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I had never really been anything special. The only thing that ever set me apart from other girls were the size of my breasts. About a 34 D. Personally, I'd always thought it to be a curse, passed down from my great aunts. Otherwise, I had boring brown hair that reached the middle of my shoulder blades, rather large, brown eyes, and naturally pale skin. My dark hair and eyes only added to the paleness of my skin. Everyone had always told me that I was pretty, but I could never really bring myself to believe them.

Well, at least until him. Brandon. He was a good head, head and half taller than me, with naturally dark features. Everything, dark hair, eyes, and skin. His eyes were naturally narrow, giving him an era of mysteriousness. The instant I was introduced to him, I couldn't keep my mind off him.

We became rather close, but he was too much of a player to want to get too close to me. We would flirt and tease each other, sharing an occasional friend kiss or close hug. Every kiss or hug, though, would leave me wanting more.

Brandon had finally moved away, leaving me feeling empty and lonely. His only reason was that he wanted to start on a fresh slate. Everyone had grown apart, matured, and he wanted to start over. I didn't see him for a year after that.

I had started working at a hotel downtown. It wasn't the best, five-star hotel, but it was reasonable. I usually ended up working the graveyard shift, but someone had called in sick and asked me to fill in for them. I agreed, and showed up to work at 10 in the morning instead of 10 at night.

I leafed through the pages of my Rockabilla magazine, not expecting anyone to come in. Contrary to my thoughts, though, the bell above the door dinged as someone entered. I looked up, seeing a tall man with dark features walk in. The familiar face didn't register until he arrived at the counter. He didn't seem to recognize me at first either. I handed him a paper to fill out. He paid for his stay, and it wasn't until I checked over his paper work that realized who it was.

"Brandon?" I asked, looking up. He looked down, and the realization finally dawned on him. We hugged over the counter. "What are you doing back in town?" I asked.

"Oh, just visiting. Got a little bored down there and Kyle came down, bringing me up here." He shrugged it off.

"I see. Well at least you're staying at a nice hotel, right?" I grinned.

He winked at me just as another person came in. Two children followed her, fighting until one got pushed down and starting screaming. "I think that's my cue to leave." He smirked. "But before I go..." I scribbled something on a pad of paper on the counter. I gave him the key to his room and he left, glancing back once to wave a little.

When the lady and her children were finally out of the lobby, I leaned back in my chair and checked the piece of paper Brandon had handed me. It was his number and a time. I guessed that was when I was supposed to call him.

Mandy, the next employee, walked in, smiling at me. I clocked out as she clocked in. I grabbed my purse and car keys and existed the building, wondering if I should stop by Brandon's room. Deciding against it, I climbed in my little silver Cadillac and headed home.

I checked the slip of paper at least three times, making sure I knew exactly what it said. I added the number to my phone and memorized the time. As I sat at home, watching TV., I couldn't keep my eyes off the clock. It seemed as though it went slower than it usually did, minutes seemed to stretch on for hours. Finally, seven o'clock came. I grabbed my phone from the table beside me and dialed the number.

His voiced echoed through my head on the second ring. "Hello?" He asked.

"Hey." Was all I could say.

"Oh, hey. I was wondering when you were going to call." I could hear a smile on his voice.

"Yeah, I almost forgot about it until I saw the paper next to me." I lied.

I heard him chuckle. "Yeah. But I was wondering if you wanted to meet somewhere for dinner?" I could hear the hope in is voice. A sudden tug at my heart let butterflies free in my tummy.

"Um, sure. I think I'm free tonight. Sounds good."

"Okay, meet me back at the hotel in ten minutes. Dress decent."

We hung up and I sped down to room, wondering what "decent" was. I finally settled on a nice white blouse, a black skirt and five-inch, closed-toe stilettos. I pulled my hair up, leaving my bangs down. Deciding I looked presentable, I head out the door and drove back to the hotel.

Brandon was waiting outside patiently. A smirk spread across his lips when he spotted me, heading down to my car. He opened the driver's side door. I was confused at this gesture, but he motioned for me to get out. "I'm driving tonight." He declared. I walked around and got in the passenger seat.

"So where are you taking me?" I questioned.

He smiled as he back out of the parking slot. "You'll just have to wait and see. You look nice, by the way." He winked as he put the car in drive.

A few minutes later, I realized we were at the park where we first met. I was walking with a few friends that day, and Brandon happened to know them. "Remember this place?" He asked, smiling.

"Yeah, I couldn't forget it."

We got out and started to walk along the cobblestone path. I was now regretting wearing the heels, but they made me look nice, and got me closer to eye level with Brandon, even though I was still a good three inches or so shorter.

After walking around the entire park, he took me out to a nice restaurant and then back to the hotel. "Would you like to.. Um.. Come in?" He smiled then looked down. "Wow, it makes it sound like I actually live her or something." He chuckled.

I laughed to, stating that I wanted to. Mandy was still working her jaw dropped when she me. I just shrugged and kept walking with Brandon. When we were out of her sight, he pushed me against the wall and kissed me fiercely. It was a surprise at first, but I accepted it, kissing him back. "I'm so sorry I left. I should've stayed here, with you." He whispered, kissing me again.

I didn't know what to say to that. We walked the rest of the short way to his room. Suddenly, the passion came flowing out of us. He started kissing me again as we slowly moved over to the only queen sized bed. He pushed me down on it. Pulling his jacket off, he got on top of me, kissing my neck and running his hands over my stomach. "I love you, Sarah." He whispered in my ear. Something I hadn't heard leave his mouth in a long time.

"I love you too, Brandon." I whispered back. He unbuttoned my shirt, revealing a lacy pink bra and my D sized breasts. He stared for a moment, before kissing them. He removed my shirt completely before unhooking my bra. He massaged and kissed them passionately, rubbing my nipples with his thumb and forefinger.

I could feel a dampness forming between my legs. He scooted up and started kissing me again, his hands rubbing my sides and hips. Then he took of my heels, throwing them to the other side of the room. My skirt came off, leaving me in just my pink underwear. He gazed at my body for a moment, before taking off his own shirt and pants, leaving him with just tent in his boxers. He finally removed my panties, his head slowly lowered to my pussy. I felt his tongue poking and licking at my clit. I let out a soft moan at this, giving him the encouragement he needed to continue.

I felt two of his fingers enter my slit, making me moan louder. I was finally getting what I had wanted all those years. Half of me thought it could only be a dream, and if I was, I didn't want to ever wake up.

He started kissing me again, as he pulled his boxers off. Butterflies were bumping into the walls of my belly as his penis got closer to me. He finally let it slide inside and I almost went crazy with pleasure. He started to slowly pump in and out of me. I wrapped my arms and legs around him as he kissed my neck. It was more amazing than I had ever thought.

"I love you." He whispered in my ear again. I was about to say I loved him back, but was overcome with so much pleasure it was returned with a moan. He started to pump harder as my back arched and my hips buckled.

He was about to pull out but I forced him to stay in. He didn't fight with it and came inside me. he collapsed on top of me, breathing hard. We kissed for anther five minutes or so before he rolled over and I snuggled up close to him, the smile never leaving my lips.

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