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First Comes Love...

Young lovers meet and make love for the first time!
Mary felt her heart rate quicken when she saw Brandon step out of the car. The sunlight hit his face, revealing his stunning features.

“Oh, my…” she whispered.

As he approached, Mary resolved to look nonchalant. She challenged herself to meet his gaze and when she did, she found herself mesmerized by his intense brown eyes. Brandon’s lips formed an amused smirk and several moments later Mary realized the cause. She quickly snapped her gaping mouth closed and ducked her head shyly, feeling her pale cheeks color with an embarrassed flush. Well, that was smooth, she thought to herself.

“Hi,” Brandon’s voice broke the silence.

“Hi,” Mary mumbled, blushing redder. “Uh, how was your drive?”

“Good.” Brandon began, “So…” He shifted his feet uncomfortably and looked down.

Mary felt immense relief. At least I am not the only one who is nervous, she thought. Emboldened by this revelation, Mary stepped forward and wrapped her arms around him. “I’m glad you are here,” she whispered.

Elated, Brandon drew her into a tight embrace; her body pressed firmly against his, her face nuzzled against his shoulder. She fit so perfectly into his arms, he never wanted to let go. The feel of her breasts against his chest, her head on his shoulder, and her arms around his body…it was all too much. “I love you so much baby,” he murmured kissing her soft red hair.

“I love you, too,” she replied with tears threatening to well up in her eyes. She blinked furiously with her head still pressed against his body so he wouldn’t see the water glistening in her blue eyes. He tipped her chin up with his hand and lowered his lips to hers. His mouth was tentative and soft on hers and it was setting her body on fire. Mary felt an insistent tingling sensation between her legs as her pulse quickened. Her mouth became eager and desperate as she deepened their kiss, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths.

Minutes later, Mary unwillingly disengaged, with an almost pouting expression on her face. “We should go inside.” Brandon chuckled and nodded. Mary took a deep breath and prepared herself to introduce her boyfriend to her family.


“Thank God, that’s over,” Mary mumbled as she and Brandon finally left her house two hours later. She got into Brandon’s car and instantly began getting excited again.

“Did your family like me?” Brandon asked hesitantly.

“I think so. You would know if they didn’t like you,” she laughed.

“Well good.” Brandon smiled and his eyes twinkled. Mary felt that insistent tingling once again. “What is the plan for today?”

“I was thinking we could have a picnic,” Mary began, “and then maybe see a movie or something.”

“Well, that explains the blanket and basket you had me pack in the trunk.”

“Umm, yea,” Mary mumbled. Geez, this is so weird. After all that we have told each other for the last several months…we can’t do better than small talk in person? Mary was uncertain of how to make this awkwardness disappear, so she merely directed him on how to get to the picnic location she had in mind. It was a gorgeous, secluded field with beautiful flowers in bloom – very secluded and hard to reach; she was hoping that the privacy would be useful. Though she was anxious about being alone with Brandon, she knew she loved him with all of her soul.

Once they arrived at the field, Brandon looked around in awe. “Wow,” he murmured, “This is out of a dream, isn’t it?”

“Yea,” Mary replied, “it is our own private paradise.” Brandon began setting out the blanket while Mary poured drinks into the plastic cups she had packed. She sat down demurely on the blanket, her short dress resting high on her thighs. Brandon’s gaze rested on her legs with a hungry look to his eyes. “Hungry?” she asked him sweetly.

“Mm, yeah…umm yes, thank you,” Brandon stumbled. They ate in silence for a few moments and began small talk about their friends and lives.

Slowly the awkwardness subsided and a subtle tension crept up on them. Mary slowly bit into a strawberry, the juice moistening her lips. Brandon could not tear his eyes away from her mouth, he felt his breath quicken and desire began pooling in the pit of stomach. Mary intentionally licked her lips and Brandon felt a stirring in his pants.

He moved closer to her and lowered his mouth to hers, kissing her greedily. Mary felt her heart pounding in her chest and her whole body tensed with anticipation. She returned his kiss with an intensity that set her own pulse racing, and she noticed the moisture between her legs. His lips traveled from her mouth to her neck and she cried out with surprise and pleasure. Brandon nibbled on her earlobe and she moaned. Oh my, this is bliss!

She felt his hands roaming all over her body; first caressing her hair and face, and then slowly traveling to her breasts and continuing lower. He ran his fingertips up her legs and thighs, and she gasped. She was so wet with desire already, and they hadn’t done much more than kiss. He continued kissing down her neck and shoulders while his fingertips trailed up and down her thighs, getting higher each time. He kissed the valley of her breasts and her breath hitched in her throat.

Brandon reached around and unzipped Mary’s dress and helped her slide out of it. He stared down with admiration at Mary’s beautiful form. She tried to hide her body with her arms, and he shook his head. “You are so beautiful,” he told her.

“Thank you,” she said shyly.

“Mine, all mine,” he whispered.

Mary smiled and reached over to tug off Brandon’s shirt; his muscular body displayed in person did not do his photos justice. She felt an instant desire to run her tongue and lips across his abs. “Mine,” she declared lustily. Despite her sudden excitement, she still hesitated before running her hands down his bare chest to his belt. She slowly unfastened his belt buckle and swallowed hard before unbuttoning his pants.

Brandon saw Mary become tense and said, “Look at me, baby.” She slowly raised her eyes to meet his. Once he had caught her in his longing eyes, “I love you more than anything.” Mary felt her fears melt away and she leaned over to kiss him; a tender, sweet kiss that slowly intensified to an urgent kiss that made her already damp panties wetter.

As they kissed, Mary slowly unzipped his pants and Brandon slid them down his legs, all while maintaining their kiss. They remained like that for a while, kissing slowly and deeply while she sat there in her bra and panties with him pressed against her in nothing but boxers. She loved the feeling of his skin against hers. He laid her down on the blanket, resting on his side, his body cradling her. He ran his hands slowly up and down her body, starting at her hips and traveling to her neck. He slid the straps of her bra down her shoulders and pressed his lips into her shoulders traveling slowly down her chest. She reached back and unfastened her bra and pulled it off, revealing her smooth breasts, nipples hard with desire.

Brandon felt his cock harden and he was unable to suppress a groan. He lowered his mouth to her breasts and slowly kissed his way to her nipples; his tongue flicked across the first erect nipple and Mary whimpered. His other hand slowly teased her other breast, pinching her nipple between his fingers. The feel of his mouth suckling her nipple while his fingers tweaked the other heightened the growing need between her thighs. “Touch me,” she whimpered, “Please, baby just touch me.”

Brandon’s other hand slowly traveled up Mary’s thigh as he shifted his mouth to her other breast. He slowly traced the cleft between her legs through her wet panties, and he swallowed down the lust in his throat. “You are so wet already, baby,” he whispered. Mary could only pant in response and looked up at him with a pleading hunger.

Brandon could see that she was desperate for him to touch her, but he wanted to tease her. He pressed his finger into her cleft, feeling her hardened clit through the soft material of her panties. He began to nibble at her breasts, sucking them harder into his mouth while she arched her body trying to get him to move his fingers against her clit. Her breathing grew ragged and she finally cried out, “Now damnit, don’t make me beg!”

He slid his finger under the band of her panties and found her wet beyond belief. His fingers began slowly, softly caressing her pussy but never touching her clit. He pulled her panties off and spread her legs wider, but continued his slow tracing of her aroused labia. Mary couldn’t take it anymore, she reached down and grabbed his head and crushed her mouth to his in a frantic kiss; her body molten with desire, she gripped him against her.

Mary’s furious assault on his lips caused Brandon’s resolve to melt away. He quickly slid his fingers to her awaiting clit and firmly pressed, trailing his fingers slowly across its surface. Mary gasped in his mouth and broke the kiss, “Don’t stop!!” Brandon increased his tempo and Mary felt an urgent building between her legs. She cried out with her first orgasm, her pelvis arching to his fingers. She kissed him gently after, her breathing heavy and a crimson blush showing on her cheeks. Oh my God, she thought, I can’t believe that just happened. She ducked her head trying to hide her face, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

“Oh, Mary…you are so sexy,” Brandon whispered. He shifted position and settled between her thighs. He kissed her mouth, her neck, her breasts…and then lower. She gasped as his tongue flicked across her belly button as she felt an unexpected throbbing sensation between her legs. His mouth traveled further, kissing and nibbling along her pelvic bone and then lowering to her thighs. He kissed the juncture where her thighs met her pussy and she thought she was going to explode.

“Ungh,” she groaned. Brandon smiled and brought his lips to her pussy; he blew a soft breath of air and she whimpered. Suddenly, Mary felt his tongue against her swollen clit and she moaned. His tongue flicked rapidly and Mary felt a building intensity in her core. She cried out loudly as she felt his tongue enter her pussy, and she grabbed his head to try to push his tongue further inside. “Oh, fuck that feels good!” she exclaimed. She felt her body move towards her second orgasm. She cried out in ecstasy, and Brandon could feel her body quivering beneath him.

Suddenly, Mary shifted and pushed Brandon down against the blanket. Brandon’s eyes widened with surprise as she tore his boxers off and wrapped her lips around his erection. Mary was beyond being shy at this point. Brandon’s slow tormenting and teasing of her body had left her frantic and wanting; she needed control and seized it.

Brandon lay back, desperately hoping she would continue. She slowly flicked her tongue across the head of his cock, while maintaining eye contact. Her boldness shocked Brandon, but had him so hard that he felt like he was going to die if he couldn’t find release soon.

She ran her tongue down his shaft, and then slowly moved back up. She encircled him with her lips and swirled her tongue around the tip. She slowly slid her mouth down, and Brandon felt her hot, wet lips moving lower down his shaft. He closed his eyes and groaned as she continued sucking him. She bobbed her head faster and began sucking harder. She was rewarded by hearing him moan, “Oh fuck, Mary…that feels amazing.”

Mary was feeling very powerful and incredibly aroused; when suddenly, she found herself on her back once more, his body between her thighs. His cock was hard and aching; he pressed firmly against her engorged clit and teased her. She whimpered and arched her body so that his cock was pressing against her tight hole. She met his eyes with a lusty look and said, “Make love to me.”

With a swift motion, he thrust into her; filling her completely. “Oh!” she gasped in pleasure as he began a slow, tortuous rhythm. They kissed deeply as he increased his tempo, and Mary felt her body begin to quake. He broke off the kiss and began nibbling on her neck as he thrust harder into her. He pulled out completely and would tease her, and then suddenly slam himself fully inside her once more. Mary began screaming with pleasure as she felt her body build to yet another orgasm.

Brandon took a ragged breath in and tried to still his pulsing cock. He had waited so long for this moment and he was not ready to allow his body the release it was aching for. “Look at me, my love,” he murmured, his voice thick with desire. He began thrusting again, slowly, allowing Mary to savor every inch of him as their eyes remained locked in an intense gaze.

Mary felt Brandon’s cock throbbing inside her; she couldn’t unlock her eyes from his admiring gaze…and she didn’t want to. She felt something inside her quicken; her brows furrowed but still she couldn’t look away. “Brandon!!” She gasped loudly.

“That’s right baby…cum for me.” He whispered breathlessly as he began thrusting into her harder.

Mary’s pussy clenched Brandon’s cock as she found her release. Brandon admired her face as she climaxed, silently thanking the universe for granting him the love of such a beautiful lady. Then she bit her lip and let out a sexy growl and he about came right then.

Brandon’s answering moan made Mary’s pussy tighten again. “Fuck me now! I want to feel you deep inside me!”

Brandon grabbed Mary’s legs and lifted them into the air, pressing them back towards her body and immediately began a punishing rhythm; his cock slamming in and out of her relentlessly. Mary grabbed onto her thighs to hold her legs back. This position made her pussy tighten even more around his girth and she knew she was going to cum again soon. Her whole body began to tremble and she cried out, “I LOVE YOU!”

Brandon felt her pussy spasm as she climaxed and he could hold back no longer. He felt his cock pulse as he finally found his euphoric release inside her; flooding her pussy with his cum. They found bliss together; sweet, sweaty, sticky bliss. Their bodies were both trembling when he lowered himself to her side once more, pulled her close and kissed her tenderly.

“I love you so much, Mary,” he whispered, “Be mine forever?”

“Of course, Brandon,” she replied breathlessly. She opened her eyes as she felt him move from her embrace. She sat up to see what had happened to find him naked, on one knee holding a small box. She moved closer and realized that box contained a sparkling diamond ring…

The End (for now)

A tremendous THANK YOU to my editor and master, GentWithHandcuffs. I am yours, as always.

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