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Feels like a Dream

Love between two people
Feels like a Dream


This has to be a dream I tell myself. I even pinched myself to make sure and no this is for real. I am standing in the bedroom of this dark haired beauty. We exchange tender kisses as we slowly undress one another. We both want each other; but this is more than just lust. It is so much more than just a one night stand. I kiss her and she lovingly kisses me back. The tender touches of her lips, with her soft hands on my bare skin excite me. I feel as if I was a teenage boy again; and this is my first time. No other woman has had this kind of effect on me before.

She is lying on her back I take in her beauty as I am looking down at her. I take in the curves of her face and look deeply into her dark eyes; it is as if they are looking into my soul. I lean down to kiss her soft red lips. I continue my path down kissing her neck and licking it lightly. I continue to kiss my way down her body and tasting her smooth skin. I caress her breasts and take her erect nipple into my mouth then the other. She lets out a low moan and runs one hand over the back of my head, and tugs lightly at my hair while the other hand runs down my back.

I continue my journey of her body by kissing the valley between her breasts and running my hands across her abdomen. I can see goose bumps start to form on top of her skin. I put my hands on her thighs as she parts them for me as if she knows my next intention.

Running my finger tips along the inside of her thighs I notice a slight shiver run through her body as she parts her legs further . I lie down and take her lips gently into my mouth. I place my hands around her thighs as she bends her legs back. She then places one of her legs over my back and pulls the other up to her chest.

Her taste is sweet and intoxicating she is delicious. I push my tongue inside and close my mouth around her pussy and start to suck on her clit. It causes her to hiss and pull at the hair on my head once again. She encourages me to continue but she does not have to her pleasure is my pleasure. Her breathing becomes shallow, and her thighs close around my head and her body begins to buck, and soon I am rewarded with her sweet nectar.

I feel her hands pulling me up I raise myself up so I am face to face with her. She places her hands on each side of my face and kisses deeply tasting herself on my lips. As we continue to kiss she pushes me up so that I am sitting back on my heels. She cups my balls while rubbing them, and takes me in her mouth, and it sends a shiver down my spine. She continues to suck me bringing me to the edge several times, but does not let me go over. She pulls me back on top of her and puts her hands on the sides of my face again; and kisses me deeply once again. She removes one hand and uses it to guide me into her.

She breaks the kiss and moans as I am fully inside her. A moan escapes from my mouth as well from the feeling of being inside her. I raise my body up so I can take in her beauty and the pleasure on her face as we begin to make love. She runs her arms under my arms, and then I feel her dig her nails into my back. I lean down and kiss her, her moans are muffled. I kiss and suck on her neck as she tells me to keep going.

The room is filled with each other’s moans. We can both tell we are getting close as both of our breathing becomes heavy. We try to hold off but it keeps getting harder with each second that goes by.

I go over the edge first she follows me a second later. She wraps her legs tightly around me telling me not to move without a word. There is no place I would rather be then right here with her. Her finger nails continue to dig into my back as our bodies ride wave after wave of bliss.

As the waves come crashing down I look into her eyes and tell her I love her just as much as the day we were married. She kisses me full on the lips and tells me she loves me with all her heart.

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