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For Rosie; Candles and Oil

A sensuous interlude
Come with me now, sweet Rosie. I have a special space prepared, here in this world we share - here only, in our minds.

The light is soft and golden - candlelight. The bed is wide and soft, and laid with silk and fur. Soft music; a sensual Middle Eastern beat, exotic, rhythmic.

Oh, look; here is a bottle of scented oil...

Lie down. Yes. Nude, barefoot and shaven smooth, all of you bare for my pleasure.

And your own....

Give me your mouth, my Rose. It's been so long.

Just a touch, a moment's stroke, between your liquid lips. A brush of your clit. A kiss on your nipple, an instant. I stroke you like a kitten - and you relax, and close your eyes.

Your skin is so smooth. I kiss you, at the base of your throat. I caress your lovely belly. You lift it to my hand, and spread your legs, and sigh...

Not yet, sweet Rosie. Not yet. Snuggle close in my arms for a moment.

You are home, Rosie. You are safe and warm. Rest, and be warmed, slowly, gently. The fire will come soon.

Tomorrow, I will make you show your shaved pussy to strangers and grit your teeth and fight to keep from cumming. Tonight - tonight - you will cum, oh yes, oh, yes, you will, and soon - but tonight - we will make love before we fuck, and while we fuck, and after.

Give me your tongue....


I pour the oil between your lovely breasts, a thin stream from your throat to your pussy. You giggle just a breath; it's cool, and tickles. But then I begin to smooth it over you, my hands so gentle, so knowing. I want you bare, bare and gleaming, and soon - well. You will know.

I squeeze your nipples with my slick fingers, I shape and knead your tender little breasts, I stroke and slide my hands over your belly, your hips, your sweet shoulders, your achingly bare and deep-split pussy mound, your thighs - trembling already, already wide apart. I oil your tender pussy, slipping my fingers between your warm, wet lips.

Our mouths are open, our tongues exploring, touching, dancing in that old dance they know so well. No one else tastes like you do, no one else knows my mouth like this.

God, I love you.

I oil you slowly, smoothly, and you feel the warmth - a small and quiet flame, deep inside you, spring into life. A candle's flame - so far.

I begin to oil your back - by pulling you toward me and embracing you with slippery hands.

Yes, I am naked too, and you slide on top of me. Give me your weight, sweet one. You caress my cock - it's growing, too, like the flame - and I stroke your face as we kiss more deeply still.

Your sweet, round ass is soon slick with oil beneath my hands - and rolling against me gently, rhythmically, in time to the mystic beat of the music. Your smooth back arches as I touch your tender asshole, and oil that too.

Your thighs open around my hips, and our whole bodies kiss. Your warm, soft breasts against my chest, my cock swelling slowly against your smooth, slick mound.

"I love you so much, my Rose. My sweet little girl."

"No one but you, Charles. No one knows me like this but you."

"I hold your deepest secrets in my hand. You are mine." and you know exactly what I mean.


I slide my hand up your sides; I kiss you again as I trace your curves with gentle fingers.

I roll you over, on your back, and bend to kiss your most intimate places. You shiver as I do. I nuzzle you, with my smooth-shaven cheek, everywhere, as you hold my head in your hands.

I kiss your lovely breasts, and take a crinkled, pebble-hard nipple in my mouth, and bite gently, teeth covered with my lips. I hold your other breast and squeeze gently.

You shiver again, and your thighs open wider....

You cradle my head as I suck your breasts. I stroke between your legs, and you shudder as I touch your swelling clit.

I pinch your nipple, hard, as I bite the other gently and slip my finger deep inside you.


And then I stroke your smooth, slick body, feeling your belly and your hips and your sides, all of you, as you writhe a bit and whimper.

I kiss your pretty feet. I need to. I stroke and oil your legs, those perfect legs that haunt my dreams, and you spread them wide.

I look down at you - my Rosie, my sweet dream lover, my secret, naughty child. Naked, shaved and gleaming, barefoot, so sweet and trusting, so open and ready for my hands and heart and eager, hungry cock.

I am fully hard now. You are a miracle, my Rosie, and you have made another.

I watch in wonder as your pretty hand finds my swollen dick all by itself - your eyes are closed - and when you feel its thick hardness, its springy stiffness, you open your eyes and smile at me, a lovely naked imp.

"Told you," you whisper. "Fuck me, Charles. Fuck me now."

I smile back. I've never been so hard, not when I was a boy of twelve looking at my first Playboy centerfold. She was lovely - I still remember her - but compared to you, she was a blow-up doll.

"No hurry," I whisper back, and bend my face to your gleaming, flaring pussy.

Without a word, you pull your knees back and wide apart. More beautiful still, you are - so open, so submissive, so ready.

You reach down with both lovely hands and pull yourself open for me, and turn your head shyly into your shoulder as you show me your deepest, wettest secrets.

My eyes are blind with tears; I have never seen such trust, such beauty, such intimate hunger. I look up at your face - you are biting your lip and trembling in anticipation - and I inhale, breathing in the warm, tangy scent of your precious blossom, so open in the night.

I can wait no longer. I press my face into your warm, soft wetness and lick between your swollen lips, one long, luxurious stroke, and taste your need to fuck.

You gasp, and arch, and spread yourself still wider, legs moving farther back, more, more, fingers peeling your aching hole completely open, lifting your quivering wet pussy to my face.

I lick and lick and suck and lick some more, my tongue exploring every fold and crevice, my mouth slurping at your wet and fragrant center shamelessly, smearing my lips and cheeks with your sweet fluid, and I dig deeper with my tongue. You hiss and puff and shiver under me, and when I suck your swollen clit, you cry out as if in pain.

I slide a finger in beneath my mouth and twist it in and out, but I do not let you go; I suck your bare and tender clit and lash it with my tongue and rub it hard, full contact, then lap at it lightly as I lift my dripping face from you and look upward.

You are biting your lip again, your face distorted and desperate as you look down at me through slitted eyes...
I crawl up your body and kiss you, deeply, my mouth and face dripping with your passion. You taste yourself in my mouth, and kiss me hungrily - and then, you push me back and lower your head to my cock.

I know what you want, and I thrust it up at you. I watch - beyond joy, beyond pleasure - as you look up at my face with my swollen, steel-hard dick in your soft hand. I am wet too, my dickhead gleaming, trails of shining pre-cum dripping to my balls, a string of clear fluid dangling from the tip.

You smile up at me, as sweetly and innocently as a child, and you close your eyes and kiss my hard-on and rub your soft cheek against it lovingly - and then your darling tongue slips out so prettily - and you begin to lick my cock with long, loving strokes.

I shiver and feel the first bubbling rise of my sperm, deep behind my balls, preparing. You bite and gnaw at my dick, up and down the sides of my shaft, mouthing my cock shamelessly, blatantly, slurping up my liquid lust like syrup.

I realize, with an electric thrill that makes the hair on my balls stand up, that you are making a show of it, flaunting how your mouth plays with my cock, showing me what a shameless slut you are and how you love to suck and lick my quivering, animal erection.

Your lovely mouth slips over my flaring dickhead, and you look up at me lovingly as I feel you suck my heart out. You slide your clever tongue around and around the tip, dig into the tiny lips that ooze my hunger, and slurp noisily, obscenely, on my bare, hard fucking pole.

You lift your head and smile and lick your lips, knowing that strings and trails of my pumping juices hang and stretch from your loving mouth to my exposed knob. You extend your tongue and lick them up, as lewdly as you can.

Soon I am groaning, twisting at the intensity of it as you suck my straining dick and caress my balls.

You are working your throat muscles on me now, swallowing my cock, gulping on it, your sweet lips buried in the bristles at the base of it, your mouth all the way down, your tongue darting out to touch my taut and quivering balls, your hands pulling at my ass to draw me closer. No woman, ever, in my life, has ever been so intimately connected, absorbing me so completely.

I am fighting to keep from shooting down your throat. You swallow on my dick for ages, and I finally pull out, shuddering, and push you onto your back again.

It's time....

I lower you gently, following you down and kissing you. Your arms are around me, your lips on mine, and your perfect thighs so deliciously wide -

I tease your pussy with my cock, tracing your wet, flaring lips with my dickhead. You roll your hips up at me hungrily. "Please, Charles - please give it to me. Please...."

"Give what to you?" I rub your clit with my dick, up and down, so wet.

"Your dick - your big, hard dick.... Please..." You are struggling to open your legs wider, knowing how I like that, how I want you as open and exposed as you can be.

I stir my dickhead in your liquid hole, just barely between your twitching lips. "Talk dirty to me, Rosie. Talk like a shameless fucking whore. That's what you are, aren't you? Tell me what you want and what you are. Show me you're nasty enough to be fucked."

You whisper to me of your need, your lust, your love. I shudder at your words, and can hold back no longer. I slowly thrust my dick - so hard, so bare, no condom between us, ever - all the way inside you.

You feel my bare, swollen dickhead sliding through your slippery, grasping tissues, invading your deepest secrets. I feel your pussy squeeze and caress my dick as if you held me with your oiled fist, and not your precious, trembling cunt.

You keep talking sweet filth to me, my darling slut, as I begin to thrust and pull, plunge and withdraw, and as you begin to hunch your hips up against me, sliding your squeezy, slippery pussy on my quivering dick.

"God, I love you, Rosie -"

"I love you, Charles -"

The liquid sounds of fucking full the room, and follow the rhythm of the sensual music. We fuck as if we're dancing, moving together in unison.

We cling to each other, mouths locked, tongues seeking. Nothing between us but sweet sweat and love. Hands roaming, feeling, pulling at each other as if to draw ourselves into one body.

You are so hot, so slick and juicy, squeezing me so tight, so lovingly -

"Oh, baby - you're gonna make my shoot -"

"Yes, Charles - shoot in me - shoot in my pussy - my fucking hole - YOUR fucking hole, Charles, it's for you - oh, spurt me full - I want it -"

I want to make it last, and I won't come without you. I hang on somehow and reach down to thumb your swollen clit as I slide my swelling cock in and out of your maddeningly, graspingly, lovingly tight cunt. I feel your love all around my dick as you work your cuntmuscles on me, milking my cum out, pulling it higher and higher; I feel your love all around my body as you cling to me with your arms and legs wrapped tight around me.

You're shuddering, shivering, crying out as I stroke and rub your clit, massaging you deep, drawing your own blood higher and higher. You, too, are fighting it, straining to hold it back.

We're fucking desperately, savagely, working for it together, pushing each other closer and closer, nearer and nearer the edge - each of us holding back, and tormenting the other - each of us trying to make the other cum first - and both of us losing...

"We don't have to stop when we cum," I groan in your ear. You cling to me desperately, and I feel you nod - and we give it up together....

I rise up and look at you, and you look back. Our eyes, our slitted, burning eyes, lock together -

And while we stare into each other's souls, we grunt and hunch and fuck like animals till we jump off that cliff together.

I shoot in your pussy - like a fire hose. I blast your cervix with shotgun blasts of boiling, scalding sperm, my mind broken in pieces and shooting from my cock into your spasming hole. I spurt my heart, my soul, into your own.

You cum all over me, your gushing pussy twisting and convulsing on my spraying, geysering cock, sucking at me, squeezing and milking me - and you feel every squeeze, every slide and stroke, every spurt as your pussy clenches on my dick and sucks it for more of my cum. You're twisting and wringing my supersensitive, spurting dick with your slippery muscles even as you cum, working it, jacking me all the way off with your secret mouth, sucking me dry and swallowing it all.

There is nothing in the Universe but each other's faces. We have been looking into each other's eyes this whole time, seeing every spurt and every squeeze there, our minds and hearts and souls flowing into each other, blended, one. My heart is your heart, your thoughts mine.

Our coming together is a hurricane, a lightning storm, an earthquake - but at the center is a place of silence, of light bright as the Sun and darkness as black as Space, where nothing moves and time stands still - and in that place we circle, slowly, and then stand still.

We do not face each other; nor are we side by side. We are alone - for we are one. We are the same soul in two bodies, different, but the same.

We shudder and spurt and squeeze and cling to each other forever in that place where there is no time, no space - and we know, in that moment at least, that you, and I, and God, and all there is, are all One.

I hold you while we quiver afterward as if you are Life itself.

You are.

You are my life. Nothing matters to me but you, only you, only you, my darling, my Rosie, my only love.

We are tired, and wet, and spent. And we are home.

Sleep in my arms now, Rosie. Let me hold you till you wake and keep you safe and warm.

I love you.
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