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Feeling Adventurous (Part Two)

The continuing story of trying new things with my beloved fiance.

I obeyed his wishes and got up from my bed, switched off the light, and then walked to my dresser. On top of it I kept three candles for such an occasion as this; I had just bought them recently and had yet to try them out. I took my lighter and lit each one, setting them in a line on the dresser top so they cast a soft, romantic glow over the room.

I then turned to him, then blushed when I saw the look on his face; it was a look of pure arousal.

"Come here." he said gently, tenderly.

I immediately walked over to the bed and sat down, and the moment I had settled myself down he brought a hand up to my jaw.

I exhaled softly at his touch, closing my eyes and taking it in as he ran his fingertips over my jaw, my lips, my cheeks, and temples. He then brushed a tendril of hair from my face, tucking it behind my ear.

"I love you." he said as he leaned in close to my face. I inhaled, taking in his scent as he left kisses on my jaw, then moving ever so slowly and tantalizingly to my waiting lips.

As soon as his lips touched mine, I felt an electric spark. I dove right into him, deepening the kiss as much as I dared to. I brought my own hands to his neck, cradling his head as I kissed him.

Within seconds the kiss shifted again, turning into something more wanton, more lustful than before. I could feel my arousal building; all I could think about at that moment was how his lips felt crushed to mine, how they would feel tracing every inch of my sexually charged body.

It was always this way; this need and lust was not at all unknown to us. Ever since the first time we had made love, it had been intense and unforgettable. How a couple as young as we were had this kind of a spark for as long as we had had it, I do not know, nor do I question it.

He soon deepened the kiss even further, tracing just inside my lips with the tip of his tongue. I moaned softly, doing the same for him. I was rewarded for my naughty little deed, for he immediately brought his hand to the back of my head, ran his hands through my curls, and grasped them, pulling gently in the way he knew drove me wild.

I began running my hands over his chest, feeling the soft hair that grew there. I found myself fighting the urge to nibble and kiss every inch of his lovely chest. But no, the time was not right. Not yet.

Soon, I realized that he had pulled me on top of him; I could feel his erection pressing into me. "Hm, what does my pretty girl want?" he whispered into my ear as he pulled the collar of my shirt down, freeing my left breast and gently brushing my erect nipple with his soft fingers.

I moaned, feeling my abdomen tighten in a delicious way. "I don't know. What do I want?" I panted, trying my best to tease him while I still had the power.

"Oh you don't know, huh? Are you sure?" he said, pinching my nipple.

I whimpered, grinding into him once. I couldn't take it anymore; I had to have him now. "You. Oh god, I want you so much, Shawn!"

He chuckled seductively. "Ahh, my pretty little wife. Even the littlest touch from me sends you into a horny frenzy." he said, pinching my nipple a little harder this time.

I bit my lip, trying not to moan too loud, for fear that my roommates would hear. Oh, did this man have power over me, and he knew how to use it.

He began to kiss me again, running his hands over my still clothed body. Just as I was reaching to take my nuisance of a shirt off, he had beat me to it, taking it off slowly, brushing his fingertips over my back. I shivered at his touch, just aching for him to be inside my wanting body. He then unhooked my bra, gently tugging the straps down over my shoulders, and then discarding it on the floor.

In a moment of uncontrolled lust, he grasped both of my 40D breasts in his hands, exhaling sharply as he groped them, feeling their shape and making me gasp in pleasure.

He then regained his control over me, looking into my eyes. "I want you to suck me dry." he said.

I felt myself go completely wet at his words, and I bowed my head to happily do his bidding. He cupped my chin in his hand, keeping me from my goal. "But I also want to taste you." he said, reaching his hand to my skirt, pulling it off. He then hooked his fingers in the sides of my thong and slowly pulled it down my thighs, kissing my neck as he did so.

"Ahh!" I exhaled, moaning as he nipped at my neck so nicely. He then began to pinch my nipples again, and brought his lips to my ear. "Now then. Do you want to take me in your mouth while I lick your tight, pretty pussy?" he asked me, making me answer in the affirmative as coherently as I could.

"Well then. Bring that pussy right over here. Ah, soaking wet already? Well then. Let me fix that." he said, taking a lick at the swollen nub at my core.

I moaned, then leaned down, licking the tip of his rock hard erection with the tip of my tongue. I felt him exhale onto me, heightening my arousal further. I fought the urge to press my pussy on his face, instead deciding to take him completely in my mouth instead.

I heard his answering groan as he hit the back of my throat. He then responded by plunging his tongue deep inside me, tasting me completely.

Oh, I could have easily screamed in pleasure right then. Just the idea of his tongue exploring me there turned me on.

He then moved his mouth to my clit, gently sucking and nibbling it to perfection. Then, swirling his fingers in my flowing juices first, he plunged his fingers into my wet, tight vagina.

"Mmm, yessss!" I moaned as he slid his fingers in and out of me. I began to grind my clit into his lips, increasing the pleasure I felt.

As I sucked him, I felt him begin to experiment a bit, gently prodding my virgin anus. I cried out, loving how naughty it felt to be touched there. He then began to press only his fingertip into it, then stopped.

"Feeling adventurous?" he asked. Oh my, how naughty this was. But I was horny... and curious.

"Yes." I gasped out, grasping his thighs with my hands.

He traced his finger around my little anus, gently poking and prodding it to tease me. Bastard. "Are you sure?" he asked.

I moaned in response, sighing out a yes as coherently as I could manage.

I could almost hear him grin, he was so pleased. He then dipped his fingers in my juices, swirling them about to prepare them for their next adventure into the unknown.

He prodded at my forbidden area again, this time applying a bit of pressure to it's opening, lathering it in juices so his fingers would have an easy journey. He pressed his fingertip inside, my answering gasp of pleasure he took as permission to proceed.

He slowly pressed into my virginal hole as gently as I assume one could, making me moan louder than I usually dared. I couldn't believe that something so wanton, so naughty, could feel so... good!

"Ohhh, Shawn! Yes! YES!" I cried out as he began to fuck my tight ass with his finger. I moved my hips with his hand, crying out with every thrust of my hips. Suddenly, too fast for me to even process what he was doing, he had his pinky in my ass and his middle and index fingers in my pussy. He was using The Shocker on me! But oh, how good it felt. I begged him not to stop.

But, sadly, stop he did. "No no, sweetheart. I want to enjoy you." he said, flipping me over on the bed and climbing on top of me.

He began to kiss my chest and then worked his way to my neck, gently nipping the skin as he went. Every little nibble sent electric shocks all throughout my body, making me squirm and moan, aching to be touched all over.

He then grabbed something from the bedside, then held it in front of my nose so I could see. "I want to make you come for me. I want to be the first and only man who ever made you come." he said; now I could clearly see that it was a studded condom; I remembered teasing him earlier that day in a similar fashion, waving it in front of his eyes so he would fantasize about using it with me.

He tore open the foil wrapper, then slowly put the condom on, never taking his eyes off of me. He leaned down to kiss me; for a moment, he allowed his eyes to wander and scanned my body, exhaled shakily out of lust, then crushed his lips to mine, plunging into my body as he did so.

I screamed in pleasure as he fucked me, amazed at how good the tiny studs felt wrapped around his hard cock, massaging my insides with a fast, delicious rhythm that was slowly sending me over the edge, much to my amazement. I had never been able to achieve an orgasm through another partner before, only by myself, and I could see that this well desired event was very close to happening.

"Oh baby, yes! Mmm, yessss. Oh my god, Shawn, fuck me!" I screamed as he thrusted in and out of my body. He moaned in synchronization with mine, kissing my neck and my lips. I brought my hands to his back and dug my nails into his soft skin. He arched his back and cried out in pleasure, fucking me harder than before and moaning along with me.

All of a sudden, we locked eyes. Oddly enough, we had never done this before; I was usually too shy. But what I saw in his eyes was something I had never seen before. The untamed lust, the pleasure, his love for me, all of it was in his eyes right then. "Ohhhh, I love you!" I said, holding his face in my hands.

"Oh god, I love you too." he groaned in passion. He kissed me deeply, continuing to ride my body. And it was that which sent me over the edge. It was then when I realised... I was going to come.

"Oh god, oh god. Mmmm, oh baby, I'm gonna come!" I cried out, dragging my nails down his back.

He moaned in response. "Come for me baby... ah... Come. For. Me!" he said, barely able to control his moans. He fucked me harder and harder, until finally it happened.

"SHAWN! Ahhhh!" I screamed, coming all around his cock. I couldn't believe what I was feeling, it was indescribable. I never wanted this to end. Hearing my scream and feeling me tighten and release in an orgasm, he cried out and thrust into me again, riding my orgasm as he finished himself off with me.

When he finished, he collapsed on top of me, both of us panting, trying to catch our breath. When his breathing had slowed somewhat, he climbed off of me and cradled my body to his, caressing my face in his hand.

"I love you, so very much." he said softly, brushing my curls away from my cheek and kissing my forehead.

I smiled dreamily. Never in a million years could I ever imagine being happier than I was at that moment.

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