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FayEddie pt.1

Tags: rough, love
Compilation of true events about me and my love
By; Eddie Lee T. Eddie and Fay(:

Part 1: Eddie and Fay meet.

Fay Parks is a girl I have known since my sophomore year of college. From the time she was a freshman to the middle of her sophomore year we both for absolutely no obvious reason thought the other person hated the other. If I would have known what was in the future I would have started talking to her long before.

It was a regular boring school day. I was annoyed by my friends and as always had a horrible headache from lack of nicotine and was just really pissed off. I was standing in front of the large double doors in my usual spot between two large brick pillars waiting for my bus. I felt someone run into me and tightened my grip on my messenger bag. I didn't want to fight but I felt one coming. I turned around and looked straight into the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.

All thought of a fight and all the anger was drained instantly. I had never really looked at Fay, but now that she was directly in front of me I couldn't stop staring. She has the deepest, most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen, eyes to get lost in. Her lips are amazingly pink, extremely kissable. They were curved into a dazzling smile and with the face of an angel and the body of a godless nymph desire she had me completely trait in her perfection. She said she was sorry and at first I didn't understand because I had forgotten about her running into me.

I mumbled that it was cool, then she introduced herself and hugged me. Unbraced in her amazing smell all I could do was hug her back and enjoy the feeling of her body pressed against mine. When she pulled away all I wanted to do was pull her back up against me, grab a handful of her shiny black hair, and kiss those perfect lips until the end of the world. While mankind fell and cities turned to ash I wanted to be standing in front of my school kissing this amazing, beautiful girl who I had ever even spoken to until a moment before.

It's funny how simple small things can escalate quickly until one day you look back and can't imagine what your life would be like if that small event wouldn't have happened.

I was enjoying watching Fay and one of her friends pull each others hair. Truthfully I was trying not to seem obvious with my staring. Fay's friend decided to join me into their little game, grabbing the back of my hair and pulling hard, worsening my headache and bringing back some of my bad mood.

Now try to understand I am a strange person, I love pain, hair pulling is a major turn on. To not return the favor would have been, in my eyes, a "party foul" almost rude so I grabbed her hair and pulled back. I'm not really sure if Fay noticed the pain from my headache or if she simply got a little jealous but that angel of mercy decided to intervene.

Moving quickly behind me she grabbed a handful of hair and pulled. The reaction was obviously different, I leaned back and a small moan escaped my lips. What was searing pain in my head before turned to instant pleasure. I turned around and grabbed her hair and pulled hard, barely resisting an urge to pull her back up against me and taste her lips and neck. Until I had to leave we spent the time pulling each others hair and teasing one another. By the time my bus arrived my dick was a hard stone against my stomach. All I could think about was the softness of her hair and the way her body felt pressed against me. I wanted to strip her down, taste, and explore every part of her body and have her to myself.

That night I had the most erotic dream of my life. Fay was lying on a bed of crimson satin, naked and waiting for me. I crawled across the bed until my face reached her feet, then I began to lick and gently bite her toes while she laid back with a small smile on her lips. As I kissed up her legs and lightly bit her calves and thighs she began to softly moan and pull my hair.

She said, "You bastard, such teasing will only get you punishment."

I smiled and pushed my head downwards and bit and licked her clot while scratching down her chest, stomach, and across her hips. I told her

"Turn over and get on your hands and knees my little bitch."

With a small moan she did as I said. Getting up on her knees and then bending over and putting that perfect, sexy ass in the air. I slapped first one cheek and then the other then reached up to pull her hair, loving every time she moaned more and more. I dragged my nails down her back and spanked her again, harder this time. Then I moved in front of her and grabbed her by the hair so she would look up at me as I said,

"Now you will be a good little girl and suck my dick for me."

With no hesitation she grabbed my dick and shoved it deep into her throat slightly choking herself, moving her head back and forth and sometimes stopping to bite the head as I arched my back and moaned. As I was pulling my dick out of her mouth to slap her in the face with it I woke up to the sound of my alarm telling me it was time to wake up.

But my dick was very hard and needed satisfaction so since I sleep naked I shoved the covers off and grabbed myself, quickly moving my hand back and fourth, imagining it was Fay's hand instead of my own. Biting my lip to stifle my moans I pushed myself closer and closer until finally it felt as if a explosion of pleasure had just erupted from my dick.

As the warm, sticky comm ran down my hand I could only think of what it would look like on Fay's lips and face.

To be continued.........

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