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Finally Meet

Two people that met on Lush finally meet
She couldn't believe she was actually doing this. Sara got on a plane headed to San Fransisco, California to surprise the man she had met on Lush, talked to for over a year, and fallen hopelessly in love with. The hours they spent talking online and over the phone were the best hours of Sara's life, and she knew it was time to meet the man that filled her with such joy.

As she got on the plane, she couldn't help but tremble with excitment and anticipation. All these questions kept running through her mind: Would he be happy she was there? Would he even recognize her? If he did recognize her, would he acknowledge her? But the biggest question running through her mind...would his wife be with him?

She knew it was wrong to fall in love with a married man, but Mike was the first man that made her feel important, made her feel special. Mike had explained to her his wife lost her sex drive many moons ago, and all together lost her interest in him. They had spent many days and nights talking about each others lives. Sara had told Mike that she was a virgin, and longed to feel a nice thick cock in her tight virgin pussy. He told her how much he just wanted to feel loved again, and to feel the warmth of a loving mouth on his thick cock.

Thinking about all their talks made Sara quite wet and uncomfortable in her seat. As soon as she unbuckled to go to the restroom, the "Fasten Seatbelt" light came on, and the stewardess told her they were landing. Landing?! She didn't realize how fast time had flown by. Descending in the plane only made the butterflies in her stomach turn into a beating drum! As the wheels hit the runway, she could feel her palms sweating. She couldn't wait to get off the plane, but on the other hand, it terrified her. As she walked off the plane she looked for the nearest bathroom. As she walks in she sees herself in the mirror. Looking, she barely recognizes herself! She's pale, her mid-back length red hair looks a bit disheveled, and her clothes had wrinkled on the long flight.

After changing clothes and fixing her hair, Sara decided to hold off on releaving the uncomfortable tension in between her legs. She then went and picked up her rental car, and drove to the spot she knew Mike would be eating lunch. He ate lunch at the same place every Tuesday, and that's where she hoped they would see each other face to face for the first time.

As she pulled up to the restaurant, she looked at the parking lot searching for Mike's truck. Lo and behold...there it is. As she got out of her car, she tried to calm her trembling hands and strengthen her jelly legs. Sara walks into the restaurant, she scans the crowd to see the face she has studied for over a year. Finally...she sees him. Their eyes meet.

First his eyes register shock, then confusion. Is this really her? Is this the girl that I have shared my life with for over a year? Then he sees the one thing that melted his heart the first time he saw a picture of her, except this time he sees it in person...her smile. He stands up as she slowly walks towards him. She stops 12 inches away from him, not knowing what to do now. She sticks her hand out and says "Hi, my name is Sara." He closes the 12 inches between them in a couple steps and pulls her in to a hug he has been wanting to give her for a long time. As he hugs her, she tries to take everything in at once. His smell...gosh he smells good!! His arms around her...they felt just as she imagined! His chest as she leaned in to the hug...he was so muscular!

They hugged for what seemed like forever, until finally Mike let her go and pulled her chair out for her. They spent hours talking and laughing. They felt like they had known each other for years, and anyone in that restaurant watching them would have guessed the same.

After a couple of hours of catching up, Mike had to get back to work. He asked Sara how long she was going to be in town. She told him she hadn't bought a return ticket yet, so she will be in town as long as he needs her to be. They leave the restaurant agreeing they will see each other again, as soon as Mike can get away from his wife.

As Mike walked Sara to her car, he took her hand and gently kissed the top. She blushed and giggled nervously. As he leaned back up, he slowly leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. Afraid to be caught she pulled back quickly and told him her hotel name and room number. They parted hopeful, and but quite turned on.


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