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How do you find a girlfriend in a new city? Try the American Way: Advertise.
Chapter 1

I really can't say that I invented the idea but when I moved to Chicago about a year and a half ago, I didn't know anyone, especially anyone of the opposite sex which is, in my case, female.

Look, it was a new city, a very big city, I had a new job, a new apartment, a new car and now I wanted someone new to share it with. Well, okay and somebody to fuck. Yeah, I admit it. Who's surprised, right? I'm a twenty-two year old single guy, okay?

So, I thought I'd advertise for a female roommate to share the rent, heavily subsidized, I might add and to provide some physical aid and comfort for the primary leaseholder. Now, I didn't pick The Chicago Sun-Times to carry my advert, no, I chose one of the many alternative newspapers in the Chicago area.

I had a two-bedroom apartment, so my new roomie would have her privacy, after all, I wanted my own as well.

I had my email address in the ad so I wouldn't have to screen a lot of calls, at least I hoped I'd get a lot of inquiries. And, yes, rather more than I had expected, two hundred and three, to be exact.

Oh, this was fun, as I looked through my burgeoning inbox. Some, oh, yeah, some had pictures. Among these were pictures that were calculated to elicit a response, an erectile response.

Some of the inquiries, I could immediately delete, others were worth a second look. Maybe even a third. A few had nice photos of very pretty young women and I emailed back, asking for a few more pics. Some sent them, some didn't. Some that I got were tame, some were not.

It's difficult for a guy to make choices when he's got a raging hard-on but I tried. Several, I deleted because they looked more like girls of a certain profession, rather obviously, a few of them and some others just weren't to my taste. Well, with so many to choose from, why not look for someone I'd like to boink and also be seen with in public with, right?

So, I emailed three of the applicants and met each one for a drink. I didn't want any of them to think this was some kind of pervert come-on, I was serious.

The first was Cheryl, a twenty-five year-old blond, pretty, but I think a little hard around the edges. She seemed rather aloof and business-like. Cheryl didn't seem to have many interests and pretty quickly, I knew she wasn't the one.

Next, was Crystal, who, in spite of her name (now don't go emailing me nasty daggers if your name is Crystal, please), she was a rather pretty blond, medium length and wavy, with a nice figure, no 44-DDD's, just nice, a twenty-four year-old college grad, who was trying to make it as an advertising graphic designer. She was friendly and cheerful, kind of like the all-American girl, with a bit of a sexy streak. She liked theater and loved to read. Her light blue eyes and soft pink lips all came together to create a very pretty young woman. Very nice.

Last was Wendy, nineteen and in Chicago because her parents had kicked her out. She had long, dark brown, straight hair, almost waist-length, brown eyes and a trim, athletic figure. I didn't waste too much time with her, as I wondered if I would end up kicking her out myself. I thought I might.

So, it looked like Crystal.

I called her and asked her out to dinner and chose a quiet French place near my apartment. I suggested that she first come see the apartment, then we would walk to dinner. It was only three blocks.

The buzzer buzzed and I let her in the front door and, a minute later, there was a soft rap on my door.

There she was. Very pretty.

"Hi, Tim, I hope I'm not early. I'm really eager to see the place."

I showed her around, including my own bedroom and she seemed impressed. The building is older, it was put up in the Art Nouveau era and still had lots of the original features and decorations.

"Oh, I love Art Deco, this is really nice."

I figured that now was not the time to go into the difference between Deco and Nouveau, as I offered her a glass of wine.

She preferred white, so I poured us both some South African Sauvignon Blanc a friend had given me as an 'apartment-warming' present.

"Oh, this is nice," she commented, as we began chatting about the neighborhood, her job, my job, Chicago in general.

Then I suggested we continue the conversation over dinner and we left for Le Petit Maison, one of my new favorites.

We did continue the conversation we had started and it was feeling a lot like a date, a regular guy/gal date rather than an interview for a roommate. Crystal was very easy to be with. This was looking good.

Afterward, we walked back to my place and she said goodbye at my building's front door, got in her Honda Civic parked a few spaces away, waved and drove off.

I was happy that she didn't offer to come up to my apartment or to spend the night. Yes, Crystal seemed like the kind of woman I was really looking for long-term. My motives had been, well, you already know anyway, yes, pussy, fucking, sex. Yes, I admit it. But, Crystal seemed to be more than that. She did know what the advertisement meant. I was sure of that. And she was sexy. I was sure of that.

I had her cell number and I called her up the next morning and told her that I would like to have her as an apartment-mate. It had been clear to all three young women what the 'MST FK' meant in the ad, so she told me that she would like to move in that coming weekend. I was hard already. She did ask me if I could help her unload her things and I cheerfully agreed.

So, on Saturday, my cell rang and it was my new roommate telling me she'd be there in about fifteen minutes.

I went out front to be there and soon she was pulling up in a small rental truck. We had it unloaded in about an hour and she drove off to return it to the agency. I had given her a key and about twenty minutes later, there was a soft rap, the door opened and in came my new roommate.

"Welcome home, Crystal," I said and she gave me a big smile.

I helped her set her bed up, got her dresser against the wall and moved and stacked some boxes in a corner, then left her alone for her to get settled in.

About an hour or so later, she came out and announced, "Well, I'm in and set up for now, wanna see?"

I got up and went in her room and, indeed, the bed was nicely made and it all looked rather warm and cozy.

"I've put some of my stuff in the bathroom, I figured I got the sink with nothing sitting around it, right?"

"Right, that's for you."

"Well, that's enough for one day, I'm off to shower. Wanna join me?"

Ah, I like this roommate, she likes to share.

"I'd love to, thanks for asking," and I hopped up and we went into the bathroom. So what if I'd already showered earlier?

"I thought this would also be a nice way to get to know each other, all over," she added.

"I like your thinking, Crystal, I like it a lot."

She had pulled off her tee and stood there in a pretty white bra, nice and lacy, I could get a glimpse of darker nipples underneath, then she reached back and off it came.

Oh, yes. Crystal had not sent any pics of herself other than fully-clothed but she had beautiful breasts. My guess was that she was in the upper end of B-cup, maybe into C. They were round and firm and actually were wider on her than her chest was. Small, dark pink nipples topped them off.

"Am I okay?"

"Oh, Crystal, you are stunning. They are perfect. Just perfect."

"Thank you. I always kiss a guy when I get a nice complement," and she stepped forward, put her arms around me and kissed me with lips that were soft and warm. Just at the end of the kiss, her tongue darted into my mouth promising more to come.

"Now, let's shower," and she pulled down her shorts and, then, the smallest panties I'd ever seen. I had taken my own clothes off and was standing there admiring my new roommate as she turned the water on, then reached over to grip my hard cock and gently pulled me into the shower with her.

She handed me the soap and I lathered her front and rubbed the suds all over her. I've showered with several girls before and it always amazes me just how smooth and soft and slippery their breasts are when soaped-up. I could do this all day.

I soaped her stomach and abdomen as she raised a leg up so I could get up under her. She was clean-shaven and smooth and I just loved rubbing back and forth along her plump slit. I just didn't want to stop.

"Mmm, that's enough there, Tim, we'll run out of hot water if we don't move on," and she turned and I did her back.

Then it was my turn and her small hands moved effortlessly across my body, my body which had been aching for her touch, her touch on my stiff cock. And, finally, she put both hands around it and began pulling back and forth as she looked into my eyes.

She knew just how much to get my heart rate up, then had me turn and finished my back. Then, a final rinse and out.

We dried each other off and she took my hand and led me into her bedroom where she pulled back the covers and pulled me under the sheets with her.

As we embraced and kissed, our hands getting to know each other, she said, "I think this is going to work out really well, Tim. I wondered at first if you might be some weird pervert but you seem like a really nice guy."

"Well, I try to be, yeah, I'm actually a pretty ordinary guy."

As I felt her fingers surround my cock, she replied, "Oh, I'll bet you're not so ordinary after all. Lay back, let's see. Let your new roommate thank you for being so nice," and she swung a leg up over me and lowered herself down on me, guiding me up into her. Oh, that was nice. So warm and snug.

Then, she started rocking back and forth. Oh, that was deliriously wonderful. She was smooth, slippery and tight inside and she used her pelvic muscles better than any woman I've been with. I had hit the jackpot.

My hands roamed over her breasts, tweaking her nipples as she went up and down on me.

"Oh, Crystal, you are wonderful. This feels so right. Just perfect."

"Mmm, does feel right, doesn't it? Oh, I'm glad I saw your ad, it got me a nice room and a nice guy all in one. You wanted a girl to fuck, you're gonna see that it's something that I just love to do. So, I hope you're a really horny guy. Really horny."

"Well, I think I am, just remember that a woman can just keep going and we guys have to recharge our batteries sometimes."

"I know, yes, I know. I'm just saying that you won't hear me saying 'no' much, if ever."

"Every guy's dream, Crystal, every guy's dream."

"I do have a question, though," she said as she moved up and down, "do you mind if I don't wear clothes much when I'm home? I mean, I will, if you have company, of course. But if it's just you and me?"

"Oh, you truly are every guy's dream. I'd love it, um, what if I decided to do the same?"

"I love being naked, I'd be a nudist if I could. And, sure, you look great naked. And, who knows, it might give us ideas sometimes."

"I don't think we'll have any lack of ideas, Crystal, not at all."

"Okay, naked it is. Good, it's how I really like it when I'm home. I may wear panties just to keep the furniture dry, if you know what I mean, girls do leak a bit, you know, particularly after guys fill them up," she said with a smile.

"Yes, I know and I just love the fact that they do."

"Mmm, this is feeling good. Having a good time, 'Mister Landlord?'"

"Oh, I sure am, this is everything I wanted. Everything."

"That's what I want, a happy landlord," and she kept rocking back and forth on me, my cock deep inside, just happily overwhelmed with its sudden good fortune.

She was slippery and tight, just gripping me wonderfully every time she went up, it was heavenly. I just lay there engulfed in being fucked, beautifully fucked. Probably the best I've ever been done.

"Mmm, You're getting me pretty close, you are so good."

"I'm getting me pretty close, too, in fact, I think I'm, oh, yes, there, OH, OH, OH, mmm, mmm, oh, good, really good," she moaned as she shivered over me.

To me, the most erotic and arousing thing I experience is the female orgasm. I just love making a woman cum and I have hundreds of porn clips on my computer of women cumming. It gets me off like nothing else. And it did this time as well.

"Oh, Crystal, oh, I…OH, OOH, OOH, oh, oh, wonderful, you feel so good inside, oh, so good."

She lowered herself back down over me, kissing my face over and over.

As we snuggled in each other's arms, she whispered, "Mmm, first one of many, I hope. That was everything I'd hoped for. This is going to work out just perfect, just perfect."

"To me, it has, oh for sure."

She rolled off me and we lay there, kissing and petting each other and finally she said, "Well, I guess each of us need to think about dinner. Right?"

"Why don't I take you out to eat? Just to celebrate our new arrangement?" I posed.

"Well, we'd have to dress but, sure, why not?"

"What kind of food do you like?"

"Me? Oh, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, French, Greek, Indian, seafood, oh, really anything. What's good in the 'hood?"

"We've got a great Thai restaurant, Thai Delight, best I've ever had."

"Should we do take-out or go out?"

"I'd like to take you there, if that's all right?"

"Gee, that's nice, especially knowing we could get take-out and come back here and eat naked. Okay, when?"

"Well, whenever you can be ready, I'm hungry, sex always makes me hungry."

"Give me twenty minutes," she said and I got up out of her bed and went to get dressed myself.

Well, you might think that I had a fuck-kitten for a roommate. Crystal was a sexy young woman. That I easily knew by now. But, she was serious girlfriend material, classy, educated, sweet, if in a bit of a sexy way, easily nice enough to take home to meet Mom and Dad. She was not a topless dancer or a phone-sex operator, no, a college grad in design studies. Just an all-American girl, who certainly knew her way around the mattress.

So, taking her out to dinner ended up being fun, enjoyable for both of us. We talked about all kinds of things, even a bit about our early sexual history.

And, we got home around nine.

"What if I told you that I always hate to sleep alone on my first night in a new place?" Crystal asked coyly.

"Since I'm the only other person here, I'd say, I'm a pretty lucky guy. Should I get down another pillow or will you bring your own?"

"Oh, I'll bring my own. I hope you don't wear pajamas, Tim. I love to snuggle skin-to-skin," and she turned and went off to her room.

Chapter 2

I went in and brushed my teeth and just as I was rinsing, she bounced in all nice and naked to do her pre-bedtime routine.

"I'm all dressed for bed, Tim, what about you?"

So, I stood there and disrobed as she brushed her teeth. Then, she took my hand and led me to my bedroom and we got under the sheets. I turned out the table lamp on my nightstand as we both turned to one another and began hugging and kissing.

Crystal wasn't shy but she wasn't slutty, either. She was just what I've always wanted a nice woman who really seemed to like sex. And, the way she was edging up over me as we kissed, she did seem to like sex.

"Tell me about your first time, Tim? Who was she, how did it happen?"

"Oh, geez, um, Becky Thomas, uh, junior in high school. I'd have been fifteen, no, sixteen. It was funny. I kind of liked Becky, she was cute, outgoing, had a nice figure for her age. Well, she invited me over to her house after school. You're not going to believe this but we went up to her bedroom, as soon as we were in there, she closed the door, turned and kissed me, tongue and all. My first french kiss."

"I bet you were loving it, huh?"

"Truthfully, I was more than a little scared. Then, she backed away and took off all her clothes. I was dumbfounded. She was really pretty, beautiful, really. Pretty little pussy, just a trace of hair down there, breasts, oh, bigger than A-cup, B's probably. Nice. Then, she reached over to her dresser and handed me a condom. Just like that and I'm still dressed."

"She seemed to know what she wanted: you. I kind of know the feeling," she said as I felt her fingers surround my cock.

"Mmm, you're distracting me. But don't stop. Let's see. So, I took the condom. We had had sex-ed, of course, so I knew how to put it on but it meant getting naked, something I'd never done before. But, I'm sixteen, a boy, sixteen. So, I got naked and she got up on her bed and opened her legs showing me the first pussy I'd ever seen. Really pretty. Plump and pink with a little split down the center, a little wetness showing."

"I'll bet you were sure hard. Hmm, like you are now," as she gave me a squeeze.

"Oh, was I ever? I even think I was shaking, you know, trembling. A naked girl, spread wide open, wanting me to fuck her, put my dick in her and fuck her. I almost fainted. But I did gather my wits and put the condom on right and got up between her legs and pushed and pushed. Well, I don't know if it's ever happened to you, but it just wouldn't go in.

"She put a glob of spit on her finger, ran it around the end of the condom, reached down and spread herself apart and asked me to try it again. Like magic, it went right in, at least about a third of the way. After that, I just started, you know, and soon I was in all the way and she was moving her hips around like I couldn't believe."

"Mmm, yes, I like to do that myself. You'll see."

"Oh, you're distracting me again. Let's see, well, I went at it like it was my first time which it was and soon cummed the condom full. She didn't get off so I offered to do her with my tongue which I had heard about and that did the trick. That's my first time."

"Just once or did you two do it more?"

"Well, once, yes, then I did her orally and, yes, I mean, I was sixteen, sure, we did it again. Both times it was missionary position. Not too imaginative but sure a lot of fun."

"So, where did your relationship go with, um, what was her…, oh, Becky, what about the two of you after that?"

"Oh, sex every afternoon, her place or mine. And, we did try new positions. She loved being on top and that we did the most."

"Well, I hope you liked it that way because I'm a lot like Becky. I'm an 'on-top' kind of girl."

"Yes, how wonderfully I know. Um, after that, we went with each other until, um, I was a senior in high school. She moved away. Then, it was Sandi Hecker."

"What was she like?"

"Oh, Sandi was experienced. I'd only had sex with Becky and while we did try new things, Sandi was far more experienced than I was."

"Sounds fun."

"Oh, it was. She loved to tie me up, yeah, she was fun. She'd tie me to her bed, not being mean or brutal or anything, and, oh, in the summer, she'd keep me tied-up hours and hours, teasing me, just getting me all excited, then letting me cool down. Finally I was begging her to make me cum. She was something."

"Hmm, you liked that, huh?"

"Oh, it was great, I'd cum like a geyser when she finally let me."

"You're giving me ideas. Well, go on, what else with Sandi?"

"She was the only girl I ever did it with where there were two of them. She had her sister join us a few times. She was in college and that was pretty wild."

"Sorry, I don't have a sister. Oh, well."

"What about you, Crystal? You've mentioned a cousin?"

"Yes, Bobby, Bobby Maitland. He was the son of my Aunt Delores and Uncle Nathan. He and I kind of grew up together, you know. His was the first penis I ever touched, the first one I ever rubbed, first one I sucked. And, he did me, too."

"How old was this?"

"We were sixteen. He wanted sex and I just wouldn't let him. Until, he got hold of a box of condoms. I think I was right at about sixteen."

"How was your first time?"

"Oh, it was wonderful. Not like some, he got it right inside me and that was it. We did it every chance we could get. Until he went away to college, then got married."

"And, after him?"

"Well, Bobby and I weren't serious or anything. It was just sex. You know how that is. My first serious boyfriend was Danny DeVire when we were seniors. We had dated for several months, each time with a little more progress. I was already sexually active with my cousin so it wasn't like my first time or anything. My Mom, since I had started dating, she didn't know about Bobby, of course, had talked more openly with me about sex and boys and she decided that she would just go ahead and get me on the pill."

"Wow, some Mom, huh?"

"Oh, I think she had thought that she could become a grandmother if I wasn't careful and that she certainly didn't want. Neither did I, of course."

"So, the pill."

"Exactly. And, as it often does, being on the pill just made me feel that sex was something I wanted more of. In addition to Bobby, who I was still having some afternoon fun with, I decided to let Danny have his way. Well, it was my way, too, of course. And we began doing it regularly."

"How did you keep the two apart?"

"It was really easy, Danny and I were screwing almost every afternoon and when Bobby and I did it, we usually made arrangements to meet at one or another's house. There were times in the summer when I'd be with Danny in the morning and Bobby in the afternoon. I know, a little slutty, huh?"

"Hey, I'm not here to judge. I would have done the same thing."

"Well, it was a little strange to have one guy's dick sliding in, all nicely lubricated in another guy's semen. But, I did love sex, I mean, once I did it the first time, I knew I wanted it as much as I could have it, even when it came to answering a weird ad for a roommate."

"Well, I'm sure glad you answered it."

"How many did?"

"Over two hundred."

"Wow, did you, um, do a lot of, well, bedroom interviews?"

"No, I narrowed it down to three and, then, quickly to you. Nothing intimate until, well, with you, actually. After you moved in."

She snuggled tightly, whispering, "That's nice. Just me," and gave me a long, deep kiss.

Hmm, this was nice. Very nice.

We were laying there facing each other on our sides, our hands gently, slowly roaming each other, it was lovely.

"Let's have a little nice fun before we go to sleep, shall we, Tim?" and she pulled me up over her as she spread her legs. I knew exactly what to do and did it. Seconds later, I was up over her stroking in and out as she moved around under me going round and round.

"Mmm, this is nice, Tim, really nice."

"I agree, Crystal, I couldn't be happier. You are so nice as an apartment-mate and a bedmate. Just perfect."

I was taking nice long strokes, taking my time, doing it slowly, just savoring the intimacy we were building between us. I've dated and gone with some nice girls in my time but, already, Crystal was already vying for Number One. Pretty, nice to be with, intelligent and, oh, yes, very sexy.

"Mmm, this feels so good, I'm gonna sleep like a rock after this, Tim."

"Well, for our first day as apartment-mates, this is turning out to be wonderful. I hope you are as pleased as I am."

"I pretty much knew when we met for a drink, that it would work out and, I must say, it's even better than I'd hoped. You just never know if you're going to enjoy sex with someone until you've done it and I'm sure enjoying sex with my new landlord."

"Just let me know whenever you need anything, I'm here to help," I said snickering.

"Maybe we can set up a scheduled maintenance service schedule. It works for my car, what do you think?"

"Sure, maybe twice-daily inspection and servicing? Sounds like fun. And it keeps our engines running."

"Well, we've just got to keep our engines running, now, don't we?"

"I'm thinking that we're very well-suited for each other, Crystal, we just make a great pair. And, we fit together pretty well in strategic areas."

"Ha, strategic, huh? I think you just like to fuck."

"Oh, I do, I do."

"Mmm, me, too, Mister Landlord. And, you're getting me close. This is feeling really, really good."

"I'm feeling close, too. And, yes, it is really good. My cock feels electrified."

"How shocking," she giggled as I felt an orgasm getting near. I was hoping she was ready as I knew I wouldn't be lasting much longer. Crystal was expert at getting the desired result and I was ecstatic that she was in my bed under me.

"Oh, Tim, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, uh, uh, mmm," she moaned as she humped me under her as I drove deep into her and released far inside her, "UUH, UUH, oh, Crystal, oh, mmm, mmm" and I dropped my head down and we kissed and kissed as I moved slowly up and down not wanting to stop, trying to keep the wonderful feelings alive, oh, it was just so good.

Finally, I rolled off her onto my back as my wet cock, half-hard, lay happily against my leg.

"Mmm, that was lovely, Tim, and we had orgasms at the same time. Maybe that's a sign?"

"Whether or not, it was wonderful, mmm," and I nuzzled her neck kissing around as we snuggled.

Crystal and I laid there in each other's arms for quite a while, just enjoying our newness together, talking a little when it felt right, just happy in our pleasure together the rest of the time.

I woke a few times during the night, spooned with Crystal, happily asleep, as I moved my hands softly around her, studying her smooth surfaces so I would always remember them. Then, cozy in the warmth of our two bodies, I would drift back to sleep, my semi-hard cock nestled along her butt.

Chapter 3

I love sleeping late on Sundays, but this Sunday was different. I had a beautiful, young woman nestled in bed with me. We were snuggled together, her back to my front, my right hand cupped over her breast, my cock pressed against her when she turned over to face me, her eyes open as her lips met mine and her hand felt down for my growing hardness.

"Mmm, good morning. Ooooh, what's this I feel? I have just the perfect place for it. I'll bet you have the same idea, don't you?" and she put her arms around me and rolled backward pulling me up over her as her legs widened and my cock dropped down between her legs.

I push against her and begin to slide up inside her, as she closed her eyes and moaned, "Mmm, that's just right. Mmm," as I began moving in and out. Oh, those wonderful feelings again.

"Oh, Crystal, you feel so good to me, just perfect."

"Yes, you do too. Your cock is so nice this morning. I haven't had a guy in my bed for a while and this is just wonderful."

"No, me, either. No, I mean, gal, not guy. No, I'm one hundred percent straight."

"Well, good, so am I. Well, except for a slumber party in high school. That got pretty crazy, five teenaged girls. Well, one time doesn't make you gay, I guess."

I was very hard this morning, my cock just thrilled at its current residence, deep inside the beautiful woman sharing my bed. I could feel the first stirrings of an orgasm and began to move a bit faster.

"Mmm, nice, Tim, that's so nice, yum," she moaned softly as she moved her hips under me. She began moving back and forth, opposing my strokes, tightening her muscles inside, every pull back for me was pure ecstasy as she gripped me snugly inside.

"Oh, this feels so, so good. Mmm, Oh, I feel it now," I moaned as she began humping under me.

"Oh, Tim, oh, Tim, it's…oh, oh, I'm…UUH, UUH, UUH, uh, uh," and at the same time, my own orgasm took me over as I pushed hard into her, spewing my cum deep inside her inner recesses, releasing the most wonderful feelings of bliss and happiness.

"Oh, Crystal, oh, that was wonderful," and I collapsed on her covering her face with kisses.

Not wanting to crush her, I rolled off and we held each other for a while, just kissing and enjoying the time in one another's arms. It was beginning to feel more like Crystal was a girlfriend than an apartment-mate.

"It was wonderful, Tim, really wonderful, I really think we fit together well, I mean more than just physically, though the physical part fits pretty well, too, I'd say."

"Yes, both. I agree. And the physical part does fit together nicely. I'm thinking this is working out quite nicely. Even better than I had imagined."

"Me, too, Tim, this is nice, really nice. I'd like to take you out to breakfast if you'd like. My treat. But we'd need to get up and shower and get dressed. But, maybe after we get back, we can get undressed again, if you'd like that."

"Crystal, I think you've described the perfect Sunday in my book."

"Well, let's go shower, shall we?"

So, we went and had a lovely shower together, our second now, got ready and went out to have breakfast in the neighborhood. It felt like a date. Yes, it really did.

We even held hands as we walked down the street. I expected sex, not this. But, it was great. I felt really good and, yes, the sex was part of that but Crystal was becoming more than a roomie. She was becoming more.

"I'd seen this little breakfast place last night when we walked to the restaurant, that's when I decided I wanted you for breakfast, Tim. And, now that I have, we can eat together, too," she said smiling over at me.

"Yes, the perfect conclusion to what we were doing earlier."

As I opened the door, she leaned to me, kissed me and said, "Yes, the perfect conclusion to a perfect wakeup fuck. Just what I love," and I followed her in.

We had a lovely, leisurely breakfast, holding hands across the table as I felt feelings I hadn't felt in a long time. Yes, I know it seems quick and all that but you don't know Crystal. She is sweet and sexy and charming and interesting and fun to be with.

It was a slow walk back to our apartment, still hand-in-hand, more like familiar lovers than two people who began to share an apartment just the day before.

Crystal told me she was going out in the afternoon to do some grocery shopping.

"Do you cook, Tim? Is it something you like to do?"

"Well, I do get takeout, but I also cook, actually I'm not too bad a cook. How about you?"

"I'm pretty good. My mom wanted me to learn my way around the kitchen and, while I wasn't too excited back then, I appreciate it now."

"Maybe I can learn from you, Crystal?"

"What I was wondering was if you were up to sharing the cooking duties? Either cooking together or me cooking one night, you the next?"

"That sounds pretty good to me," and we talked further about recipes and cooking and likes and dislikes, the latter were, thankfully, few.

"I have another question for you, Tim."


"How would you rate your libido on a scale of one to ten? I guess, how horny are you. You tell me and I'll tell you. Seems like crucial information for us to know about each other."

"Well, one to ten, huh? Um, I guess I can't say I've ever had so much sex that I just didn't want any more. Even if I've had so much I couldn't get it up, I would still like to give oral sex to the girl. Is that a 'ten?'"

"I guess so. Well, that's nice because I'm pretty much the same way. I love sex and cuddling and all that and I've already told you that I don't especially like wearing clothes when I'm home. And, we'll be home together a lot."

"Crystal, the way you look, that will make me a very happy guy. Just know that a certain body part takes note of any pretty, naked women who are in its vicinity and rises to the occasion."

"Sounds like we're both 'tens' and that's just fine with me. Let it rise," and she leaned over and gave me a kiss as she rubbed her palm over the growing lump in my pants.

"I don't plan on doing my grocery shopping for a while if you'd like to find some way to take down this swelling in your pants. I'd be happy to help."

I laughed as she stood up, took my hand and led me into her bedroom.

"Mmm, let's look at this dangerous swelling, shall we?" as she loosened my belt and began removing my slacks. My boxers were tented, of course, as she reached inside and pulled out the swollen culprit.

"Oh, I've seen this happen before, it needs emergency treatment. First, in case it's a snake bite, we try to suck out the poisons," as she leaned forward, her lips sliding down my shaft as she began sucking vigorously. My heart rate shot up as she looked up, smiling as she sent me heavenward.

Oh, she was so good, just so good. Crystal was giving me pleasure like no other girl or woman had before. Oh, I just loved playing with her like this, just having fun as we were also having fantastic sex. What a woman.

She sucked out any possible poisons that I might have had, then raised up and said, "Well, that takes care of poisons, the next treatment is give it a nice, long vaginal massage to eventually make it relax and give up it's hardening fluids. I think I know just how to do it," and she swung her leg up over me, reached below, gripping me, as she lowered herself down submerging my cock deep inside her warm, loving interior.

She was smiling down on me as she rocked back and forth, sending such delicious feelings across my body as I massaged her beautiful round breasts.

"Mmm, yes, this is nice. Just right."

"Oh, Crystal, it's even better than just right. It feels wonderful, really wonderful. I am such a lucky guy."

"I'd say we're both pretty lucky, Tim. This is better than I had hoped."

"Well, it proves that it pays to advertise, that's for sure," I added.

"Mmm, sure does, glad you did it."

"And, yes, we are both pretty lucky, I agree."

"I'm getting that lovely warm feeling, oh, yes, it's so nice. Mmm," and she began rocking back and forth a little faster, our breathing also faster.

"Yeah, it's feeling really good to me, too. You are so good, Crystal, I'm so glad you're in my life."

When I said that, she smiled down at me, bent over and kissed me, running her tongue into me, caressing my mouth.

"That's a lovely thing to say, Tim. I feel the same," and she continued to smile at me as her pussy tenderly loved me up and down.

I just couldn't get enough of her pretty breasts as I rubbed them all around, their nipples so hard and erect. I began to softly pinch them and roll them between my fingers.

"I like when you pinch my nipples, Tim. You can do it harder, I like it that way, it really makes me wet. Ha, not that I'm already so wet, right?" she smiled.

"Wet and wonderful."

"Mmm, oh, yes, this is feeling good, really good, Tim, oh, let me do this, mmm," as she pushed down on me and moved her bottom around on me as I was arching up, trying to get as deep as I could as she twisted her hips around on my cock.

She started jumping just a little but really fast, maybe going up and down only an inch or so, but fast, as she moaned and moaned. The ecstasy washed over me as I felt my semen being pumped up into her as she went up and down in such short strokes. Just as my cum began up, she let out a deep moan of pleasure and I felt her pussy tighten around me as she trembled and shook, then dropped down over me, our mouths meeting, open and exploring, her hips still moving some as the room became quiet and serene.

"Oh, Crystal, that was wonderful. I just want to hold you, never let you go."

"Mmm, mmm," and she lay on top of me, my cock still inside her, she still moving her hips a bit keeping the feeling alive, just awash in the moment together.

I don't think either of us realized it but we both gently fell asleep, Crystal on top of me, my cock still snugly inside her, her knees resting on the bed next to my hips, her lips breathing softly next to my ear.

She woke first, it wasn't clear how long we'd been asleep, and she slipped her tongue in my ear which woke me.

"Am I so boring that you fell asleep under my naked body, even with your cock inside me?" she asked, teasingly.

"I would say you were asleep too, right?"

"Well, I guess I'd have to admit I was. I think it was more happy and peaceful than tired, though," and she kissed me softly on the lips.

"Mmm, me, too, just so happy, Crystal, so happy we're together like this."

"You mean literally together, like hooked together like we are with you inside me or in the more figurative way?"

"Can I mean both?"

"Oh, you certainly can. Very diplomatic of you."

"It's just the truth, that's all."

"Yes, I like it, too, both ways," and we stayed together for another ten or twenty minutes or until Crystal's bladder called a time-out. She pulled up off me and went running to the bathroom where I heard her splashing down into the water.

In a few minutes, she came back to bed and we played with each other and necked for maybe another hour, then she told me that either she went shopping or we went without food the coming week. I told her that I'd rather just stay in bed with her but she got up, dressed and went shopping.

I pulled on a pair of shorts and went in the living room and read the paper and thought about how my life was changing. I don't think I'd ever felt quite like this about any other girl or woman. Crystal was bright, funny, intelligent, really beautiful, interesting, happy, so lovely and outgoing, I really loved being with her.

Yes, the sex was outstanding. Really the best I'd ever had, she's very uninhibited and fun in bed and as sexy as any man could want. And, her libido matches mine any day of the week. She's close to perfect.

On the other hand, well, she…um, well, I couldn't think of anything. Crystal really is quite wonderful. And I'm feeling quite close to her. A rather new and somewhat unexpected feeling. Well, well. I went and got a cup of leftover coffee and heated it in the microwave, sipped some of it and just poured it out, too bitter.

I sat there, all kinds of thoughts in my mind, until she came in the door.

"There's some more bags on the landing, can you get them? I need to go pee," and she ran into the bathroom.

As I came back in the front door, she was just flushing the john, she'd never bothered to close the bathroom door, I guess we've reached a new level of relaxed intimacy.

We put the groceries away and I reminded her of the dress code we had agreed on so we both changed right there in the living room and sat together on the couch naked and necked and petted, and played with each other like high school sweethearts.

When she bent over and started sucking me, I knew then that I wanted to take her in the bedroom and fuck her right then.

Chapter 4

"Um, Crystal, let's go to my room, I've just got to make love to you right now, I can't wait any longer, okay?"

"This being naked all the time is giving you lots of ideas. Ideas I rather like, yes, come on," and she jumped up holding my hand and pulled me into my room and pushed me onto the bed and got up over me, straddling me, my cock laying between us with just the tip sticking out.

She put her finger down and rubbed the precum around the tip of my cock and said, "I know exactly where this should go, don't you?" and she raised up as I lifted my cock up and held it while she lowered down, driving it up into her.

Mmm, that wonderful feeling again. And those wonderful breasts just above me, swaying ever so slightly as she rocked up and down.

I put my hands up to caress them and hold them and cherish them, I had the perfect woman up over me, slowly, sexily, seductively fucking me up to the heavens. I laid there, just incredibly happy, the happiest I've been in my life, wondering about what my future can be with Crystal. Yes, I was thinking long-term, even, well, permanent.

Yes, permanent, how do I ever broach that, I wondered. She was so perfect, well, I just had to try to let things go on as they might. It was all I could safely do without ruining everything.

So, weeks and months went on, Crystal and I completely sexually involved, sleeping together each night, showering together, naked whenever we were home, free with one another's bodies, just completely relaxed but almost always sexually excited by each other. It was just heaven, that's all.

And, our sex was not just sex, it was romantic sex, we cared for each other and kissed and hugged just as much as fucked. I was really thinking of her as my girlfriend, not my flatmate, not as a paying renter.

When we went out, we always held hands and I knew that I meant it just that way and I could tell that Crystal did too. She would just up and kiss me at times when we were out and we were playful with each other. I knew things were changing with us and I was happier than I'd ever been in my life.

I don't want to minimize the sex, either; it was phenomenal. As I said, we were usually naked together which sounds all sexy and erotic. The truth is that you do get used to each other's bodies to some extent when you're naked most of the time together.

But, if we were watching TV, we would sit together on the sofa, my arm around Crystal's shoulder, my hand on her breast, rubbing her nipple as she slowly stroked my cock which often ended in masturbating me to ejaculation which she would bend over and catch in her open mouth. So, sex was a part of it all. It always is.

I would also bring her flowers and she would buy cards to give me, just things that told each other that, somehow, it was more than just a convenient fuck. I found myself wanting to be with Crystal whenever I could and, yes, she's a beautiful woman but it was more than that, much more.

As months went by, we had become quite used to each other in a friendly, relaxed and caring manner, almost like…well, I just didn't know if I wanted to think of us in that way, but, well, married…like we were married.

Our nudity now was just part of life, nothing really out of the ordinary, we never discussed sex, it just happened smoothly between us and, it was fun, yes, fun, we had fun with each other sexually. I would send her pics of my hard cock to her office computer, I knew it wasn't screened at work. She would send me back lascivious messages steamier than if we were teenagers.

There were becoming times, when we were together, that I came very close to telling her that I loved her and I was faced with the fact that, yes, I probably did, more than any girl or woman before. I was pretty sure, I guess as sure as I could be that, yes, I was in love with Crystal, and, yes, deeply in love with her.

If I only knew how she felt. It was always the classic bind that you get in, trying not to overstep and commit when the other person may not feel the same way. What to do?

I really didn't know how to handle it. I was pretty sure by now that I was in love with Crystal, really, deeply in love. The real thing. I felt like she was the perfect mate, everything about her was a prefect match for what I wanted in life. Then, it came to me, my parents, I'll take her to meet my parents in Terre Haute.

We arranged for us to drive down and stay with my folks who knew we were consenting adults, and, thankfully, expected all along that we would sleep together, thank goodness, there was none of that hanging over us.

Then, after a nice dinner out on Saturday, we were back at my parents, when I decided to take the bull by the horns.

"Um, Mom and Dad," I said, sitting across from them, my hand in Crystal's, "I just want you to know that Crystal and I have gotten to know each other really well in the past eight months and that your son has very strong feelings for her and I want you to know that I want her in my future."

There, there it was. I was looking at my parents but I could sense that Crystal was looking at me rather intently.

"Well, that's lovely, son," my mother comes back with, "and, Crystal, we couldn't be more pleased."

This went on for a few more minutes, then I begged off that we were tired and went to our room.

I was in my boxers brushing my teeth when Crystal came in the bathroom in a pretty, new nighty and hugged me from the back, reaching down into the front to take hold of my expanding member.

She nuzzled my back and rubbed my cock back and forth as I tried to finished brushing my teeth.

"So, tell me about this 'wanting me in your future?' Can you tell me what this means?"

I rinsed and put my toothbrush down, turned and looked at her.

"Yes, it means that I want you to be a part of my life from now on. That it's more than just a business arrangement about housing with some friendly sex on the side, a lot more in my mind. It's changed a lot since we first met, for me it has, Crystal," and I leaned forward and kissed her softly but deeply.

As we kissed, I realized just how silent it was, I knew my heart was beating but I could hear nothing in the room. Soon, Crystal backed away from my lips, looked up and said, "Yes, Tim, I've been wondering myself how to tell you the exact same thing. I guess it's time for me to be honest with you…I love you, Tim, it's far more than a business arrangement for me. I'm in love with you and I want to be with you."

I saw through my blurry eyes that there were tears in her eyes as well as I whispered, "I love you, too, Crystal, you mean everything to me," and we kissed again. She reached down and pulled my boxers to the floor, gripped me my the cock and pulled me into the bedroom, laid down, spread open and patted her hand on her pussy, whispering, "You know what we both want right now, right, Tim?" and I got between her legs and united our bodies as we had many times in the past, but this time, with far more love and commitment. We became one in body and one in heart.

Our lovemaking that night was, perhaps, the easiest and most relaxed ever. That doesn't mean there was no passion, no, it simply means that we were giving each other our love in addition to our body. It was the best lovemaking we had had. Well, until the next morning before we got up for breakfast.

"Well, you two sure look happy," my father said as we walked into the kitchen hand in hand.

"Good observation, Dad, yes, we're pretty happy. In fact I think we're just now finding out how happy we really are," and I leaned over and kissed Crystal as Mom brought us our coffee.

The rest of our visit was nice, I think they got to know Crystal better and she got a better view into my own family.

As we drove back to Chicago, we talked about ourselves and what we each wanted in our future. It was during that drive home that I asked Crystal to be my wife, that I wanted her for the rest of my life.

We were married last fall and we're now expecting our first child, a girl. We both agree that she won't be named 'Crystal', but we've not yet decided. And, we've also been trying to think ahead to the day she asks us how we met. Any ideas?

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