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Life is not as good as it seems.



Her cell phone rang by her bed.   “Hello.”   “Hi, baby.”   “Oh Craig, oh sweetness and light I was just thinking about you.”   “Oh, really” in a sexy low voice.   “Yeah” her voice lowering an octave, too.   “Yeah, I was just thinking about your lips, your mouth.”    “And where was my mouth.”   “Craig, you know where.”   “No, where? Tell me.”    “On my clit.”   “On your clit, huh…well, it just so happens, I’ve got a hard on and I   thought of your lips.”   “Oh, baby, and where were MY lips.”   “They were kissing my chest, licking my stomach, licking down to my balls and up to the tip of my dick, that’s where they were.” “Craig, baby, baby tell me more, sweetheart,” she said, her pussy beginning to swell with joy juice.   “Oh, baby, baby, sugar goodness, I can feel your lips on the tip of my dick.   Ah fuck, suck it baby.   Ah you’re a tigress; lick it, sweetness and light.   Lick daddy’s dick.   Milk that mother.”   “Oh, baby, I can feel your dick swell in my mouth.   It’s getting bigger.   Come up on top of me.    Give it to me, Craig, give it to me, strongman, give me your good, give me your cum.   Give it to me, baby.   Oh baby, baby, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me……Oh baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, sweetheart.”    “Yeah, Ah shit, fuck my hand is jacking off, oh honey pie, your fucking pussy is so wet.   I can feel it through this phone.   Oh, baby, here it comes, here it comes,    I’m cumming, sweetheart, I’m giving it to you…I’m fucking your pussy, baby….oh baby oh babyyyyyyuammuhuham…oh oh, fuck crystal, fuck baby, fuck you’re so good, so sexy.   Oh baby I’m gonna sleep with you in my arms in my dreams.”   “Craig, I’m gonna get up and email you how high my soul feels right now.   Good night, sweetness, good night my love, my forever love.   Goodnight.”


She got up out of bed, as zombie like and in that sexual high with all those endorphins floating around her pussy and walked over to her laptop.   It was already running and she clicked up Outlook Express.   Expertly typing in the words, she wrote Craig; “My darling, I feel so good right now. I can’t wait till we’re together forever, baby.   I love you, tenderness mine.   I love you.”    She hit send, went back to bed and in two minutes was asleep.


The next morning she awoke to a drowsy feeling of the world being with her, in tune with her, that all the luck in the world was hers.   She got up, slipped on a longer tee shirt and headed to the kitchen to make her morning coffee in the French press.   She smiled as she was making coffee, thinking of last night’s phone call with Craig.   “Damn” she thought “How’d I ever get so fucking lucky?   I mean Craig, what a man.   Can I handle him all the time?   Now Crystal don’t get to doubting yourself, honey.   You got what it takes to be the friend and the lover for Craig for the rest of your lives together.”   She could hear those last words, her Mother always saying “Now, Crystal don’t get to doubting yourself, honey.”   She almost laughed out loud.   The puppy, a black lab and collie mix, that she’d named “Einstein” looked up for his morning food.   “Okay, Ein, hold on, baby boy.”   She got the food and put it into his bowl, got her coffee and went back to bed to read the paper.   First she wanted to check her email to see if Criag had gotten up yet and emailed her back.


He hadn’t.   In fact, she couldn’t find the email she’d sent to him the night before.   But she did have a new email from someone named “Fatherboard.”   She almost deleted it thinking it must be spam but then on a whim, she opened it.


“Dearest Crystal ” the email began “I was in the room last night and overheard your conversation with Craig.   Crystal, that man is no good for you.   In fact, I’ve taken the liberty to delete your email to him.   Crystal , how long have I been your laptop?   A year now?   I’ve never spoken out, sharing my true feelings for you, but you see, I’m in love with you.   And I know you care for me, the way you handle me with tenderness almost, you keep me clean, giving me blowjobs with that duster and you keep all the updates recent.   Crystal , you cannot be with Craig and that ends the matter.  


Crystal , I love you.”


The email was signed “Fatherboard.”


To be continued, maybe.

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