fit snug around her breasts. He felt his pants start to get tighter and he felt his dick start to tingle.

Jane noticed him staring and she raised an eyebrow at him. "....take a picture, it'll last longer," she said snickering and shoving his shoulder. He purposely started to drool and slowly started easing his face towards her chest. Jane laughed and tried to push him away, but he pushed back even harder. She lost her grip and felt back onto the couch, with him on top of her, face first in her chest. He pulled his face up, still looking at her breasts, now noticing her nipples had gotten hard. He looked at her and saw her eyes were closed. He could feel her whole body shaking underneath him and realized it wasn't a joke anymore.

"I can't tell if you're scared, or turned on right now..."

Jane opened her eyes and quickly looked at Shiloh. "....both."

"Aww, well you don't have to be scared Jane. I'm not going to hurt you....unless you want me to," Shiloh said with an evil grin. He then slowly placed his hand on Jane's shoulder. "Close your eyes and relax baby."

He slowly moved his hand from her should, to her chest bone. Then over one of her breasts. He squeezed down on it and noticed her starting to breathe heavier. He let go and moved his hand over her belly button. He slid his hand under her shirt and back up to her breasts. He started massaging her breast then her nipple. Jane moaned at this and opened her eyes wide.

Shiloh noticed she had a worried look. "Are you okay?" He quickly let go of her and stared at her.

"Yea, I'm's just're stabbing me in the leg, and it hurts." She giggled and moved her leg around.

Shiloh looked down at the boner stabbing into Jane's thigh. "Oh, bad." He adjusted himself to where he was pressed into her hard enough for her to feel him, without hurting her. "Now where was I?"

Jane smiled and lifted her shirt up letting her breasts free. Shiloh's eyes grew big as he finally got to see her beautiful breasts uncovered.

He quickly buried his face into her chest and wrapped his lips around her nipple. While massaging her nipple with his tongue, he slid his other hand down to her inner thigh. He pressed his fingers through the fabric of her shorts and outlined her lips teasing her. She dug her nails into his back and moaned. "Don't tease me like that, Shiloh!"

He released her nipple and looked up at her with a big grin. "I like it when you say my name."

Jane teasingly started moaning his name. "Shiloh! Oh Shiloh! Yes, yes!! Faster! Harder! Ughh Shiloh!"

Shiloh jumped up with a determined look in his eyes and grabbed Jane's hand and led her to the bedroom. "You better be ready, because I'm about to make you scream that for a reason!"

Excited, Jane skipped behind Shiloh. "Yayy!"

He flung the door open and threw Jane down on the bed. "Mmm, I like it rough." He quickly unbuttoned her shorts and snatched them off of her. She pushed him back and pulled his pants off of him, then his shirt. She stood up and wrapped her arms around him and started kissing his neck. He grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off so fast her breasts bounced out from under the shirt. He threw her back on the bed and got on top of her thrusting himself into her and burying his face in her chest. Jane was so eager and wanting him inside of her she was getting sharp pains in her pussy. She quickly pushed her panties down and threw them to the floor urging Shiloh to take his boxers off as well.

He pushed them down and pressed his body hard into Jane's. "Are you sure you're ready for this baby?"

Jane gave him a big grin and nodded. "Yes, please!"

With that Shiloh wrapped his hand around his shaft and slowly rubbed the outside of Jane's pussy lips, teasing her as much as he could stand. She thrust her hips up eager for more. He pushed in a little more and pressed his head into her pearl and rubbed back and forth. She lightly squealed and grabbed his free hand and placed in on her breast. He squeezed down on it while rubbing her pearl. Finally he had enough teasing and slowly let his head enter her, in and out.

Jane finally couldn't take anymore so she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her until his dick was fully inside of her. He stayed still long enough to feel her around him. Her smooth spongy walls wrapped tightly around his dick and he was close to releasing inside of her already! He let himself cool down before fucking her without mercy. When he was finally ready he wrapped his arms around her back and slammed himself into her over and over. She screamed his name like he said he would make her do. Over and over, faster and faster he entered her tight pussy. She moaned as her body contracted at her climax. Their breathing got faster and faster and he felt her pussy moving around his dick as she had her orgasm.

As he felt her around him, her climax triggered his as he rammed into her faster and faster. He released himself inside of her until he had nothing left. He fell back on top of her as their breathing slowed down and their bodies relaxed. He rolled over next to her and put his arm around her. "That was amazing baby," he said, grinning from ear to ear.

She leaned over and kissed him passionately and gave him a big hug. "I'm glad it was with you." She smiled and closed her eyes. Shiloh was confused as to what she meant, but didn't question her.

He got up to put his clothes back on after they were laying down for a few minutes and noticed a small blood spot. "Umm...Jane, is that from you?"

Jane looked at it, then back up and him and grinned. "Congratulations! You now own my virginity!"

Shocked, Shiloh looked at her then grinned. "Aww, baby!" He sat down and wrapped his arms around her. "You are amazing, and I want to be more than what we are....I know we just met, and we're moving extremely fast, and you can say no if you want...but....would you be interested in being my girlfriend?"

Jane, barely being able to contain herself squealed and bounced up and down on the bed. "Yes! Of course!!"

Shiloh could see how excited he had made her, and he wanted to keep her bouncing because he had an amazing view of her tits bouncing up and down. He jumped on top of her and pulled the blankets over their heads. He raised his eyebrows letting her know it was time for round two. She knew the feeling she had. She was in love.

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