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For the Love of Another: Episode 1: Allison

College student, Nathan, is in an unexpected sexual experience with a girl he though off limits,
When the day finally came, she was awfully nervous. After such a long wait, she hadn't expected to have any second thoughts—but she did. She was worried about what might happen afterwards, she was worried about getting caught, but most of all, she was worried that he wouldn't show up. It was a constant source of anxiety for poor little Allison, who had waited for this day for three years. As the final bell rang and she left the building through the back entrance and headed off into the field, beating the crowd of athletes and coaches who would soon swamp the area she hoped sincerely that he had understood her meaning when she asked him to stay after school and “fool around”. What if he came with the wrong idea? He wouldn’t, she reassured herself, meeting behind the shed would surely leave him with the correct impression.

She circled around behind the shed and sat herself down amongst the tires that had been discarded there many years before. It didn’t help her self-doubt that she would have to wait for him to finish his stupid presentation before meeting him. She would be left alone with her thoughts, and the fear of being discovered for nearly half an hour.

Nathan wasn’t overly concerned by the presentation. It may represent the future of his college career, but he had spoken publically before. Still, he couldn’t help but feel a tinge of doubt as the teachers filed into the room with their principle. Ignoring them, he set up the PowerPoint and relaxed against the wall, preparing his thoughts. But he was distracted. There was the small matter of the girl he had promised to meet “behind the shed” when it was over. It was innocent enough, but he was still apprehensive about the meeting. He knew the spot, of course. It was the small shack behind the football field that they had tossed snowballs at and built snowmen near the winter before. But what could she want with him there? A small voice in the back of his head thought it knew, but he refused to let the thought surface. She had said that she wanted to “fool around”. With this girl, who knew what that meant.

Nathan had felt some tension between them ever since they met three years ago—but he knew that neither of them could ever act on it. Nathan was an attractive guy. Blonde haired, blue eyed, skinny, tall. He wasn’t the stuff of women’s dreams by any stretch of his vast imagination but he knew he wasn’t bad. Allison then, was always a bit of an enigma to him. She was slight of figure, petite, and brunette. Needless to say, she caught his eye—just as her elder sister had before her. That was but one of the reasons he knew he could never act. It would be completely immoral.

The presentation began. It was a shaky start. Nathan had allowed his curiosity and anticipation well up and control his nervous. The first two jokes of his PowerPoint fell on deaf ears and his voice began to falter. She wasn’t beautiful—but she sure was cute! Under normal circumstances…. He was staring, not speaking. Nathan shook himself out of it and, forcing down his growing erection, moved to the next slide.

Ten minutes had gone by. Could that be? It felt as if days had passed. Already, Allison could hear the soccer players kicking around their checkered ball—she had skipped practice for the day and hoped no one could see her. Edging back farther from sight, she began to think about what she was going to do. Was it too sudden? No, if anything it was too late! Allison knew she felt something from him before—why hadn’t he acted then? Why had he immersed himself in all those other girls when he could have had her right off the bat? It was his senior year. It was now or never. Why hadn’t he noticed her? He was so hot! Allison remembered the way his brow knit together when he was thinking, the way his blue eyes grew dark when he remembered, the way his lips…. It was hot. Too hot. Her pants were too tight, she thought, that must be it. She felt her hand sliding down the zipper on her tight ripped jeans. A patterned pink pair of panties was exposed to the cool late summer breeze. The panties were damp. She pushed them aside and let her fingers touch the gentle roughness of her shaven skin…

The presentation was rolling now. Nathan was hardly paying attention to what he was saying. “Fooling around?” Who said that? What could it mean? Surely she didn’t think… It was true that the tension had seemed to rise since his last girlfriend broke it off, but surely Allison didn’t think that…And if she did, what would he do? Turn her down. He’d have too. The voice inside his head screamed against this thought. “No! No! You’re ready!” it cried, “There’s a condom in your wallet just waiting for this girl!” But Nathan was rational, if he was anything, and he battled that urge down into his gut, letting it swell his penis, but keeping it bottled up inside of him.

Her pants were around her thighs. Her panties were wrapped around her side. Allison sank back in her tire and let her fingers plunge again past the wet flaps of her vagina. Her lips were pressed together, fighting against any sound from escaping. She knew the screaming football players, sprinting soccer athletes, and tight skirted field hockey girls couldn’t hear her, but she was afraid. Afraid her coach would see her foot sticking out from behind the shed, afraid that Jeff would come around the corner to take a piss, afraid that, worst of all, Nathan might appear out of nowhere. She peered around the edge of the building with one hand still inside of her. No one. Allison sighed with relief and exhilaration as the tip of her middle finger glanced off her g-spot. Oh, where was he? She wanted him so badly in that instant, but he was nowhere to be seen.

With his erection growing at an alarming rate and the attention of his audience waning, Nathan was more than happy to conclude his presentation with a few hasty answers to the principle’s questions and a smattering of meager applause. Snatching up his things, he dashed out of the room before any of them could change their minds. By now, the tiny voice inside of his head was growing stronger, ordering him to accept her. His penis was like a rock now. He passed the boy’s bathroom, ignoring the urge to blow his load and solve his problems. Nathan was already, unknowingly, unclothing her with his mind. But he resisted acknowledging his desires to himself. He would not give in.

The back door swung open. His erection was falling limp again. Relieved, he glanced at his car, wondering if he should just leave. But he couldn’t. Whatever else he was, Nathan was also her friend. He wouldn’t just leave her like that. The edge of the shed was in view. Throwing his things in the car, Nathan set off past the soccer field towards the destined meeting place.

Her teeth were chattering, her hands were twitching. She could not stop now even if she wanted too. Oh Nathan, please come now! She withdrew a finger, letting it rub her clit and feeling the pleasure wrack her body. Where was he? The sweet fluid leaked out of her feminine cavity as she approached orgasm. Oh how she wished for a dick—Nathan’s dick—to fill her now! As Allison felt her climax approaching, she heard the call. It was him. She hastily pulled up her pants and threw the button across. Standing up, she felt her underwear twist beneath her jeans.

There she was, sweating gently and smiling at him the way she always had.



There was a brief silence and it was clear to Nathan that she had been thinking the same things he had. There was a problem.

“Look,” he said, intending to tell her all about how he felt and why it wouldn’t work. He wanted to tell her about her sister, about the long list of friends who had been pining after her, about why he couldn’t, for the sake of friendship, become involved with her.

But she interrupted him.

Allison was feeling a sudden burst of courage coupled with a need to finish and a sudden, uncontrollable lust growing in her breast.

She said, “Nathan, I don’t care what you’re about to say. I don’t care if you’re worried about our friendship. I don’t even want a relationship. All I want is a little fun. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. I want you, Nathan.”

Nathan was silent for a moment. All he could hear was the goalie’s cry and the throbbing of his dick in his ears. He wanted her, he knew. He would deny it no longer. But that changed nothing.



She pulled at his shirt, dragging him behind the shed. In moments, he was kissing her. Her lips were soft but firm. Her tongue was sweet and tasted of strawberries. He was breathing in the fresh aroma of her deodorant. The voice in his head leapt into his heart. He cupped the back of her head in his palms, leaning down nearly a foot to envelope her in his arms, eating her face ferociously.

Allison was uncontrollably happy. She smiled through his teeth. She swelled under his touch. The sweat again sprung up on her chest and she could feel her twisted underwear dampen again.

Nathan knew that he shouldn’t. He knew it was wrong. But somehow, while he was breathing in her scent, that only made it more exciting.

Allison kissed him back with vigor. She only hoped that he knew what she wanted from him. She hoped that he would, before the smiling sun, undress her. She hoped that he would, on school grounds, deflower her. She hoped that he would, in the presence of some fifty others, take away her hated virginity in the deepest, most sensual way possible.

Now the conservative part of his mind was the small voice, and it cried out for him to stop. It ordered him to run. But Nathan was strong and his urges were in control. He placed a hand on her petite breast, feeling her nipple harden under her shirt. He lolled his tongue about in her mouth. He let her arms slip about his waist, her thumbs dropped under his belt and teased about the soft hair near his butt.

When his hand fell on her chest, she kissed him more fervently than ever, hoping he would understand that she liked it—loved it—wanted it. Allison tucked her fingers near his plump butt, letting him know that she wanted more.

“Is this what you had in mind?” he asked, clearly unsure how to proceed.

She only smiled and kissed harder. She wanted him to initiate it, but she wanted him to do it soon.

They stood there, locked in an awkward embrace. They kissed each other like they had kissed no one before, until, finally, Nathan allowed his sexual desires to take over. He slipped his hand down the inside of her low necked shirt, feeling for the soft breast beneath. Allison gasped. He had not yet aroused her, but the anticipation of his touch was too much for her. She detached herself from his face and pulled him to the ground.

Nathan sat himself into the tire and folded the slight figure into his lap. Slipping her shirt off, he placed his large hands over the small mounds of her breasts and squeezed. She let out a soft squeal and kissed him.

Allison’s chest was bare to the summer breeze. Her skin was paler than Nathan had expected, but still retained the olive complexion that he knew to love. Against the cool air, goose pimples rose like tiny veins of pleasure under the flesh of his hands. She exhaled deeply as Nathan squeezed her tiny nipples and bit her neck. She was now where she had always dreamed to be—in the arms of her beloved Nathan.

Allison could still feel the discomfort of her twisted panties amongst the pleasure of his touch and her nether regions throbbed with envy that her upper hemisphere might receive such attention. Hoping to draw her new lover’s notice, she stretched her tiny fingers down her bare belly and past the now unbuttoned jeans of her pants.

Nathan noticed. He had been eying her crotch for some time now and finally decided to act. Helping her unzip the fly, Nathan parted her pants and revealed her vagina, unshackled by the panties she had previously torn away. He understood what this meant and she looked away embarrassed. But Nathan only grew harder. He slipped his own fingers through the flaps of skin that protected her womanhood and proceeded to give her more pleasure than she could do herself.

She looked into his eyes as he drew his fingers in and out, feeling herself grow wetter with every stroke. He kissed her again.

She pushed her jeans down to her knees and spread her legs as best she could, letting Nathan rub her clit with more and more vigor. Soon, she was gasping for him, dying for air, moaning quietly through his kiss. Her hand fell from his face and she tucked it under her butt, groping for the bulge she could feel growing in his crotch. Nathan let her slip her hand down his pants and grip his erect penis in her small hand. He too, now had his pants around his ankles. She was stroking his dick. Nathan could feel the warm skin of her buttocks against his bare legs like a lovely morning dew caressing his body. For so long he had silently yearned for her, and silently repressed himself. But now, he was like a lion on the hunt. His long lost prey was now within his grasp!

By now, their minds were in tune. Nathan could sense her desires bubbling up beneath her smooth skin. She took her hand away from his member and shook off her pants. Nathan, cradling the girl in his arms, slid his throbbing penis inside of her.

The first penetrative of Allison’s life would always be remembered as the best. The moment the penis was pressed inside of her, pushing away the skin of her vagina, a brief flash of ecstasy overwhelmed her. This was the moment she had lusted after for so long. This was the moment where she would lose the last shreds of her childhood and give herself to the adult world.

Nathan moved slowly at first, feeling her warmth wash over him and pushing himself past her virgin pussy’s resistance. Allison slowly sat down on his cock and looked over at him. Was that love in her eyes? Nathan closed his, not wanting to see, and kissed her, lifting the girl up to the tip of his penis and letting her crash back down.

He was big to her innocent eyes and her tight virginity. She could feel the pain at first and was grateful to him for going slow. But at the same time, she wanted more! She wanted him to pound her. She wanted him to push his cock into her uterus. She wanted him to ejaculate inside of her and let his sperm swell like a sponge.

He was moving faster now, letting the juices from her vagina trickle out the sides and run down his cock. Ready for more, he twisted in the tire, positioning her horizontally in its bottom. Her head flopped out onto the ground, smiling happily. Her breasts welled together like a pair of water droplets quivering under pressure. Her legs fell around his waist and he placed himself between her, within her.

She cried out with his first thrust just as the athletes on the field behind them fell silent. Embarrassed and scared, she stuffed her fingers in her mouth, moaning inaudibly into them. He rocked her gently with the growing speed of his thrusts and she found it more and more difficult to contain herself. Her small breasts were bouncing back and forth on her bare chest. She let out a soft scream through her fingers.

Nathan leaned over and kissed her, stuffing his tongue down her throat. Allison got her wish. He had turned himself away, dragging her legs with him. With her back now facing the shed, he pounded her, she gripped the tire for support, screaming uncontrollably, unashamedly into the blue sky.

Allison came, loud and long. Nathan pulled out just in time to release his orgasm over her body. It sprinkled her breasts and splashed her face, some vanishing into her mouth. She laughed and let a kiss be dropped on her check. She reached for him, clutching him to her and kissed him. There they lay, in the grass by the shed, nearly naked, kissing for some hours.

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