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Fantasy Fling

Fantasy Fling

Man and woman fantasize about sex in a Coffee Shop
He's sitting in a local coffee shop. Back in the corner where he could see the entire dining room. It's about 3:30 in the afternoon. He left the office early for some peace and quiet so he could finish some work. There were too many distractions there. This time of the day the coffee shop is rather quiet, with only a few customers.

He sees the door open and a woman walking into the shop. She's dressed neatly in a white short-sleeved cotton blouse and a dark navy pencil skirt. She has a large purse over her shoulder and carrying a small computer case by the handle. The one thing he notes about her is her long black hair. Done up in a scrunchy at the back of her head, falling down her back to her waist. He thought it unusual for woman her age to have such a hairstyle. She looks to be in her late thirties, possibly in her early forties. Some men may have said she's plain. He sees a pleasant looking woman. She has a presence and quiet dignity about her he admires.

As she walks into the coffee shop, a sudden blast of the cold air conditioning hits her. Her nipples suddenly tighten from the cold air and press against her blouse. She walks up to the counter and places her order. While waiting for the order, she stood there straightening out her blouse and skirt. Noticing the show her breasts were giving everybody, she tries to hide the results of the cold air conditioning. Looking up she sees the man sitting in the corner. As the look at each other, they politely smile and then go back to their own business.

She gathers her order and pays the clerk. Taking her cup, she walks to a table near the door. She chooses that seat because it sat in the sunlight. The sunlight could warm her from the air conditioning as she sat there. She has just gotten off work at the school and has some spare time before she has to pick up her daughter from soccer practice. Sitting in the warm sunlight, she slings her purse over the chair back and places her laptop on the table, perhaps taking a quiet moment to herself to log on to one of the chat rooms she frequents.

Looking up from his computer he could see her sitting there. She has her back slightly to him, but he could still make out the well defined shape of her female form. He briefly fantasizes about the woman sitting in the sunlight. Imagining himself lying between her legs tonguing her pussy. His hands fondling her tits. Her hands around his head pulling him in tighter and screaming his name. A moment of passion and ecstasy they share together. He comes back to reality, gives a soft sigh and goes back at his report.

While sitting at her computer, logged onto one her chat sites, she sees that none the regulars are there that she would normally chat with. Remembering the man in the corner, she reaches around for her purse and digs into it for her compact. Pretending the powder her nose, she looks into the mirror and sees the man sitting in the corner.

"It's been so long," she thought, "since I had a man with me. Being a working single mother it's hard to keep any kind of social life going." She kept looking at him in the mirror wondering what it be like with him on top, filling her with his love. Kissing her, massaging her breasts and whispering into her ear, while they lay in her bed. The after sex spooning and cuddling that she loves so much. Him kissing the back of her neck as they lay there. She feels a small tear begin to well her eye. Composing herself, she places her compact back into her purse.

As time went on, each would look up or slightly turning around just to catch a glimpse of the other. She found that if she adjusts her laptop screen, she could see him in the reflection on the glass. Each wondering in their own way what it would be like to have the other. Each trying to avoid the others look. Each playing out different sexual encounters in their minds.

He finally finishes his work. Closing his laptop and taking the last sip of his coffee, he gets up to leave. As he walks toward the door, he passes the table where the woman is sitting. Just as he approaches the table she gets up. They briefly collided. He reaches out and grabs her arm to steady her. He couldn't help but notice her soft supple skin and the light scent of her perfume.

"I'm sorry," he said, "I should have watched where I was going."

His sudden firm touch on her arm is almost orgasmic to her. As she gathers herself she told him, "Ooh, that's no problem. No harm done."

She picks up her purse and places her computer into the case. She heads towards the door following him. Both reach for the trash bin at the same time. Their hands briefly touch as they threw the empty coffee cups away. They look at each other and momentarily give one another a small smile.

Opening the door, he steps outside of the shop and holds it open for her.

"Why thank you," she said. "So nice to find a gentlemen these days."

"There are a few of us still around," he replied. "You just have to know where to look."

He stood there watching her as she walks down the small sidewalk towards the parking lot. He could see her long hair swaying as she walks away.

She hopes he'd be standing there watching her. She gives a little extra effort in swinging of her hips as she walks away. Silently wishing he would notice her.

He finally releases the door and lets it close. Both of them walk to their cars, not knowing what the other is thinking, each of them fondly recalling their brief fantasy fling in the coffee shop.

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