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Flight Fantasy - Part 1

Stewardesses are everyone's fantasy

Every red blooded American male has had, at one time or another, a fantasy about stewardesses. I am no different. This is not my fantasy, however this actually happened. 

By the time I was 30, I had served my obligation to the military for my education and been married and divorced. About that time I was recruited by a small plastics company in Temecula, California whose boss/owner Leonard was this genius at plastics. He said he was going to build a company around some simple rules and he wanted me to help him.

Over the next five years the company grew 100% each year so we had to contract with plants in Taiwan and Sydney, Australia to help us keep up with the medical specialty plastics we were designing. Len gave me the nod and the title to manage the overseas production so I started the trips between LA, Taiwan and Sydney every month. I would fly to Taiwan, stay a few days, then off to Sydney for a few more, and then home. Because of the schedules and destinations the travel bureau had hooked us up with Qantas with a corporate account that gave us first class for the same price as full coach.

During this time I had met Donna, a lovely southern girl from Atlanta who had come to LA to seek her fortune as an actress. Her talent as a legal secretary was far superior to her acting talent so she finally settled for “extra” work on call and a steady paycheck. She would spend some nights at my place but there was something missing. I got the impression there was a level of desperation in her relationship with me. It gave me pause when I considered I was nothing more than a means to an end - something about a clock ticking.

On one of the flights on Qantas to Taiwan, the first class stewardess (alias flight attendant) was this stunning Eurasian named Cheryl Hiu, at least according to her nametag. She had this smile that lit up her face and dark eyes that penetrated without invasion. Her voice was silky and she had a natural laugh that was infectious. We casually chatted during the flight about mostly nothing important. She had a wonderful way about her. I kept thinking about her afterwards during my stay in Taiwan.

What a surprise when I got on the plane four days later and there she was again on the trip to Sydney. She smiled broadly at me and welcomed me by name. The plane was full so we didn’t get much chance to follow up on our conversations.

During the next three weeks I couldn’t get her out of my mind. Even when Donna and I were together or even making love Cheryl was on my mind. I had to do something about this soon. I am not an obsessive person by nature, but she was having the same effect on me as if I was. It was maddening – especially the fantasy dreams I was having.

On the next trip to Taiwan she wasn’t part of the crew and, to say the least, I was disappointed, but on the leg back to LA there she was. My grin must have shown how happy I was to see her. She apparently was pleased to see me as well. I got this big smile and some very attentive service for the flight.

She explained that there were three crews that worked that route and, depending what day I left would determine which crew would be in service. As the first class section was almost empty, after her first meal service she sat next to me and we got a chance to talk some more. She was intelligent and witty and absolutely dazzling. During the conversation she had turned toward me and her skirt rode up her legs and I had a hard time concentrating. They were toned and tanned to perfection. To make it worse, she would accent her speaking by touching my arm or my leg. Sometimes she let her hand linger, especially on my thigh. I reciprocated by lingering on her arm or shoulder. I’m a tactile person so my reaction was immediate.

“You sound a little off course tonight, everything OK?” she asked about halfway into our talk.

“Oh, I am breaking up with my girl when I get back. I’m gone a lot, which isn’t fair, and I think she is getting a little desperate.” I don’t know why I was saying this but she was real easy to talk to. I went on to explain more.

As she stood to serve the next meal, she said “She doesn’t know what she is pushing away. You’re awfully nice.”

We had more time later. I asked her to have dinner with me in LA. She said it wasn’t something she should do, besides I was on the rebound. I asked her to think about it and gave her my card on which I wrote my home telephone. “The cell number works anywhere in the world if you feel you want to talk.” I added. All I got was “Thanks!” When I asked for her telephone number she politely refused. “Not yet,” was all she said.

For the next three weeks I searched for her in the telephone book and any other source I could find. I must have called 250 people. None of them knew her. I considered the fact she might be someone’s significant.

As luck would have it she was on my next flight to Taiwan a month later. I got the same big greeting and that tremendous smile. I was one of three people in first class so we had plenty of time together. She came and sat down next to me again. We started where we had left off.

“So how goes it with Donna?” she asked. I couldn’t believe she remembered her name.

“We ended it last trip when she said she was going home to Atlanta. Her reasoning was she wanted to take care of her father for the six months he had left. He was diagnosed with cancer. She also said she wanted to think about our relationship and couldn’t do it in her current location – too many distractions. So I guess it doesn’t go at all. Truthfully, I’m not sorry. Single has been great for the last couple of weeks. The word got out to her girlfriends. If those are her friends I would hate to meet her enemies!”

“I’m happy for you if that’s what you want.” she said with a smile that would boil an egg. “Find anybody interesting?” Curious question but I was really into her at the moment and let if fly.

”Yes I have but I have an awful time getting her to connect – even for something as innocuous as coffee or dinner. She is gorgeous, talented, smart, has a good job that she loves and I think she is open for a relationship. I’m beginning to think I have spinach in my teeth or something. All I get is a brush-off – nicely but still a brush-off.”

”That must be awful for you. You’re a good-looking guy, smart, successful and outgoing. Just be persistent and you may win her over eventually. Some girls what to make sure it isn’t a one night thing.”

“How would they know?”

“Most guys give up if it is too difficult. There are enough girls that are very willing very early. Some are more discerning.”

“What advice can you give me to win her over?”

“Ask her to go to dinner at her favorite restaurant and suggest you meet her there. That way she can get up and leave at any time. Maybe she’ll feel more comfortable – enough to say yes.”

“OK, I will take that approach. She is a pretty amazing woman and I really want to get to know her better.”

“Couldn’t hurt,” she responded with a smile.

“So where is your favorite restaurant?”

”You were talking about me?”

“Yes – I can’t seem to get you out of my mind so I figure there is something important that I need to pay attention to. I’d like to know you better and let you learn more as well. And – this is no pickup line. I’m sincere.”

”Where are you staying in Taiwan?” she asked in response.

”At the Hilton downtown. The company maintains a suite there for me. How about you?”

”We stay there as well because of the airline’s contract. I don’t know why I’m going to do this, but I believe you are sincere. My curiosity is getting the better of me - enough to relent. Besides, the hotel has a first rate restaurant and we can eat there. Say about 7:30?”

”I accept with pleasure madam,” I answered with the biggest and most sincere smile I could muster. She smiled in return and I was dead meat and I knew it.

She shared a cab with the rest of her crew even though I had offered to share mine. I checked in and took a shower. I dressed casual in a pair of slacks and a blazer and headed for the bar. Promptly at 7:30, she walked in. I had already paid the tab and I crossed the bar to meet her. She was wearing a little black thing about mid-thigh and scooped neck showing just a hint of her cleavage. It had spaghetti straps to hold it up and she had a scarf draped around her shoulders. She was just magnificent in the way she stood and the countenance that glowed through.

“You look absolutely stunning,” I offered as I approached. She smiled and did a little curtsy. I do believe she was blushing, if that is something Orientals do.

“Thank you sir – you clean up nice too,” she had only seen me in travel clothes - “ but lets get our table – I’m starving” and giggled at her forwardness.

The dinner was marvelous, the company and conversation like nothing I had ever had, and the evening passed way too quickly. We talked about everything.

“It’s late and I need to go,” she explained. “I have to be back at the airport by 9:00 and the bus leaves at 8:30.” I walked her to her room and thanked her for a wonderful evening. I bent to kiss her and she put her hand on my lips to stop me.

“It was a perfect evening, let’s not ruin it.” She looked deeply into my eyes telling me something. I gazed back at her and marveled at her beauty. The intensity was incredible.

“Until next time,” I responded and kissed her hand. She smiled then and turned the knob on her door. As she was closing the door she smiled again. “Thank you for a perfectly wonderful evening.”

“We will do this again.”

“I hope so,” she said and closed the door.

I went up to my suite and undressed. I don’t sleep in anything so I just put on the hotel robe. I poured a scotch from the bar and sat down to think about the evening. A thought came to my mind and I reached for the phone and dialed her room. It rang about six times when she finally answered.

“Hi, I forgot to say goodnight and ….” I never got to finish my sentence.

“I am still in the shower. Let me call you back – what is your room number?”

I told her and hung up.

I turned on the TV and poured another scotch. I didn’t have to be in early so I figured this was one way to sleep – maybe without another dream about Cheryl.

There was a quiet knock at the door. Still in my robe I opened it, and there standing in the hall, with wet hair, barefoot and in a hotel robe was Cheryl.

“I decided I needed to see you ,” she said and I invited her in. She accepted the scotch I offered her and sat on the reading chair and demurely closed the front of the robe around her legs.

“I need to say this and it will be hard for me. By nature and upbringing I am reserved and cautious. But, as my mother used to say, I have a wild and willful streak. So I want you to listen and don’t interrupt. If you do I won’t be able to finish.”

“OK,” was all I answered and leaned forward.

She continued. “I have an admission. I have been dreaming about you for months. Every time I see you my heart flutters and my stomach goes a little crazy. I haven’t felt like this since I was a teenager with my first crush. I even fantasize about us, if you know what I mean. I just couldn’t stand holding it in any longer and decided to take the chance. I was so comfortable this evening. If it isn’t right at least I will know and stop torturing myself about you.”

“So much for hard to get,” I chided and we both laughed. We stared at each other for what seemed like hours. I took the chance and walked to her and stuck out my hand. She put the glass down and took hold as I gently lifted her to stand. She came into my arms and hugged me. I could feel her body’s warmth under the robe as she pressed close. I took her chin and guided her lips to mine. She moaned a little as we kissed passionately with her hands behind my head pulling me tighter and harder to her. Our tongues met in that proverbial dance of passion and, as we gasped for air, we stared some more at each other.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known, inside and out, and I’m sorry but I want to make love to you.”

“Why are you sorry?”

“Because I don’t want to insult you.”

”Don’t be sorry and don’t worry. I have wanted you from that first conversation on the plane.” She reached between us and undid my robe and hers. As I pushed it off her shoulders I looked longingly at her body. Everything was better than I had imagined and I said so. She had great tits and a flat stomach blending down into a well-shaped pair of legs. Her body was toned and tanned – no lines.

“You are more than I fantasized about, “ she said as she took my dick in her hands. I was already mostly hard. Now, I’m not huge but I’m certainly above average.

She knelt down pulling my robe with her. She reached up with both hands and stroked me gently. “Beautiful – just beautiful,” she muttered and licked the tip. She licked the entire length of my shaft up and down and finally, agonizingly finally, sucked me into her mouth. It was warm and wet and I could feel her passion growing as she moaned around my dick. I reached down and gently massaged her tits and pinched her nipples.

“Oh God does that feels good. Don’t stop. Pinch a little harder. I like to know they are being played with,” she said in between. I obliged and got more moans in response. She was bobbing up and down and taking me all the way down her throat. I thought I was going to come and tried to pull out. I wasn’t surprised to see her spare hand playing fast and hard on her clit.

“Nooooooo in my mouth – give me you in my mouth….. now …. Please.. I want to taste you… please!” sucking me all the way down her throat again and sucking for all she was worth.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and unloaded one of the biggest wads of cum I had ever had. I was so hot. I looked down and she was swallowing hard to keep ahead of it and her face and body were aglow with perspiration. She was definitely just as hot and near an orgasm.

After licking me clean she stood and pulled me to the bed. I grabbed her and rolled her on her back pushing her legs apart in the process. I sunk down between her legs and kissed and licked her inner thighs. She was moaning “uh…uh..uuuuhhhhhhh… ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.” as I got closer and closer to her pussy.

When I licked her clit she went off soaking my face with her juice. Just incredible. She tasted just incredible.

“More… please … pleeeeeeaaassseee more. Whatever you do don’t stop!”

I pulled her pussy lips apart with my fingers and slowly licked up and down her entire length from clit to ass. She pulled her knees up with her arms giving me more access. She continued her moaning as I used my tongue to play with her clit driving her over the top again. I never let up. I stuck two fingers into her soaking wet pussy and massaged her inner walls. She was going crazy with lust going higher and higher toward another orgasm.

She reached down and pulled my face up to her kissing me and tasting herself on my lips.

She was looking at me – staring at me with desire. “Please – make love to me. Take me.”

I placed my dick at her entrance and slowly and deliberately pushed in. She was wet but very tight as if she hadn’t been laid in a long time.

“Now,” she said and pushed her hips up to entirely bury me inside. She flinched from the pain as I stretched her narrow passage wide but she didn’t take long to adjust. She started bucking and pushing as I pumped in and out harder and harder. She came again but I kept on filling her with my dick. Long stokes which hit the top of her every time. I pushed on her clit with my thumb and she came again.

“Ohhhhhh God I never knew it could be like this. Just fuck me harder. Harder … and cum in me – please cum in me. I want to feel your cum inside me!”

I was about to cum when she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deeper - all the way into her cervix. I couldn’t go any longer and came again and again in long spurts of cum. She came almost immediately as I unloaded in her gripping me tightly with her arms and legs.

Afterwards, we lay there with me still inside her- breathing hard and sweating like two dogs in heat.

“That was wonderful – no – it was the most perfect ever. Thank you, oh thank you for being so passionate. I hope it was …..”

“We must do this again some time – it was too good not to.” I said.

“You are just a sweet-talking devil – you know.” She said and rolled us over so she was on top. Amazingly I was still hard and she was still ready. She started by rolling her hips back and forth slowly until I was fully hard and deep inside her. Then she rode me with abandon to two more orgasms for her and another for me.

That night we made love six times – each one better and hotter than the last. At five AM we got up and showered together. That’s another story in itself.

Now I plan my trips on her schedule. I found out she likes as little clothing as possible when at home. Suits me just fine. I never tire of looking at her with or without clothes.

The plane rides have been interesting as well, like the time …..

To be continued

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