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Flight Fantasy - part 2

Every red blooded American fantasy is a stewardess
Flight Fantasy -Finale

I awoke slowly that Saturday morning after a long night of passion. Cheryl had been insistent in her desire, not only urging me to take her to higher and higher places of sexual pleasure but in her seeing that I was equally pleased. There was nothing of herself that she held back and she demanded everything from me in return. It was the most incredible sex I have ever had. It was almost as if she thought there would never be another time for us. That thought gave me a strange sense of sorrow so I rolled over to hold her but the bed was empty. It hadn’t been so for long. The sheets were still warm and I could smell her scent on the pillow.

I raised my head and looked through the open door into the kitchen. She was standing there, completely nude, making coffee at the counter. Her ass was incredible, two globes of perfection on top of a great set of legs and followed by a long and sculptured back, topped by long flowing black hair down to her waist. I had found, much to my delight, that she likes to wear as little clothing as possible when at home. Suits me just fine. I never tire of looking at her with or without clothes on.

And not only did I find her incredibly beautiful outside, but inside as well. We found it easy to talk about everything, including sharing my life experiences, good and bad. She would sometimes frown at my perspective – especially about women. I had fallen completely, irretrievably and totally for her. Indeed, our last year together had been the most wonderful experience in my life.

During our times together, I had found out she wasn’t Eurasian as I had assumed when I met her. She was actually fully Chinese and the spelling of her name had been anglicized – or perhaps Australianized. She told me her father was an influential businessman in Taiwan circles. She said she didn’t have much of a relationship with him so I didn’t press further for any details. Her mother had died when she was twelve and, because her father was too Teutonic for her, after high school she went to Australia to live with an aunt and to be educated. 

I was brought back to the present as she came back into the bedroom carrying two coffee cups. I just loved to watch her breasts bounce as she walked toward me and couldn’t help but notice the rippling of her stomach and thighs. She handed me one and, after putting the other on the night table, climbed back into bed. She leaned over and kissed me passionately holding my head between her hands humming or moaning or purring – sometimes it was hard to tell the difference. Whichever, it was an indication of being pleased. I responded with equal enthusiasm and I heard her little growl get louder as our tongues entwined. I opened my eyes when I swore I felt a tear. She was crying.

I broke off the kiss. “What’s the matter! What’s wrong? Why are you crying.”

“I have something to share with you and I’m afraid. I don’t wish to hurt you in any way - that is the last thing I want to do. What I have to tell you is not what I want, but it is something I must do.”

“Is this about us?”

“Oh God no and I am sorry yes. I mean yes and no. “

I laughed a little which made her frown. “OK, so which is it – yes or no?”

“Both. My father has summoned me home. He has already taken the liberty of notifying Qantas that I was taking a sabbatical for an unknown period of time. That is so like him to assume he can run my life without asking. That also means we probably cannot see each other during my time with him. My father might not understand our feelings – you being Caucasian. It would not be something he might approve of for me – considering his position and beliefs. He is very old fashioned that way.”

“I don’t care about your father’s position or even that he is clearly racially bigoted. I only think what we have is real. Isn’t it?”

“Of course it is. I’m madly in love with you. You must know that by now.”

”That’s the first time you’ve said so. I love you as well – almost from the beginning, so we’ll get through this – and we’ll do it together.”

She smiled at me and settled into my arms resting her head on my chest. She was sobbing quietly and I stroked her hair in an attempt to calm her. She stroked my chest and twirled the hair with her index finger.

“Why the summons?”

”He didn’t say much during his call, but apparently there is a merger in the works between his company and one from the US that will give him a path to retirement.”

“Sounds great for him, but why does he need you?”

“My father, as educated as he is, says he does not speak English very well, certainly not well enough to negotiate, and wants me to come and be his personal assistant and translator. He said he needed someone he could trust implicitly that wasn’t currently connected to the company. If word of the merger gets out, it could destroy the process before it got started. I was a natural choice because I was his daughter. Since my mother died, and before I worked at Qantas, I would sometimes travel with him in that same role.”

“How much time do we have before you have to leave?”

She reached up and touched my cheek. “Just this weekend. I leave for Taipei on Monday morning. So let’s make this time count. I know you must be angry, but please understand I cannot refuse him any more than I could refuse you if you asked me to stay.” She was crying again and sobbing uncontrollably.

“As much as I would like to ask you to stay, and tell your father to bug off, you must know that I could not put you in that dilemma. It would be hurtful and certainly selfish. Besides we are ultimately going to be together, so this will give you some time to work on your father a little. I understand that you need to do this, that I cannot be a part of it, and I guess I’ll cope. I just need to know that you will be coming back to me!”

She looked deep into my eyes with her teary eyes and all of her passion and love were there for me to see.

“I love you more now than ever before. I have found you and I have no intention of letting you get away that easy. Especially because of my father.” Her attempt at humor was a first hint of relief.

I never did get to drink the coffee hot. The only words I can think of that expresses what occurred that weekend is ‘she was relentless‘. By 3 PM that Saturday I was totally fucked out and drained. My dick wasn’t going to get hard no matter what- it was dead I told her I needed a break.

I started the shower running hot and stepped in to try and get my body back into perspective. We had made love in every possible position on every piece of furniture, and on every square inch of carpet in the apartment. Every muscle hurt – including my dick.

I let the water run over me thinking how wonderful it felt. The shower curtain opened and Cheryl stepped in.

"Need any help?” she asked playfully. I turned and smiled back. One of my great fantasies is to shower with my lover. The only thing more intimate would be to watch each other pee.

Cheryl grabbed the soap. “Turn around” she ordered “and let me do your back – it’s the least I can do for the abuse I put you through!” She was laughing.

“If that’s abuse – count me in for some more. I just can’t go another time right now.”

“Neither could I but it is no problem – we’re young and healthy and I know what you like and you know what gets my engine running. There is always tomorrow!”

She was massaging the soapsuds and hot water into my back. “This is so wonderful. I am so glad you like to do this!” she said.

“One of my great fantasies. I can’t think of anyone I would rather take a shower with.”

“You sweet talker, you” was her answer. She lowered her hands to my ass and used the slippery soapsuds to massage my cheeks. The fingers of one hand moved up and down the separation and casually and gently pressed soap into my anus as well. It felt wonderful. She continued around my hips with the other hand and started on my genitals, rolling my balls across her fingers and gently stroking my dick with the slick suds. It was turning me on but I was still limp as a worm. 

She worked her way up my chest and around my neck. Then she squatted down and did my legs and thighs, always managing to keep hold of my dick and stroke it.

“My turn” I announced as I stepped under the water to rinse off.

I grabbed the soap and started at her neck and shoulders. I turned her around so her back was to me and proceeded to soap her back and ass and then the backs of her thighs. As I came up in between her legs she moaned with delight.

“That feels so good – I’ll give you an hour to stop!”

”We’ll be out of hot water first” I retorted and moved my hands and the soapsuds around to her stomach. With one soaped hand I massaged her breasts, first one then the other, and with the other hand her mound and then in between her labia.

“Careful, I’m a little sore there” she mewed as I continued to massage the front of her body. I was in heaven, I loved touching and stroking every inch of her. Apparently she was feeling equally good as she was moaning softly and breathing in short puffs to keep herself in control. I just had fun teasing her by touching or rubbing every sensual spot I could reach.

“You know you will pay for this little game!” she said through her teeth. “And the payback will be very, very ugly!”

“Sounds like fun!” I responded with a laugh and she turned suddenly, wrapped her arms around me and hugged me as tight as she could.

“God, I love this man.”

Monday came too soon as Sunday had been another marathon with only breaks for food, drink and showers. Cheryl woke me at sunup. She was already showered and dressed.

“Leave when you are ready. Coffee is on. The service will be in tomorrow to clean the place and close it up. I have already had the mail forwarded and the utilities suspended so I don’t think there is anything for you to worry about. I gave my father’s office your international cell number in case of an emergency.”

She sat down on the bed and took my face in her hands. She lowered herself and kissed me gently. “Please know something. I love you beyond anything I could have ever imagined for myself. I will come back to you as fast as I can. I will call you whenever I can. Take care of my man.”

I looked at her. She was crying again. “Don’t cry - this is only temporary. We will be together before you know it. I love you and want you in my life for a very long time. Take care of my girl!”

She slowly got up and left. Later I cleaned up, took my stuff from her apartment and headed back to my place to change and go to the office.

I received a message on my phone that she had arrived safely in Taipei. I must have been otherwise disposed because I never heard it ring. 

A couple of days later, the boss called me in to his office.

“I have been working on something and it is time for it to go to the next level. I have located a company I wish to buy because they are a competitor to our current supplier. By switching our volume of business, we can pay for the purchase from the synergy profits. I want you to bone up on Taiwanese commercial transaction practices and get briefed by legal. Then I want you to assemble a team and go there and close the deal. I have all the confidence in you. I will warn you, though, the current owner is a tough old bird and he may not be happy to be negotiating with someone other than me. I know you’ll be able to handle him. Let me know what you need. Grace has the file.”

I stopped at his assistants desk and she had a file about three inches thick full of financials and correspondence. “Legal has the conference room for you at 1:00” she said. “Thanks Grace” I responded and headed to my office. I had this strange gnawing, like an itch that I couldn’t scratch. Not having any immediate idea what it was, I ignored it.

For the next four days I lived and breathed the deal. I recruited my team which included our in-house counsel. Grace took care of our flights and reservations and we left that following Sunday. When we arrived at the hotel there was a message welcoming us from Chu Sen the owner of the company and asking us to join him for dinner the following evening as a beginning to our soon to be new relationship.

I slept the sleep only jet-lag creates and woke refreshed the next morning. We gathered for our strategy session and finished in time for dinner. When Chu Sen arrived he had no entourage with him. When he approached the table and I stood to greet him I was stopped in my tracks when his interpreter came around from behind him to his side. It was Cheryl. She gasped and signaled for me not to react. I recovered as quick as I could and resumed greeting him and introducing my staff. What was interesting is he never mentioned Cheryl’s name or that she was his daughter. She was his assistant and interpreter and of no concern.

Well, the evening was pleasant but complicated. I had difficulty concentrating on the conversation having to look at and talk through Cheryl the entire evening. She was dressed in a long red embroidered jacket over black slacks and looked gloriously beautiful. As we parted after dinner she shook my hand in goodbye and slipped me a note which I quickly pocketed. Chu Sen said he had enjoyed the evening and looked forward to tomorrow’s negotiations. One point for our side. 

Later, when I opened the note from Cheryl, she had written simply “I Love You – say nothing!”

I had previously decided it was imperative to build a personal relationship with Chu Sen. This is difficult because of the Chinese culture’s dislike for emotional display of any kind in public or business but I had worked in the country and understood what was possible and had an idea of how to go about it. He was politely resistant but when he learned that I had worked in Taiwan for several years and loved the country and its culture he warmed up, actually smiling a few times. We had begun to build the basis for a trusted negotiation which I believed was the only way to go. When it was time for more serious discussions he stopped in mid-sentence and offered “I now see why your owner sent you. It will be better to work with someone who has taken the time to learn our customs.” I was pleased but floored at his honesty and openness. It read volumes and validated my approach.

The next four days we ironed out the deal. Cheryl was the epitome of business and I followed her lead. Neither of us showed any sign of our relationship. Even my team had no idea and they knew I had been seeing a Chinese woman. They did notice how beautiful she was, however. When we signed the last of the papers Chu Sen leaned over to his daughter and whispered something in her ear. She looked at him in surprise and then shook her head in affirmation. As the meeting broke up she came up to me and whispered “My father wishes you to come to his home tomorrow afternoon. He wants you to come alone. This is most unusual and so unlike him!” I agreed and squeezed her hand. She smiled and turned back to her father nodding I had consented. I didn’t sleep much that night wondering why.

I sent the team home the next morning with their instructions regarding what needed to be accomplished at the home office to facilitate the closing. I told them I would be along after I finished up some other things in Taipei. I did still have my other responsibilities to manage.

Chu Sen’s car and driver arrived to take me to his home. Yet another courtesy he extended. When I arrived he and Cheryl were standing outside to greet me as if they had known exactly when I would arrive. He greeted me more warmly than any of our previous encounters would have suggested. Cheryl maintained her cool shaking my hand. She gave it a slight squeeze telling me she was happy to see me. 

We sat out in his beautiful gardens and he spoke in English.

“I observed you very closely these last days. You are a very unusual man. I see why your company values you as much as they do. I believe you will have a lucrative future with your company.”

“Thank you sir – I appreciate your comments.”

"To business. I wanted to tell you before you heard it from your superior that I have recommended that he have you manage the entire transition and ultimately all of the new joint operations. I told him he should consider it as part of the price because I have grown to trust you and, after all, my company is my other child. You were fair with your demands and equally fair in trying to grant me mine.”

“I am honored by your trust and I would like to offer my appreciation for your kind words. I will try to live up to your confidence.”

“And now that is done” he said with a smile, “let us talk about you and my daughter!”

Cheryl gasped and I dropped my mouth open. He was laughing like a child with his little surprise clapping his hands in joy at our reaction. “I know you two have been seeing a great deal of each other over the last year. My original instinct was to end it but my sister suggested I wait a little longer because you worked for the company seeking to purchase mine and that might have a disastrous effect.”

Cheryl started to ask him how but was interrupted. “Just because she does not like being with me doesn't mean I absolve myself of my responsibility as her father. And I may be old, but I can see that my daughter cares for you a great deal – it was written on her face that first night at dinner. And your delighted surprise at seeing her confirmed your feelings as well. And so, what did her note say?” He was really pleased with himself and we all started to laugh. I was really liking this guy.

I had noticed his English had improved a great deal since the day before. The old fox had used this situation to size me up and used Cheryl as his interpreter as a ruse. I wondered if the boss had been in on this little game with him.

“She said that she loved me”. I reached out for Cheryl’s hand and, to my surprise, she took it. She was white as a ghost and I could see her hands shaking. I pulled her from her chair and had her sit next to me. It was a gesture of transfer of influence and one of comfort to her.

“Sir, my intentions are both honorable and long term. I love your daughter. With your permission I would like to marry her.”

“I know my daughter has probably told you I do not approve of mixed race marriages. The reason is largely because of cultural differences that need to be overcome. Sometimes they are insurmountable. My daughter has internalized your culture and you clearly have learned ours. I learned that this week. I will consider it.”

He motioned for the man servant. “There has been a change. I will be dining alone this evening. And have the car brought around. My daughter and our guest will require it for the evening.” Now he said that in Chinese but Cheryl translated it for me.

I smiled at him and he smiled back. He stood to indicate that our meeting was over.

“Perhaps I should clear something up that you are too polite to ask. I have watched you here in Taiwan for a long time. Your current supplier is a friend and he speaks very highly of you. He will be disappointed in the loss of business. I was pleasantly surprised when your company answered my invitation for an offer especially because you and my daughter were spending a lot of time together. Clearly neither of you had made the connection. And when your owner said he was sending his number two to finalize the deal I agreed only when he gave me your name. Had it been anyone else, I would have insisted he or you come. I know he was shocked that I agreed. I had an obvious alternative reason for getting to know you and I apologize for the deception to you both. Now you two enjoy the evening. My daughter will introduce you to Taipei – the one that only locals know. You will have my answer tomorrow.”

Cheryl and I headed directly to the hotel and released the driver until the morning. He smiled and said something that Cheryl translated as “thank you for the evening off”. He was going to see his girlfriend. She reminded him that his job depended on his lack of memory.

No sooner than the door to my room closed that she was in my arms. We were at each other – kissing, touching, and stroking. I wanted this moment to be especially sensual so I asked her to turn around and face the bed. I nuzzled her neck and her ear and I could feel her shudders. She reached behind herself and found my already raging hard-on giving it little squeezes in rhythm with the massages I was giving her breasts. I slowly unbuttoned her dress and slid it off her shoulders. With a single squeeze between her breasts I undid the clasp of her bra and it too fell to the floor. She leaned her head back against my shoulder and I continued to squeeze her nipples and kiss her tender neck. She was moaning softly as I reached down and pushed down her panties. She kicked them off.

She turned around and began to undress me. As each area of skin appeared she licked and kissed it. She bit my nipples and I could not believe the pleasure from it. She undid my pants and with one swipe dropped them and my briefs. I stepped out of them and pushed her onto the bed.

“I have missed you so much. Make love to me!” she pleaded. 

We made passionate love – heated and hard. When we both exploded in orgasm together it was as if it had been orchestrated. I was consumed by the emotional impact of it and Cheryl was crying in euphoric joy.

"I love you. I love you. I love you. ‘

“And I you!”

“Did you really ask me to marry you?”

“No. I asked your father!” We laughed so hard we fell off the bed. And that gave us another idea.

“More room on the floor!” and we were at it again. In the middle of it she stopped. She was straddled around me and had me buried as deep as I could inside her warm and wonderful body.

“Everything OK?” I asked.

“Perfect. And I accept whether he does or not! Besides – I already know what he will say – he can’t lose face and refuse you and won’t refuse me. He was just being protective. And besides, we have used this time to grow closer together.”

Two months later the deal closed and, much to my surprise, I became the third stockholder in the company. As Cheryl’s dowry Chu Sen had transferred half of the shares he received as part of the price for his company to me and gave a beautiful home with expansive gardens in the hills above Taipei to Cheryl. To say the least, I was floored.

A very emotional and important part of our wedding was his blessing during the ceremony. As he read it, I realized and understood the depth his love for his daughter, his sole desire for her happiness, and his willingness to accept those things that were beyond his control no matter how personally painful. His magnificently worded wishes for our life and the eternal happiness a marriage of friends and lovers can bring brought tears to all in attendance. Had I wished for a father-in-law, Chu Sen would have been the one. He was not at all what many thought him to be.

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