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For Steve

Wishful thinking ~ Thank you for waking my desire and turning me on.
We had discovered each other on a silly online dating site. I hadn’t had much luck with them in the past, but recently decided to try it again. I was so glad I did! Admittedly, I have a long list of criteria for any potential partner – and at the top of that list is a very strong sex drive and an open mind. Let’s face it, after we hit fifty years old most people (both men and women) go down hill in that area. Definitely not so with me. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I’m horny all the time and I need, not just want, a sexual release every single day, and multiple times on weekends.

I realized that it was time to actually investigate and explore some of the things I’d been thinking or talking about, but had never acted on or experienced yet. I was exhausting myself and going through way too many batteries taking care of my own business.
We had corresponded for a little while, which had been an immediate turn on for me. It all seemed to fall into place and the exchanges just clicked, every word sounded just right. There were none of those “what the fuck is he talking about?” moments. There were no “how inappropriate”, or “I wonder what he really means by that?” or “yeah, right, this guy is full of himself (or shit)” thoughts. There was no getting lost, or out of sequence with replies or the order of the transmissions. He exuded his obvious intelligence in every possible way, with everything he said. The best thing of all was that he understood my humor and frequently replied “lol”!

His eloquent writing was sexy just in itself, and as the subject matter and content got juicier and juicier, so did I. It blew me away that he could make me cum just by texting, and I wondered what he could do in person, with his mouth, his hands, his cock.

The person behind the words seemed like such a perfect balance of brain and body, exactly what I’d been searching for, for what seemed an eternity. I love to write and he told me about the Lush Stories site. That was a special new friendship offering that will last a lifetime. I was really impressed with this man.

Generally very cautious about actually meeting anyone from a dating site, this time I was so anxious I could hardly wait. I just had a deep sense, a feeling that I was about to be knocked on my ass, and LIKE it. Oh, how I hoped that would be the case.

As I waited in anticipation for him to arrive for our first meeting, I started to consider – hey, while I’m down there, maybe he’ll rip off my panties and give it a couple of nice hard slaps to make it a pretty pink and get that blood flowing. I was so excited just thinking about it, my fragrant pussy juices were already dripping.

My mind was racing with more details, advancing the scenario I’d made up in my mind. What if he holds my shoulders down when I try to get up and says that I have to suck his cock first? I knew I’d be shocked and during the time it would take me to gather my thoughts, he could have his jeans unzipped and his perky pole poking out for me. I felt all tingly; I’d never had a man try, say, or do anything that could even remotely be considered dom in any way before, but that was one of the things on my “to-do” list.

I was feeling incredibly nervous so to keep my mind occupied, I continued to daydream and imagine silly things that only a woman would think of. I wondered what his cock would look like. It certainly didn’t matter one bit, they were all pretty in their own way – kind of like pussy I imagined. In all the porn I’d watched alone and in secret, they all looked so unique and individual.

Making a sick joke to myself, I thought about how they could use that as a fairly accurate means of identification. We could all get ID photos, like having fingerprints on file in some central database. Ha Ha! I was OBVIOUSLY apprehensive and thinking like a crazy idiot. Shit, I hoped I wouldn’t act that way around him!

Oh, so then getting back to the basics - how long, wide, circumcised or not, lots of bulging veins, or smooth, darker skin tone near the top, or creamy beige all over, big or small balls, the kind that hang vertically but low, or the kind that are more puffy and full and sit a little higher, more horizontally? It was unbelievable; I needed to get my mind off of that as soon as I could.

Oh, but I couldn’t. He was late. Being a woman, I knew what that meant. In reality, it meant that it was probably nothing and that by being a woman, I was worrying without any reason. So I acknowledged that and figured I’d just rationally direct myself to think about something else. I had to calm down, and took some slow, deep breaths. I thought to myself, other people do this all the time, so can I.

I wasn't one for casual sex without at least the possibility of more, but this time I didn’t question it. There were no rules, so none could be broken. It would be whatever it was meant to be, there were no expectations, just intrigue and hopefulness.

Finally, it was time to meet face to face. Unexpectedly, it felt so natural, not uncomfortable at all. It began with a couple minutes of an intense visual exchange, a greeting of sorts, filled with non-spoken, emotional communication.

He was nice looking and his eyes were soft, with a little twinkle. He looked gentle yet edgy, confident, but not arrogant. He was just as I’d imagined so far and I knew I liked him a lot already.

Almost automatically, without any hesitation, our gazes were followed by several minutes of soft, sweet, extremely sensual kissing. Next, it became more passionate and deeper as the touch of fingers and hands became part of the equation.

I didn’t even stop to think, I was overwhelmed with intense passion and desire for him, and just went with my feelings and let myself go. Clothing was removed, but not all - some pieces only partially. A comfortable position was sought out and found, taking into consideration some of the engorged and/or larger than normal body parts of both of us.

Kissing continued, but moved to some of the other areas of exposed flesh. Goosebumps and tingles ensued.... caused by the gentle friction of added skin surface area. Hearts were thumping loudly and beating quickly and breathing was intermittently shallow, then deep, with no discernible pattern.

I don’t know where it came from, and I was totally surprised when I heard myself give in and plead with him to fuck me, to cum in my ass. He obliged, but said he was going to feel my cunt around his cock first. He gave me no option and plunged it deep inside me, with no other warning.

I gasped and sucked in my breath very loudly. It startled us both, because at the exact same moment, he grunted and then also exhaled loudly with the force of his entry. I was extremely wet so his hard cock slid in comfortably, but the additional surrounding pressure increased our arousal.

He pumped slowly and purposefully for a while as we stared at each other in that special manner of an intimate connection for the first time. He didn't hurry, but worked up the speed and intensity before his time was nearly up. I couldn't do anything but moan continuously, and move my head side to side, nearly thrashing, eyes fluttering open and closed. At that exact moment, I couldn’t recall anything every feeling so good.

He questioned me: "Now? Are you ready?"

Somehow I managed to blurt out an affirmative sound and change the direction of my head for a brief nod. His face went from being all contorted with effort and twisted with determination, to a huge, relieved, and very sexy smile as he pulled his throbbing member out of me.

He slid it down just a bit and began to rub the soft, bulging head around my closed lower hole. My own personal creamy white lubricant was still dripping from my pussy and sufficient for the anticipated purpose. I took my queue and raised my legs as high and far back as I could to lift my ass and meet his thrusts at an angle that could also put pressure on my G spot on the other side of the internal separation.

Out of practice, and a little less flexible from age, I needed to hold my ankles as he also pushed against the back of my legs. Being nearly bent in half, I could hardly breathe, or think of anything except feeling pure ecstasy, in my mind and heart, as well as my body.

It wasn't very long until I practically screamed uncontrollably with my orgasm. Incredibly, I was so tight I could feel his cock throbbing while he ejaculated inside me.

Exhaustion and shaky muscles transformed into sleep as soon as our bodies separated. We awoke in a combination of a sticky, crusty, and wet mess. It was beautiful.

We were both so happy to continue lying there in silence for a while with our fingers entwined, experiencing perfect contentment and bliss, before we had to rise and clean up and plan our future together, without any idea of what it would be or how long it might last.

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